I need to move out but don't want to be a burden on anyone

2021.12.05 04:39 JordyMate87 I need to move out but don't want to be a burden on anyone

I've been living with my father for 13 years now and it's time for me to move on. The only problem is that I'm too poor to get my own place. Finding a job for me is getting very difficult now because of my disability, mental health and physical health. I currently live off a government pension which isn't enough for me to afford to move out so my only options are to move in with siblings or stay with my dad.
My siblings all have their own lives and families so I don't want to be a burden on them. Living with my father is getting to the point where he pisses me off daily for being so fucking lazy. He doesn't have much of a social life and when he's home he's either sitting on his ass, stuffing his face with food or reading. Yes, he's retired and extremely comfortable with how things are now but I just wish he'd go out and have a better life instead of the sad isolated life he's having now.
I feel like I'm fucked in my life that I'm afraid my depression will get bad again and I'll actually hurt myself bad.
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2021.12.05 04:39 rocks-insox24_7 Why would someone cover all the quartzite with gold to hang on a necklace

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2021.12.05 04:39 an_unnamed hiii 👋 what do you think?

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2021.12.05 04:39 StarWars_memer Can't tell if I'm depressed or just lazy

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2021.12.05 04:39 Terrible_Raccoon_802 We dont sip the same 😈🔩🚀

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2021.12.05 04:39 transcendantviewer Playable Intelligent Deathclaw?

My buddy and I were toying with he concept of taking some of the stats from the Deathclaw entry and using it to make a character origin. What do you lot think about this: Trait: Apex Predator You may not have any more than four ranks in any skill. You are completely immune to Radiation damage. You gain the Keen Senses, Rend, and Weak Spot Special Abilities from the Deathclaw (see page 342). You cannot wear armor except for Raider armor that has been retrofitted to suit your immense frame, but you receive +1 Physical Damage Resistance, +1 Energy Damage Resistance, and +1 Poison Damage Resistance to all your hit locations. You also receive an additional +1 health point per Level. Your immense size and intimidating nature increases the complication range of all Charisma tests you make by +2.
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2021.12.05 04:39 hiddensting 25 [M4A] Wanted: Buddy 2

Hey everyone, it’s me again. I appreciate the folks who messaged me from my previous post. Apparently, Reddit randomly decided to disable my chat box, so I wasn’t able to reply to anyone.
To cut it short, I’m starting from ground zero. I’m looking for a buddy, someone who I could call my constant.
About me:

About you:
My account is still wonky, so if you can leave your tg handle just in case, I’d appreciate it.
I’ll wait for you.
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2021.12.05 04:39 RadBradBeingBad Dream face reveal

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2021.12.05 04:39 Phlat_Dog Auto shop owner couldn’t tell me how long the work days would be. Said 11h days are “just how this business is”

I’m a master certified auto mechanic. About a year ago I was looking for a new job, and I was invited for an interview at a small shop. It was for a general mechanic position I was well qualified for. The interview went really well and I got a good feeling about the shop. That is, until I asked about working hours.
“We expect our techs to arrive at 7:30am, but being that this is a small shop and we are paid by the job, we work each day until the job is done. It’s what you have to do in this industry”
I have worked at other shops and am familiar with flat-rate pay, and I know this is not true at all. You can leave at the end of the day no problem. So I told the owner that to me that sounded like 12 hour days and an expectation to stay late every night. He back tracked a little and said it might only be as as late as 6 or 7, but would not truly disagree. I said I am not okay working 60+ hour weeks because I need a work-life balance. There is also no overtime in flat-rate mechanic’s pay.
You don’t need to work 60+ hours weekly to be a successful mechanic. Structure your business so you don’t have to do that.
Needless to say, I did not get the job. I also mentioned I cannot stand commercial hard rock radio all day and like to wear headphones, but that’s another issue haha
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2021.12.05 04:39 brainman291 Denver dad 50 looking for 18-30 fun

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2021.12.05 04:39 VoicesOnCommand I am the narrator of a new book about Emotional Intelligence. I am happy to announce that I have free [UK and US Promotion] codes. Just request a code in the comments.

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2021.12.05 04:39 slothrodriguez hazard pay?

isn't it paradoxical how we're about to have a vaccine mandate and already mandated masks, but yet we're still not receiving any form of financial compensation for potentially facing this "epidemic" everyday. if it's as dangerous as they say wouldn't it make sense to make sure that we're financially sound in case we do die from covid?
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2021.12.05 04:39 LightInMe What a difference 1 protein scoop for breakfast can make

Hi guys, I've been practicing IF on and off for years now, and I always feel cold in the morning while on it. I've been drinking 1 protein scoop in the morning lately and been having none of the cold feeling. I've decided to start IF again and now feel cold once again. It's so interesting how 1 scoop can make so much difference.
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2021.12.05 04:39 Careful_Ad8819 Lauren Alexis opening her bra on tiktok 18+

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2021.12.05 04:39 LooseGoose_24_7 What the next CIV to spread my Crappie Religion?

What the next CIV to spread my Crappie Religion?
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2021.12.05 04:39 RoyRugs Scream (1996) Hand Tufted Rug, 87 x 130cm ~ Instagram @RoyRugs

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2021.12.05 04:39 middle-aged-iroh Why am I only being offered a 500k AA contract after getting called up mid season, hitting 35 dingers, winning the cy young award, rookie of the year, and WS MVP in the same season.

Did they just not expect me to grind it out in RTTS?
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2021.12.05 04:39 ACA_Galaxite OBS on my Chromebook

So after installing Linux beta, I followed the steps for the Debian download. And it even says there that it works for ChromeOS, but is missing some features. "Please note that OBS Studio is not fully working on Chrome OS and features like Screen and Window Capture do not work." After downloading and opening, it comes up with an error message:
OBS appears to be running inside a ChromeOS container. This platform is unsupported
Is there any fix for this?
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2021.12.05 04:39 corvoattanopng i like vintage lingerie, gimick-y things, and sally :^)

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2021.12.05 04:39 drbenben1 Why do the Evokers drop the totem of undying instead of using it?

Why do the Evokers drop the totem of undying instead of using it? Wouldn't it make more sense that if you created an item that could revive you when you're killed that you'd actually use it when your killed?? Maybe they didn't understand the item they had their hands on, but then again they can summon the vex. My running idea is that the illagers in their innovation of magic have taken inspiration from other ancient civilisations (e.g rebuilt wool end portal) and have also created innovations of their own like the vex and the ravager but items like the totem of undying were from someone else and the evokers just found it while exploring the overworld.
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2021.12.05 04:39 MrK9 VFX Artist React Idea? - Leningrad Kolshik.

I know it’s in reverse, but I’d love to see the guys break this one down. It’s by far my favorite music video.
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2021.12.05 04:39 djd887j I'm working at chegg. If you'd like answers to questions posted on chegg do dm me. I only charge 0.20 cents per question. Thanks

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2021.12.05 04:39 BigCoomDrinker JJ need this bro

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2021.12.05 04:39 Snow_Quick How do you deal with a roommate who doesn’t have the same sleep schedule as you?

Quick backstory :
I'm a freshman in college and my school had major problems with the housing application this year (They were giving random assignments to people that already had roommates picked out). So the person I wanted to room with never happened and I ended up with a random assignment. Once I met my roommate, I quickly realized we have nothing in common and nothing matched in our questionnaire. It got worse once classes actually started because my roommate’s sleep schedule is very different to mine. They go to bed between 11pm-12am (if they are really feeling it they go to bed at 10pm) and wake up at 7:00am While I go to bed between 1:30am-2:00am (sometime I push it to 3:00) and wake up between 9:00am-10:00am. At first It wasn’t a big deal until I found out they were a very light sleeper. So when I walk in at like 1 AM quietly to grab my stuff to take a shower and accidentally drop something, they will wake up. So even light will wake my roommate up. Every night I’ll have to use my phone’s flashlight (on the lowest light) as a way to see because she’s already has the lights off. I’m not sure what to do. There was even one time where I walked into the room while they were sleeping like normally but somehow they got woken up and started making a sound of anger. By the way it’s not like I’m coming in and making loud noises cause I’m a VERY quiet person. If anyone knows what to do about this then please help me out cause I wanna resolve this before 2nd semester starts.
PS : I’m not rooming with her my sophomore year and the person I’m rooming with sophomore year, has a similar sleep schedule and doesn’t mind the light
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2021.12.05 04:39 bobbymorris123 Binance Us Referral Code 2020

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