For those of you who’s worked and facilities it’s a global network issue everyone’s building is down😂😂😂

2021.12.07 14:54 HUSHED-XI For those of you who’s worked and facilities it’s a global network issue everyone’s building is down😂😂😂

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2021.12.07 14:54 zipzapbloop Is Elohim of Kolob a good person? -- Case Study #1

This is an experiment in thinking through the idea that even if claims of the LDS church were true, and Elohim of Kolob and his gang were real, he would not be worthy of our worship, and we should oppose his plans and schemes because they're not good. Over time I hope to make the case that some of his plans and schemes are not merely not good, but evil.
Let's take his existence for granted, assume he's real, and honestly try to pretend the stories about him as represented by this church are accurate. I think if we take the church's teachings seriously, a picture will emerge of an awful person -- a person whose goals and preferences are an insult to decent society in many important respects.
The scriptures can be ambiguous and vague. I want to take seriously the refined claims of this church. I want to consider claims, ideas, plans, and behaviors that the mainstream church would and does actively endorse. I think the best sources for that are modern, correlated material. I want to reflect on the question of what this group of people (this church's members and leaders) tends to sincerely believe about how the universe operates, what's in it, and how we ought to relate to it. Let's start.
Gospel Principles, Chapter 1: Our Father in Heaven (section "Coming to Know God")

- How can we come to know God Knowing God is so important that the Savior said, “This is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent” (John 17:3). The first and greatest commandment is “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart” (Matthew 22:37). The more we know God, the more we love Him and keep His commandments (see 1 John 2:3–5). By keeping His commandments we can become like Him. We can know God if we will: 1. Believe that He exists and that He loves us (see Mosiah 4:9). 2. Study the scriptures (see 2 Timothy 3:14–17). 3. Pray to Him (see James 1:5). 4. Obey all His commandments as best we can (see John 14:21–23). As we do these things, we will come to know God and eventually have eternal life. Ponder what you can do to draw nearer to God. 
Many of us grew up with this kind of talk. This is almost background noise. Yet, I think it reveals something we should regard as wrong, and something we shouldn't tolerate. I want to take seriously that in the universe there is a person who conceived of these instructions and wishes that they be disseminated. Consider with me this modification:
- How can we come to know Fred? Knowing Fred is so important that the Fred's son said, “There's nothing more important than knowing Fred and I” (Fred's son's friend John's notebook as reconstructed from the memory of John's uncle's friend). The most important imperative in life is "love Fred with all your heart" (Fred's son's friend Matthew's notebook) The more we know Fred, the more we love him and follow his orders (see John's uncle's reconstruction of John's diary). By following Fred's orders, we can become like Fred. We can know Fred if we will: 1. Believe that he exists and that he loves us (Joseph's notebook). 2. Study all the notebooks of Fred's son's friends (see Tim's notebook). 3. At times when we're alone or with other people talk reverently to Fred as if he were there and thank him for things going well and petition him for things you want or need (see James' notebook; *it is preferable to talk as if Fred is there with our eyes closed, head bowed, and arms folded). 4. (!!!) Obey all Fred's orders as best we can (!!!) (see John's notebook). As we do these things, we will come to know Fred and eventually have the best life anyone can hope for. Ponder what you can do to draw nearer to Fred. 
Do your best to imagine an acquaintance of yours handing you a printout with these instructions with respect to Fred. You are unacquainted with Fred. Fred has never been pictured and will not physically show himself. Neither Fred nor anyone else will produce any demonstrable, unambiguous evidence to demonstrate his reality in any way that can be validated by your ordinary, day-to-day senses. How would you respond to this? I'm serious. I hope you're struck with the absurdity of Fred's system for coming to know him.
My hunch is that upon reflection, you agree with me that to be given these instructions in such a context would be at the very least extremely awkward. Who would behave in this way? Has anyone experienced such a thing in day-to-day life? Outside of religions, cults, and cons; who has ever seriously conceived a "coming to know" instruction set such as this?
I submit that if any person (and I regard Elohim of Kolob as a person) endorsed this kind of system, that's enough on its own to raise serious concerns about either the sanity or moral character (or both) of that person.
With respect to getting to know any person I submit that it's wrong:
  1. to demand the kind of belief being demanded in a context so devoid of the kinds of reasons and evidence one would ordinarily expect.
  2. to demand one commit significant time and effort to studying the extensive, confusing, and controversial writings of Fred's son's friends, say, Elohim of Kolob's son's friends, or anyone else (instruction 2).
  3. to demand that people talk as if Fred or Elohim of Kolob (or anyone else) were present when other than simply asserting that they are present, there exists no other unobvious evidence that they are. That is weird.
  4. to demand obedience to a person's orders in this way, and doubly wrong when that demand is made without disclosing the extent and nature of the orders! Is it not obvious that this demand is dangerous to cultivate in individuals and groups? Is it not obvious that this is a demand almost tailor made for manipulation?
This is not a good way to "come to know" any person; whether they be an ordinary Earthly person, Kolobian, Andromedian, or any other kind of putatively intelligent, rational being. At the very least it's strange. It's worse than that, however, because:
it's dangerous for people to try to get to know somebody they don't already know by committing to obedience to that person on these terms without already be acquainted with the character and full expectation of that person.
Is that a controversial principle? With respect to a demand of obedience, what is sensible would be to make that commitment after one has come to know somebody in the usual ways we're familiar with in day-to-day life; not as a way to come to know them. That is perverse.
I don't think human beings with even rudimentary rational abilities would accept this as a way to "come to know" any person on Earth. Why, then, should this be an acceptable formula of acquainting oneself with a person ostensibly not on this Earth, and for whom no evidence of the kind we would want for an Earthly person has been produced? In other words, if this is an off-putting demand to make of somebody with respect to ordinary Earthly people, how much more so with respect to extraordinary, unearthly people in a necessarily more unusual circumstance.
One should take a certain care when skiing on familiar slopes. Should not one take even more care when skiing on strange, and unfamiliar slopes? And yet what's proposed and endorsed by this group of people (LDS members and leaders) is the principle that:
in the unusual circumstance of acquainting oneself with an extra-terrestrial we should behave with less caution than I'm certain reasonable people would with respect to ordinary people here on Earth.
It's wrong to ask that of people. We should proceed with even more caution than we would with Fred.
If Elohim of Kolob is real, and he endorses this scheme, I don't think we ought to submit to it; and I think it suggest something wrong with Elohim and those who endorse this system of "coming to know" somebody. It's primed to be a system for manipulation and given that here on Earth we're all acquainted with much less manipulation-prone ways of "coming to know" other people, I think we should look with suspicion -- even horror -- at a person and group of people who would endorse such a backward, and manipulation-prone way of acquainting oneself with another person.
Those who claim to know Elohim of Kolob have a lot more to say about him, what he's like, how he has behaved over millennia, what his plans and intentions are with respect to organizing human society, and much more. I submit that as we investigate these elements, we will discover a person we ought to oppose for the good of all society because his character and plans are not good and, in some respects, he seems to be evil.
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2021.12.07 14:54 DollyboyDee SHOULD ROCKY V HAVE A DIRECTOR'S CUT?

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2021.12.07 14:54 marginallyobtuse The irony of big mom’s desire.

I was just considering, and I’m sure I’m not the first to notice, but Luffy’s Armada has mostly already achieved the dream that Big mom set out to do decades ago and that is to bring all races together.
Hes been depriving big mom of all the things she wants from the second she was introduced and along with things like fishmen candy and the kingdoms treasure He’s already gotten the support of giants as well as the long limbed tribes, fishmen, humans, and others.
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2021.12.07 14:54 stealthyshot [Vancouver, BC] [H]Various PC parts & accessories [W]Paypal, Cash

Hey there, I am doing my first ever PC parts clean out. I have a whole list of items I am selling. all parts have been tested to make sure they are in working order before going to the next person. Without a doubt it will be cleaned for top to bottom.

Item(s) Notes/Description Asking Price
Gigabyte 1050ti GPU I took good care of it throughout the years I never overclocked it, one day I try mining then shut it off but I will be transparent with that. 200$
H81 Plus Motherboard and Corsair Vengeance DDR4 2X16GB Asus 1150 socket H81-Plus. I used this motherboard maybe seven times so far (turning on that whole system) other than maintenance 60$
EVGA 500W bronze PSU from my first ever build but still decent for a low to maybe even mid budget builds. 15$
Samsung 500 gb SSD This is a new SSD I just used it for the first time on a test machine a made but no use for it now 20$
WD Blue SN550 SSD(Brand New) Western Digital SN550 NVMe. I bought this but I never used it once. I just opened the box to see 45$
Western Digital 500 gb HDD x3 I have FIVE WD HDD all I believe are all 500 gb. I will give you a cheaper price or even free if they are older. 10-15$ each
Corsair Gaming K63 Compact Mechanical Keyboard Cherry MX Brown I absolutely Loved this keyboard but since upgraded to their more expansive models but this is a perfect one none the less. 75$
Samsung S24D390HL LED monitor 23.6 in This is a good size monitor for your day to day task or even light gaming at 1080p (great condition). Supports vga,Hdmi,usb 50$
Intel core i5-4570 CPU i5-4570 3.2 GHz 4 core(s) Works perfectly from my first build also. I used it for one day of crypto mining then shut it down for good. 55$
R7 240 gpu 2gb This thing is old but still a gpu lol 10-15$ (or whatever)
Toshiba Satellite C50D-A-00R laptop AMD Dual-Core E1-1200 1.40GHz processor and 6GB DDR3 RAM500GB SATA hard drive 30$
Gigabyte Micro ATX LGA 1150 Motherboard my first MB ever. still has some good use to it. I replaced it with the H-81 before fully moving on to my next build. 10$
Intel i7-968 cpu super old i7 cpu, includes DDR3, super micro MB 5-10$
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2021.12.07 14:54 Bordeauxs5 [Shams] The Indiana Pacers are moving toward a rebuild, receptive to trade talks centered on Caris and either Domantas Sabonis or Myles Turner

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2021.12.07 14:54 mrmazzz QWI 200: The top LGBTQ pro wrestlers of 2021, #80-51

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2021.12.07 14:54 Protege101 IM LOOKING FOR MANAGER ! I CAN GRIND UP TO 200+ SLP PER DAY

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2021.12.07 14:54 Matteo180 Female savate practitioner from XIX century

Were there any female savate practitioner during the XIX century ?
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2021.12.07 14:54 hackfraud30011999 our cheeks are nice and rosy and comfy cozy are we

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2021.12.07 14:54 Sergidash-GG Aw hell naw they didn't put ME in Friday night funkin TWICE (made by two different friends)

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2021.12.07 14:54 99th_Ctrl_Alt_Delete Thanks Activision for breaking my game 5 min into the last bit of Verdansk

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2021.12.07 14:54 HeDoesLookLikeABitch What is your blindspot?

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2021.12.07 14:54 Independent_Data7081 Hi I'm new here and wanted to say that I'm an artist and I love to draw things related to medieval fantasy, #RPG So if anyone is interested in drawing your character the way you always imagined let me know I can do any race and gender . . . payment through paypal

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2021.12.07 14:54 Araknhak Life has taught me that the heavy burdens that we refuse to carry today, are sometimes precisely the same ones that we must carry tommorow...

People think that relationships are supposed to be like a kind of magical wonderland, exclusively made for every two souls that match each other; and those two souls of course match each other only.
Those people drown themselves in their childish concepts of what such a partnership is supposed to be like, while losing all sense of hard and concrete reality. So they fail to realize the other much less pretty side of all relationships, one that is as real as the magical one. They fail to realize the side where the ugly and raw part of love lies, where all the necessary arguments and all the hairs in the soup reside. So in an attempt to keep their pathological and infantile illusions alive, they run away at the first sight of trouble, giving up on the relationship instead of staying and trying to fix the problem. And if they don’t run away quickly, they will instead stay half-heartedly, slowly suffocating the relationship to death, and when it’s all over they will say that it ’just wasn’t meant to be’.
What those same people fail to realize though, is the flaws in their very own hearts. They fail to realize that those same flaws that were present in the relationship of yesterday, will most likely also be there awaiting them in the relationship of tomorrow. This is simply for the fact that we can run away from the world all we want, but we can never run away from our own inner selves. So this, my friends, is why some burdens that we refuse to carry today are sometimes precisely the same ones that we must carry tomorrow.
PS: I am of course not blind to the fact that some relationships just truly aren’t supposed to be kept alive and shouldn’t be forced either. What I am talking about here though, is the general western, modern, run of the mill, youngster’s view on relationships not as a responsibility and a part of one’s self, but rather as something to not be taken too seriously.
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2021.12.07 14:54 KingTy99 I've been seeing a lot more love for accords here lately.. so here's my 2000 Accord exl 5 speed

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2021.12.07 14:54 vih1995 Which purse is this or is it a knockoff?

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