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SundaeSwap Testnet Ready To Go Live — Here’s When It Launches

2021.12.01 18:12 fecktk SundaeSwap Testnet Ready To Go Live — Here’s When It Launches

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2021.12.01 18:12 orchidfever Discovery points to the skin as 'ground zero' for allergic disease

It’s affirming that a study out of New Zealand found evidence of the link between skin conditions like eczema, and allergies.
scientific article
review of article
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2021.12.01 18:12 Edinsage_Academy [Hiring] Apply to Financial Analyst, Developer, and Software Engineering Positions at Once

Please fill out our application for multiple positions at once through the link below. Applications sent via email or through any other means will not be accepted.
Salary range of the positions depending on experience:

Application Link: https://form.jotform.com/212807734286057
Edinsage Academy is an online course company offering students with little to no experience with programming opportunities to begin exciting careers. Therefore, we decided to offer you the opportunity to help you find relevant positions. After completing your application, we will evaluate your resume and you will be considered for our job search assistance and tuition waiver program where we will refer you to employers within the Austin area such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook. Some of the positions we refer our applicants to include Web Developer, Software Engineer, Financial Analyst, AI Developer, and Software Engineering Manager positions within the Austin metropolitan area. Edinsage Academy believes that aptitude is equally distributed, but opportunity is not. We don’t believe resumes, degrees or professional networks reveal a person’s true potential. Instead, we start from the ground up by evaluating talent objectively and providing valuable insights which many other companies neglect.
Job Types: Remote, In-person, Flexible hours, Part-time or Full-time.
Who we are looking for:
Since we offer positions with various experience levels we welcome individuals who are new to programming for entry-level positions offered by various companies. On the other hand, we will also consider applicants with more experience for our more advanced positions offered by other companies.
Minimum Qualifications for most positions within the Austin area:
Optional but preferred qualifications:
Work Location:
Application Link: https://form.jotform.com/212273254816050
Edinsage Academy is committed to helping employers maintain a diverse workforce throughout Austin. We are proud to be making decisions without regard to race, color, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, national origin, age, veteran status, disability, or any other protected class.
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2021.12.01 18:12 sleepyprojectionist My reaction to almost missing my ten year cakeday.

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2021.12.01 18:12 Nicetomeetyoulove 33/27 [MF4MF/F] Couple looking for another fun couple or a woman around Montreal or south shore

We are a long term couple looking for another couple (or a single woman) around our age (-+18-43) to meet and have a drink with, to see if there is a connection! If so, we would like to meet again to have some extra fun, but we cannot host because of our kids. We don't mind either a hotel or your place.
We are cute with average body types. I (f) look like my avatar ;) He is straight she is bi curious/ flexible.
We are fun, no pressure, we like to laugh and chat.
We always use condoms. We are clean and vaccinated!
If you are interested in meeting us, feel free to exchange pictures in private and see if we are each other's type!
On parle aussi français.
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2021.12.01 18:12 Fr0dech Mysteriously familiar song

So here's the thing. A while ago, I was browsing tiktok a there was a some sort of mashup. I found motive very familiar, so comment section did. Some guys like me was wandering if this was a hl2 ost? I was pretty sure it did and I started searching it on spotify. Hl1, hl2 osts, portal osts. Nothing like that! I came home to check if its not released ost and I couldn't find it anywhere.
A bit later, I was talking about this song with my friend who is also a fan of hl2, I slowed Madagascar (I like to move it) song because they sounded kinda familiar and he said he definitely heard it in hl2. Then, when I accidentally bumped into another tiktok, and it had that very song. 50% of comment sections was smth like "hl2 song lol", and only 1 guy said its true name: "DJ Lugovski - Trance". (https://youtu.be/_lrlMU-1AaY)
So I want to know, does hl2 is the first thing you think of when you listen to it, and why tf this happens? Maybe some sort of Mandela effect?
P.S. Everyone who said that it was from hl2 were Russians, maybe its only our thing?
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2021.12.01 18:12 Pshyko_500 https://t.me/+OuhuXny8Zns4MGI0 Updates prices ✅ Bot Veve Script + APK + IPhone Bot 300$(500gems) ✅IPHONE BOT✅350 GEMS ✅✅ Bot Veve SCRIPT🤖🤖 250$(350gems)✅Bot Veve APK 150$(250gems)✅I can make all time a new one✅Is very clever and undetectable✅✅ If you Want more info do not hesitate to contact me👑✅👑✅

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2021.12.01 18:12 Simple_Gap_704 Hard to acquire in Florida? Can't be!

Here for my dad's funeral in Bradenton. Need endorphins badly
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2021.12.01 18:12 capchaqueen BEWARE: fake mrballen phishing account posting on facebook

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2021.12.01 18:12 romi01 Recommended upgrades to Shure SE425s?

I've been looking to get some "funner" IEMs (compared to my SE425), my budget is around 200 dollars, but I'd be willing to stretch it a little. Any recommendations? I've been thinking about getting the Moondrop KXXS or the Starfields, but I'm not sure if they would actually be an upgrade to what I have right now.
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2021.12.01 18:12 prmoore11 [WTS] Surefire UE tail caps, Modbutton Lite switches, MP5K brace, Midwest Industries folding rear iron sight, suppressor cover (PA)

Couple of items, all prices are shipped.

Let me know if you have any questions!
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2021.12.01 18:12 HardLuckRapture Substrate

Can I used vermiculite as a substrate? If not what can I use?
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2021.12.01 18:12 what-doth-life Whirlpool Duet Sport Washing Machine leaking from door

I currently have a Whirlpool Duet Sport front loading washing machine and recently water has been leaking horribly from the bottom of the door. I noticed when I press against the bottom of the door it stops the leak while it's running but once I let go it slightly props back out at the bottom of the door causing the water from inside the washing machine to leak out a lot.
I'm trying to find a solution that I can do myself without having to call someone out to fix what could possibly be something simple. All the seals are fine as I've checked, I'd like to know if maybe replacing the door hinge could be the fix but I can't seem to find anything with someone who has had this issue.
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2021.12.01 18:12 tiberiussignal mf4f young female cum slut needed

37m, 32f experienced couple looking for a young woman (18-21) for sexual slavery. We have threesomes quite a bit, but are now searching for someone for a more consistent, repeatable situation. Ideal candidate must desire to be subservient to both of us, enjoy humiliation, cum play, creampies, cnc/taboo roleplay and bondage. Please be attractive, hwp and able to communicate effectively.
We are put together, clean, fit and attractive individuals with day jobs, and we have our shit together. This is all for fun and consent and safety is key for us, so we are happy to chat beforehand and meet in public first. We don't need a third in our relationship, just a young woman who wants to indulge her deepest, darkest fantasies of being a true cum receptacle.

Have SC and kik for verification purposes.
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2021.12.01 18:12 Lawnmower_hamster_x3 HORNY POST!!!

Horny post cuz i’m horny atm so any fruity gals wanna..?
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2021.12.01 18:12 postmastern Китайский марсоход передал данные на Землю через европейский зонд

Китайский марсоход передал данные на Землю через европейский зонд Китайский марсоход «Чжужун» и европейский орбитальный зонд «Марс-Экспресс» провели пять экспериментальных сеансов связи, в ходе которых зонд, работая как ретранслятор, передал на Землю все данные, собранные марсоходом. Таким образом у ровера появился дополнительный канал связи с Землей помимо основного канала, где ретранслятором выступает «Тяньвэнь-1», сообщается на сайте Европейского космического агентства.
Чтобы марсоходы или автоматические станции могли оперативно обмениваться с наземными центрами управления техническими и научными данными, им необходимо наличие на околомарсианской орбите спутника-ретранслятора, который обладает более мощными передатчиками. В настоящее время функции ретранслятора выполняют несколько орбитальных аппаратов — зонды NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter и «Марс Одиссей», европейский зонд «Марс-Экспресс», аппарат TGO европейско-российской программы «ЭкзоМарс-2016», а также китайский аппарат «Тяньвэнь-1».
В начале ноября «Тяньвэнь-1» совершил переход с 8,2-часовой орбиты вокруг Марса (где он работал как ретранслятор для первого китайского марсохода «Чжужун») на 7,09-часовую орбиту, где займется научными наблюдениями и картографированием поверхности Красной планеты. В связи с этим CNSA и ESA в октябре 2021 года договорились о проведении серии экспериментальных сеансов передачи данных на Землю от марсохода, где в роли ретранслятора выступал «Марс-Экспресс», что обеспечило бы для марсохода дополнительный канал связи.
Обычно вначале орбитальный аппарат передает на ровер или станцию приветственный сигнал, на который второй аппарат должен ответить — лишь после этого будет установлена связь. Поскольку «Марс-Экспресс» передает сигнал приветствия на частотах, отличных от тех, которые использует для приема данных китайский марсоход, двусторонняя связь невозможна. Однако «Чжужун» способен передавать данные на рабочей частоте «Марс-Экспресса». Таким образом связь возможна в «слепом» режиме, когда один из аппаратов не обладает подтверждением того, что другой аппарат получил данные.
В ноябре аппараты провели пять успешных сеансов связи, последний из которых состоялся 20 ноября. «Марс-Экспресс» смог передать на Землю весь объем данных, присланных «Чжужуном», которые затем были переданы из европейского центра ESOC в Пекинский аэрокосмический центр управления полетами. Ожидается, что в дальнейшем будут проведены еще несколько сеансов связи между аппаратами.
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2021.12.01 18:12 nabulubu Triterras Provides Further Update on Independent Audit of Financials for Fiscal Year Ended February 28, 2021

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2021.12.01 18:12 AbiLovesTheology Wondering If I am Pantheist

I want to know if I would count as pantheist.
My beliefs are in this article. I believe The Divine, in the form of The Goddess, is everywhere in the Universe. She is in the trees, sun, rivers, mountains and everything. Everything in the universe contains Her divine spirit.
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2021.12.01 18:12 fakeaccountxo Is anyone else full blown numb to their diagnosis?

I got got diagnosed last September at the hospital after a bad case of keto acidosis. i was sick for about two months before and i didn’t know why. because i’m a dumbass and slightly agoraphobic, i never went to the doctor until i couldn’t eat anything without throwing up.
Anyway, it’s been a year and my blood sugar is in rage about 70-80% of the time but i still feel weird about it. i can’t explain it but sometimes i forget i’m even diabetic like i don’t have anything wrong. my endocrinologist told me most people cry or have an emotional breakdown or something but i haven’t.
maybe i’m in denial.
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2021.12.01 18:12 Aimeelynnbeauty Need help with Christmas, please.

Hi everyone. I had some issues registering with Amazon, but finally glad to have it behind me. I have 5 amazing children. Cody (17), Kailee(13), Adamina(13), Arabella(7) and Arriana (6), who will be 7 in Jan. I’m truly blessed. This year I thought would be different but I’ve had some issues along the way that has made this time really hard. I just want my kids to know that it won’t affect their Christmas. They are truly a great bunch! Thank you all so much.
Cody- he’s the only boy and the oldest. He is a great big brother. He helps so much with his sisters, I’m truly grateful. He is doing so well in school. He’s a hard worker. He also started working and is handling everything really well. I’m super proud of the young man he’s becoming. He’s a clown, he is a sweetheart. He’s into gaming, working out, and music. He didn’t ask for much this year. (I think it’s because he knows it’s been a hard year and it doesn’t want to or feel like he’s adding too it. No matter what I tell him)
Kailee, is my oldest daughter. She is just trying to find herself and what she enjoys. She is extremely girlie and a social butterfly. She loves diy anything. She always has a smile on her face. She’s a great big sister and the little ones look up to her so much. She loves outdoors and being active. She’s been into journaling. Where she creates the pages she’ll write on. She’s a hard worker and really improved her school work this year. Her teachers call and have expressed how happy they are to see her really shine and come out of her shell. I’m very proud.
Adamina- she’s been with us for a little over a year. It has been really hard with her plus her behavioral problems. We are really working on everything, day by day. She’s been making improvements and we’re so happy & proud of how far we have come. She’s doing really good in school and improving with her grades. She loves space and wants a guitar for Christmas. She is a video gamer as well and enjoys anime. She’s into drawing. Loves art. She loves learning. She is 13 but she is behind in her age. She is trying to find out about herself. Prior, she was always told what to like or do, so having this opportunity now has really opened her eyes. She’s a great sister and really enjoys those bonds. She loves cats.
Arabella- she’s a horse lover. Everything is about horses. She has a huge heart. She loves animals, and wants a farm when she’s older. She has asked for Schleick horses and a tractor for her horses. She has recently started playing roblox. We all as a family will play together. She is always playing pranks and making people laugh.
Arriana- the youngest of the crew. She’s girlie and loves the attention. Ha! She dances and sings all over the house. She loves playing with barbies. She likes to play around with makeup and doing hair. She loves learning and practicing what she’s doing in school. She’s so funny and definitely Keeps all of us on our toes. She is counting down til Christmas.
Here’s a picture of my bunch ❤️ my kids
Thank you all so much.
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2021.12.01 18:12 Aewfan69 Kane used to do a falling powerbomb as finisher at some point

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2021.12.01 18:12 Academy902 Grav Hammer locations

I have a challenge for the grav hammer but don’t know where they spawn
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2021.12.01 18:12 claffdawg Welp

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2021.12.01 18:12 Boldintrovertx Vivids or natural hair colors? I’ve been missing my blonde a lot since getting this color done.

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2021.12.01 18:12 CryptographerOwn3304 Composition

Typical question for this game but what are your go to army compositions not div templates, but what types of templates in a 24 div army for example I normally do 16 7/2. Art inf and 8 7/2 anti tank inf is this any good or should I add some motorised because I’d rather them be with tanks for breakthrough etc etc
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