Deer Christmas

2021.12.03 17:22 Salvador-Gregory2 Deer Christmas

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2021.12.03 17:22 Horrorisepic Lol

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2021.12.03 17:22 JoseOsorio_44 carola recoge patatas: la calidad del stream....

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2021.12.03 17:22 Merrick_ABAO Tis the season. Spirits, what do you want for Christmas?

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2021.12.03 17:22 ieqtk8ee $NCLR.c to use gross proceeds from previously announced private placement for "mining expenditures" ac their Mann Lake uranium project

$ announced brokered private placement of charity flow-through units for gross proceeds of $3.0M last month. each warrant priced C$0.75 will be exercisable into one common share of basin uranium on or before the 24 month period of the closing date of the Offering.
The gross proceeds from this placement will be used by $NCLR.c to incur eligible "flow-through mining expenditures" in relation their Mann Lake uranium project located in Saskatchewan, Canada.
This means we will soon start getting updates on the progress of the project, I think $NCLR.c is waiting for a more opportune time as uranium market flourishes to announce new updates about Mann.
td, $NCLR.CN trading at $0.64 with market cap $5.79 M
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2021.12.03 17:22 ihaveamousetrap Does adding an attractive linkedin picture help with your job opportunities?

may sound like a stupid question, but does taking a professional/nice picture when your looks are above average and putting it on your linkedin help or nah.
I know in the states photo is not allowed on resume but a lot of jobs ask for a link to my linkedin. so im tryna just increase my chances at a great job
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2021.12.03 17:22 Kataraismymom Help me before I bust

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2021.12.03 17:22 TLLCyberrr Grit and Grind almost spoiled the 73-9 Warriors check this out
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2021.12.03 17:22 RabbitRedux-2020 [FL] Should I involve HR about a nit-picking teammate who may have cost me a promotion?

A couple weeks ago, I posted on the HumanResources sub about whether one should tell an employer about having ADHD. After digesting everyone's comments, I decided to go with the consensus: don't. I also realize now I should have posted it here, not there. Well, there've been some developments...

This past Monday, I learned that I was passed up on a promotion that I was considered by many, including my boss early on (as I learned later,) as a shoo-in for. It was a blow, especially because the person chosen was newer to the company in a different role, in a junior position to mine. I felt so down in the dumps and like a complete loser. I did cry, I wrote a couple posts on other Reddit subs, and spoke with a good friend about it that evening. I chose to make the best of it and realize that I had a lot on my plate in my personal life, that maybe it was a blessing in disguise, and I will therefore be gracious and accepting.
I sat down with my soon-to-be new boss the next day, I could tell she was nervous, and she was kind, and qualified everything with "partnership" and "collaboration" and that she was shocked it was her and not me. It went as well as it could. I don't resent her and I respect her knowledge and expertise.
I sat down with my current boss yesterday and per someone's suggestion, asked her for a spot-check. What were the deciding factors, and what can I do to improve? Until then, I had only received praise from her and glowing reviews, way better than I expected, in fact.
She's the best boss I've ever had--she's not perfect, but she is smart, positive and kind. So she said that she was concerned about my reactions to this asshole who has been nit-picking me for the better of a year. One day during a call with our entire team, he said something that blatantly undermined my capability and at that moment I was done. After being picked on, passive-aggressively, or him complaining to my boss about me, or praising everyone who worked on a project and excluding me, I got up and walked out of the room, and decided I was going to leave the company. Not without a job first, of course, and I didn't share that with anyone at the time that that was my plan. But clearly I was pissed.
She told me that I was productive in fits and starts; she also thought I was giving up because of him and just letting things drop (like when I walked out of the room.) Well, I replaced a very talented person who left the company because of this guy, which was publicly known. I haven't addressed it with HR for fear that it would work against me, because that's conventional wisdom. I admitted to my boss that I reached my tipping point and I had decided I was going to leave, and interviewing with other companies. My boss then admitted that maybe she didn't deal with it in the right way, and if this continues, I should be talking to HR. The reason she said that is we're going through a reorg (thus the prospective promotion) and he's moving to another team, so maybe that will alleviate the conflict.
I am pissed. It's because of his repeated chipping away at me, and planting the seed of doubt in my boss's mind, that I missed out. Who else was he complaining to? My teammates? Other leaders? HR? Throughout the year, he caused me a lot of grief, self-doubt, and anxiety, like "I am good at what I do, I'm smart, what is my problem?" I asked my boss, "What was he trying to achieve? What was his goal in all of this? To lose my job?" Neither of us can answer that.
  1. As the culmination of all of the above, I am meeting with a psychiatrist next week, because I don't have a formal diagnosis and I need help finding a clear route to ways to cope with my forgetfulness, disorganization, difficulty with multiple details, lack of focus, and grief at choosing the wrong profession.
  2. Should I go to HR about my teammate and loss of promotion now or wait to see if it continues after the reorg?
  3. Should I bring up my diagnosis if I am indeed diagnosed? I think more advocacy is in order, especially for women who've had to work doubly hard to compensate for what's an under-diagnosed disability.
Thanks for listening.
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2021.12.03 17:22 EmotionalAd9826 Weekend Escapade in Baner

Looks like this rain menace has finally settled down and now I can actually go out somewhere this weekend. What are some must-try cafeterias/restaurants in Baner? Irani Cafe? High Street? Technically, this is my first weekend after relocating to Pune. Need some suggestions or hit me up if you're around and wanna join.
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2021.12.03 17:22 isssalexa Do you like daydreaming?

I've seen a lot of people on here saying that they're tryin to quit daydreaming. But I like it personally.
Is anyone here trying to quit?
View Poll
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2021.12.03 17:22 DANK_F0RTN1TER The One Thing Chester Doesn't know...

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2021.12.03 17:22 Kylezzz101 Mining macro for ec

ive tried using the mining macro from:
to no avail does someone have a updated miningmacro for using with target stored FireBeetle
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2021.12.03 17:22 EPOThatch Barotraumtic vs Into the Abyss?

Hello, been playing this game for a bit with a group of friends (about 5+ or so) and we've been loving the game, but I can't help but notice that I feel as if the game world is a little empty and repetitive. Which mod is better for a more intriguing and challenging campaign? Also preferably one that is compatible with most other mods.
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2021.12.03 17:22 Turbulent_Chipmunk51 How often do you guys miss work?

I miss 3-4x a month. I'm tryna do better, but I just cant! I need my rest! It's a physical job!
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2021.12.03 17:22 DefNotTonySoprano Replaying the Max Payne trilogy on Xbox now that it's in the store. Questions about the storyline

The original's story always confused me. At first, I chalked it up to being 13, but now that I'm more than twice that age and still confused, I've concluded Max Payne's narrative is convoluted -- with some great voiceover, characters and atmosphere. Here are some questions as I'm watching the credits role:
1) What is the connection between the mafia and Nicole Horne?
2) How and why was Max's wife involved in learning Nicole Horne's/Aesir's secrets?
3) Why was Mona Sax hunting the mafia as well as Nicole Horne? If it was to avenge her sister, who was her sister working fowhat was her role (and what was her name)?
4) Alfred Woden is involved because ... Nicole Horne has sensitive information on him?
5) BB had become Alex Balder's partner when Max went undercover?
6) Is there a short-ish, simplified video that explains the story thoroughly, especially how it's connected to the sequel? The third game feels like a soft reboot in that it maintains the main character, references events/supporting characters from the first two games, but is almost an entirely different beast in terms of story, location, etc.
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2021.12.03 17:22 bbyscallop Our jam-packed little bedroom, kitten included :)

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2021.12.03 17:22 TrickHaunting Looking for someone to sublet starting in January (8 min from UTD)

Looking for someone to sublet starting in January. Located 8 minutes away from UTD. Washedryekitchen included. Large backyard with 2 stories and 5 bedrooms. Large TV upstairs and fast internet. $700/month plus utilities.
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2021.12.03 17:22 tonijnslijm [LF] mush Lamp, Low stool, and Table DIY'S [fT] Bells, DIY's, Wishlist

Hey there! I'm looking for these three Mush DIY's. I can trade in bells, but also still have a bunch of DIY's in storage (All 1.0, except I do have the Vine bench and lamp!) and have a nearly-completed catalog. So feel free to send me your wishlist!
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2021.12.03 17:22 unboogyman How do I buy Minecraft (Windows 10) for some friends in Colombia from the US?

Hi, it appears Minecraft gift codes are region locked. How can I get a gift code for a friend in Colombia? I could not find an answer.
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2021.12.03 17:22 burblerry Hot yoga recommendations?

What are some good hot yoga studios in town? I loved Blissful Spirits in Rio Rancho but I live too far to go there regularly, and the Abq location doesn’t have enough beginner friendly classes for me. TIA! :)
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2021.12.03 17:22 ImportanceSilver3251 Match Thread: Fulham vs AFC Bournemouth | English League Championship

34': Fulham 0-0 AFC Bournemouth Venue: Craven Cottage
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Marek Rodak, Tim Ream, Tosin Adarabioyo, Joe Bryan, Denis Odoi, Fabio Carvalho, Harrison Reed, Jean Michaël Seri, Aleksandar Mitrovic, Neeskens Kebano, Harry Wilson.
Subs: Tom Cairney, Josh Onomah, Michael Hector, Rodrigo Muniz, Paulo Gazzaniga, Kenny Tete, Bobby De Cordova-Reid.
AFC Bournemouth
Mark Travers, Gary Cahill, Steve Cook, Adam Smith, Emiliano Marcondes, Phillip Biling, Lewis Cook, Jaidon Anthony, Jack Stacey, Dominic Solanke, Ryan Christie.
Subs: Gavin Kilkenny, Jamal Lowe, Morgan Rogers, Ben Pearson, Ørjan Nyland, Robbie Brady, Chris Mepham.
16' Lewis Cook (Bournemouth) is shown the yellow card for a bad foul.
34' Jack Stacey Yellow Card
Don't see a thread for a match you're watching? Click here to learn how to request a match thread from this bot.
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2021.12.03 17:22 deadpool079 I am put a end to the school bully

So this school bully was treatening me Wat hé didnt know is that im a traint UFC fighter So i challenged him to a compatition it goes like this you take turn punching each other in the stumach So hé hit first but hé punched right into muscle then i was i hit him in the kidney once and he fell right to the floor in front of all his friends now he stays out of me and my friends way cause hes scared as hell
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2021.12.03 17:22 Stormrunner84 ITAP of a Osprey up close

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2021.12.03 17:22 fnaf820 My friends house (INSPIRED WITH FULL PERMISSION)

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