d9n7s 8fatr iesba thze8 karaa rhdny ity3n a2zaf aknsn n9z9d ykd9k erzh5 eyi4i 348i5 dkdt5 t74d6 73ea2 teden 8i9hb h95eh ziy35 3d printed terrain for demo table for a game im designing |

3d printed terrain for demo table for a game im designing

2021.11.27 02:10 heribertohobby 3d printed terrain for demo table for a game im designing

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2021.11.27 02:10 Sweetesttea2 Choosing one allergy over another?

Hello. I have allergies to cats and own one cat. She loves to climb on me and rub her face one mine. I bought Allerpet allergen reducer and it really seemed to help, I was much less ichy after stopping my daily antihistamines. But then i looked at the ingredients. I have a diagnosed methylchloroisothiazolinone allergy, and allerpet has that as one of its ingredients. Does methylchloroisothiazolinone last long in the general environment, or does it break down by time? Would it be broken down by the cats spit after it is applied or it would it be rubbed on me when she climbs all over me?
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2021.11.27 02:10 Financial_Advisor500 Back with the abusers

I let people have too many chances. My parents primarily. I know their toxic relationship and my mom’s self-destructive behavior is bad for both myself and my daughters, yet here I am. Back with the abusers.
My daughters wanted to spend the night at my parents’ house since we were already there. My mom had already been drinking so I knew it was a dice roll, but I allowed it. So now one of my daughters is on the bunk above me asleep, one is beside me on the lower bunk asleep, my dad is asleep, and my mom is passed out. Things worked out.
Yet here are my memories running. I had to live with them again and deal with visitation after my divorce for almost 2 years. Shit hit the fan so often. I got lost in a blur of drugs during the week as I was unemployed. They fought all the time. She was wasted all the time. I had to take my girls home early because of their fighting and substance abuse. I could manage to not indulge my own when I had my daughters. Every feeling, taste, scent, sound, etc. all being things back. I feel a huge malaise.
Let that be a testament to where I am now. Employed, sober, and living on my own. But still a bad son and a worse father for bringing myself and my girls right back into this space.
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2021.11.27 02:10 ThyOnlySandMan First pair of Yeezys. Love em.

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2021.11.27 02:10 Gukpa Can the USA catch up after the 2ACW?

Basically I'm asking this in cold numbers, not as in "national optimism" or by having a "righteous ideology better than OTL".
Civil wars ruin nations, so the UD could have like a 30% drop in the GDP and up to 10% drop in total population due emigration and deaths during the civil war. It is possible for the US to catch up with our timeline USA? I am not even asking if it is likely, since we all know that it is not.
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2021.11.27 02:10 Jaji3276 Fate of her

It’s time the nurse told me I walked down the hallway My feet cold as Ice my heart thumping harder with each step The lump in my throat ever growing I walk to the bed side I see my grandma grandma laying there pale as snow, I remember the days she made me sweet potato pie and always game me money she told me to hide it from my mom. My grams I know this is not how she would want to be remembered. Are you ready the nurse asks jolting me from my thoughts “ may I have a moment please”? Ofcourse she says I kiss my grandma on the forehead. I love you I say as I take her wedding ring off her hand she won’t be layed to rest with it. I then whisper in her ear “ I know this was not a accident I will avenge you” I push the red button for the nurse She comes in with the most caring look on her face, I don’t know why but I start bursting into tears. She’s holding me trying to comfort me. At least she cares I thought. “I’m ready” I manage to say “Okay let me get the doctor In the mean time Sign these please “ I sign the forms quickly before I change my mind. I know letting her go is the right thing even if that’s not what I want. The doctor walks in He’s a cute brunette with perfect teeth “ good evening ms dawn I’m doctors Myers. i know this must be extremely difficult is there anyone else we can contact before we began. “No it’s just me” I mumble because I know my mother is somewhere drunk between a rock on a hard place. “Okay let’s began” doctor Myers nods to the nurse she squeezes my hand hers is so warm. And I watch as they take my grandma off life Support. One hour goes by then 2 At the her monitors are going off. Help her I scream inside save her but I know it’s not possible. At 9:34 pm Josie dawn is pronounced dead. And My whole world has just changed. I requested to have a autopsy done I remember the nurse giving me a weary look when I had asked. my grandmother was 73 and she had a small heart murmur but other than that she was healthy and rarely got sick. The only time she was stressed was was when jimmy her late husband would always complain and yell. She would call me crying. I never liked that man her was a nasty person who always seemed in a bad mood. Her died 3 years ago of a heart attack good riddance I said. But ofcourse I was there to comfort my grandma. “ jimmy wasn’t always mean she had said. But I still couldn’t fathom how she could have ever loved him. But I acted sad for her sake. Jimmy never yelled at her when I was around her knew better but that didn’t stop him from being snappy. He knew I didn’t like him and I never pretended to either. I say my final goodbye to my grandma i faintly her the nurse say “ if there is anything you need.” But I blank her out. In the elevator there’s pregnant woman holding a child’s hand single mother I think visiting someone sick. Yeah Hospitals are depressing. I make My way to the car I get in and before I know it im home it’s like I’m going through the motions effortlessly I feel numb. I feed lily my orange taby My mother’s is passed out on the couch I see her red curls. I noticed the tequila bottle on the Coffee table not a unusual sight. I pour the bottle out in the sink. Put a blanket over her and head to my room. Lily follows me up. Everything about this day seems perfectly normal except my grandmother is dead. I sit in bed and cry until my eyes are raw. Is it possible to run out of tears? If so I think I have. Lily purs next to me I can tell she knows I’m upset. As I drift off to sleep I tell myself , I will get justice for you grams maybe even Venengce… I wake up to the door bell. the first ring I try to ignore then I hear the second. I look at the clock 9am I know my mother won’t get up yet. I put on my slippers grams got me last winter I’m still wearing my clothes from last night. And I haven’t showered. I hurly toss my hair in a messy bun. As I make my way downstairs , the door bell rings again. I walk across the living room yup my moms still sleep I check her pulse to make sure she is just sleep. I kinda got in the Habbit of doing that. Once I had to call 911 because she was not moving but that’s another story. I open the door it’s Addison McCoy. It’s freezing outside. But that’s January in Virginia “ come in mrs mcoy” I say she’s a older women from across the street the mcoys have lived here longer than I can remember. I use to date her oldest son in high school Steve mcoy, it ended on good terms and she was always happy and welcoming when I would come over for dinner. “ oh sweetie” she says as she hugs me. “ I heard about dear Josie I’m so sorry” my grandma was apart of the neighborhood watch. Sometimes when I went it over her house mrs McCoy and others would sometimes have get togethers nothing much ever happened here in Charlotteville Virginia, I think it was more of a way for the older folks to have purpose. “ thank you “ I say as she hands me a pie. “ it’s Apple pie your grandmother recipe, I begged her for ages to give it to me after that thanksgiving.” “ Thank you mrs mccoy it means so much “ and it does How’s your mom “she asks while glancing over me. “Fine “I say a little to sharply “Thanks again mrs mccoy “ She gets the hint. “If there’s anything you need…” “I’ll let you know thank you” I cut her off and close the door. My mother is a drunk and the whole town knows , and welll let’s face it people in a small town gossip. I’m assuming that’s how she knew my grandmother passed so fast. But that’s small towns for you. I head back upstairs I remember I have a shift at 2 When I wake up again it’s 12 i go to the bathroom and turn on the water, I hear the old pipes rumble as cold water shoots out. I pee while I wait for the water to get hot. I look over and notice the litter box is full I make a mental note to scoop it when I get home. The steam starts to fill the bathroom I get in and let the hot water caress my body. No more crying I tell myself get it together Madison. I won’t be that girl everyone pity’s a 26 year old waitress with A drunken mother And basically non existent father. And now……no don’t go there I tell myself . . After I’ve washed my greasy hair I rinse off get out and dry myself. I wipe the condensation from the mirror. I take a look. My red curls are not curly as usual my green eyes have darkened a little and I have slight bags despite getting sleep. Yeah I’m a mess. As I dry off I think about calling out and I know my boss Andrew wouldn’t mind. But then I remember the stack of bills I saw on the counter last night. My mother has not worked for years, she does get a monthly disability check but that only covers her drinking. she was a Uber driver but this guy hit her from behind and messed up her back really bad. When the doctors refused to give her pain meds well that’s when the drinking started. That was 2 years ago. “Madison” I hear my mother call “Yes” I shout back “ was grandma over? I know The smell of this pie anywhere why didn’t you wake me. “ Shit shit shit shit I haven’t told her about grams and when I got the call from The hospital I didn’t tell her. My grandmother had me listed as her emergency contact. “I’ll be down in a minute” By now my heart is racing I’m scared if I tell her she will drink herself to death then I think About my decision to take Her off life support. It was the right thing and I know mom couldn’t let go. But I didn’t let her say goodbye. Was it because I knew how much grandma hated her drinking and I didn’t want their last goodbyes to be that. I could picture my mother yelling at me in the ER because of the decision to let grams go. Or was it because I felt the need to punish my mom for not noticing anything besides the end of a bottle. I push the thought away as pains of gilt stab my stomach.. I get dressed in my work uniform. Black jeans and shoes white button down blouse. I make my way downstairs. I see my mother smiling eating Apple pie. I give her a hug she reeks of alcohol her hair smells a little stale how it always gets when she hasn’t showered I’m days. “ you off to work hun? Next time grandmas comes over wake me up it’s fine. Yeah I’d have better luck waking the dead I think. “ Um I need to tell you something” my hands are shaking “What is it”she mumbles between bites of Apple pie My eyes start to water “Grandmas…” I start “ grandmas what honey, Is this about my drinking? I promised you both once the doctors let me start back my meds I won’t drink as much” She looks at me and she looks hopeful, she really wants to get better. I can’t tell her atleast not yet.let her have one more day I think. “Oh no grams said to let you rest, shed be back later she went to run a few errands “ I lie I was never a good liar “Maddy is everything okay.?” My mother stops eating her Apple pie. Lie harder I tell myself so I do “ yes I’m just little nervous about tonight I’m in a busy section.” “ well honey it’s a Thursday shouldn’t be too bad, hopefully you make some good tips” yeah I think because you sure as hell aren’t paying any bills. But I don’t say that Ofcourse. “I’ll see you later mom” I say a little too cheeryI I feel her eyes on me but I don’t meet them.I grab a banana and a bottle of water from the fridge and head out. I get in the car and start it. I don’t remember the 15 minute drive to the town diner. My thoughts are so consumed I barley miss the a family of 4 as I pull into the parking lot. Sorry I say rolling down my window. The women smiles and waves the man is to preoccupied with his phone he missed the ordeal. The two kids seem happy though ,that makes me smile. I pull into my usual parking spot . Cut the Engine. grab my apron lock the car and walk up the steps. Andrew my boss opens the door before I can.”Madison what are you doing here? I fingered you take atleast the day off considering, I even got Rachel to cover your shift. “No I’m fine” I lie “ Madison I insist I had just called your house phone 5 minutes ago your mother picked up and said you had just left.” My heart drops in my stomach “My mother”? I say panicky “Yeah but when I spoke to her she seemed to have no idea what was going on , I figured she was….” Figured she was drunk I finish his sentence in my head. “ Madison I insist you take the day off anyways your mom said she be waiting for you to get back.” My heart drops further in my stomach. She knows and worse she knows I’ve lied to her. Right to her face. I can’t go home .. shit but where. Maybe my bestfriends Laiza. Laiza would be able help me she always did. Back when I first got my period the boys in classs had made fun of me. The next day laiza put red paint in their seats. She got detention for two days but when I saw her again I knew she would be my friend forever. No I can’t Burden her she’s a nurse and does overnights a lot she also has a 3 year old daughter Nicole. She looks just like her. As I get out of my thoughts I realize it has been a hour and I’m still sitting here in the parking lot. I feel my phone vibrate. 2 missed calls from mom also a voicemail. “ you little bitch when I” her words are slurred . I turn it off it’s 3:30 in the afternoon and she’s drunk . My life is a mess. And the person that could fix this mess is gone. Mom didn’t listen to anyone but grandma. I remember one night a few months ago I had forgot something my mom wanted from the store, grandma came over to cook it was a Sunday. And my mom was snapping at me “ Maddy! She exclaimed” I don’t ask much! All I wanted where the gluten-free..” “Mary”!! Was all my grandma said my mothers name. My moms tone had chaged to a much softer one “ im sorry maddy I’ve been in so much pain lately I swear when it’s about to rain I can feel it in my bones. I shouldn’t have snapped at you, but you know what gluten does to me” “ it’s okay I can run back to the store and get the one you like” “ don’t be silly” my grandma had said before my mom could say anything. “ I’m just about to set the table. That night dinner was amazing as I think about it my stomach rumbles. I reach in my bag and eat the banana barley tasting it. I don’t know where I’ll go I and I don’t care, because right then I notice people inside the diner peering out at me. Not wanting to be the talk of the town I pull off. I’ve been driving for about 25 minutes, I see my grandma’s favorite plant shop in town it’s closed so I Don’t drop in. Before I know it I’m in front of my grandmas house she gave me the keys years ago after her husband died she said if I ever got tired of my mom or needed a break to come over anytime no matter what time her home was mine she had said. I check her mailbox, coupons for the local farmers market. A post card from my aunt Linda. A light bill some news papers and a letter from Someone named Owen Matthews. Huh I thought what could that be. I walk up the pathway and look at my grandmas beautiful garden she loved her plants. I open the door and immediately grief hits me it smells like apples and roses my grandma mother always smelled that way even when I was a little girl. Her house is perfect it looks as if she just made a quick run to the store. Nothing is out of place I put her mail on the table I go in her room lay on her bed and sob. I wake up to movement on the other side bed . I bite my tounge so I don’t scream. Who is here I think. Has my grandmothers killer returned should I play asleep then I hear a meow” I laugh out loud of course how could I forget my grandmas cat luna she’s a beautiful tortoiseshell and also happens to be Lily’s mother. She knows me well that’s why I got a meow instead of a hiss. I stroke her head I remember when she was a kitten my grandmother had gotten her for me but my moms boyfriend at the time was “allergic” so my grandma took her and I would see her when I came over. I remember she got out and was gone for a month a came back pregnant the neighbors got a few of the kittens including the McCoys. By then my mom and whatever his name was had broken up. I wanted to take both cats but she only let me keep one so naturally I chose the kitten. Anyways my grandma and luna got attached. Wow that feels like a lifetime ago. I look out the window it’s dark. I better get home I pick up my stuff and I’m about to leave but then I remember luna I pick her up she will be another reason I get yelled at but she was grams cat so I can’t leave her. I turn off the lights and I lock the door. Across the street I see a black Honda parked with tinted windows. I try to get a closer look but they drive off I get chills. I put luna in the back get in the car and turn on the heat. I’m driving the road is real dark I turn on my lights. Adele is playing on the radio but I turn it off I need silence. what I will say to her. I feel so guilty. In my rearview mirror I see the black tinted Honda again. Just a coincidence I say to myself. But my hands clench the steering wheel. In this small town Its likely I would have noticed that car before. I turn right onto my street, when the Honda keeps going straight I let out a deep breath that I didn’t realize I was holding. I feel a little creeped out. Your overthinking I tell myself. I pull into my driveway the house lights are on. one of my moms friends Richey is parked in my spot so I back out and park on the side of the street so he can get out. As I walk up the drive way I hear rock music pumping. Richey is not a bad guy don’t get me wrong, him and my mother met a few years back at a local bar. They have been friends ever since. But I will say my mom tends to party a little more when richs around. However he’s always been really nice and respectful to us. He even made sure my mom got home a couple nights when I was working late shifts at the diner. He’s never hit on me or anything but I heard a rumor he’s gay anyways. I open the door and wham I’m slapped with heavy marijuana smoke , my mom and rich are on the couch I see a bong and some beers and cigarettes on the Coffee table. My mom only smokes cigarettes when she’s really stressed. “Hey maddy!” Rich says all happy I can tell he’s stoned “ sorry about your grandma” My mother cuts in she tries to sit up but barley can” don’t feel sorry this little bitch pulled the plug, did you know that? She killed my mother. Jolts of pain stab my chests “ aw come on Mary” I hear rich murmur “ rich can you leave I need to speak with my mother “ “ okay I’ll head out” he says “Sorry again maddy” he kisses my mother on the head and says goodnight. He then awkwardly pats me on the shoulder I guess that’s his way of trying to Comfort me. I lock the door behind him. I go sit on the couch and lock eyes with my mother hers are bloodshot from the weed. And mine must be too because of the anger I feel is dark. “Mom Listen” I stutter “ no you listen”she cuts me me off “ she was my mother! You had no right to make any decisions on my behalf what you did was unforgivable I can barely look at you, I had no idea she was sick.” “She wasn’t sick”I say “She didn’t have the best heart but grandma was doing just fine, the neighbors found her on the back porch, I would have called you but..” “But what” what my mother insists “ I’d knew you were on a drunk” “Oh gosh so what I drink time to time ! It’s not a huge deal.! “Everyday your drunk!” I scream “Thank god grandma didn’t see you like that in her last moments” I’m sobbing now “It’s that what’s it’s really about?” My mother asks and my heart jumps “ or is it getting even with me? I see the way you look at me. Like I’m a piece of shit.” “No it’s “I try “Save it!”my mother snaps” “ I cannot believe a word you say you sneaky lying bitch” “ fuck you” I scream I pick the bong up and toss it at the tv it shatters and flys everywhere” “ no fuck you my lying cunt of a daughter” ! my mom flips the crystal coffe table. It snaps in 3 parts. “Just get the fuck out I don’t fucking need you to take care of me”! My mother yells “ oh trust me I’m leaving” I run upstairs my eyes stinging from the tears, I grab my small suit case from under my bed. I pack about 3 outfits . And I rush downstairs “If you leave now don’t ever come back Maddison, I fucking mean it” I walk out the door I put my suitcase in the trunk. I start the car but before I can pull off. My mother is screaming at the front door “ and take your stinking cat” she says as she tosses lily on the porch. I get out pick up lily and put her in the back with Luna. I wonder if they remember each other. I back out the driveway. Take one last look and pull off.
Let me know what you think so far! Should I finish the book!
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2021.11.27 02:10 iiTzFlux Bro uzi really listens to y'all's opinions

He talking on trains stream explaining how he thinks the songs are gonna be hits aren't
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2021.11.27 02:10 Valincy we became SoundCloud rappers - (ft. silent) vrchat funny moments

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2021.11.27 02:10 No_Calligrapher_613 Asuna is the prettiest but Sinon and Suguha are the hottest in SAO universe, fight me.

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2021.11.27 02:10 handsomesalt000 how to make it so that lucio damages players on the opposite team when thay enter the ring (i am talking about the circle that heals teammates)

i tried this but it also damages me. i did: {damage. players in radius. event player. 30. opposite team of. team of. event player.} can someone plz help me with this
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2021.11.27 02:10 CorridosTumbadosEaaa No lloren chat

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2021.11.27 02:10 MaskedUp91 Bubble butt

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2021.11.27 02:10 watchy1001 Just Purchased the T14

Bought the T14 for $1176 Canadian dollars + tax (around $1300 total). I got the ryzen 7 5850u and decided to go with the 300 nit touchscreen because configuring your own is for some reason more expensive even if you chose a non-touchscreen.
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2021.11.27 02:10 Omlette69 F49 CW:150ish/ GW: 135 Sabotaging myself?

I feel like I may be subconsciously sabotaging my weight loss. I have been plateauing around 150 ish for a whole year now! I make changes to my diet or exercise routine, and start losing weight 1-3 lbs; somehow get confident that my strategy is working. In the next few days I make bad eating decisions, slow my wt loss, but still hold on to my weight steady then with a few days go up a lb ... and rise again to 150- 152 range; then make again an effort to come down to 150. I have been this way for the longest time. When I lose the few lbs down from 150, i seem to totally forget my previous experience magically!
Help me!
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2021.11.27 02:10 J-Fr-sIUE-67-2112 I know some idiots who like Elon but, who tf likes Bezos?

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2021.11.27 02:10 CP3_for_MvP [Highlight] Curry answers the Blazers run with back-to-back triples from the same spot

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2021.11.27 02:10 NegativeAd8232 طنز تلخ💔🥲

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2021.11.27 02:10 Round_Candidate889 Fun Black and Blue Draft.

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2021.11.27 02:10 Smokinace63 EZ Awp Pick Play on Ancient

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2021.11.27 02:10 Gamage96 Text

Good Morning!
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2021.11.27 02:10 Thin-Ad4570 Ecommerce Trends: 2022 Outlook

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2021.11.27 02:10 YuSmurf Broken aim re-center system

When you shoot, the recoil pushes your aim upwards and when you stop, your aim retraces towards the original position. this works as intended when you dont compensate for the recoil meaning you dont aim downwards when you shoot to counteract the upward movement. but if push down to keep the aim level, as soon as you stop shooting the aim sinks downwards even though your aim at the original position where you started shooting. normally a well developed games retrces no further than the original position, if you counter act the recoil the game dismisses the retracement.
One of the million reason this game feels soo clunky.
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2021.11.27 02:10 Afteregg325418327 my friend showed my this. Is this real or fake??

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2021.11.27 02:10 Justpassinby1984 What’s your preferred way of microdosing?

In pill form or just rip a piece off the mushroom and eat it?
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2021.11.27 02:10 Deeds263 Made this nasty little ebotdz. Almost perfect.

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