Anyone that unironically says video games are getting worse is an idiot

2021.12.08 15:50 Low_Well Anyone that unironically says video games are getting worse is an idiot

I have no fucking idea why there is a general belief that video games have been getting worse. No, they’re not. The shit companies everyone’s been supporting just continue to be shit. I’m baffled that people can lament about “battle passes” “Micro transactions” “cut content” buggy releases etc. I guarantee all those people making those complaints will be there day 1 with the collectors digital deluxe developers handshake package for $999. And the apologist! My god what a sorry bunch. “No no, you don’t get it! The game is good, it’s not the developers fault they have to sell skins and cut content! And yeah the game doesn’t work on some platforms and bricks your PC But! It’s insert publisher fault!”
Who cares whose fault it is? You support shitty business practices and you get shitty games. Who knew. Triple A titles will never get better because they don’t need to. Pokémon fans have wanted better Pokémon games for decades, they’ll never get it. Why would they? They could put the bare minimum into a new title and it will make record sells. That is a recurring theme. Bare minimum effort record setting sells.
Long story short, go play indie games (TemTem for the Pokémon fans)
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2021.12.08 15:50 mwfreebies Win An USANA HealthPak 100 Winners!

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2021.12.08 15:50 ptq Mana goes brrrrr

Is it just me or recent mini update does something bad to mana regen? I could tp the whole day and my aura merc (L17 roll) kept my mana always full. Now he can't, my mana drains quite fast.
Asked a friend and he complains for the same.
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2021.12.08 15:50 BadContent E Project [SMP] {21+} {Whitelisted} {1.18} {Survival} {Java}

|**Welcome to E Project**|

E Project is a community built with friends from way back in 2010. Our server mostly consists of players in their 30's, which is why we set a 21+ age requirement to try to cater to a similar age group. We promote a low-stress environment, helping one another in-game and out.
Friend referrals from the community are welcome if you wish to bring others along.

**Community Trailer:** [](
**Live Map:** [](

**Server Setup:**

We are a simple setup, with a few changes to better cater for multiplayer. Our survival alterations are as follows:

✅ Night Time cycle cannot be skipped.
✅ Phantoms are disabled - Bats drop membranes.
✅ Treasure Chests & Elytra's on End Ships have per-playing loot.
✅ Can /home to your bed.
✅ Link Nether Portals directly with Lodestones.
✅ Expansive Hopper Filtering.
✅ Wet Sponge works on Lava.
✅ Toggleable auto fill hand.
✅ Shift-Click toggle visible/invisible item frames.
✅ Faster Minecart system.
✅ Creepers, Enderman, Ghasts, cannot pick up/damage blocks.
✅ Sign chest protection.
✅ Player controlled trading.
✅ Items on death go into a chest rather than straight onto the floor.
✅ PvP death keeps inventory.
✅ A large range of Advancements to unlock.
✅ Head Database to decorate your buildings with.

|**We do have some rules we require players to follow.**|
|1. Please speak English in public chats.|
|2. No griefing or stealing.|
|3. No harassment in the chat of any kind.|
|4. Avoid being inappropriate in chat, most notably sexual comments, and media.|
|5. No Cheating of any means to give an unfair advantage (Duplicating, X-Ray resource packs, map modification mods, obtaining seed, scripts of any kind, flying, ...).|

**Interested to be apart of E Project?**

To apply, [join our discord]( and fill out the form. If successful you will gain access to the rest of the server.
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2021.12.08 15:50 surfiegamer does your save the world edition get upgraded if you buy the robo-kevin pack?

I bought the founders edition of STW a few years ago and I heard from a friend that if you buy the pack which includes STW it upgrades your current pack since you cant buy upgrades anymore. Is this true?
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2021.12.08 15:50 eozzoespitfire hairstyles why are they need even out after 2 years asking. Please make it happen .. thanks..

hairstyles .. we need them face paints too.. or can you please take the section in atom shop down because there no new hairstyles please.. or find a modder that can make them and place them in game .. i think its so easy to add in 3 hairs a year.. even more but that be pushing it it seems..
nagging is not what iam doing its just i seen so many people asking for this for past 3 years.. o.o
like wow..
this is issue i know because game i buggy and need for fix the bugs i understand.. but why other hairs in the game then for first players but not in atom store,,
id buy a hair for 200 . 300 or even 500 atoms .. if it was long hair and looked like cool as in like real good ..
look this
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2021.12.08 15:50 Slide_n_glide Shiba Inu accepted in 2 million Hotels, 400 Flights

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2021.12.08 15:50 FolkArps [A3][Recruiting] Folk ARPS - Organized play, No Mods, No Applications

Are you looking for a relaxed place to get the teamwork and tactical experience unique to Arma? Whether you're brand new to the game, a veteran looking for an organized place to play each Sunday, or someone who would rather not wrangle a giant mod-set before getting in on the large scale missions that only Arma can offer: we're a place for you.
Don't worry
Folk ARPS believes all the best experiences begin with a great community, not a mod-set. We've been providing tactical gameplay without mods, applications or tests since 2010.
Our regular ArmA 3 sessions, played at 19:20 UK on Sundays, feature 15-30 players with consistent in-game organization, multi-layered comms a wide variety of in-house created missions. We're organized, not MilSim. There are no ranks or mandatory training, and no minimum attendance requirements at all; just friendly people.
Everyone is welcome
You only need the latest non-dev version of ArmA 3 and TeamSpeak 3. There are no applications or tests. Read this page to get the lowdown on joining an FA session:

Come talk to us on Discord
If you'd like to know more, you can always read this article about Folk ARPS on Rock, Paper, Shotgun.
Checkout some Party approved broadcasts:
A Great Escape
Night Air Assault
MRAP Patrol Ambushed
Please also feel free to message me or post in this thread. Wherever you end up playing, we hope you'll enjoy playing Arma games as much as we do!
Cold War Addendum
Looking for some classic cold war action without managing a modset? Try our monthly Global Mobilization session!
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2021.12.08 15:50 ThrowingAwayRK Is this ringworm on my finger, or something else?

Age:35 Sex: Male Height: 5ft 11 Weight: 13 stone Race: White Duration: About 5 days Relevant information: Raised bumps on my index finger, also on the knuckles of the other fingers on my right hand. Nothing on my left hand. Slightly itchy, but not especially so, not sore to the touch. I have been diagnosed with lichen planus, but I know steroid cream can be really bad for ringworm/tinea.
I do have a GP appointment for next week, but won't be able to see a dermatologist for a good while, so any help would be really appreciated!
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2021.12.08 15:50 Hachiko_ Motorola Moto G20(Unisoc T700) or Realme C25Y (Unisoc T618)?

In my country(Europe) I found these smartphones for my budget but which give best performance? I saw too Xiaomi Redmi 9T but I read that there are deadboot issues so do you suggest it?
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2021.12.08 15:50 Mustarddnketchup [Grade 12 S.S. Source analysis] What’s the correlation between these 2 sources? I’ve already got a few ideas down (will of the people, authoritarian rule) but I really can’t think of anything else.

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2021.12.08 15:50 IncinerationGames Save 40% on A Very Bad Christmas Eve on Steam (2,39€) - single-player action-adventure VR puzzle game

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2021.12.08 15:50 heckinfast "Look, the country's desperate right now, but you can't be serious." Requested by u/toftinosantolama.

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2021.12.08 15:50 TrumpPresident2021 Incontinent Joe

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2021.12.08 15:50 CoreyWells Our lineup against Barcelona

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2021.12.08 15:50 onefluffyboi1 Ok season two theory (bit out there, and slight spoilers)

Okay, soooooo I think The General and The magic ex-queen,(idk, she doesn't have a name I keep seeing mysterious woman or woman when I look up what her name is.) had Rider as their kid.
And yes this is VERY out there, so probably don't see this as fact until the final two episodes come out. (hopefully)
Now lets get into why I think Rider is related to the two of them.
1) Mostly the strong resemblances to the General, and her kinda having the Ex-Queen's eyes. With my middle school level knowledge of genetics, and just looking at them I suppose. You can kinda see it. Though I could make the argument that Rider has not yet shown any magical abilities. Magic seems to be an exclusively taught magic rather than something gained through genes.
2) Some fatherly subtext between Rider and the General. Now, this COULD just be because the General is a superior to Rider, giving off a fatherly vibe. But in season 2 the General seems to treat Rider differently compared to the other soldiers. Not really talking down to her like she's just a number, that you'd kinda expect in irl armies or law enforcement. Though, this is mostly a hunch.
Okay, onto the actual theory.
Now we don't exactly have a rough timeline of how and when things actually went down. So this is how I'm gonna Label things.
Pre-wedding-PW(maybe a couple years gap???)
Post-wedding-PTW(Elk's capture, and 10 years in prison)
War-War(Don't really need to specify that) An unexplained amount of time
So PW, probably no Rider making times there. Because if there were, we'd probably see evidance there. That, and it'd be weird if the nowhere king as a whole did it as a cenaur. Just saying.
So the posible route in this hypothetical is Rider could have been born closer to when Elk would have been two years or one year from being broken out of prison by Ex-Queen. Because Rider has not specified if she was ever born durring the war or before the war. But it's emplied that she grew up fighting in it. Mainly because Horse has said and emplied that she was born into war. And practly grown up on it. So we're gonna have to assume that's the time Rider was born in roughly. Though you might be asking why Rider as a baby isn't seen at all, this could be because the Ex-Qeen was getting suspicious of the General. And didn't want him knowing about her. Or it could be another point I have.
As far as War goes, The Nowhere king weiged war as soon as he got out and started creating the Minotaurs. Either starting with Centaurworld by raiding villages. Or by taking on both worlds at the same time because he needed humans and regular animals from the human world. With that the peices of the rift are seperated when Ex-Queen seperates the Nowhere King in the rift and the General in the human world. It wouldn't be far off that Rider could have been lost in the chaos of a reining kingdom possably being destroyed without it's leader. So Rider is probably an orphan at age 5-6 when the war was at that point.
Okay, so now that I'm done. Please take ALL of this with a grain of salt. It's still very possible that this theory isn't factual by any means.
TLDR:Rider is related to the General and Ex- Magical Queen by looks, and possible fatherly subtext. And I also explain how that could have happened within the time periods that we know of. Pre-and durring the war.
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2021.12.08 15:50 zachlevine43 When people say Tufts students are “quirky,” what does that mean?

Do they mean people that have niche interests such as rock climbing or bird watching or watching movies, or do they mean more like people with dyed hair that call themselves witches and base their whole personality on astrology? And if the second one is what people mean, what percent of the students would you say truly fit that description? And ofc there’s nothing wrong with being the second, but I’m just not sure if those are my type of people.
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2021.12.08 15:50 5avethePlanet This is Apple's New Business Model... [8:36]

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2021.12.08 15:50 Lady_luvellia It's they're*

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2021.12.08 15:50 thwthisawayok Quitting a job because I feel unsafe?

I just started a new job. I was initially excited because it was a hotel front desk position and seemed like a fairy nice hotel. Within the first day, I could tell that this maybe isn't the right job for me.
The people who check in are "sketchy" to put it kindly. They haven't pestered me yet, but I was warned about it being that I'm a 20-something female and all the employees are in their 40s or older. My shift is also a late night shift (3-11PM) and there's times when I need to walk outside to reach other rooms. I've done this a feel times and men have stared at me. This could be completely harmless but it makes me uncomfortable. I've been told about fights that have happened between two different rooms and men pestering random women to their rooms. I don't feel safe walking in the dark alone. I also don't feel safe being at the counter alone until closing.
I'd hate to quit so early but I can't imagine myself working this job. Once training is over, I'll be alone and I don't think I can do that and feel comfortable.
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2021.12.08 15:50 Skydas_Gear Open Carry Ruger 57 Holster

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2021.12.08 15:50 hermitflix Minecraft 1.18.1 Release Candidate 2 - Come See The Tadpole From 1.19 from xisumavoid

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2021.12.08 15:50 imDoneWithLifeLikeFR muds pls make this new sub logo

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2021.12.08 15:50 Veridiyus The Arizona Bark Scorpion will glow with a blue colour when exposed to UV lights

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