Laptop won't pick up any sound, whether headphones are plugged in or not

They're super simple to set up, have really clear sound, a very long battery life, and fold up for easy storage. Oh, and they're our budget pick for the best wireless headphones on BuzzFeed Reviews . The JBL Xtreme 3 is a great choice if you want a Bluetooth speaker that sounds bigger and bolder than our top pick yet is still portable enough to take to the beach or the tailgate. The Xtreme 3 ... If your TV is plugged into the soundbar's HDMI 1 port, make sure your soundbar is set to HDMI 1. If your TV is plugged in with an optical cable (also known as TOSLINK ), look for an Optical or ... Microsoft's Surface Laptop Studio is a premium 2-in-1 that's good enough to handle working, gaming, and creating digital art on the go. Whether it's the right laptop for you depends on how much ...

2021.12.04 13:40 yinyueai Laptop won't pick up any sound, whether headphones are plugged in or not

So my laptop was able to pick up sound just fine one day. The day after, I got into a discord call with a friend and he couldn't hear my voice at all. I switched my headset to earphones that had a microphone and he still couldn't hear me - I unplugged any headset/microphones altogether and my laptop wouldn't pick up any sound at all. It was weird, because nothing changed at all from the day it was still working to the day it stopped. I definitely know it's not my headphones, because my laptop should also be able to pick up sound even if they're not plugged in and it won't.
Things I've already looked at:

  1. Audio/sound settings from the control panel. Everything seems to be in order to allow the mic to pick up sound
  2. Updating my audio driver. It only says "The best drivers for your device are already installed" when I try to update it. I've also tried uninstalling it, rebooting my computer, then seeing that the driver has been installed again and that didn't work.
Anyone have any suggestions or might know the cause? I'm not sure if actual hardware is messed up on my computer that's causing this to happen, at this point I might bring it in for maintenance or repair.
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2021.12.04 13:40 SauRieng Anyone interested in buying extra sensors?

Anyone interested in buying my sensors?
After a chain of issues with tech support since March, I’ve decided to divest from the SimpliSafe.
13 entry sensors 4 keypads 1 fob 8 motion sensors 1 indoor camera 5 panic button 1 water sensor
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2021.12.04 13:40 mintymcflinty666666 Aldis really outdone themselves this time

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2021.12.04 13:40 jackie_0034 Can someone help with my 12 grade physics hw pls

So I’m stuck on this question about friction and forces, can someone pls help me with the steps?:
Two students push a large 65 kg trunk horizontally. The acceleration of the trunk, towards the east, is 2.0 m / s. One of the students pushes it by exerting a force of 2.2 × 10² N [E 42 ° S]. The friction corresponds to 1.9 x 102 N [OJ. Determine how much force the other student is exerting. [answer: 2.1 × 10 ° N [N 31 ° E]]
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2021.12.04 13:40 Reisekugel 10 besten Reiseführer für Kanada

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2021.12.04 13:40 DragonfruitThin656 I just found out

I just found out yesterday, that 1.5 years ago, during an online class, which I overslept on, my teacher was late to class. My class mates, who never liked this particular teacher, apparently started shitting and complaining about him being late, to his face. Like idk where they got the guts to do that, but they did. My teacher then goes "I'm sorry, my dog just died, I'll try to make up for it". The entire call goes quiet. Yesterday, 1.5 years later, we had him as a substitute teacher (that year was the last year we had him), and guess what, he was late. He comes in, and one of my classmates legit goes "Why are you late? Did your dog die again?". Half the class sits there confused (Including me), and the other half cracks up. Let's just say the rest of the hour was awkward.
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2021.12.04 13:40 hutspotstamppot Being excluded seems to be a typical autism trait at work/school/friendship. Any tips to cope other than embracing being alone?

I am tired of people being nice to my face at work, and then ignoring or excluding me at the same time, it is all very confusing. And then hearing that people still revel in gossipping about that weird thing I did one time or the other don't really help my confidence.
I have few close friends outside of work, and few from university who I consider special people. Sometimes this kind of situation makes me think that all my friends are just tolerating me.
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2021.12.04 13:40 bahldur Are med bays are must have?

It seems to me, that mercenaries, explorers and everyone else who has to leave the ship to achieve an objective will massively profit from a med bay. So much so, that I question myself, how to justify not getting a ship with a med bay aka respawn point for the jobs mentioned above.
For instance, if I like to do FPS missions, the Cutlass Red would be superior to any other small ship, no?
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2021.12.04 13:40 rep1317 Homemade pigs in the blanket! We make these every year for the holidays.

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2021.12.04 13:40 Lordoffancy Please update the kb+m support. Its so bad

The whole keyboard and mouse support in the game was very welcomed by me but poorly executed. You have to go into settings on the main menu, switch to kb+m , and press space bar and left mouse button to validate they are plugged in. But that’s not all. You will still have to use your controller to navigate the menus, because for some reason the mouse isn’t useable in the menu. Then you continue to use your controller to choose the match type, accept or decline the match and still use it to choose your god for the match. Only after you fully load into the match can you start using the kb+m and after the match is over it’s back to controller to chose the next match. I know other things take priority rn but it would be wonderful if this would simply be fixed to be able to use the kb+m in the main menu and god selection as well
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2021.12.04 13:40 IntentionClassic1532 4 years already ! Keep growing my friends, results come faster than you'd think !

Hope you like the pictures
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2021.12.04 13:40 ImnotlostIjustam When do you celebrate Christmas?

View Poll
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2021.12.04 13:40 InformalDoughnut6893 Finally finished up the basic outline/layout of my "Witches Cabinet"! Next up will be to layer on shading, colors, and details. Depending on how much time I have per day to work on it because life/job, this process could take a few days, or a few weeks. 🖤🎃👻🐈‍⬛🦇🖤

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2021.12.04 13:40 Riomine1 Doorkickers : Space Edition chap 3

This story is set in the Jenkinsverse by u/Hambone3110 Please go read that before you read this. This is fiction and I have not served in the military. I just like writing stories about grunts.
You can find the rest of the story here if you want more
Chap. 3 Dropping dirt side on an alien planet
We grabbed our bags, which we didn't even get to unpack. A shame really all of us would have loved kicking back and sleeping in good beds, not on a black hawk floor. But orders were orders even if they were from aliens and not HQ, but sometimes it felt like they were the same thing anyway.
Once we had gotten packed for our little trip, we marched down to the docking bay where the pilots had rushed to the docking bay after the briefing because they didn’t have any bags to get at our rooms. We barely had anything either, we just had our 1-day packs filled with a couple MREs the rest of the space was filled with plastic bags of ammo and some other stuff like explosives, grenades, personal effects, and that sort of thing. It didn’t take long to get to the docking area with our little items. So, when we got there, they were still loading stuff into the landing craft. So that's why our highly trained 5-man team played cards for about a half an hour, before the landing craft was being loaded. I mean what were we supposed to do for that half hour anyway, well I guess we could have looked at all the cool tech or something like that. But Sarge knew that would be a bad idea because we would probably touch something and make the whole station explode or something. To be honest he was right and he knew it so he distracted us with cards. But he thought the pilots were less likely to cause trouble than us, so they could look around as long as they didn’t touch anything. When the shuttle was about ready to go the robo-slugs as we called them out of their hearing walked into the room along with their Corti “Sargent”.
Gwag was surprised to see most of the humans sitting on heavy duty crates around a crate with a bunch of paper on it. Most of them looked over to them as they entered the bay for a second before returning to whatever they were doing. As he counted the humans, he realized that some of the humans were missing from the group around the table. He frantically looked around the room for the missing humans, and saw them next to the big box that held their vehicle talking to a Vzk’tk about how they are going to move the vehicle into the transport without breaking it.
When he looked back to the other humans, he saw the one they call “Sarge” was making a gesture at him with his arm. Gwag was confused until his translator told him that it was a friendly beckoning gesture. So, he walked over to the human warrior. When he got close enough to talk comfortably the human started talking “So guessing by you being here, you are coming with us dirt side?” Gawg responded with “If you mean that, I am coming with you and your men to the planet? Then yes, me and my men are going to be your reinforcements.” the human nodded, his translator told him this was a gesture of understanding.
After the Corti had entered the room and looked around for the humans, Sarge had waived him over to talk. Once they heard that The Corti and his robo-slugs were going to be joining them, Ace called out to one of the robo-slugs “Hey, you guys want to come and play some cards?” In the next 15 minutes, according to Sarge’s watch, one of those power-less models. The ship was ready to go, it took another 45 minutes to get to the surface. The whole time they were playing cards with the Allebenellin troopers as they called themselves. There were six of them called Opellin, Rebenli, Tromili, Siap, Whelmben, Alleb. Alleb is the joker in the group, that never changes no matter the race, army, or place of birth. Whelmben is the grizzled veteran of many battles like on NCO or a E4 in the US military. Opellin and Rebenli are the young blood, the equivalent of a grunt straight out of boot. Tromili is the nerd of the group, and would probably be a specialist in some sort of tech support or cyberwarfare on Earth. Last but not least you got Siap who is the heavy weapons specialist, he is a little bigger than everyone else in his squad and carries an AT rifle. One thing all of them noticed is the lack of a S.A.W. (Squad Automatic Weapon) the reason we didn’t have one is because the mission they got grabbed on was supposed to be their last mission of our deployment. Our previous SAW gunner Markov was in a HUMVEE that was hit with an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) and had gotten med evacuated back home. A few leading questions about why there was such a stalemate. The answer boiled down to the people fighting are herbivores so they don’t have any aggressiveness to push forward and kill the enemy. After that revelation Sarge thought they couldn’t count on the local forces as much as he would like.
After the shuttle ride down into the atmosphere but before we got to the ground the pilots launched the helicopter out the side. While still using the ship's stasis to stop the still in motion blades from moving and launching the craft into the ceiling. So, the helicopter was moved away from the ship and the stasis turned off.
Gary and his co-pilot Hong had a weird time in the helicopter after the stasis field was deactivated. The craft was lighter because of the lighter gravity but the air pressure was lower than Earth so it kinda balanced out in the end. They would need to give the engine more gas to compensate for the lack of air pressure and some other things to compensate but not that much. So, the pilots started following the transport as Gary started talking using the radio to the radio in the bridge command that was Sarge’s. “This is Alpha 1-1 come in Beta 1-1.” “This Beta 1-1 follow behind us Alpha 1-1 to avoid friendly fire from ground forces” “Roger that Beta 1-1, Alpha 1-1 out.”
We all were listening to the short conversion over Snip’s radio/walkie-talkie that includes the robo-slug squad too. All of the humans let out a sigh and then the aliens looked over at the humans and then Opellin asked a question. “Why were you all so nervous?” Boomstick looked over at him and said “Murphy’s law and that means anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” Whelmben nodded “he is right you know in or out of battle, I have seen things go wrong for seemingly no reason. That law is a good way to remember it.” “Yeah, it has saved our lives more than once,” Boomstick said toward the new boots from the Allebenellin squad.
A couple of minutes later the transport was landing everyone could tell because the ship started making different noises and of course the landing ramp dropped open. Ace was hurriedly trying to pick up all of the cards and then he said “Hey, if you guys would be so great as to help give me my cards back.” It only took a couple seconds to clean up all of the cards and get the drop ship cleaned up. Then everyone grabbed their packs, weapons and then we all moved into the sunshine.
Koppen Front General of the main front against the Celzi insurrectionists. This planet was a joint colonization effort by the Chahnash and the Celzi before the Celzi war started. But this planet was of little value so the warring parties mostly ignored the planet. Then the Celzi insurrection started and it threw the world into the chaos of war. They had been stuck in a stalemate for years, neither side getting reinforcements from their factions. Until now, as the ramp lowered Koppen was already seeing a batch of Domain reinforcements in the shape of Vzk’tk soldiers. What he didn’t expect to see was Allebenellin troopers and some new race that Koppen hadn’t seen before. Then his assistant Groffmen said in surprise “Allebenellin troopers what are they doing here.” Then one of the new race grabbed his bag and something that looked like a tubular metal object with a bunch of blocky parts attached to the main tubular bit. Then it walked out of the door and said “Troops, fall in.” and the rest of the unidentified aliens walked out and formed a rigid formation. They were followed by the Allebenellin troopers and an armored Corti of all things. The Allebenellin formed a less rigid formation than the other aliens and then did their customary salute, one limb pounding their chest. This set off the other aliens who raised one of their upper limbs and straightened their manipulators and placed them onto a small patch of hair above their eyes. His translator said this was a salute. Then the Corti walked up to him and saluted. “Sir, have you received the battle plan?” the commander nodded “Yes Corti we have it.” When Koppen first received the plan, he thought it was almost impossible, but now that he was looking at a squad of Allebenellin troopers. Koppen was ripped from his thoughts when he heard a whirring of something above him. He jerked his head around to see what it was. Then a ROAR like nothing else and a black shadow flew over his head.
Sarge watched as the pilots flew the Helio just 50 meters over their heads. The frogman general and his assistant looked like they were about to bolt for a trench. Sarge had to stick an “emergency” cigar into his mouth to stop himself from laughing.
At that moment that same thought was going through Koppen’s mind, then he shook himself deliberately to clear himself of his fear. Then he looked over to the new race. Most of them were moving off and talking into a black box with a cylindrical rod coming out. Then one of them came over and said “Sir, that is a friendly bird, can you please tell your men not to shoot at my Helio.”
Gary was having a great day, he got dropped out of an alien dropship with his helicopter. Flying was weird, he was having to compensate for both the lower Gs and its effects on flying. But he and his co-pilot adjusted. Gray also was the adventurous type that was one of the reasons he joined up in the first place, he thought just as the radio squawked “This is Alpha 1-1 come in Beta 1-1.” Hong responded with “This is Beta 1-1 send message over.” “We are getting close to the friendly base, so we are taking the lead, over.” “Roger that Alpha 1-1 proceeding to follow, over and out.'' The helicopter was flying in the general direction of the base, after they heard the message, they turned around and went behind the slower transport. They were following the troop transport for about 20 minutes until they were over something that looked like a military base, through an alien one but still a military base.
We saw the transport do a V.T.O.L. landing, taking the only available parking spot. Gary looked over to Hong and commented on this “Are you fucking kidding me, alright call Sarge and tell him that the goddam aliens took the only good parking spot.” Hong started talking into his microphone “This is Beta 1-1 Delta 1-1 come in.” a gruff annoyed voice came on the radio “This is Delta 1-1 what went wrong this time.” It was a sign of Sarge’s annoyance that he didn’t use standard radio chatter rules but the pilots didn’t mind they too were at the end of their limits. “Delta 1-1 we got no goddam parking spots.”
It took another 30 minutes according to Sarge’s watch to get the helicopter on the ground. Much of that time was spent arguing with the pilots of the transport to move so we could land the helicopter. They wouldn’t move because they had orders to unload supplies. So, we had to land the helicopter on a clear piece of land outside the base.
“No matter if we are in space or not, one thing remains the same. Stupid fucking brass.” Gary cursed as he kicked a rock. The rock sped off like a bullet from a gun hit the side of a nearby cliff and shattered against it. Gary looked wide-eyed at where the rock hit the hill side. Hong, hearing the noise, walked over to Gary, put a hand on his shoulder and said “lower Gs remember,” and then started walking towards the alien base.
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