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Add me 9099 7324 7837 for inv <3
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I've heard a lot of versions of Joy to the World, but none have quite scratched me where I itch. Give me your favourite version and I'll check it out.
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2021.12.01 09:24 dtp40k Why relying on Deepstrike loses you games - How to prevent this

Why relying on Deepstrike loses you games - How to prevent this Hey
I'd like to discuss a big part of the playstyle a lot of people may struggle with - and that is delivering your acolytes into combat, or around the board and how an over reliance of deepstrike can lose you the game, and that trucks are key right now to winning as GSC - something that will most likely carry over into our 9th edition codex.
As our codex gets closer and closer, I'm putting together reddit pieces that explores key parts of GSC gameplay, such as why you should stop playing Twisted Helix, and why you should start to love Metamorphs.
When GW released the reveal that acolytes are T4, a lot of feedback from players was that this is a huge change, as bolter fire is no longer the death sentence it once was, and whilst this is partly true I came to realise (this plus other topics and posts over the last few months) delivering acolytes or maintaining board pressure may be a struggle for a lot of players.
So i will go into great detail how you can overcome this challenge
Over reliance on deepstrike will lose you games First things first lets address the elephant in the room; Deepstrike is now a hindrance than a strategy for success.
Ok that's not entirely true, it's still really good but it's not the winning strategy to employ. There are a lot of tricks we can do, but deepstrike for us as an army has become more of a points prevention tactic than a damage or board presence multiplier. Deepstrike for GSC was actively nerfed by three ways:
1. Smaller board size
The boards we play on lost quite a lot of area when we transitioned into 9th. Deepstrike was so strong in 8th because we were able to find pockets of space everywhere, and thus we could threaten the majority of the board and create insane pressure. Now, especially as the meta centres around MSU presence, we are screened out really easily and actually forced into areas we don't want to be landing into.
2. Reduction of CP
Going from what, 18-20+ CP to down to on average of 8? after our detachments costs and extra CP spends is a huge problem. Suddenly the 2-3CP costs for all of our tricks has become limited and being able to reduce the distance we can charge is no longer a standard. A perfect ambush is realistically usable once. Lying in Wait is usable twice and we still have other offensive/defensive strats we need to utilise throughout the game also. This has significantly reduced our power from deepstriking units.
3. Increasing amount of Auspex and/or deepstrike denial
A lot of the top meta armies do have a form of auspex and trust me, it hurts. The worst contender is definitely Thousand Sons, 2CP to shoot you from any of their caster units within 18" range is going to lose you an acolyte squad, especially when the smart players funnel you into tight pockets... T4 won't save you vs 36 -2ap bolter shots. This means the screening & auspex can really hinder your strategy if you rely on deepstrike to turn the tide of the game.
Deepstrike denial is also relevant. There's a small, but rising trend of units that prevent deepstrike out of 12". Whilst Marines are no longer THE meta, they are still hugely popular and a crux for a lot of players.
What is deepstrike actually good for?
Stealing objectives, road blocking & positioning the kelermorph.
Lying in wait is still insanely powerful if your opponent does not know how to screen objectives comfortable. Being able to drop 5 Acolytes 3.000001" onto an objective AND do RoD is a solid strategy to create a points deficit for your opponent and increase your secondaries.
Road blocking is still super useful outside of deepstrike denial and auspex - I have won games by dropping my 20 flamer acolytes within 3.0001", preventing my opponent from moving and charging my flimsy objectives.
Kelermorph - arguably one of our better units with the relic, it's always useful to have him deepstrike somewhere effective to get his shots off - 32mm base isn't difficult to position correctly.
Outside of this, a perfect ambush 10 acolyte units can work, but with such RNG on the dice roll and 3CP, it's now a huge risk compared to it's usefulness in 8th and unless you're trading so efficiently that you can afford the risk, I genuinely wouldn't advise it. Be safe, be smart.
Charging from 9" isn't a good idea either.

You have a 28% chance to succeed and when we have such limited resources, do you really want to risk this?
So the question is well, how are people being successful?
The answer is...
Trucks, Trucks, Trucks. It's no secret - 9th edition is very transport centric. With an increase in much stronger shooting, shorter boards and a very heavy reliance on no-los shooting, transports are our biggest opportunity to win games. Unless something drastically changes in our new codex, I really see trucks continuing to play a fundamental role in survivability, mobility and success for us as an army.

I will take a deep dive below, into how to use transports correctly, and some tips to survive with them and some tricks you can do to steal objectives and wind your opponents up.
Why are trucks better?
First of all, trucks are pretty sturdy. 10W, T6, 4+ 6+++. They can take a beating and their FNP can swing. They also give you +3" movement to your units. You deploy outside of a truck wholly within 3" then move, so your acolytes suddenly go 9" movement base. This is very effective in essentially what we call "torpedoing" your units, or as missiles.
They are open topped, so your acolytes with flamers, your neophytes with guns can all shoot out of them. Remember - flamers can still be shot in combat as they are pistols, something we'll cover soon. They also have autocannons. S7 -1 D2 is nothing to scoff at and actually are pretty effective at popping open transports or doing ablative wounds to difficult-to-deal-with units.
Using trucks to torpedo your Acolytes
The prime reason for using trucks, is their ability to torpedo (or missile) your acolytes into key areas of the board. This is something content creators u/zarakane and u/thesandman have explained in some of their previous videos, I do recommend checking those out. I will go into a little bit more detail below as to how this looks and how it works.
For simplicity purposes, lets say we have 5 trucks and 5x 10 acolytes. This is the Scorched earth mission on a WTC map.
This is our deployment. We put blips in positions where trucks can get to awkward angles and hide from los:
We get turn 1 so we pop up our trucks from our blips and decide what we need to achieve by turn 3.
What do we want to do? Well we want to get to hold the mid board, but also be able to threaten the back objectives by turn 2, then by turn 3 we want some more acolytes in the mid board ready to counter charge and react to our opponent, or force them to be defensive.
Quite simply, turn 1 our trucks need to move into a smarter, more defensible position whilst holding the objectives, such as below:
This means by turn 2, we'll be in a position to get Acolytes out and start torpedoing to the enemies objectives. In the mean time, our trucks are in a position where they can't be shot unless the opponent creates a wider angle, meaning they're subjective to counter charges and/or being shot in our turn. Meanwhile, we hold enough objectives to force the opponent to come closer to steal them back, and thus we can then counter charge and create a unit point & VP deficit, for example:
Now we've managed to flip 3 objectives with our acolytes, whilst holding the board and the opponent has to now react to what we're doing, as their game plan may be disrupted. However this means our mid board trucks are empty and are weak to a counter attack next turn once the opponent has dealt with our aggressive push.
What can you do?
The answer is to rotate acolytes. As one gets out of a truck, another squad can get in, ready to assault next turn. Having a rotational flow of threats and using trucks to speed up your acolytes is a strong strategy to winning with the army:
So whilst you position your trucks turn 1, look at your opponents army. If there's no aircraft to get to you, teleportation, fast moving units or no los, your backfield acolytes can generally be safe. You can get them out and prepare them to move turn 2. So whilst your mid board acoltyes disembark and charge across the board, your backfield acolytes can get out and move to embark into your midfield trucks, giving you a solid board presence turn 2 & turn 3.
Of course this is relatively simple in a very complex game, but it's an example to show you how with good positioning, you can maintain board control, pressence and threaten the opponent without losing acolytes from being shot, or failed deepstrikes.
Keeping trucks alive
Keep trucks alive is pivotal in winning with the army. I have lost games because i've lost all trucks turn 1 (looking at you Ork buggies & Ironhands dreads) and so i had no defensive power in my next turn. I tell myself losing 2 trucks max per round is a worst case scenario - anything more is too much.
They do not have an invuln save, they do not have a -1D, or fly so they have to manouvre around the board. They do have T6, 10W and a 4+ 6+++ which is not the worst, but it's bad vs anti tank.
Let's look at how we can keep our trucks alive.
Below we have 2 trucks vs a PBC and a Raider. I realise this isn't a legit match up but bear with me.
Right now one truck is hiding out of los of both units, and one truck is hiding on the forrest.
Well looking at this, both have d3+3 damage - enough to hurt a truck, but there isn't many places to hide. We have a strat that ignores ap 1 & 2 on 1 truck, which we would throw onto the truck not on a forrest.
Right now 1 truck is -1 to be hit because it's touching a forrest, and one truck is ignoring ap 1 & 2.
The opposing player has two options; does it fire into the -1 to hit truck and risk missing, or into the truck that ignores the PBCs AP on it's mortar.
Neither are a good option, and both trucks will likely survive - they'll no doubt take hefty wounds on one, but that's better than 1 truck at 0 wounds.
Basically this is showing that using the board in a smart way can negate damage effectively and increase survivability on units. The Raider can only fire at the truck, and has a 50% chance to miss. The PBC can fire it's mortar on either a 4+ (no rerolls), or at 3+ but less chance to cause a wound because 4+ save instead of 6+. Neither are good for opponent.
Other things such as throwing a 5+++ from bladed cog onto a truck can help it's life expectancy shoot up also. If your opponent really wants to kill a truck they absolutely will, they're not that tanky, but the point is to force them to poorly trade. Shooting 800 points to kill 75 points is never a good trade and this is how you create longevity with your army.
TLDR: If you don't want to fuck up, you better truck up.
I hope this is helpful, I will add in more tips later, i just have a busy day.
All the best,
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Does masturbation have any affects on the increase of acne and pimples on the face?
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Firstly apologies if this is a stupid question. Does 303 stain fabric used in Jedi robes/capes etc? Want to protect figures like Vader but I’m terrified about damaging them in the process. Also would it work on rubber like the death trooper body suit? Thanks and happy collecting 😁
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