Question about Internship to Full time Salary Ratio

SSC Salary – The Staff Selection Commission salary offered for different posts has increased after the application of the 7th Pay Commission. The number of aspirants for SSC exams is increasing every year, the reason being the attractive SSC salary, allowances and perks offered to the employees. Transcript. Question 1 The ratio of LCM and HCF of the least composite and the least prime numbers is (a) 1 : 2 (b) 2 : 1 (c) 1 : 1 (d) 1 : 3 Now, Least composite number = 4 Least prime number = 2 LCM of 4 and 2 = 4 HCF of 4 and 2 = 2 Thus, Ratio of LCM and HCF = (𝐿𝐶𝑀 )/𝐻𝐶𝐹 = 4/2 = 2/1 Thus, required Ratio is 2 : 1 So, the correct answer is (b) SBI PO salary is one of the most important reasons for candidates to look for a career in the banking sector. In this article, the Bank PO salary has been discussed in detail. Along with all the perks and allowances provided to an SBI PO. As per the official notification 2021, the revised basic SBI PO salary is Rs. 41,960/-. Net Salary = 57,829 – (2,100 + 2,300) Net Salary = 57,829 – 4,400; Net Salary = 53,429 The Gross salary of Mr. X. is the summation of Basic, HRA, Transport Allowance, PBP allowance, and statutory Bonus which comes around 57,829 whereas net salary is computed as Basic Salary minus Income tax and Provident Fund which comes around 53,429. Difference Between Gross Salary vs Net Salary. Salary is a fixed amount paid by the employer to their employees in exchange for their services. It is a regular payment made by the employer at a fixed interval of time, which is generally monthly and generally denoted in the form of an annual package. In this example, employees are divided into four quartiles, from the bottom fourth of their salary range (Q1) to the top fourth of their salary range (Q4.). You can calculate where an employee falls in their salary range by using the compa-ratio or range penetration formulas. compa-ratio: (base salary / midpoint of salary range) The individual ratio is an elementary but infinitely valuable ratio of salary to the midpoint of a pay range: Compa Ratio = Actual Pay Rate / Range Midpoint. In this example, an employee’s salary is $47,200, and the midpoint of the salary range is $52,000. The compa ratio will be: Compa Ratio = 47,200 / 52,000 = 0.908 = 90.8% In the paragraphs to follow, you will learn all about salary compa-ratio and the steps to calculate the same. Formula. The formula for compa-ratio is as follows: Salary Compa-ratio = (Actual Salary / Salary Midpoint) * 100. Steps to Calculate the Salary Compa-ratio. Step I. Begin by obtaining the salary details – all of it. A compensation ratio is also interchangeably referred to as comparison ratio, comp ratio, or a compa-ratio. Compa-ratio is perhaps the most common. Your Compa-Ratio is to the Rescue. A compensation ratio is one of the most common metrics for looking at the placement of an individual’s salary within a range. Let’s say you have a business that is not very profitable. Therefore, it’s difficult to pay yourself a reasonable salary. You might follow a salary:distribution ratio of 1:10. For example, $1,000 salary: $10,000 distribution. The maximum ratio should be 1:1: $5,500 salary:$5,500 distribution. You should be safe.

2021.12.07 17:35 VeterinarianFun1410 Question about Internship to Full time Salary Ratio

Got an software engineering internship that pays 30.00 bucks an hour. How much would they pay full time software engineers, if they pay interns that?
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2021.12.07 17:35 MissRitzy I (24F) don’t know if I can continue on with the distance with my fiancé (27M)… I need help please

My (24F) fiancé (27M) and I were long distance for 8 months then I moved from Ontario to Alberta to live with him, then after 1.5 years of living together he proposed, we then moved to New Brunswick and bought a house and have 3 fur babies.
But unfortunately he’s in the military. There’s periods of times he’s gone for months at a time, and it’s extremely hard on me. I have PTSD, depression and anxiety and I’m constantly worrying about him when he’s gone, I then go through crazy spiral of my thoughts and they get severely deep and I just don’t want to here anymore.
Even when we were long distance before we moved in together it was so hard for me. We luckily were able to see each other every month, but it was always the hardest goodbyes.
I love him more than anything, but I hurt so much when he’s gone. I don’t know if I can continue this long distance with him anymore… the happiest days are with him, but I hate not sleeping at night with him. I’m just suffering right now.
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2021.12.07 17:35 hellllllllo2 fun fact: the player in piggy has an unseen family

this means the player could be married and might have children
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2021.12.07 17:35 4blockhead My analysis on 11-day interval of the pandemic as of December 6. New cases over 100k per day—bracing for omicron impact.

item 11-day interval ending 2021-11-25 11-day interval ending 2021-12-06 % change
new cases 1,058,277 1,147,243 +8.4
new deaths 14,594 11,741 -19.5
total cases 48,095,028 49,242,271 +2.4
total deaths 776,574 788,315 +1.5
Last interval, [ending 2021-11-25](redd it/r2t31e)
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2021.12.07 17:35 Motogato Might be a bit chill for some of you all, But it maybe some of your style and what you enjoy.

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2021.12.07 17:35 Guyrbailey End of season sponsor bonus timing

Quick my team question.
At the end of S1/start of S2
Do you get your sponsor bonus before your team mates contract is up or after?
Need to know if I have to save up for a better driver or rely on the payout.
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2021.12.07 17:35 LordShogun01 Lf Shako, offer Mal

Pm me if interested.
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2021.12.07 17:35 tonebnk Lens filter size question

I am looking to buy a color lens filter but have I’m having trouble figuring out what size I need. I am using a Canon FD 50mm 1:1.8 on an AE1. The internet’s so far told me 50 or 52 millimeters. Which is correct?
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2021.12.07 17:35 Coopsmom97 Fireplace renovation ideas?

Hi! Pretty much what the title says, I’m hoping to update my fireplace a little, but when I look up renovation projects, I never see fireplaces like mine! It’s been hard to get any inspiration so I thought I’d reach out to you all to see if you had any thoughts.
Thanks! Fireplace picture
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2021.12.07 17:35 Polhp 400% no hero 350$ :)

I've been playing for about 3 years.....But I haven't been able to enter the game for 5 6 months..... I don't have many heroes in my account.... because I didn't spend any money....maybe 10$ total.... So 400 without bonus %....If you want to buy heroes after using the required money I think it will be about 600 700%..... I will get married soon so I need money .....there are no soldiers in the villa at the moment..But if you want, there is enough acceleration to train enough soldiers..... you can contact me for detailed information
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2021.12.07 17:35 Jxm164 I just got Cuphead last night... Is it normal to immediately start hating your life?

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2021.12.07 17:35 Background-Berry8545 i’m just so tired

right when i felt i could start dating again and open up to someone new, they decided they weren’t ready for a relationship. i really liked him and it was nice to have someone again. i only talked to him for about a month and he had just gotten out of a relationship too but it was so fun and easy and i enjoyed talking to him. we have the same interests and both work in healthcare and it was nice having someone to talk to about that kind of stuff. guess it was just one sided. when people say they aren’t ready i know it just means that they don’t like you but he says he still wants to talk to me, he just doesn’t know what he wants in the future with me. i don’t wanna be his back up plan so i cut off contact with him but i really miss our conversations. i’m tired of this shit and i wish people could just be honest about what they want.
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