Brawlhalla TIer Lists #16 Asuri, give me your best and worst opponents for her preferably with connections. Her description and backstory is in the comments.

2021.12.08 21:13 Zealousideal-Row6571 Brawlhalla TIer Lists #16 Asuri, give me your best and worst opponents for her preferably with connections. Her description and backstory is in the comments.

Brawlhalla TIer Lists #16 Asuri, give me your best and worst opponents for her preferably with connections. Her description and backstory is in the comments. submitted by Zealousideal-Row6571 to DeathBattleMatchups [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 21:13 Nick__________ As Putin Asserts Russia's Right to Defend Against NATO, US Urged to Avoid 'New Cold War'

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2021.12.08 21:13 WholyFunny Every grandma’s candy dish at Christmas ❤️

Every grandma’s candy dish at Christmas ❤️ submitted by WholyFunny to nostalgia [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 21:13 Mlamb5 What is considered a flare?

On the advice of my doctor I have started to try to reintroduce some food (not the obvious acidic things like tomatoes, alcohol, and coffee). My cause was nsaid use, which I have not used in over 2.5 months. But some gluten and dairy here and there, even tried some chocolate cake and French fries 👀 I definitely had some stomach discomfort with the last two. But the pain was never that bad, nothing compared to the pain I was experiencing months ago. My question is, would the stomach discomfort be considered a flare and a set back? Should I continue to try to reintroduce slowly? It seems some people take so long to heal, maybe that’s not my case?
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2021.12.08 21:13 Psychological_Way_42 Dashboard idea

For my games and app block on the main dashboard page. If I highlight that block, how about the ability to scroll left or right showing all my games and the possibility to launch that game from right there without having to go into the actual app ?
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2021.12.08 21:13 Abysmalcarrot What traits do you use most often for your sims?

I use loves the outdoors, family oriented, and geek the most
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2021.12.08 21:13 National-Art3488 What's peoples thoughts if I make an ancient world mod or scenario?

I have a few good ideas
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2021.12.08 21:13 lawn_gnome78 Harrison will not, cannot, and SHALL not.

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2021.12.08 21:13 sandyplatano $GGPI - $220K YOLO

$GGPI - $220K YOLO submitted by sandyplatano to wallstreetbets [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 21:13 boreusz CC is taking forever to load and conventional solutions doesn't work (Macbook Pro M1)

TLDR: "Creative cloud app takes forever to load and I'm out of Ideas what to do"

I Have quite common issue, I bought whole package of Adobe software few days ago to learn, I noticed yesterday that there are some issues with Creative cloud but I did not pay attention to it as Illustrator was working.
Today I got logged out and can't log in as creative cloud app spins for few minutes and after popup that say "creative cloud take too long" or something like this it shows me another popup that says "You've been signed out Please try again"...
I'm pissed off as I tried possible solutions: -uninstalling/reinstalling, -cold shutting down of adobe and restarting laptop, -clearing OOBE, -Repairing tool fixed 0 issues, -there was nothing to delete in HOSTS, -I have latest version of system,
and I don't know what else to do, beside formatting my laptop, and that would be huge pain in the ass ATM, but I have no idea what else I can do

Any Ideas?
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2021.12.08 21:13 AnthemWild Apparel design software

Does anyone have any experience with apparel design software? Starting out as a complete noob and would like a way to prototype some concepts. I'd really appreciate any info you can share.
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2021.12.08 21:13 TotoByAfrica_01 First impressions of the campaign so far? I'm absolutely loving it

First impressions of the campaign so far? I'm absolutely loving it submitted by TotoByAfrica_01 to halo [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 21:13 coljavskiyi GoofyDoge | Just Launched ⭐ | $DOGE Rewards| Rapidly Growing Community! | Massive Marketing Push Today!

Welcome to GoofyDoge
GoofyDoge is a community-based project, aiming to connect the digital and real-world in every way and build a bridge between cartoon universe and crypto world.
Contract Address:

Albeit the image that Goofy gives us is clumsy and dim-witted, he is a kind dog as Doge's new friend, and always treats others sincerely and does not ask for anything in return. So we hope to to build a friendly and kind-hearted community together, just like Goofy, expressing friendships with the community in a unique and sincere way.

When Doge enters the cartoon universe and starts their new story... together with his new friends, he will bring a fairytale-like world, where dreams come true, to the moon
↪️ Total Supply: 5,280,000 Tokens
↪️ DOGE Dividends Level 1 if hodling > 528: 2%
↪️ DOGE Dividends Level 2 if hodling > 5,280: 3%
↪️ Marketing: 5%
↪️ Extra Development: 3%
↪️ Liquidity: 2%
How to Buy
Contract Address: 0xB1A0684e0BC1af57319DD8509524363bFAAAf865
Stay Connected with Us
Follow us on our social media to stay connected and up to date with all Martian Doge news
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2021.12.08 21:13 Adambomb2000 LF: Minun, Castform, Aerodactyl. FT: Just about anything else in the dex

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2021.12.08 21:13 Cold-Landscape-2594 Zekrom on me 4272 7870 9282 adding 10

Let’s go
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2021.12.08 21:13 bbtrashsquirrel 8wk old BC with food insecurity?

I have an 8wk old BC who the breeder let us pick up about 4 days early due to distance and schedule issues. She has been extremely well behaved the last 4 days and is already the smartest dog I have ever had (I raised litters of Aussies growing up).
With that being said…. I have never had a pup with these feeding issues. If she is hungry she becomes quite mean and that is the only time she bites/growls. When she eats she takes a bite and then goes to lay at mine or my partner’s feet and sneaks up to the bowl to get another bite and run back to us. Is this normal? Is it possibly just that she was fighting with siblings for food? She is so well behaved and then a switch flips regarding food and she is almost mean. I want to make sure that I am feeding her enough and appropriately and doing right by her. She is still on the same feed from her breeder and we have slowly started to mix in the puppy food we will have her on starting today.
In all other regards she is doing AMAZING at house training. Is picking up on so many words and phrases so quickly. We do exercise, play with toys for hours and spend a lot of time outside so i don’t know that its a behavioral isssue….
Looking for any puppy feeding tips or any other new BC tips!! Thank you in advance
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2021.12.08 21:13 HandingOutNyquil Tomb running

Running some tombs till lvl 30 if anyone wants to hop in. Hard to find people to play with
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2021.12.08 21:13 enigmatic0202 Database of top startups, jobs, salaries 🚀

I made an interactive database of top startups and jobs, all funded by Tier 1 investors. Coming soon: startup salary and equity by stage, location, role, experience
Why this: Crunchbase paywalls you hard, Angel is noisy, LinkedIn is, well... LinkedIn. Bopping from VC site to startup site to LinkedIn page to Glassdoor is a mess. So I pulled everything into one place.
Also startup compensation has been a blackbox for far too long, so I'm building a database to help everyone negotiate with confidence.
Fun fact: learned to code in 30 days to build this out
Welcome feedback and questions!
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2021.12.08 21:13 The_Patriot You heard about the elf on the shelf, get ready for...

You heard about the elf on the shelf, get ready for... submitted by The_Patriot to funny [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 21:13 jobsinanywhere UiPath inventory drops even if results exceed street expectations

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2021.12.08 21:13 pitjuicyj Why shouldn’t the best singer win the voice?

Wendy is probably the best contestant of all seasons. The show is called The Voice. How does Wendy not win?
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2021.12.08 21:13 Whatsup3922 [ps4] anyone have ring Pontiff's Left Eye I need it I’m preparing for the dancer boss

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2021.12.08 21:13 D-I-A-L Uh que mal

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2021.12.08 21:13 mikedj19 Winter Wonderland – Christmas Mandolin Lesson

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2021.12.08 21:13 DylansFearFiles Rosemary's Baby

I never got Criterion's Rosemary's Baby before it went out of print, but I know there's currently a Blu-Ray that Paramount put out earlier this year. How does the video and audio quality compare to the Criterion release?
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