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My son insults me for caring whether I have Covid or not

2021.12.04 13:11 Accomplished_Run_825 My son insults me for caring whether I have Covid or not

He's an adult -- 32 years old. We call and text each other frequently. Anyway yesterday I got a Covid test along with my husband because we both showed some symptoms on Thursday. Turns out we are negative for Covid. So I tell my son this.... and he just mocks me for caring about this "made up" disease and he goes on about how I've bought into the CNN lies about people getting sick... says mockingly why didn't you get tested for the flu too.
Puts me in a fowl mood that he will say things like this to me. He'll get meaner the more he drinks so that had something to do with it too
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2021.12.04 13:11 eddzyr [WTS] [UK] Rolex Datejust & Omega Seamaster Diver

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2021.12.04 13:11 ImportanceSilver3251 Bayer Leverkusen [7]-1 Greuther Furth - Patrik Schick poker 76'

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2021.12.04 13:11 mista_r0boto Colleen Cole

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2021.12.04 13:11 meemimurmeli Bruh

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2021.12.04 13:11 exsurge liquidation PSA

I was liquidated well above the stated liquidation price. also signed up for email alerts, but didn’t receive any.
just a PSA
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2021.12.04 13:11 ginaginger German politics is looking to stay very car focused.

With the new government forming, the ministry of transportation will be FDP run who are very pro cars. The coalition agreement also doesn't look very good. They are mostly focusing on replacing cars with other cars.
Translated link:
Untranslated link:
I think most improvements would have to happen on a local level.
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2021.12.04 13:11 Ra_mita My onlyfans

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2021.12.04 13:11 autumnvelvet walkable border crossing

my city has a bridge to the us (i'm canadian) they used to have sidewalks but were removed in the 60's form ore lanes so the only way to cross the border now is by car we have 2 train tunnels (1 isn't used anymore) do you think i could more people to sign a petion to built sidewalks or make the empty tunnel into a bike/walking path
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2021.12.04 13:11 LightAnimica PSA: You can temporary re-direct the Ports portal to teleport you back to either Priff or Menaphos

The Captians log will teleport you directly into the player own ports instanced area, from here the return portal normally puts you on the docks of Port Sarin. However after searching for a way to redirect the default portal to Menaphos figured out that you can temporary set the location to the last entrance portal location used to teleported in to PoP. As such if you teleport in via the Menaphos or Priff outside portal the return portal in PoP will return you to that location (well duh), not such a bit leap of imagination however this "toggles" the PoP return portal to always return you to that loation for the duration you are logged in, so from this you can redirect the portal such the captian log teleports you into pop and the return portal puts you back in the city you last from used
You may ask "So what can i actually do with this?" well with the recent Menaphos City quest traversing menaphos is a pain, you could use this teleport to allow faster access to the Menaphos dock where a number of quest givers are located and saves some running around and ports district teletabs, im sure there is some use for the port-Priff transist as well but generally avoid the centre

  1. Teleport to either Priff or Menaphos
  2. Use the ports portal to teleport into the PoP area
  3. Leave via the PoP portal to return back to starting location
  4. Test: Teleport to somewhere else i.e Max guild/PoF
  5. Check: Teleport to PoP via the captians log and leave
  6. Should now be back at the starting location
Be aware that if you log/jump worlds this will reset the location to Port Sarim
I was hoping there was a way to set the return locaton similar to a PoH but looks like the best option for now, would care if i have to pay chimes, resources or cash to redirect
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2021.12.04 13:11 homesteadlife1 Chicks First Night Outside in the Chicken Coop | Moving Chickens into their Coop

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2021.12.04 13:11 CaliforniaPolicy Californians & the Environment

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2021.12.04 13:11 Yermawsbigbaws Can I put a box around this with a door or would it be a safety issue ( electrical box and gas)

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2021.12.04 13:11 spaceworm92 walter white making meth gif

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2021.12.04 13:11 ImportanceSilver3251 PSV [2]-1 Utrecht - Andre Ramalho 35'

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2021.12.04 13:11 ThrowawayIneedhelpX LF: Magby, Turtwig, or Chimchar FT: Gible, Munchlax, Elekid

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2021.12.04 13:11 PerceptualDisruption Alma sumiu

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2021.12.04 13:11 edditbot (+2192) The Onion wins the internet today

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2021.12.04 13:11 Mazoku-chan ROI in a declining market: What is stable and what is not

With basic math I will show what a stable market objectively is and how to use the ROI to figure out whether it is worth it or not.
Basic example:
Lets say you invest 100 usd in pieces of paper and gain 100% interest rate per day. This means your ROI is 1 day and by the end of the day you have 200 pieces of paper. Given constant market prices you now have 200 usd.
This means that at 100% interest rate you can afford to have a downward swing of 50% per day.
1)Yo buy 100 pieces of paper for 100 usd.
2) End of the day you have 200 pieces of paper.
3) Price went down 50%, you have 200 pieces of paper worth 0,5 each so 200*0.5=100.
4) You sell them and you have the exact same usd: 100.
If price goes bellow 50% you are at a loss. Should have been better just having your money on your pockets instead and buying at a later price.
If price goes above 50% you are winning. Investing was the correct choice.
If the price goes exactly to 50% this means THIS MARKET IS PERFECTLY STABLE FOR YOU. This is not a matter of opinion, it is an objective truth.

This works well with a ROI of 1 day. What happens if the ROI is different and the market is volatile?
Lets say a ROI of 14 days given constant market prices wich is what people boast about in crypromines.
This means you can afford to loose 50% in the value of eternals every 14 days if you have money invested and not usd in your pocket.
IF THIS TREND CONTINUES you can expect it to continue droping without affecting your investment.
If you compound interest or not is irrelevant but lets say you do reinvest:
-By the end of 14 days market can fall 50% and you loose nothing.
-By the end of 46 days market can fall 90% and you loose nothing.
How did I reach that number 46? Easy:
0.1 = 0.5 ^ n
LOG(0.1) with base 0.5 = n
3.32 = n
So you need 3.32 periods of time for it to reach a 90% downfall given that ROI. This means that you need:
14 days * 3.32 = 46 days
Why did I pick 90%? Because eternal has droped a bit more than that in the past FIVE days so I figured it would be closer to home.
So now you know what a stable market with a ROI of 14 days looks like (50% drop every 14 days). Lets say it is now volatile meaning it goes beyond those boundries.
Lets say it drops 90% in 5 days instead of following the equilibrium of 50% every 14 days as it has happened from 11/29/2021 to 12/03/2021.
How much money did you loose for investing when the token was at 700$ and dropped to 70$ in the past 5 days asuming you reinvested each day?
-You got 100% eternal per 14 days. This means that you have a Daily interest rate of 5.075%.
How did I get to that number? It is the root of 2 to the 14.
A simple way to check that number is to multiply it by itself using compound interest 14 times.
So 105.075% to the 14 power is 200%.
Now that we know that the daily interest rate is 5.075% for keeping my assets let calculate the drop of the market per day so that we can make a comparison.
- -90% interest rate per 5 days. That is equal to a fall of 36.905% per day.
How did I reached that number? It is the fifth root of 0.1.
Since the price drops 90% in 5 days you get that the final price is 10% or 0.1. You can backtrack that by doing 0.63095 to the fifth power.

- Now that we know that there was a drop of ~36% daily and our daily ROI is ~5% what conclusion can we draw?
You lost 32.8 % of your investment per day in a compound basis. This means your capital shrunk down to 13.703% over the course of 5 days. Basically you lost 86.297% of your starting capital in 5 days.
How did I reach those numbers?
(1- 36%) * (1+0.05) = 0.672
1 - 0.672 = 32.8%
This is how much you loose per day, 32.8% of your starting capital per day.
0.672 to the fifth power is 13.703%. Your capital has shrunk down to ~13% wich is the same as saying you lost 87%.
With a ROI of 14 days do not enter the market if it goes into the -4.8% per day (otherwise you are at a loss). For it to be a safe, sound and profitable investment it should never go below 4% per day. Personally speaking I would say that if you are looking to make a safe investment dont enter if it has dropped below 1% any day for the last 6 months.
However, this last bit is subjetive.
I assumed there is no tax for withdrawing or reinvesting wich is false. I know, but it simplified the math quite a lot even if it differs a bit from the game.


I hope this post proves usefull for people spouting nonsense out there about the oracle.
I could have easyly proven down this in just a few lines using another method (a completely different aproach) but I wanted to do it this way to put the oracle in the center of it.
If anyone has any doubts I will try to clear them out.
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2021.12.04 13:11 Accomplished_Rip_746 Is it true?

Someone said that after update 1 we will finally be getting a skin preview. Is this true or a bunch of BS? If true then they are listening and that’s awesome
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2021.12.04 13:11 SnooCupcakes8000 Join the The World Of Hentai 🔥 Discord Server!

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2021.12.04 13:11 diosgato esta vasado en hechos reales

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2021.12.04 13:11 ThatOneAd Cat keeps yowling

10 month old cat keeps yowling, morning and night. She is spayed a month ago. She stops when she sees me and follows me around after, but when I try to play with her she looks uninterested. I pet her and she walks away as well. The litter box is clean and everything is cared for. She eats and uses the restroom as normal. What’s wrong with her?
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2021.12.04 13:11 Spiritual_Patient_49 A New COVID Variant Discovered - SOUTH PARK: POST COVID

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2021.12.04 13:11 bienebee How did your first ever week at work look like?

For those leaving school without much lab experience, or for those having longer careeer gaps? What can I expect during my first week? It has been years since I held a pipette as I moved countries and did other stuff after I graduated. Starting work in a Covid PCR Lab in a few days and I am super nervous.
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