I’m in the mood to throw darts at someone. Who should it be for a well rounded hero?

2021.11.27 16:55 2spoos I’m in the mood to throw darts at someone. Who should it be for a well rounded hero?

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2021.11.27 16:55 swagNextTuber Omicron Variant: Germany, Czech Republic Report Suspected Cases After U.K. Confirmation

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2021.11.27 16:55 Jt0191 I don't think he wants me to study anymore

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2021.11.27 16:55 UrbanRelicHunter Anyone recognize these hallmarks? On a silver?(tested as silver my guess is ~80%) candlesticks

Anyone recognize these hallmarks? On a silver?(tested as silver my guess is ~80%) candlesticks submitted by UrbanRelicHunter to Hallmarks [link] [comments]

2021.11.27 16:55 Blank_TheLad SOCIAL Experiment welcome to the underground

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2021.11.27 16:55 Any-Research7714 my buddy bought the parts & geek squad put them in, now his whole computer is fried.

title says it all.
Working computer, buddy wanted to upgrade it. Bought the parts, used his geek squad membership to have them put the parts in. They run the computer and give it back to him. 15 minutes after being plugged in the whole PC is broken. What do we do?
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2021.11.27 16:55 Jackiecello23 Lf: any Ditto Ft: Magby, Munchlax

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2021.11.27 16:55 LiquidGamingg Whats are new support now?

We started the day around 0.13600000 but we had a big pump into the 0.17 zone, what are we looking at for a low now?
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2021.11.27 16:55 Altruistic-Radish-17 Thoughts on Comet HFJ-350 Telescopic Vertical Antenna for POTA

I'm looking to do POTA activations and was wondering if anyone had experience with one of these.
I know it's a compromise antenna with the loading coil but how bad exactly? I'd like something easy to set up. I'm going more for a "go outside" thing rather than focusing just on operating, so I could live with it if I can at least get successful contacts with it.
My other idea was to DIY a more proper vertical with ground plane radials but that is obviously more involved as far as setup goes.
I'd probably grab my 7300 and hook it up to a battery to run FT8.
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2021.11.27 16:55 ApprehensiveCrab7864 Any thing to change or fix?

Any thing to change or fix? submitted by ApprehensiveCrab7864 to graffhelp [link] [comments]

2021.11.27 16:55 theraven1005 Why does the GodHammer hit people in the air?

Seriously OP weapon. At least the Skewer is balanced. You get 4 shots and you have a long reload time inbetween. This thing is God mode. Between its AOE and Range, how many uses you get out of it. It destroys in 4v4 games.
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2021.11.27 16:55 AlphaGoddessbae She’s cute

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2021.11.27 16:55 SammyWolfe4 Water Change and Chill Aquarium Fish Pet

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2021.11.27 16:55 Kat027_IDK Haven't Work This Work, Might Not Get Pay

This week I was sick on Monday, I went to work though because couldn't call off. I literally started feeling unwell about an hour after showing up. It got worst overnight, basically 3am, and I had the next day off so I just rested. But on Wednesday I saw that my shift was taken off so I decided to call my manager. She didn't say anything, didn't say I was fired, didn't explain why so I was like ok fine and just told them I was sick so it's alright. But I don't got any other shift this week. It's Saturday and I haven't worked this week. Yeah I might still be sick but it's just allergies, it's nothing.
I'm fine to work but my job didn't give me any other shifts for this week and I'm unsure if I'm going to get pay for it. What should I do about this? I am going to call tomorrow to ask about a schedule and let them know I didn't work for the week. Should I contact HR or something so I can still get payed? I am full time at this company yet I requested part time.
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2021.11.27 16:55 ImRemzy [XBOX][STORE] Reqhzi's Store

Alpha/Beta: Alpha Cap(Gold Cap) - 150k Offers Beta Nugget(Gold Nugget) - 20k
Antennas: Cobalt Mage Glass III - 300c Crimson Mage Glass III - 400c Crimson Mage Glass III(Striker) - 1k Grey Mage Glass III(Goalkeeper) - 350c Orange Mage Glass III - 250c Sky Blue Mage Glass III - 300c
Bodies: Black Centio(Sniper) - 2k Black Jager - 7.2k Burnt Sienna Octane - 400c Cobalt Maverick GXT(Striker) - 1.5k Forest Green Octane - 550c Purple Animus GP[GG'19] - 150c Purple Dominus - 3.9k Tw Merc - 400c Tw Octane - 13.5k Tw Octane(Striker) - 25k
Boosts: Black Helios - 900c Black Helios(Striker) - 7.5k Black Hot Rod(Turtle) - 1.4k Crimson Plasma(Striker) - 1k Crimson Standard - 600c Grey Toon Sketch[GL'19] - 500c Orange Thermal - 2.5k Sky Blue Sacred - 350c Tw Anispray(Juggler) - 350c Tw Hot Rod(Tactician) - 7.5k
Decals: Black Breakout: CRL Western - 1k Black Dominus: CRL Southern - 4.2k Black Dominus: Fantasmo - 1.2k Black Fennec: Yorebands(Striker) - 2k Black Mainframe[Elevation] - 3.8k Black Octane: RLCS - 1.4k Black Octane: RLCS(Striker) - 10k Black Slipstream[SF] - 1.5k Cold Sweater - 150c Crimson Dominus: CRL Eastern - 1.2k Crimson Dominus: CRL Southern(Aviator) - 1.5k Crimson Octane: Noooo! - 1.1k Forest Green Breakout: Nice Shot - 200c Forest Green Octane: RLCS - 400c Grey Breakout: CRL Western(Acrobat) - 350c Grey Octane: CRL Northern - 2.9k Hexed[CC4] - 350c Labyrinth[CC1] - 350c Lime Dominus: CRL Southern - 1.4k Lime Mainframe[OG] - 1.9k Magma[NC] - 250c Octane: RL Esports(Striker) - 3k Orange Interstellar - 600c Orange Octane: CRL Northern - 1.8k Parallax[NC] - 400c Pink Octane:Noooo!(Turtle) - 1.05k Pink Octane: Thanatos - 500c Purple Dominus: CRL Eastern - 1.2k Purple Octane: CRL Northern - 2.3k Saffron Breakout: CRL Western - 250c Sky Blue Breakout: CRL Western - 700c Sky Blue Breakout: Nice Shot(Sweeper) - ? Sky Blue Dominus: Savage - 900c Sky Blue Octane: Noooo! - 1.2k Tidal Stream - 550c Tw Breakout: Froggy - 1.3k Tw Breakout: Nice Shot(Juggler) - 1k Tw Breakout Type-S: RLCS - 2.2k Tw Dominus: CRL Eastern - 6k Tw Dominus: CRL Southern - 9k Tw Dominus: RLCS(Striker) - 9k Tw Dominus: Savage - 4.5k Tw Fennec: Yorebands(Striker) - 2.5k Tw Interstellar(Striker) - 2.4k Tw Slipstream - 1.8k Tw Trigon[Revivial] - 1.2k Tw Wet Paint[Ferocity] - 1.1k Tw Wet Paint[GE'19] - 1.1k
Goal Explosions: Cobalt Singularity(Victor)[GG'19] - 500c Lime Sub-Zero[GL'21] - 1.5k Purple Fireworks[GL'21] - 900c Tw Ballistic - 600c Tw Neuro-Agitator[OG] - 2.2k Tw Shattered[OG] - 2.6k Tw Sub-Zero(Sweeper)[GL'21] - 4k Tw Voxel[TAS] - 2.6k Voxel[NC] - 200c
Golden Crates: Golden Egg '20(x4) - 400c each Golden Gift '19(x5) - 400c each Golden Lantern '19(x10) - 400c each Golden Lantern '21(x7) - 400c each Golden Pumpkin’19(x164) - 400c each
Paint Finishes: Anodized[GP'19] - 100c
Toppers: Great White - 100c Hammerhead - 100c Pink Jolt Bangle(Juggler) - 300c Sea Turtle(Striker) - 2k Sea Turtle(Tactician) - 1k Tw LFT - 1.3k
Wheels: Black Alchemist[EXO] - 2.6k Black Falco[VR] - 200c Black Gyre - 500c Black Hephaestus - 1.5k Black Octavian[EXO] - 1.7k Black Octavian[UNC] - 1.6k Black OEM[VR] - 1.2k Black Stern[VR] - 900c Black Sunburst[EXO] - 2.3k Black Vortex[VR] - 400c Buckboard - 50c Burnt Sienna Dynamo - 5k Cobalt Emerald - 400c Crimson Aether - 8k Crimson Dynamo - 5k Cristiano - 150c Forest Green Emerald - 400c Gernot Set(Certs: Sweeper Grey, Victor Crim, Show-Off Bs, Scorer Purple, Juggler Pink, Aviator Saff)[OG] - 3k Grey Emerald - 400c Lime Revenant(Striker) - 2.5k Orange Emerald - 400c Pink Reactor[OG] - 400c Saffron Dieci[UNC] - 800c Saffron Draco[PCC] - 500c Saffron Emerald - 400c Sky Blue Astro-CSX - 700c Sky Blue Triplex - 1.5k Sky Blue Zowie:Infinite(Paragon) - 1.2k Tw Apex(Tactician) - 100k Tw Decopunk - 450c Tw Dieci[UNC] - 2k Tw Gyre(Aviator) - 600c Tw Gyre(Paragon) - 500c Tw Gyre(Goalkeeper) - 700c Tw P-SIMM: Inverted - 400c Tw Patriarch(Paragon) - 1.4k Tw Pyramidia - 1.4k Tw Pyramidia(Sniper) - 1.4k Tw Spanner:Inverted - 700c
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2021.11.27 16:55 Seppo_YT I Made a Video Talking About the History of Getsu Fuma Den

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2021.11.27 16:55 thoth___ [Friendship] 15m looking for someone to vc with

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2021.11.27 16:55 throwaway_wama Will having a humidifier in this room damage the room?

This is the material the room is made of. It’s wood so not sure if the humidifier will do any damage. If not, what humidifier should I get?
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2021.11.27 16:55 I2eI3ell Musste einfach sein 😊

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2021.11.27 16:55 SovereignZuul Elegoo Mars 3 plate doesn't stop pushing past home. (not the sensor?)

Suddenly, my Elegoo Mars 3 won't stop at zero. The home switch sensor appears to be functioning, the LED lights up red like it should. I tried a spare switch I had from my old Mars Pro and same story, the machine won't stop at zero and tries to crush itself even though the LED lights up properly as well.
I've inserted something to block the switch and it changes the LED and appears to recognize something blocking it, sensor seems to be working in both cases.
I've reset the Mainboard Specs and still no fix.
Any ideas from here on what could be wrong? If it's not the switch what else could it be?
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2021.11.27 16:55 fractalfay We sometimes forget what we owe to ourselves: Recap of 90DF TOW S03E13

Arriving in the nick of time, just before 14 airs!
Alina wants to return to Russia, and knows that Steven is going to have to be across the border before this season airs or they’re going to face a pre-immigration deportation, so they’re getting married in Turkey.
“It’s kind of stupid, but love makes you stupid,” Steven marrieds, before reaching into his snack trough for something to cork the chirping bird mouth of the tentacled entity riding on his back. “Oh, this old thing? That’s Marvin. He came out of Ellie’s bottle of rum. He wants me to tongue-kiss strangers. You know how it is. Do-da-do-da-do.”
“Are you wanting one apple? Go kiss-kiss! Meow!” Alina thinks Marvin is okay, so long as they feed him together.
They gather their documents go down to Turkey’s International House of Marriage to make their case. The translator asks why the text is glued on letters like a ransom note, and Steven explains that pointed objects like pens and pencils might be too tempting for him, and Prof. Marriage says he can tell they’re really in love. They both say they want to get married before they can change their minds, and dude says the soonest time is Wednesday 5pm. Alina says they’ll be there, and Prof. Marriage responds with a promise to pre-game.
This means they have a ceremony to plan, and Alina’s first task is hiring a wedding planner to organize the two-person outdoor affair taking place in 24 hours.
“So…why did you hire me?” The wedding planner shares our bewilderment as she meets Alina in a dress shop.
“I want a pretty location, with an arch of flowers,” Alina Bridezillas. “I was going to request shoes, but I don’t want to be too demanding.”
“So…you want me to make reservations, call an Uber, and sweet-talk a florist?” This planner wonders if renting herself out as a bridesmaid for a reduced rate could fluff her income.
Alina giggles and tries on some dresses, and the planner asks Alina if she wants to try on every lace garment in the store at once.
“Fuck yes,” Alina says. “Maybe we can include the lace from my great grandmother’s wedding dress? I just have to dig her up first.”
Alina confirms that all of the lace is upon her person, and the planner says that’s great, now let’s try a Turkish dress constructed after the invention of photography. Alina agrees to a fetching white and burgundy frock, which is great news, because she looks all Lady of Shalott and says yes to the dress.
The next item on a to-do list that demands multiple spreadsheets and a throw-away cell phone is telling her mother. Anna flatlines at the news, and after the paddles revive her she considers pretending she didn’t hear, but that would only mean Alina would repeat it.
“Russia has many deep caves,” Anna finds a bright side. “Some of them seemingly have no bottom. This would be a great place for Steven to hike alone.”
“Mama!” Alina alinas.
“At least you will no longer have to exercise, since being constantly annoyed is excellent cardio,” Anna’s getting better at this bright side thing. “I should cancel my own gym membership, also.”
“Asshole!” Ellie rums.
Anna presses her case a bit further and suggests that such a small wedding will be sad and lonely without more people to disapprove. Alina admits it’s not idea, but declares, “The most important person will be there.”
“Who?” Anna is hopeful.
“Steven, mama.”
Anna asks Alina to remember this dude is a serial cheater who continued his efforts to cheat after they anchored in Turkey, to the point where nuking his social media seemed like the only option.
“Without constant supervision, he’ll eat all of your paste,” Anna is getting desperate.
“Yeah, but like, what if she doesn’t get baptized?” Steven arrives just in time to reroute this into something Alina’s not plotting.
“He breaks the commandments of his church, so he will break rules of marriage. Am I the only person who gives a shit about the rules?” Anna Lebowskis.
“I know, but what can I do?” Alina nineteens.
“Not get married,” Anna forty-fives.
“What?” Steven pastes.
Ari and Biniyam have been thirty-ing in Kenya for two months, and Ari still hasn’t forgiven Biniyam for the things her mother believes he didn’t do.
“Fuck it,” Ari reports. “Let’s ride a camel.”
Ari gets in the backseat and Biniyam camel-mounts without putting Avi down for a second. One slip and this kid is falling ass-over-end into the gaping jaws of every horrified helicopter mom, screaming into the void. But Ari knows if zombies are waiting around the next turn, Biniyam will lovingly yell, “Take the girl!” and Avi will be totally safe.
They sit down post camel to discuss how things are better now that they’re in the same place and are mutually isolated from everyone they know.
“Biniyam really started paying attention to me once there was no one else around,” Ari understands her reality as these words leave her mouth.
“I love this child,” Biniyam defends his family. “Ari is also sitting here. Sure, I love her.”
“I’ve always wanted to be the footnote in my own relationship,” Ari remarks. “But it could be worse. At least I’m not jealous of a child.”
“I really feel like what you’re asking is for me to give up my me-time,” Big Ed, get your greasy mop the fuck out this recap.
With their lukewarm affection for each other renewed, Ari notes that she still believes returning to the scene of the crime in Ethiopia would be the final hit to sink their relationship. Still, Ari frets that they can’t remain in Kenya, since they have to like, renew stuff, and maybe something about job opportunities?
“I told Ari this would not be convincing,” Biniyam says as the roar of at-home laughter reaches his ears. “But Ari is so tired of not being acknowledged as poor.”
Ari’s ideal outcome would be relocation to the US of A, and so once again 90DF taps into the mainline of the International Attractive Lawyer Network, so that someone fancy who gets regular haircuts and tailors their clothes can make smart on us.
When Attractive Lawyer shares the good news that Biniyam and Ari have advanced to the interview portion of the pageant, Ari is understandably disappointed. Attractive Lawyer says there’s a 14 day quarantine so they need to beat feet to Ethiopia so they have enough time before the interview. She adds that Ari should practice a second facial expression and plan to go as well, because a couple is more convincing with two people.
“Wait,” Ari’s brain moves quickly to map her next worry. “I have to go to Ethiopia too? If I go back there I’ll have to see him cheating on me. If I stay here, it’s still a rumor. This is so soon.”
“Is she really complaining about how soon the K1 is happening, after complaining about how long it’s taking?” America’s Next Top Lawyer is just trying to pay off her student loans. “I’ll be really excited when this is all over, and she complains about my fee.”
“Really I could complain about that at any time.” Ari hates being underestimated almost as much as she pre-hates the trip she’s about to plan.
Ellie and Victor are mutually lost, now that their big dream of a beach bar has been indefinitely deferred. So they gaze into the relationshit magic mirror known as Kraken Rum, for round two of their ugly truth-off.
“Passive-aggressive darts are simply the preening stage of this style of combat,” David Attenborough provides narration.
“I was just being NORMAL,” Ellie basics.
“What you can do and you do, you can do this,” Victor feasts at the word salad bar.
“You’re so defensive!” Ellie defenses. “Asshole! I’m just trying to have an ADULT conversation, so AGREE WITH ME. It’s RATIONAL.”
“The female puffs up her feathers, and starts circling around the male,” David Attenborough is so pleased. “Ah, the circle of life!”
“GO DIE!” An echo from the Ghost of Rum Fight’s Past is pounding at my door!
“I am asshole? I am defensive with this? ‘Hello, my name is Ellie,’” Victor begins, removing his kid gloves and placing them next to Ellie’s discarded rose-colored glasses. “‘I give Victor so much money, because I am a pizza baroness.’ But what about the services rendered, Ellie? I will itemize your receipt line by line. Is America ready to know what this $1500 item is, Ellie? So many yoga classes were required that I placed this number under professional development. If you pay cash this fuck-off is free.”
“Oh, oh, oh, we’re mocking, is that where we are? ‘Hi, my name is Victor,’” Ellie is SO Rum Fight. “‘Ellie should believe I built a house without a drill, threw her ring into the ocean, and nevertheless this pile of wet clothes persisted. I’ll just play music on the beach for the Red Cross tents and the national guard, and hope they stay long enough to drink here! It’s so easy to be free with money when it isn’t yours.’”
“I tell you this fuck off is free!”
“Why is it on the invoice then, VICTOR?!”
Underneath the rum Ellie and Victor actually like each other enough to cease the attacks, so they mutter at the underpaid crew instead.
“I don’t know if we’re going to make it,” Victor reflects. “She doesn’t like the outdoors. This is a fucking island, my friend. Does she know she’d be outside, hurricane or no?”
“I want time travel, a catapult, a safe space, a space safe, and a flushable fucking toilet,” Ellie has a short list. “YOU poop in an orange Home Depot bucket and then cover it with a handful of grass. If I wanted nature, I would have dragged myself to the top of Mt. Hood in head-to-toe Patagonia gear, right PORTLAND?!” Shots fired!
“Do you see? Do you see this? Going on about clothes again!” Victor wants to know if we see this.
“I need to fuggin’ magic my way out of here. I thought i was in love is a shitty spell, and is not even working, right? Where’s that fuggin’ dice or something. I’m the fuggin’ Dungeon Master, not YOU, you don’t even know.” Ellie is ready for rum retirement.
The next day the two wake up nursing argument hangovers, and they quietly move about the house packing up items. It’s unclear to either of them whether what happened at Rum Fight constitutes a break-up, or expedited therapy. A cat approaches to settle this mess before these two lose the plot.
“Be still my dog of war. I understand your pain,” the cat purrs, putting a paw on Ellie’s face. “We’ve all lost someone we love. But we do it my way.”
Victor suggests they take a walk on the beach, and they sit on an uprooted tree to talk it out. Victor admits he may have overreacted, and Ellie agrees and adds that neither of them were fighting fair. They avoid apologizing while agreeing this was in essence casting out demons so they can find their way to Steven.
After they agree they want to remain together and find better ways of sloughing off stress, Victor looks around for a conch shell. He finds one that fails to sound, which is fitting for the events of the last several months and basically every relationship, and Ellie laughs as Victor proposes by conch. Ellie says yes, and they are all kissy-face and lovey, and they cradle the conch between them and decide it’s their baby, and they will call him Tootless.
Sumit’s brother and sis-in-law are having a party to welcome their baby to the world, and Jenny doesn’t understand why she can’t push a doll in a stroller there and start every conversation with, “Sumit and I are going to be together forever.” Jenny says Sumit had better get ready to demand she be invited once they’re married, and they should refer to her by her preferred title, Jenny Who Is Married to Sumit Forever. Staring down the barrel of doom, Sumit admits he called the lawyer and begged him to store the applications in the paper shredder, and then store the shredder in a Russian cave. Jenny applies her trademark selective hearing and isolates comments about being scared like it’s honesty.
“That first one wasn’t a real marriage because it wasn’t to me,” Jenny authorities. “That one doesn’t even count. I mean, I pretend she’s not an actual person, I don’t understand why you can’t.”
“Yes.” Sumit suddenly remembers he meant to install one of those rotating bookcases that conceals a hidden room with a fire escape.
“I’m not gonna change,” Jenny babbles to the producers. “I don’t know why he thinks that.” He doesn’t think that, Jenny.
“I should just go back to America,” Jenny doesn’t even know how to buy a plane ticket online. “I’m going, don’t try to stop me…”
“Please, you are invoking that scene from The Jerk again,” Sumit pleads. “You are not going away and no one believe this of you.”
“And this lamp! That’s all I need!” Jenny thermoses away.
Unmoved, Sumit leaves for the party, and Jenny says she’s glad that at least she’s been able to make this party all about her, and not some dumb old child just because Shree says so. Sumit frets over Jenny’s insistence that he’s telling the truth.
“I don’t want to do something when someone is pushing me and saying do this right now,” Sumit says. “Also, I was forced to get married last time.”
Jenny goes to the Hare Krishna temple to check on the status of her missionary visa, and they explain that this is something that cannot be awarded until she talks about something other than Sumit.
“Any changes since we last talked?” Shaktimata asks while sitting down, despite already knowing the answer.
“So many changes,” Jenny says. “Like first of all, Sumit doesn’t seem to want to marry me.”
“I said changes, Jenny. His way of handling things is not doing anything,” Shaktimata pulls Sumit’s card. “The fact that he’s stalling would speak volumes to me. I think we sometimes forget what we owe to ourselves. Maybe just go back to the USA. Let him feel how important you are for him.” Shaktimata is dropping truth bombs, and Jenny busts out her spare sparklers and declares it Fourth of July.
“Let him miss me, right,” Jenny is already rerouting this advice so there’s no endgame where she and Sumit don’t live happily ever after. “And then if that doesn’t work, I’ll come out of the bathroom.”
“Why do you keep requesting advice you have no intention of taking?” Shaktimata was doing this for free, and now she’s sliding a page of terms and conditions to the 90DF producers. When they flip it over, it’s just a drawing of a middle finger.
Armando and Kenny are driving to their vineyard wedding site, and Kenny feels like he has to tell Armando that his kids aren’t keen on them adopting. Armando says that he understands Kenny’s children are feeling like he took Kenny away to start a new family elsewhere, since that’s kinda what’s happening, but he’s grateful they’ve given him something new to worry about. Armando wants to press this conversation further, but Kenny wants them to just focus on the wedding, and not his kids or Armando’s dad or the charts and graphs they’ve made to easily keep track of who’s disappointed and why. Kenny adds that Armando’s dad will just need to get used to them being affectionate, and Armando says sure, but for only one day.
“If I wear chaps and a cowboy hat to the wedding, can I french your dad?” Kenny understand this is the only way to be a part of the conversation.
“Like, with your butt hanging out?” Armando has concerns. “My cousin already sent me a text about that.”
The next day they wake up in wine country, and brace themselves to part ways until the ceremony. Kenny is worried that Armando will really want him to french his dad, and that this might be the only affection taking place. Armando assures Kenny that he’s preoccupied fretting over the appropriate amount of tongue for their first kiss, where he’s supposed to put his hands with the first dance, and whether his dad will find both of these things disgusting.
“Okay, when did we become the plot of Footloose?” Kenny is starting to wonder. “I don’t like disgusting and our first kiss in the same sentence.”
“But he might think of it as disrespectful,” Armando can’t stop protecting his dad from his gayness.
“It’s also disrespectful for him to ask us not to kiss at our wedding.” Thank you, Kenny. “Don’t regress, because you can’t think about that crap. And the dude is actually here, so can the producers let us stop flogging this long enough to put suits on? You know I’m about to be Armani as fuck.”
NEX WEEK: Armando and Kenny reduce everyone at home with a heartbeat to tears, Steven displaces their favorite cats to supplement a wedding light on family and friends, Jenny excitedly gets started on Sumit’s second secret marriage, and Shaktimata requests that the Temple’s Venmo be tagged at the end of every segment, because now she’s in the wedding party.
Thank you, Patreon supporters!
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2021.11.27 16:55 Luca_F123 How good are cats at finding their way back home? My cat went missing this afternoon and it’s now nighttime, it’s also cold and rainy. My family and I looked around for her and have been calling her. She’s done this once before but she didn’t come home, we found her sitting in the neighbors garden.

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2021.11.27 16:55 nervousperson- Every Undertale/Deltarune Theorist

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2021.11.27 16:55 oaf357 IKEA email systems hit by ongoing cyberattack

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2021.11.27 16:55 Matthewdlr4 Help with Tensorflow Lite

Is anyone here able to help me out make a tensorflow lite object detection model I can run on my pi? I have all of the training data collected and labeled just need help making the model.
I have tried a few things including the Tensorflow Lite Model Maker as well as doing it from scratch locally. Just need help making my model.
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