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2021.12.03 12:56 SparkofIngenuity Home Guard: Part Two

First : Next
Let me know if the inline code doesn't work. I'm still new to this but I'll do my best to fix it if it doesn't.
Chapter Two: Reality Check
Standing in front of the recruitment center drove every bit of dread Merrill had been feeling straight to his stomach. If he’d eaten anything at lunch, it would have been much worse for everyone here. To make matters worse he could already feel his father’s fatty hand pressing at his back to rush him on. A touch that never led to anything good.
“Go on, our glory and fame are in there! No point in waiting boy.”
With a more forceful shove from his beloved father, he was sent towards the very source of all his fears. He just wanted to keep living like he was, to have fun, sleep in and be above everyone else. Merrill couldn’t stand the thought of actually taking orders from someone, especially someone lower born, or gods forbid an actual alien. Such beings belonged in the lower and under city, the further away from him the better. Blood boiling from the thoughts swirling through his head he looked up to the building in front of him. Taking in the propaganda of the Republic and Home Guard alike, banners and holo-screens everywhere. It amazed him that anyone could hear anything over all this noise. Aggravated more by the sheer chaos around him, people of different classes, soldiers in different uniforms, it all clashed too much. Merrill preferred quiet professionals but the only type of such thing around was the two security droids at the main entrance. The building itself was hideous as well, plain durasteel and plascrete left the building dull shades of grey, if not for the colorful propaganda and flags this would easily qualify as the ugliest building in the upper city. Forcing himself to walk on while trying his best to avoid getting near any lower born individuals as impossible as it was, passing a multitude of outdoor holo-screens “Valiant Republic forces, liberating the oppressed and securing the galaxy against any threat!” each screen showing a different group of Republic units, some commandoes, some infantry or armored, even more technical fields.
“Hey, you hear to enlist too?”
He’d nearly made it to the doors unapproached but in that he’d apparently failed. Turning to face an individual who may as well of assaulted him by taking his precious time and stopping him. Forcing himself to hold in the agonized groan trying to escape his lips he took in the individual before him. A young man, probably around Merrill’s age of seventeen or so, with pale skin, unkempt brown hair and clothes that were even worse for wear, looking way to excited to be in the upper city. An insult to everyone who actually deserves to be on top.
“What the hell do you think you’re doing?! I am a citizen of the upper city, get away from me you filthy rat!”
The words flowing from his mouth before he could even think, it was almost an automatic reflex for an upper city citizen such as Merrill. The lower born didn’t deserve their attention, let alone to be in the upper city and speaking to him of all people! It was too much for Merrill to take, before he even formed a conscious thought, he put all of his strength into his fist, aimed squarely at the lower city upstart’s mouth.
Merrill expected the pain in his wrist and knuckles, what he didn’t expect was the white-hot pain on the back of his head. The force of whatever hit him sent him down to his knees, looking at the ground for the first time in ages at the feet of the still standing upstart. His head reeling, he barely recognized the feeling of his arms being placed behind his back. Trying to abject to whoever was touching him in such a way but realizing he had tears streaming from his eyes he lowered his head and submitted. Now feeling warm liquid run down his head he knew he’d been made bleed for the first time in his life, outside of his father busting a lip here and there when he spoke out of turn. This was different though, there was another pain mixed with the physical. His immense pride had been taken from him, right in front of his expecting father. He didn’t have to look to know the disgust on his father’s face, he could feel it just fine where he was.
Being lifted off the ground Merrill could have sworn he heard someone laughing, tears falling now from pain and anguish he vowed whoever this mystery person was, they would know pain. He’d be back. His thoughts were cut off by a pinch in his neck, followed by his world fading to nothing as sleep embraced him.
Chapter Three: Another Option
Feeling not awake but not asleep either, Merrill became painfully aware of the splitting headache pounding between his temples and the back of his head like a cantina band during one of Taris’ famed swoop races. Bringing fresh tears to his eyes
Trying to gather whatever scraps of strength he could muster Merrill tried to move. Instead, only finding ever muscle in his body screaming in pain, either from his brief beating or being slumped in his tiny cell for…how long had he been here?
“The mighty warrior wakes. Good, you got some explaining to do pal.”
“What? Who are you, where am I?”
Dazed, confused and in more than a fair amount of pain Merrill tried to stretch his sore limbs. Lifting his arms above his head was both painful and rewarding, granting a small degree of comfort. Trying his legs, extending out away from him, he found only an intense shock. Traveling from his toes all the way to his head, every ounce of pain was renewed and amplified tenfold.
Screaming out at the unexpected pain Merrill pulled himself into as tight a ball as possible, by human standards at least. Forcing his eyes open to try and at least see his captor Merrill was surprised to see pure electricity flowing around him. He’d heard of force cages before but never imagined he would be in one. Could this day get any worse!
“Oh no. I forgot to mention that hurts. Then again I don’t like punks who attack people simply for trying to speak to them.”
“What?! The low-born knew better! He has no business speaking to someone higher than him!”
With that the captor revealed a hideous smile.
“I was hoping you’d smart off like that, I love teaching you young fools a lesson.”
At some unknown que the electricity surrounding Merrill turned in on him, giving him a new definition of pain.
“I’m going out for a bit, enjoy!”
Before the captor could leave through the jail door a stern voice came from just around the corner.
“Turn it off, you demented rakghoul! You’re dismissed and I’ll make damn sure you’re reported this time lieutenant Kang!”
“Always playing the hero, Captain Home Guard. What a joke. Take the control old man, I’m through anyway.”
Feeling the immense pain and energy arcing through his body come to stop Merrill collapsed. Fighting for consciousness he could only listen to his surroundings for the time being.

“Rest for now kid, I’ll come wake you up in a couple hours, we have important things to discuss.”
Opening his eyes Merrill’s first observation was that he was no longer in a force cage. Looking instead at relatively plan wall, a small holo-screen for calls, a couple storage lockers and several displays containing small shiny pieces of metal.
“You can move around kid; I know you’re awake.”
Letting out a breath he didn’t realize he was holding in, Merrill stretched out cautiously and slowly. Expecting another hit or shock with every move. Taking in the rest of the room he was surprised by just how plan it was. Outside of the wall he saw just a moment ago the only things in the room was the metal desk with an assortment of data pads, a small plant in the nearest corner to Merrill’s right and then the captain himself. Certainly, appearing as if he carries some weight in whatever he does. His eyes were a slightly hazy brown that seemed to stare straight through you though his left eye seemed to have been damaged somehow long ago. Scaring from his temple to the corner of his eye and the left side of his face. His hair was black with specks of white, Merrill suspected he was in his early fifties. His shoulders broad and his back straight he toward over Merrill without even standing from his chair.
“I used to be just like you kid, spoiled, hot headed, stupid”
Merrill felt insulted, he’d only just met this man. How could he know anything about him? Let alone call him stupid! Merrill may not have applied himself as much as others, but he was still near the top of his class.
“You don’t know anything about me.”
The captain simply chuckled at the remark. Opting to reach for something inside the top drawer of his desk, making Merrill exceptionally nervous. Expecting a stunner or worse an actual blaster to appear in his hand. Merrill braced for shock or the heat of superheated gas from a blaster bolt.
“Relax kid, it’s Tarisian Ale. Expensive sure, but it works.”
That caught Merrill off guard, the captain was…drinking What in the gods was going on?
Taking a large swig from his canteen the captain extended his arm towards Merrill.
“Take a drink kid, we got a lot to talk about and some paperwork to do”
Merrill was beyond confused but a drink is something he desperately needed. Reaching to take the canteen he hesitated for a second before finally taking it from the captain’s hand. Eagerly pushing it to his lips, taking in the largest drink he’d ever had. Stopping only to take a breath to see the captain looking at him. Merrill considered downing the rest but thought better of it. Something about the captain told him that was very precious drink. Returning the flask to the captain, Merrill realized he still didn’t know what was going on.
“What are we needing to talk about and what is this about paperwork?”
The captain smiled “We’re talking about your career in the Home Guard kid!”
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2021.12.03 12:56 AnimeAlley03 Lf foreign Ditto Ft ENG Ditto BDSP

Want to start doing Masuda method but need a foreign Ditto for that. Is anyone else looking for one? Thanks
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2021.12.03 12:56 ReviewEquivalent1266 Russia positions more forces, supply lines as fears rise of potential Ukraine invasion. The only good news is that there is no supply chain crisis on the Russian Ukrainian border.

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2021.12.03 12:56 BelleAriel "My pronoun is "patriot"" - Lauren Boogaloo Boebert

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2021.12.03 12:56 SteamyLemons It's been a long time since I drew anything Invader Zim so here's this

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2021.12.03 12:56 madimadibobadi what do you like about blackpink’s artistry since around ddu du ddu du era?

i’ve kept up with major comebacks out of curiosity but that was the last era i was really stanning them. i have things i like and dislike about each comeback, so i was wondering why you stan them — or don’t, just have opinions (however, this is NOT the place for fan wars or trash talk on blackpink, yg ent., or the girls).
i am looking for commentary on their music, music videos, comebacks, comeback styling, solo work, music production, individual talent, teddy, etc. i am not looking for commentary on the girls’ personalities or private lives, extracurricular careers such as modeling, their achievements as a group, their marketing, yg entertainment, etc.
extra: list 5 favorite songs from then forward
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2021.12.03 12:56 SciBird US Digital Corps Fellowship 2022

Has anyone heard back from the digital corps or know when we might be hearing back?
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2021.12.03 12:56 21-m I just got out of a five year relationship and I don't know how to have anal anymore

My partner and I just never had anal.. and now I'm dating and stuff and I just have so much anxiety about it. Last night I hung out with a guy and we were doing stuff and all was well, and then they were expecting me to top and I literally didn't know how. And now I'm seeing another guy tonight and I think he wants me to bottom. I am so nervous and I'm afraid I'm going to get hurt. I will definitely say something but I feel like it's such a turn off . I know you're supposed to like practice at home or something but I don't even know that I like doing it or want to. It feels like I have to because that's what gay people do. 🥺
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2021.12.03 12:56 pjkitty Question about DVR/Family Sharing

I've just signed up for YTTV and am trying to figure things out. I'm the family manager, and I've added my husband, and that means he can have his own DVR library separate from my own, right? But I can't have a kids account for under 13 year olds, so basically I have to add all my 4-year-olds' shows into my own DVR library to be intermixed with my own regular shows??
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2021.12.03 12:56 ukalheesi Does anyone know the font used for Charmed?

Anyone knows the text font used on Charmed, Charming Singles and Charming promos? Or a font super close to it?
Thanks everyone :)
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2021.12.03 12:56 aquaderbian It's ridiculous to insurance and to make monthly payments on a phone

It's a huge waste of money to pay off a phone and buy insurance for it. The phone should not cost that much in the first place. I have gotten into arguments about this with people, and the point they make is, "you pay off a car and buy car insurance, why not a phone?" This doesn't make sense to me, a car is much more important than having the newest iPhone. Why don't you put a case on your phone and actually take care of it rather than putting no protection on it whatsoever and paying $200 for apple care? I just don't understand this obsession of constantly having the newest iPhone, they are insanely expensive and there is always a new and better one the next year.
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2021.12.03 12:56 Wistifie Good and secure adblockers?

I came across one called Ublock origin but idk how good it is and if it’s free…..(do you guys have any rec or is ublock origin free and good?)
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2021.12.03 12:56 dbill88 Channel doesn't close - How can I force close it

Channel doesn't close - How can I force close it Hey, I tried to close a channel 3 weeks ago and it's still pending. The transaction doesn't make it to the mempool. How can I force close it?

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