どんな企業でもAIが使えるようになるツールを提供するH2O.ai、約1810億円のプレマネー評価で約123億円調達 | TechCrunch Japan

Tiny Preteen Models Luna Nagai Asumi Nakata Aki Osawa Anne Suzuki Mei Kurokawa Model Japan TV Teen Idols 11-15 years JAV U15 Magazine and Photo Book's Natsuki Okamoto, Luna Nagai, Aki Osawa, Anne Suzuki, Mei Kurokawa, Minami Fujioka, Yurika Nakane, Yukari Nagahata, Asumi Nakata, Tomoka Katanuma MSN High-quality Japanese items at great prices, sent express delivery overseas! Lots of the latest women's fashions, inner wear, maternity wear, etc! Lineup of 60,000 items that includes kids' clothing, men's shirts, daily life items + miscellaneous goods. Opened in 2004, an online shopping site for overseas customers. 1.Please enter Tracking Numbers.About The Tracking Number. 2.After entering the Tracking Number, please click"Track"button. Need help? Contact us Manga Online, actualizado constantemente y en HD. Bienvenidos a la sección mangas online, por default estamos mostrando las 50 series más populares en ANX, pero puedes usar filtros para mostrar más series, ya sea por género, completados o mostrar toda la lista We are customizing your profile. Application. We are customizing your profile Manufacturer of Sumitomo brand of tires for passenger, performance, light and medium truck vehicles. Products specifications. Discover the latest Ermenegildo Zegna menswear collection. Buy online fine suits, jackets, shoes and accessories perfect for formal and casual occasions. Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

2021.11.29 12:24 hu3k2 どんな企業でもAIが使えるようになるツールを提供するH2O.ai、約1810億円のプレマネー評価で約123億円調達 | TechCrunch Japan

どんな企業でもAIが使えるようになるツールを提供するH2O.ai、約1810億円のプレマネー評価で約123億円調達 | TechCrunch Japan submitted by hu3k2 to Newsoku_L [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 12:24 wnchestr City (3840x2160)

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2021.11.29 12:24 UndrThC How do you know?

How do you know if they are “the one”? If they are right for you? How do you know if they aren’t???
I naturally am not a loving person. I love and I can show love but I do not need to be physical or constantly say it. He does.
Is there something wrong with me?
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2021.11.29 12:24 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - How These WNBA Prospects Can Improve Their 2022 Draft Stock | FiveThirtyEight

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2021.11.29 12:24 horrortheateryt UP FROM THE DEPTHS 1979 TV Spot Trailer Original TV spot from one of the first "Jaws" rip-offs Up From The Depths 1979...

UP FROM THE DEPTHS 1979 TV Spot Trailer Original TV spot from one of the first submitted by horrortheateryt to VintageSciFi [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 12:24 Imhere2learnstuff Compromising on work experience

I’m both hiring for and casually looking for positions in compliance and risk. For hiring, I’ve been very underwhelmed with the number of applicants that meet the modest 2 years work experience we ask for. If they do have that they’re asking for a salary well beyond what we’d offer or demand 100% remote work and we’re only offering a hybrid work schedule. For positions I look for the work experience is asking for 5+ years in a position similar to my own which I have 1. Is this standard for the market right now? Other relevant factors are that I’m on the west coast near a major city, and looking for positions in fintech as well. Sorry for the long post!
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2021.11.29 12:24 Shoddy_Department387 Missed #SHIBA? | Don't miss $ShibArmy 🐕 - Successfully Launched 1 hour ago |SHIB Rewards 🔥 |🟢PUMP Incoming ! Perfect time enter !

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Get in before it's too late!
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2021.11.29 12:24 AnAbsoluteLeech Removal of Windows License for hackers in Halo Infinite?

I was having a discussion with a friend and we have had a couple of hackers already in Halo Inf. already.
We were thinking, obviously because it's a f2p multiplayer game, there are always going to be lots of hackers, so to deter them potentially not just a hardware ban. Windows has all your information considering to play you need a Microsoft account and when you press Win + G keys it pulls up everything on your system.
I wonder if it would deter people more if they knew that when they get caught, their OS gets taken away and potentially their other things like MS office, etc. Like, if you get hardware banned, damn that's a shame, I just won't play on this PC anymore. But, if you had to get a new OS, go through the headache of getting a new OS and MS account, that might just deter people who aren't super serious about hacking normally.
Keen to hear a discussion about what people would do with what will be a large influx of hackers.
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2021.11.29 12:24 Prestigious_Rent227 Marathi milf❤️

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2021.11.29 12:24 Hefty-Negotiation-86 Summed value of individual occurrence in a row list. Which formulas do I need?

Hi everyone,
I've been Googling like a mad person, but I'm struggling with explaining what I mean in actual words - which makes it impossible to get good results. I'm hoping one of you will understand what I mean and can help me in the right direction.
What I'm trying to achieve: Based on a list of words (Column A) that all have a specific value (B), I want to know what the total sum (D) is for some of those words (C)
So in the example below, the total sum for "ice cream" would be 63, as it is mentioned in two word combinations that has the values 10 and 53.

Words Value Unique word Total sum
Ice cream dessert 10 Ice cream ?
Cookies and Cream 15 Cookies ?
Milk and cookies 200
Apple pie 25
Cold ice cream 53

What formula(s) do I need, to automatically fill out column D?
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2021.11.29 12:24 literalshillaccount Literal just unironic "good fascism" supporting Ancaps

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2021.11.29 12:24 SleepySashami Cyber Monday Asspizza Puff Print T Size XL $110

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2021.11.29 12:24 Prajwalone In Sochi Russia, Incredible teamwork on mall escalator to free a little girl who caught her hand in the moving escalator

In Sochi Russia, Incredible teamwork on mall escalator to free a little girl who caught her hand in the moving escalator submitted by Prajwalone to russia [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 12:24 Forrest_Cp Riverfront park

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2021.11.29 12:24 Treczeone [FREE FOR PROFIT] Posting 2 beats a day to help out artists free for profit, everyday (DAY 504 🔥)

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2021.11.29 12:24 CoffeeMuch6975 GIVEAWAY

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2021.11.29 12:24 Kesh_Jirus Don't you ever feel that urge to learn and learn...

But you actually never put yourself in the right mindset to? This is a small personal rant that I want to write down because I feel like someone else may relate to me, I am a soon to be 22 years old with one of the most curious soul possible, I like learning stuff and I can dig deep enough to satisfy my curiosity but when something is more complex all I do is researching how to start but never start it, it's like I am terrified by the idea of failing it. I always wanted to code but I never tried and then ultimately thought I would once I got to uni. I went to CS uni. I failed, two years wasted like that, not being able to put myself on the books and go, feeling inadeguate in comparison to everyone in front of me, with this question in my mind "Am I fit for this?". Changed uni, went to languages, English and Chinese. This time around I gave some subjects but I again struggle to put myself on the book and be excited of what I am studying. Hell I am even doubting is something I want for the future, but I don't see anything else to do. And I think I need to take it seriously to finally be done with studies but then here you see me go back to reddits and searching resources for starting to coding. But here I ask myself again "why?" and I give up because I can't get myself to start and commit to something. It's very frustrating, you keep jumping from one thing to another and never stick to anything. It even gives me such a giant headache. How frustrating is it?
I know it's an attitude matter, I know it's my issue who can't take it responsability, that it all comes from me but damn I do feel powerless in front of this.
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2021.11.29 12:24 Panzerkrabbe Beautiful ojou

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2021.11.29 12:24 kingb90 Protection 360 screen protector replacement questions

Hello. I have an iPhone 13 with the protection 360. I was wondering how does the screen protector replacement work. If I buy a screen protector in the store. Like a zagg screen protector. When they replace it will they replace it with another of the same kind a zagg on for example. Or how does it work and what will they give me? Thank u for ur help!
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2021.11.29 12:24 AlexandersAccount [WP] Suddenly across the span of 24 hours, the entire world experienced the same event at the same time, an unexplained horror phenomenon: Doppelgangers of unknown origin began to appear in every country privately.. these are the individual accounts of whatever side managed to survive those 24 hours

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2021.11.29 12:24 PenaltyAccording8800 OTIUM TECH GIVEAWAY! ☮️ | Utility Token: Revolutionizing the Hotel & Tourism Industry 🏨 | Low MC at TGE: 100x Potential 🚀 | BUY $OTIUM ON PANCAKESWAP!

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Otium provides solutions to large companies in the Hotel & Travel industry with a tool to capitalize through their own token while interacting and building customer loyalty in a new way, while user will 1have the possibility to feel part of their favorite brand, using loyalty tokens in a practical and simple way, either by voting, investing or to purchase brand’s products.
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2021.11.29 12:24 BearHugBull AU - Platinum vs Other

Asking the community about personal experiences would like feedback good and bad.
Son just turned 16, want to add him as an AU on one of my AMEX cards. Was thinking though, that might be better on the Chase, but keep going back and forth. I can think of many pros and cons. He lives with my ex-wife, she does not need to see in my personal finances. She will be able to see him as AU but does not need to know my credit limits on the cards. Should I use an old Capital One that I use 1/2 times a year with a relatively low credit line?

  1. AMEX environment
  2. Manually control credit limits
  3. Discuss the value of credit cards vs. charge cards/utilization rates/credit reports
  4. Chase better for utilization rate - high credit line
  5. Son loses AMEX only replace his card not all cards
  1. Gold card as a kid/made fun/easy target (this is my opinion no data to back up, is this an issue with kids today?)
  2. Ex-wife will be able to pull a child credit report to see balance (none of her business)
  3. Son loses chase, replace all cards
Question: What have been some personal experiences with adding children as AU on AMEX, is this the best option, what has the community done?
Thank you in advance
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2021.11.29 12:24 Unspeakableboys12 This is literally me

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2021.11.29 12:24 DandyShandy1975 Watch 👍 Setting Goals To Achieve Your Dreams Thanks Appreciated

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2021.11.29 12:24 DeleteLastAccount [Serious] What would the world look like today if colonization didn’t occur after the 1400s?

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