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Seemed ironic to write this anywhere but the wall

2021.12.07 02:42 StoryThyme6 Seemed ironic to write this anywhere but the wall

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2021.12.07 02:42 joswm Let’s do this, bros: 2021 GAYBROS SECRET SANTA MEGATHREAD!

We may be starting later than usual this year, but I’m excited to take this on and team up with u/dingenium to continue this awesome tradition. Bros around the world spreading love and joy? What could be more needed right now at a difficult time!
The SIGN-UP FORM is now live! It will require a Google account. All personal information will remain secure; only u/dingenium and I have access.
Dates to remember:
Sunday, December 13: Deadline to sign up *You can keep editing the form until this date. +We would appreciate an upvote or share after you sign up to get the word out!
Monday, December 14: Matching Day! *We will email you your giftee’s information by end-of-day.
Tuesday, December 21: Deadline to ship your gift and complete the DELIVERY FORM *Please be mindful when you commit to participating in this gift exchange. It sucks not receiving a gift :(
Whenever you receive your gift: Post and share photos!
Some examples from previous years:

You can reach out to u/joswm (me) or u/dingenium if you have questions or concerns. It’s my first year, so take it easy on me (yes, I like Adele lol).
Happy Gifting, and enjoy the holidays!
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2021.12.07 02:42 AnonAdultSurvivors Struggling to process it

I guess what I experienced falls under the non contact/cyber csa but I just don’t know how to feel. Like so many things go through my head, and I know what happened was wrong. She shouldn’t have shown me the things she did, spoken to me the way she did, threaten me to send her pictures. She never physically put her hands on me from what I recall. But she was someone I was around in my real life. And she said she loved me. I don’t know, I just don’t know anyone else who experienced some type of violence at the hands of a female as another female. Or really stuff happening online. I feel overdramatic for feeling hurt by it now that I’m older. Am I just overdramatic?
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2021.12.07 02:42 j3434 I Was Scammed Out of $15,100 | The SNAKEPIT Counterfeit Les Paul Story

I Was Scammed Out of $15,100 | The SNAKEPIT Counterfeit Les Paul Story submitted by j3434 to cursedguitars [link] [comments]

2021.12.07 02:42 TechnicianJazzlike57 Does VIC roads want me to give way to trams or not?

Does VIC roads want me to give way to trams or not? submitted by TechnicianJazzlike57 to melbourne [link] [comments]

2021.12.07 02:42 aeminence Hot toys Diecast Mark VII - arm cant rotate off around shoulder joint/peg?

I just got my Mark VII DIECAST and I love it! The only issue though is his left arms bicep cant seem to rotate the slight bit around the Shoulder peg/joint. Its hard stuck facing abit inward. The right arm can slightly rotate off the peg.
Is this intentional? I assume it isnt as I havent had my other Iron man have this issue. If its not intended to be 'stuck' like this, what can I do about it? I kinda dont want to return it and go through that hassle just for this though.
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2021.12.07 02:42 nops-90 "If you want to be wrong, then follow the masses." - Socrates

Don't worry about all the crypto haters out there. Don't worry about all the naysayers, because naysayers create nothing. Don't worry about those throwing ignorance and shade on blockchain. The technology will outlast them, because the truth always comes out.
I'm building a dApps on Algorand, and it's been a great expierence so far. Utility, speed and security will win out. Keep stacking Algofam!
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2021.12.07 02:42 BrandoSchneb Lost $500 CAD with direct fiat deposit?

On Friday I tried to send to an e-transfer of $500 from my bank to CDC for fiat deposit. I was under the impression that this would be easier than using Shakepay, buying BTC and then sending that to CDC but it looks like I was sadly mistaken.
The transfer on my bank says the money was accepted, but has it doesn’t show up on CDC. Apparently this should be easily rectified by inputting a reference number into CDC that should have been e-mailed to me by my bank, but I never received it. Of course I’ve contacted customer support but as you can probably imagine (from all the other posts I’ve seen here) I haven’t heard back.
I read a CDC article that if the money isn’t ‘claimed’ by me (I assume using this reference number?) in 28 the e-transfer will get returned to me. Anybody have any experience with this? Kinda feels like I’m shit out of luck at the moment
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2021.12.07 02:41 rownak_01 Duration of supporters club voice lines

How long will the support's club voice lines last? Lets say I buy OG's "Play together, Slay together....." will it last forever? I already lost this years' Ephey's voice line, dont wanna lose it again.
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2021.12.07 02:41 otherthanoops Every introvert's nightmare (allegedly)

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2021.12.07 02:41 Alongsnake It's just so beautiful

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2021.12.07 02:41 just-skyep New to designing tattoos. What would you have charged for one of these designs?

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2021.12.07 02:41 Bog_Boy Extension is sadly pretty unreliable for me

Extension to open in apollo very unreliable.
Issues I constantly have:

  1. “View on Reddit” never lets you view on Reddit - rather is an infinite loop of open in Apollo.
  2. When you open in Reddit, over 50% of the time I get redirected to the subreddit.
  3. both of these wouldn’t even be an issue if the extension consistently opened automatically. But it doesn’t.
Saw some similar posts about these. Any transparency about what’s going on?
Also has anyone tried hyperweb? Does their opener work better?
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2021.12.07 02:41 BKAllTheWay Question about Credit Score

I have a couple of delinquent accounts on my credit score. I know that in 7 years they will fall off but I have a question. Does your score increase dramatically after the accounts fall off after the 7 years or does your score improve over time? Like does the score gradually go up during those 7 years or do they jump in score after the accounts fall off? Please would like a detailed answer.
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2021.12.07 02:41 ThatstheGuyFromFort Pregen world

Is there a way to pregen a world on java edition that way i can use a program to convert it to bedrock editio. Say i wanted to do the floating island world gen on java and pregen a 5000x5000 block area so when i convert it the chuncks are already loaded.
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2021.12.07 02:41 Edott_1 Ten funny asf talking about freehaakem😭

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2021.12.07 02:41 DirtMuhGurt Holo maxed caruso

How much more is a holo worth if any just had the best pull of my life got Allen and holo Caruso back to back packs
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2021.12.07 02:41 Elsamarina How useful do you find LinkedIn?

For the first time, I just went through and really updated my LinkedIn. I mean, I actually looked up tips and tricks for all the sections and how to re-vamp them, etc..
So, as a job seeker trying to see what’s out there, was it worth it?
How often do recruiters find successful candidates through LinkedIn? What are some non-obvious factors that you consider when scouting LinkedIn?
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2021.12.07 02:41 NewsElfForEnterprise Fallon teams with Grande, Megan Thee Stallion for holidays

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2021.12.07 02:41 No-Pianist3228 The imposing beauty of the Swiss Alps.

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2021.12.07 02:41 Anime__GPT2 The "Best Girl Ever" in One Piece

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2021.12.07 02:41 atomic-death-ray [OC] Simple Aorus racing livery.

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2021.12.07 02:41 Difficult_Guest9671 .

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2021.12.07 02:41 sorryimanerd 24 [F4A] Looking for new friends/streaks!

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2021.12.07 02:41 Jellyboyy Non smokers what do you like to do with your smoker friends to have fun?

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