Better supply with no Railways?!

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2021.11.28 14:56 visevan Better supply with no Railways?!

Have been doing some experimentation with how supply hubs and railways work this patch and I just found this thing that I can't explain:
- the more Supply Hubs you build in a region the more Supply you get in that region and a adjacet regions
- BUT if you start connecting the Supply Hubs with Railways the Supply drastically decrease
So look here
In the province with army I get 0.25 Supply in the army province

After building one more Supply Depot in the region I get 12.16 Supply in the army province

After building another Supply Depot in the region I get 25.05 Supply in the army province

After connecting everything with Railways the supply decreases a lot to 4.64 Supply in the army province
So... Is this a bug? Is this how it works? Or why should I event bother building railways if all they do is decrease the supply? It's seems to be a lot better to just build Supplly Depots although they take longer to build.
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2021.11.28 14:56 Beginning-Pace-1426 Hey guys, is there any way to get an Android OS running on an old HP TouchSmart IQ500 all in one?

I think touch technology has probably changed a lot since these things came out, so it might be a fools errand. Essentially I want to set this sucker up as a kiosk that only has a few things that you can click on(touch).
I'm comfy with linux. but haven't been able to find much there that will work either, I think my last chance is a giant android. Otherwise I'll just use the thing for emulators or something.
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2021.11.28 14:56 thedepartedskat Binance Ou Kraken

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2021.11.28 14:56 notalawyershh Question for Pediatric Transplant Recipients: What do you wish your family and team did better in terms of navigating through your life?

My daughter just recently had a liver transplant. She's still less than a year old so she doesn't understand much of what's going on. But she had night terrors for a while after her transplant surgery and now won't go to sleep unless I'm holding her or in the same room with her.
As she grows older and gets more socialized I'm worried she will see herself as different and begin to question the medications, the hospital visits, the restrictions she may have in comparison to her peers.
My husband and I were thinking of early therapy but I wanted to ask you all what could have been done better ? Or family of pediatric transplant recipients what do you find that has worked ?
She's currently on Prednisone, Tacro, Nyastatin, Septra, and Valcyte.
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2021.11.28 14:56 ananonymousbear Do you sleep with the fan on?

View Poll
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2021.11.28 14:56 marvelthegr8 [WTS] Rare Large WWCD Shady Records Tee in Black BRAND NEW 2019

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2021.11.28 14:56 Unfair_Sock_4736 Your type and your aesthetic, if you have one?

Just curious what you guys like
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2021.11.28 14:56 Keith_Bragg adidas Ultraboost 20 Shoes Men’s: $88.20

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2021.11.28 14:56 Outrageous_Tomato879 Aoyka vs fang part one

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2021.11.28 14:56 FEJohann HOF Phina

Has Phina been on Hall of Forms?
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2021.11.28 14:56 YukiteruAmano92 There Will Be Scritches Pt.2

Previous Next
Striding down the corridor of the, as of recently, single occupant dorm deck, I draw up to the door that is my objective. “Computer, send alert to the occupant of 506.”
The computer takes a few moments before answering “No response, would you like to try again?” irritated, I flap my wing “Computer, Captain’s override, open 506.” wordlessly, the door slides open. With my hearts racing a combined 1000bpm, I step into the gloom and am immediately forced to shut my main spectrum eyes and open my low spectrum eyes in order to see. This reveals an enormous mass, radiating copious quantities of infrared, located where any other room would have a bed. I march to the glowing heap and, directing my words at the cooler patch, issue a commanding “Get up!”
The cool patch doesn’t stir but the enveloping warmth shifts. Silently, a head resolves itself with eyes, the diameter of kwarat eggs, turned towards me. The creature then emits a deep rumbling growl.
“None of that!” I say with a gentle *fwap* of my flight feathers against her nose, causing her to chuff and shake her head.
“I’m not here for you, it’s your daddy who needs to wake up! You can stay sleeping in here forever, as far as I’m concerned!”
The cool patch protests “Don’… listen to her… Fluff… she loves you *yawn* really!”
“Ah, you’re awake, good! Now get up! We’re making port in [43 minutes] and you have to be presentable for all your prospective new Terran friends!” groaning only a little further my Security Specialist stands and reveals himself to be entirely nude.
I cock a browtuft and ask “Isn’t modesty a Terran concept?” “Yeah, but it doesn’t, y’know, apply in a locked bedroom… plus it’s too hot for clothes with Fluffy snuggled around me!” he retorts. “Why do you let her ‘snuggle’ you if you find her heat so stifling?” he turns a bemused expression on me “Do you wanna tell a 300kg deathworld predator what she is and is not allowed to snuggle?” “That… is a fair point.”
After Taylor has thrown on a passable outfit, brushed his oral bone outcrops (for some reason) and worked a comb through his curly copper hair and has given his pet mirkbeast a ‘playful’ goodbye (involving him being repeatedly slammed to the deck with force that would have dented a full body impression into the floor of a non-deathworlder-certified cabin) we are finally able to vacate that room.
The moment the door closes I slump, gasping, against a wall and give the Terran a venomous look. “I will never forgive you for bringing that thing onto my ship, Taylor!”
Returning an amused expression, he asks “Why d’you insist on exposin’ yourself to her when it affects you like this? All my neighbours transferred to other decks when fluffy moved in and I literally hafta run an evacuation followed by a lockout on the gym to let her get her exercise. No one would hold it against you if you steered clear of her, too.”
I hold up a talon and say “One word, my young Terran friend: Pecking order!” the Terran frowns “That’s two words…” he says, perplexed. I give an amused *chirrup* “Not in R’qali, it isn’t!” he thinks for a moment before shrugging “I guess, that’s the language of space secretary birds for you! Whaddya mean, anyway?” “I cannot allow there to be a creature on this ship that is not aware of who’s ultimately in charge! I need only manage her the same way I manage you: confidence!” I preen, only partly in jest.
“Confidence…?” Taylor echoes, skeptically.
“Oh, my dear boy, yes! Both you and she outmass me, outmuscle me and are more ferocious than me by orders of magnitude. The trick is to pretend that that doesn’t matter, I’m the Captain, and acting it so makes it so! ” clearly still unconvinced, he feigns woundedness “And here, I thought we were friends(!) Turns out you’ve been usin’ antideathworlder mindtricks on me this whole time(!?)” he places a hand over his single heart as if it had been mortally pierced. I shake my head in a Terran expression of mild disapproval.
Then, Taylor steps in front of me and says “Listen, Cap…” in a way which still makes my instincts scream and probably always will, no matter how many more years I know him.
“What is it, Taylor?” I ask, voice permeated with concern. “Could I ask that you perhaps don’t telegraph to the hires exactly why we need Terrans?” his cheeks are flush with IR. My translator trips a little over ‘telegraph’ but I get the gist.
“Taylor there’s no need to be embarrassed, you humanities are a social and highly gregarious species. Looking after that need is nothing to be ashamed of!” “‘Humans’, Cap, y’know it’s ‘humans’ and it’s not that I’m embarrassed…” he cuts me off before I can point out that, in the IR spectrum, his face is lit up like the skyline of Ra’wakqal “…it’s not.. just that I’m embarrassed! It’s for their sake, too.” I narrow all four of my eyes “Explain…?”
He thinks for a moment before coming up with an analogy, Terrans do so love their analogies. “It’s like… imagine you were datin’ a R’qali guy and he admitted to you that he wasn’t even a little interested in your personality? It was literally only the fact that you were Captain of the Bright Plume that interested him!”
Not really understanding at all I say “Taylor, I’m already life bonded to a ‘R’qali guy’, our cultures share the concept of monogamy!” waving a hand in frustration, he says “Yeah, so in the hypothetical world where you ain’t!” “I wouldn’t care, Taylor. It’s natural that I would have a higher calibre of mate from the prestige of being a ship Captain. Qorak freely admits the prestige was a large part of what sealed the deal with him.”
At this, the Terran frowns. I decide to toss him an oklafruit “Though, I suppose, I would probably prefer a mate who was interested in my personality and prestige. Now tell me, oh wise Terran, crafter of allegory, how does this allegory pertain?”
He smiles “It’s like, you wanna be considered worth it on your own, you know? I admit the comparison to R’qali datin’ was a little butchered…” such a violent language! “…but, like, you’d be making all the new hires feel like it’s not them you’re after, just company for me. That kinda feelin’ll fester. They might resent you, me, the ship but, most damagin’, themselves.”
I am momentarily speechless. Eventually, I managed to ask “What’s that Terran monster your always calling yourselves? Galaxy Goblins?” “Space Orcs, Cap!” “Yes, that’s it. For Space Orcs, you certainly have fragile little, spun glass egos!” he chuckles at that “Yeah, we do.”
WOW! That guy was a freak!” Taylor huffs, dejectedly.
“It’s really hard to tell with you Terrans. That was considered out of the ordinary even by your standards?” I query.
Taylor looks genuinely hurt that the question had to be asked “That guy, made 15 separate allusions to eating you, Cap. I counted. One allusion is really too many! Yes, that was abnormal, even for us. I’m not gonna be able to relax until I see him leave the ship.”
His eyes are glued to the security monitor and he gives a relieved sigh when the repulsive Terran steps off the ramp. He takes his finger away from the ‘neutralise’ button. Authoritatively, he commands the computer “Computer, blacklist Jax ‘the butcher’ Karvin from the ship, if he attempts to gain entry again, hit him with a double dose of Terran-certified, fast-actin’ tranquilisers, then notify me, do not wait to receive confirmation. Also, send a recordin’ of that interview to the local authorities, marked urgent, with the suggestion that he ought to be considered a person of interest in the recent spate of disappearances in local space.” This is why it’s nice to have competent subordinates. I give him a Terran nod that suggests I also thought of logging that series of commands with the computer and he just beat me to the flap rather than the truth, that I was just sitting here stewing in anxiety.
“So, who’s next?” I wonder aloud. Sha’anza glances down the list, held in her trunk. “Uhhhhm… next it looks like… oh, oh dear… oh no!” her normal, healthy pink fades to an off white. “Don’t leave us in the dark, Shan? Who’s next? And what’s gotcha this worked up?” Taylor asks. Wordlessly, Research Lead Sha’anza slides the holopad across my desk and I freeze when I see the words written there. ‘Jennie “Mouse” MacLeod: Engineer’. Hysterical, Sha’anza blurts “We can’t hire a Terran engineer! We’d all be out on the street, or worse, by the end of the cycle!”
“Somethin’ you guys want to enlighten me about?” Taylor quips. Shaking more than when the (apparently) serial killer was sat across from me, I answer “Terran engineers have a… mixed reputation, Taylor.” Sha’anza trumpets, derisively “Mixed?! That is the understatement of the aeon, Captain!” I glare at her, and she cautiously backs off. “…an, admittedly, mostly negative reputation. Certainly, they get the job done and they’ll even take it upon themselves to ‘improve’ things that are working perfectly fine already. The problem is that the moment they leave your employ all the mad labyrinths they’ve piled up come crashing down for want of maintenance. No one else of any species is even remotely able to see how to maintain, let alone reverse all of the ‘improvements’ that Terran engineers make. They are generally thought to be a liability in the normal function of interstellar travel. The only time everyone admits you really want a Terran engineer is when you’re already in a dire predicament and everyone aboard will die without miraculous intervention. The popular expression to describe this phenomenon is that Terran engineers are ‘touched by the gods of madness and brilliance’.”
Taylor thinks for a moment before speaking “Well, we won’t know without meeting her… No group of Terrans is a monolith… Maybe she’s an exception to this stereotype?” thinking a moment more, he adds “Mind if I take the lead on this one?”
Unable to think of any suitable reason not to allow it and, not a little, anxious that every moment MacLeod sits in ship without a distraction might be the moment she find something to ‘improve’, I relent and wave an assent. Pressing the intercom I say “Qorak, sweetfruit. Would you send Ms. MacLeod in?” my lifemate answers almost instantly “Sending her in now, my okla.”
Taylor gives me a bemused look. “Sweetfruit?”
Chirping in irritation, I say “Perks of having a lifemate cum secretary, you get to flirt on the job! And don’t you dare make the ‘secretary bird, secretary’ quip again, it wasn’t funny the first 140 times!” he concedes, throwing up his hands.
As she enters I observe that the nickname ‘mouse’ is very apt. The resemblance this Terran bears to the Earth rodent is uncanny. Small, withdrawn with honeybrown hair and protruding ears. It’s almost enough to make me forget that she’s still a deathworlder with the strength to crush my ribcage in one hand.
Taylor sands and gives her an enthusiastic handshake. She winces, I’m glad to see that that can happen to Terrans as well.
“Ms. MacLeod, I’m Chief Security Specialist Victor Taylor” I let out a brief *chit* that my translator turns into a Terran throat clear. Pausing, Taylor amends “Chief Security Specialist, currently on disciplinary probation.” “Oh” squeaks MacLeod, clearly not knowing what to make of that. “This is Captain Tcakqaal, Head of the Bright Plume, 27th Daughter of Highspire Peak. Everyone calls her ‘Captain’… I call her ‘Cap’.” I give a single, exasperated flap of my crown feathers before extending my wingclaws for a Terran handshake. She takes them with both unexpected confidence (as Terrans usually find R’qali wingclaws offputting) but also supreme gentleness. She makes a good first impression.
“…and this is Research Lead Sha’anza, I call her ‘Shan’.” Sha’anza nervously raises her trunk in greeting.
“So, my compatriots here appear to have some… reservations about hiring a Terran engineer.” MacLeod gives a knowing, slightly crestfallen smile. “I’m aware that we do have a bit of a… reputation but I can assure you that my experience should speak for itself. In fact, I wrote my Master’s thesis on the topic of bridging the gap between Terran and nonTerran design philosophies by means of compromising some of the performance demanded by Terran traditional thinking in exchange for a disproportionate return in the lastability and ease of maintenance favoured by gardenworlders.”
She produces a holopad and taps at it for a moment before turning it around to face me. “If you’ll look at these examples of my work, you’ll see I’ve taken great pains to make them approachable to nonTerrans. With detailed instructions largely absent of the dense jargon, so characteristic of Terran engineering.”
I look at the images, they are indeed impressively approachable. So much so that even I can somewhat understand them, with no engineering background.
The interview progresses for another 30 minutes with MacLeod making favourable impression after favourable impression.
At the end I am forced to ignore the pleading eyes of my Research Lead and tentatively offer her a position aboard my ship.
She’s clearly pleased but queries “Tentatively? Is there another stage to this interview?”
I do my best to keep an impassive expression “Yes, you and all of the others tentatively offered positions will face a final test of your suitability in Starboard Dorm, Deck 5 which, if you pass, will become your living quarters.” She flashes a nervous expression, briefly, but appears to have intuited that that will be all she finds out about the test, for now. “If you would please tell my secretary to show you to the nearest rec room. It’s just you at the moment but hopefully, soon, you’ll be joined by other successful applicants.” I smile. She nods before exiting.
Consulting my notes, I remark “That makes six; an engineer, a cook, a researcher and three security officers. That’s almost, enough to fill the entire dorm!”
Taylor waves a hand in negation “Let’s not count our…species appropriate chicken equivalents. They’ve still got to pass the test. Also, I think there’s one more applicant, 23 right? We’ve only seen 22?”
Frowning at my holopad I realise that there was indeed an applicant that I had overlooked “Tuun, no last name given…” I turn to Taylor “Is that a Terran name? Do some Terran’s not have last names?” Taylor shrugs “Could be. Can’t pretend to be familiar with every Terran culture. Let’s bring’em in and see!”
“Qorak, would you please send in the last applicant? Ms. Tuun “Elf” no last name given: Auxilliary Security Officer?” taking a few moments longer that before he responds uncertainly “Yes, she’s coming through, now.”
When the door opens I have to think extremely hard about whether the creature I’m looking at is a Terran or not. The midnight blue skin, white hair, pointed ears and luminescent eyes are certainly not typical of Terrans but on the other hand Terran’s do sometimes go in for somewhat extreme aesthetic body modifications.
It requires me glancing at Taylor to doublecheck that no, four arms with four fingers each is not a normal amount for a Terran. It’s two and five, two and five. Ms. Tuun is not Terran, I’ve concluded. Then she extends her arm in a very Terran greeting and says, in what my translator informs me is flawless English “Hello, my name is Tuun. I’m very please to meet all of you, thank you for giving me this opportunity!”
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2021.11.28 14:56 kirka20 Honestly can’t be mad

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2021.11.28 14:56 thesixthspence [NM] Medieval Blacksmith - 100 spots at $2 each

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Will ship international: Yes. Winner pays the difference
Timestamp pics:
Description: bit of creasing on front, see pic
Payment required w/in 15 minutes of raffle filling.
PayPal payments are to be Friends and Family only with NO COMMENTS. CashApp payments should have NO COMMENTS. Comments will result in a permanent ban
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2021.11.28 14:56 BazaarMonk Four Elements tattoo design I made

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2021.11.28 14:56 N-I-W-I-B [Oris] My first luxury watch, given to me by my girlfriend for our anniversary. She works in environmental health, so the Upcycle has always reminded me of her. She’s a keeper.

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2021.11.28 14:56 00pharmajo First attempt at growing a lollipop 🌱✨ fan leaves came out so frosty I just wanted to put the whole thing in a case and keep it forever 🤗💚... I smoked it tho 😅

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2021.11.28 14:56 HDinColors Made to order Human Design bodygraphs with avatars!

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2021.11.28 14:56 footangel2000 My BPD just gets worse

The medicine I’ve been taking for a year now has really worked well. It helped a lot with my anxiety and my feelings aren’t as harsh(?) since I started taking them. But now in just a week I’ve gotten worse and I literally don’t know how to react, I feel like I’m gonna crawl out of my own skin and it’s not just something I’m saying that’s literally how it feels. I wake up start crying instantly and then I get better for an hour? Barely, and then I start crying again and having so much anxiety. Nothing that usually calms me down is helping I’m freaking out
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2021.11.28 14:56 whydoesmyfootsmell Elite Team Seas - projection: 777q/5.0Q - need big farmers - 8 spots open - code: 12345678

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2021.11.28 14:56 groo_oot Should I (F24) give this relationship another shot? Or finally end things with him (M24) and work through my depression on my own?

My boyfriend and I have been together for about 4 years, but the last year and a half has been a grueling on and off again process in our relationship. We obviously have a lot of history and there have been a lot of things I have had a hard time shaking off.
We have very different personalities. He's loud, confident, and aggressive. I'm none of these things. When he started taking an interest in me 4 years ago, I wasn't interested at all. I rejected him a number of times but he kept trying (I guess I wasn't extremely clear in rejecting him), and eventually after 2 months we started dating. Especially in the beginning, he was head over heels for me and talked about future plans since ~few months in. This was/is my first relationship still but given how highly he talked about the relationship, I assumed it was great too.
Even then, I did eventually start to realize a lot of issues we had. There was an obvious power dynamic. We're both to blame as he is too aggressive while I am too submissive. And this led to a lot of issues where I felt like I was doing things / becoming someone that I am not. I became more aggressive and insensitive to accommodate his personality, I messed up a lot of personal and professional relationships because of his influence on my perception of different situations, I would have sex with him even when I didn't want to because he would keep pushing and I didn't want him to get angry, etc.
For a while (I'd say the first 3-3.5 years), he wouldn't listen whenever I brought these things up as an issue. He wouldn't take me seriously. Eventually, I got really detached from the relationship and I didn't love him anymore. So for the past year and a half we've been very on and off; I've initiated a majority of the break ups. (Although, he doesn't think this is the only reason for my detachment; I don't handle work related stress very well and easily get overwhelmed with work. In the beginning, I went to the extreme to adjust my work schedule to accommodate the relationship. When that didn't work out, I sort of turned 180 and got back into my work full grind again, hence getting detached from the relationship..)
After we'd break up, after we decide to stop talking etc., he always found a way to start talking to me again. Granted, I wasn't doing well mentally this past year and he knew that and was probably worried and reaching out, and I did enjoy and appreciate his company for the most part. But it was also frustrating because I felt like I never really had the time to decompress during the break or breakup. But I also realize I could have easily just ignored him (at least for the times he messaged/called), so I'm partly to blame too. But it's also frustrating because I feel like he very much took advantage of my mental state at the time since I was in a pretty shitty place.
In the past 3 months or so, we've spent a lot of time talking through these issues. About 3 months ago, we went through another shitty time where he continuously said a lot of very hurtful things to me and I had a terrible start with my new job (which I've been having a hard time recovering from). But after we talked through that, he has started to change a lot and has been a lot more mindful of his aggression and how he says things, etc. He's always loved me a lot more than I love him.
And this past week, we almost broke up again but narrowly avoided that. I asked him why he keeps pursuing this relationship after all we've been through, and he said it's because of the reassurance it gives him when things are going really shitty. The fact that there will be someone who will drop everything and listen and give him a nice hug when things aren't going well. I feel like I might have manipulated him into not breaking up given how mentally unstable I was that day. I've been depressed for a while, and I was talking about how worried I am of how things will be once we break up. And how alone I will be which might make my depression even worse (this was a big problem for me in our last few breakups, since I don't have a good support network). Eventually, we decided to not ends things and (at least in his mind), it feels like things are finally back to normal again.
I've been trying to move forward from all of this the past few days, and I still have a really hard time. I don't feel the love I used to. He knows it's going to take time, but Im worried I'm just going to disappoint him again. He loves me so much and puts so much effort into the relationship, and this aggravates me. It makes me feel like I'm the asshole for not being able to love him back. We've been through a lot and I almost begged for him to not break up with me last minute the last few (almost) breakups we've had given how mentally unstable I am / have been.
Now the question is, should I try to put everything in the past and give this relationship another shot? Or just end things once and for all and work through my depression on my own?
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