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WTT AR 50 Hu tao, Raiden Shogun, C1 Diluc, Childe, Keqing, Yoimiya and Mona + Wolf’s Gravestone
LF: Ar 45 Ganyu + Amos Bow or Offers
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I'm currently travelling overseas and tried to log into FTX using my laptop. I get an unrecognized device error and prompt that I will receive an email to allow me to login, however I never end up receiving the email. Below is the message:
"Unrecognized login detected
We have detected a login from a new device. Please check your email and click the link it contains to complete the login process."
Can someone please help me? I can't even submit a support ticket without logging in. And when I try to get a support-only link sent to my email, that doesn't either because I'm not receiving any FTX emails.
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Please tell me I'm not the only one with hip and buttock pain! It's just on the left side and is painful whenever I get up from bed. I expected some hip pain, but buttock pain was completely unexpected...
My husband suggested (very kindly) I might need to walk around a little more, maybe all the laying down in bed isn't helping, etc.
My husband suggested (very kindly) I might need to walk around a little more, maybe all the laying down in bed isn't helping, etc.
But I'm so tired all the time and I only feel comfortable/rested laying down. I switch between laying on my back, left or right sides.
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I’m tagging bug cause I just really hope it is, why can’t you build on some trees? There’s no reason for that to be in the game, it is not chapter 1 again and having that plug up the building grid is just bad due to how integrated building is now.
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I do sweat therapy but I still itch. Xolair would be my last resort. But for now, is there anything other than these two that works?
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Chapter Four ~ A Song Of Storm & Sky
Read Chapters One , Two, and Three first!
Kali and her companions have returned to Ombre Hex, in the hopes of negotiating some form of peace with its inhabitants.
The bright and boldly confident hologram of the Storm Lord Odysseus asserted itself into the circle of uneasy Star Sirens without any pomp or fanfare, perhaps seeking to establish dominance among the technologically superior dignitaries. With the help of the shuttle’s AI, Avo and Osirea both began analyzing him, making any salient commentary visible on their shared AR displays.
Odysseus’ body plan most closely resembled that of a theropod dinosaur, standing on a pair of strong hindlimbs with his torso held roughly parallel to the ground, and a long tail for counterbalance. Though he stood only on his rear legs, his forelimbs were not actually much shorter, and it seemed likely that he moved using both bipedal and quadrupedal locomotion.
Each limb had only two digits at the end, capped with what looked like something in between a raptor’s talons and a mountain goat’s hoofs. Their outer walls were hard, but their soles were soft, and were likely meant for scaling sheer surfaces. The front pair looked a little more dexterous than the back pair, but in the absence of any opposable digits, they would have functioned more like pincers than hands.
His iridescent, midnight-blue hide was tough and leathery, and his head was held semi-erect on a long, periscopic neck. His mouth was comprised of three long, prehensile feeding appendages, tipped with claws and lined with both teeth and suckers. The tentacles looked far more dexterous than his pincers, and he likely used them just as much to manipulate objects, if not more so.
He had a pair of short, horizontal eyestalks on the side of his head, each one holding a bright blue, crescent-shaped eye. From their shape and position, it could be inferred that he had a 360-degree field of vision in all directions, and the AI’s analysis suggested the eyes contained both photo and magnetoreceptors. There was a bulbous organ on his forehead which the computer identified as an echolocation melon, and beneath that was a small pair of infrared sensing pits.
Along each side of his body ran a line of small pores, which were guessed to be electrical and barometric sensors, and he was adorned with a ceremonial platinum mantle, studded with reflective baubles and emblazoned with a golden coat of arms on his chest.
But most remarkable to the minds of the Sirens - who had only pity for those that must live under the gravity of such a massive planet - was a pair of draconian, membranous wings folded neatly upon his back.
“You can… fly?” Kali murmured in disbelief, unable to prevent herself from voicing her astonishment.
A pair of sacs on his neck inflated as he produced a series of eerie, whale-like calls that must have been capable of travelling for miles across stormy skies. Bioluminescent pigments on his vocal sacs flashed in a complex display as he did so, as much a component of his language as his vocalizations.
Your people avoid gravity. Mine defy it,” was the boastful translation the computer produced, the faint sound of howling wind and clattering thunder in the background still audible.
“Even with its high gravity, Ombre Hex’s dense atmosphere would make flight relatively easy,” Osirea commented silently, her subvocalizations being transmitted to the others' binaural implants. “Soaring on its strong winds would be a good way to travel the long distances between the hydrothermal oases, so it makes sense it would be selected for.”
Kali gave a slight nod in acknowledgment, but kept her focus on the hologram.
“Thank you for receiving me, your… storminess,” Kali began, immediately regretting adlibbing his honorific. “I am Kaliphimoa Koalyea Phaersephia, ambassador of the Lilovarea fleet and the Astrasirena people more generally. I am honoured to be the first to behold your visage. Your bioluminescence is very beautiful. We decorate our bodies with light as well, as you can see.”
Her photonic diodes began twinkling like Christmas lights, in what she hoped came across as a deferential display.
It’s not decoration. Ours is a dark world. We cannot count on any light except what we bring with us,” Odysseus replied flatly, the compliment seemingly lost in the translation. He angled his eyestalks forward, presumably for better binocular vision. “Your messages indicated that you came here to settle this star system, but were unaware that our world was inhabited. Now you are. Do you then intend to leave?
“We… do not,” Kali admitted. “We cannot leave, as our fleet was accelerated to relativistic speeds through the use of a powerful laser array in our home system. Our ships are not capable of holding enough hydrogen to both accelerate and decelerate to relativistic speeds. If we were to simply fuel up and head off to the next star, we wouldn’t be able to stop when we got there.”
So, you’re saying that you cannot leave without first constructing a massive laser array, something which would then give you the option of simply ignoring our demands?” Odysseus asked, his melon wrinkling and his tentacles twitching in irritation.
“That is the situation, yes,” Kali nodded*. “In order to avoid hostilities between our peoples, we think it would be best if we avoided creating anything that could be potentially used as a weapon of mass destruction for the time being. That means our fleet remains, but we recognize this planet and every natural satellite in its orbit as yours.”*
But the rest of the star system is yours to plunder?” Odysseus asked.
“By your own admission, you’ve never left this world. You’ve never even sent any automated probes to your neighbouring planets. Just because you happened to evolve closer to them doesn’t automatically give you a claim to them,” Kali insisted.
So, they belong to whoever sticks their flag in them first, then?” Odysseus snarled. “And as you build your empire, we’re just supposed to trust that you’ll respect our sovereignty?
“My people live in microgravity. We detest macrogravity. We literally couldn’t stand the gravity of your world,” Kali explained, jetting herself up slightly to emphasize her weightlessness. “We only want to harvest materials from asteroids, moons and dwarf planets to build habitats and solar arrays and such.”
Then the fact that you can’t live on our planet is moot. What’s stopping you from deploying your mass drivers here and dismantling it piece by piece?” Odysseus demanded.
“Your high escape velocity! Why would we waste the energy dismantling such a massive planet when there’s so much front-facing fruit?” Kali responded.
And when you’ve finally scavenged your Empyreal whale fall (AI’s note: translation of the front-facing fruit idiom) and have an abundance of energy from your sprawling solar arrays, perhaps then our planet won’t seem like such an unappealing prospect?
“Even with continuous exponential growth, it would take aeons for us to exhaust the rest of this solar system,” Kali insisted. “More importantly, my sisters and I are not colonists; we are settlers. We came here to create life, not destroy it. Even before we left, it was universally agreed that any celestial body with any native life belonged to that life, even if they were only microbes. We’re here to turn dead rocks into cathedrals of life and light and love, and most of all music. My people love music. Back in our home system, they said that even though no one can hear you scream in space, you can still hear the Star Sirens singing.”
Yes. Your home system,” Odysseus murmured. He gestured with a pincer to someone off-camera, and his hologram was joined by a crude projection of Sol. “This is where you’re from, yes? A yellow sun; four large, gaseous outer planets and four smaller, terrestrial inner planets?
All the Sirens' eyes went wide, as they had hoped to keep their place of origin a secret for the time being.
“…Yes, that’s where we’re from,” Kali admitted, swallowing nervously as she did so. “How did you obtain this telemetry? You have no space-based observatories, and your planet is perpetually overcast.”
Under the right conditions, when the clouds are thinnest, the highest aerostats are able to see the stars,” Odysseus told her. “Astronomy is, unfortunately, quite challenging with favourable conditions being so unpredictable and intermittent, but it can be done. We can even see well enough to tell that the third planet of your system is extremely conducive to life. You may live in space now, but you evolved there, yes?
“Our genus evolved on Earth, on the third planet, yes, but no Siren has ever set foot upon her,” Kali explained. “We’re a genetically engineered species, meant to thrive in outer space.”
But there are others of your genus still upon this planet?” Odysseus inquired.
“Yes, there are other species of humans who live in macrogravity; on Earth and her Moon, on Mars, in the cloud cities of Venus, and in rotational space habitats that provide centrifugal gravity,” Kali spoke truthfully. “We have billions of sisters and brothers in our native star system. We don’t interact with them a lot, but they are still our kin. We are still Men, in a matter of speaking.”
The other Sirens rolled their eyes and shook their heads at the tired joke which barely even made sense in Sirensong and definitely didn’t translate into the Storm Born’s language.
"Billions?" Odysseus murmured in dismay. “And would your kin find our world as intolerable as you?
“They… would be able to adapt to your surface gravity, yes,” Kali admitted. “But your world is still extremely inhospitable to them, they wouldn’t bother travelling so far –”
You expect me to believe a race as advanced as yours does not possess terraforming capabilities?” Odysseus countered. “And even if I were to just accept that you meant no harm, you still admit that you intend to construct massive astro-engineering projects. It’s far from inconceivable that some poorly planned action on your part would negatively impact our world.”
“I… acknowledge that you must tolerate a certain amount of risk in accepting our presence in your system, and we are willing to compensate you for that risk,” Kali proposed. “We would be willing to provide you with Helium-3, or metals from our mining operations, or microgravity produced goods, or a portion of the energy from our solar farms.”
I have no interest in making my people dependent upon you!” Odysseus retorted.
“I… listen. Considering that you are the ones who fired upon us without any provocation whatsoever, I think we are being extremely gracious and that your paranoia is both unjustified and, frankly, insulting,” Kali remarked, realizing that obsequiousness was getting her nowhere and that she might need to assert herself.
Odysseus responded by lowering his posture at the reminder of his crime against the Setembra.
I had no idea what your ship contained. For all I knew, you came here to exterminate us in a single catastrophic strike. I had to act quickly!” he vindicated himself. “But, I acknowledge that you have now at least made a presentation of meaning us no harm, and I regret any deaths that may have resulted from –
“There were no deaths,” Kali interrupted him.
What?” he asked, furrowing his melon in confusion. “I saw what must have been thousands of bodies get sucked out into the void. You were out there for –
“We are Star Sirens. We were designed to swim naked through the vacuum of space, to bathe in cosmic radiation and to stretch a single breath for days if we have to,” Kali boasted. “What you did was destroy our home, and we want it back. Are you so paranoid that you would deny us the opportunity to salvage it?”
There was a pause as Odysseus considered his options, possibly listening to advisors out of the camera’s field of view.
What would your salvage operation entail, exactly?” he asked tentatively.
“Ideally, we’d like the Setembra to leave under her own power,” Kali replied. “If you give me your word that they will be safe, I will request that the Quintessa dispatch a technical crew to come and attempt to repair the Setembra. I don’t know for certain how long that will take, and if it’s not possible at all we’ll have to drag her out of her current parking orbit. Is this acceptable to you?”
It is… tolerable,” Odysseus yielded. “So long as your people take no aggressive action, I will permit a salvage operation of your damaged vessel. This is, however, only a temporary ceasefire. You are still an unknown threat to my people, and I will not hesitate to use both my defensive aerostats and nuclear arsenal against you if and when required. Is that understood, Siren?
“It is, Storm Born,” Kali said with an austere nod.
Then we shouldn’t have a problem,” Odysseus claimed. “Your craft has my permission to remain in orbit as well. Our negotiations are complete for the moment, but I will need to speak with you again soon, ambassador.
He dipped low while unfurling his wings slightly in a type of curtsy before cutting off the transmission.
Kali let out a short sigh of relief, and Pomoko was the first to jet over to her and embrace her in a sympathetic hug.
“You were amazing. You were so brave,” she said, squeezing her tightly as the others moved in as well. “I never could have negotiated with a monster like that. Is he really that big?”
"And how many of those things are down there?" Vicillia asked, nearly as unsettled by the Storm Born's appearance as Pomoko was.
“Either's hard to say for certain, but my best guess would be that the hologram was approximately life-size,” Osirea replied. "As for population, based on Ombre Hex's estimated biomass and assuming the Storm Born are both endothermic and carnivorous, I'd guess a maximum carrying capacity of 100 million individuals. Odysseus’ shock at hearing that there are billions of people back in Sol would seem to support that his people only number in the low millions."
"They outnumber us, at any rate," Avo added.
"I don't think speculating about the Storm Born is productive at the moment," Kali suggested. “And Pomoko, please don’t call them monsters. They –”
“They shot at us! They tried to destroy the Setembra! They could have killed Setembra Diva! They could have killed us!” she objected angrily.
“They were scared,” Kali defended them. “Pomoko, we’re the aliens here. As scary as the Storm Born may look to us, remember that they’re not going to automatically think of us as just a bunch of sweet, innocent space nymphs. If we want Odysseus to trust us, then we have to earn it.”
“You’ve already done amazingly by getting him to agree to an armistice,” Avo congratulated her. “I’m going to hail the Quintessa and see how quickly they can get a crew out here. We could be back aboard the Setembra by tonight!”
“Can we move to the parking orbit behind the moon now anyway?” Pomoko pleaded. “I don’t care what Odysseus says. I don’t like being where his lasers can touch us.”
“I don’t think we should. It would show a lack of faith in the armistice,” Avo objected.
“Pomoko, come look out the window with me,” Kali said, taking her by the hand and pulling her over to the viewing port. “Down there, beneath those clouds, is the first alien civilization humanity’s ever discovered. It’s amazing, but it’s also terrifying, for them and us. Yes, they attacked us, and they might still attack us again, but they’re willing to talk. If we can convince each other that we’re not monsters, then we’ll be the first humans to have a cultural exchange with an alien race. I know it’s risky, but having them as our enemies would be even worse. Don’t you want to be a part of building a peace between our two peoples?”
“Them and their weapons staying down there and us staying up here is a good enough peace for me,” she admitted. “But, I love you, and I trust you. If you think it’s worth it trying to forge a relationship with those things, I support it.”
“Thank you,” Kali beamed at her. “And trust me, we have nothing to worry about. All we have to do to keep them from attacking us again is not act like a bunch of invading aliens. How hard can that be?”
Chapter Five, Finale (Premiering December 17th, 3pm EST on Odd_directions ) ~ When You Know Nothing Matters, The Universe Is Yours.
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I was suppose to have one shipped last week & Monday but the seller went MIA. So I’m looking again to buy a Zygen NP-01s.
Gloss or Matte doesn’t matter I’ll just sand the glossy down. Really prefer it to come modded with a paracord.
No local
Please use normal Reddit PMs & not the Reddit live chat
Comment before contacting
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