8tk8y 93y8a h64az zf4dn 943hf 54dn8 4irdh ab8z9 96636 rkbes refer n9ftk di2yn 7ys5f s5bit 74798 krdyy t9y4t 766tn fn93f ffaht Felt the need to inform you that cynthia is about 190-195cm tall and i don’t dislike it |

Felt the need to inform you that cynthia is about 190-195cm tall and i don’t dislike it

2021.12.05 07:07 Muscular_femboy Felt the need to inform you that cynthia is about 190-195cm tall and i don’t dislike it

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2021.12.05 07:06 RuralRasta Men who intimidate women with their overwhelming attractiveness, how do you put them at ease?

Girls tend to get very reserved, professional, quick worded and non-flirtacious with super hot men, but they want them to talk to them. What type of things do you do or say to break the ice?
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2021.12.05 07:06 baka504 Trucks

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2021.12.05 07:06 Formidableden {For Honor} Jormungandr: Sending The Enemy To Valhalla #shorts

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2021.12.05 07:06 kpblm_info Apartment on Kniazia Romana 12, Lviv

Apartment on Kniazia Romana 12, Lviv Apartment on Kniazia Romana 12, Lviv https://apartment-on-kniazia-romana-12.kpblm.info/en Set in Lviv, a few steps from Volodymyr Ivasyuk Monument, 400 metres from The Bernardine Monastery and 400 metres from Lviv Latin Cathedral, Apartment on Kniazia Romana 12 offers accommodation with a balcony and free WiFi. The property is 1. Kniazia Romana Street 12, Lviv, 79005, Ukraine
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2021.12.05 07:06 Much_Disaster5090 how do i pull my foreskin back fully

i can pull it back nearly when it shows most of the head but i cant get it to show the round bit on my penis im 13.
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2021.12.05 07:06 HelloCanUSeeMe About ready to pull the trigger on triples or ultra wide but i have some questions.

Is triple 27 inch 1080p bad? could a gtx 1070ti even run that? And how does it compare to single ultra wide?
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2021.12.05 07:06 MissCompany Travellers in the UK take a chase off the police and ram one of their cars off the road

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2021.12.05 07:06 Yuri_Yslin Should I play Baten Kaitos Eternal Wings first, or Origins?

Eternal Wings was iirc released earlier, but Origins is the prequel. In what order is it best to beat those?
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2021.12.05 07:06 arshpotter9 If you're going to or interested in the OTV IRL event this weekend, I wrote about it!

This is also over on my site, https://www.arshgesports.blogspot.com , but I wanted to put this here for people interested, or attending tomorrow. It's truly an incredible event, I enjoyed myself thoroughly.
I just came out of the OfflineTV IRL event in LA being held over this weekend in partnership with McDonald's- and I've gotta say, if you've got tickets for Sunday's slots, you should be excited. Every person who comes in gets a free tote bag featuring the new OTV mascot Hina, as well as some stickers and a scratch off chance to win free merch. You’re also guaranteed a picture with the talent present during your hour, though I'd recommend getting in there later in the hour or right at the start, or you'll waste most of your time standing around. I would also say you should plan to arrive a good 45 minutes before your scheduled time, especially if you haven't been to that mall before. It's a jaw dropping, crystalline, and confusing labyrinth with 5 floors, it takes a bit to find your way around.
The event is beautiful- I didn’t manage to take too many pictures, but just about every picture there will show how the venue is covered with wall to wall OTV decoration and fanart. There are a few larger, featured pieces that are great picture spots printed in crisp high definition. I can't imagine the effort and time that went into the set up- having been to other meet and greets, this didn't even feel like a pop up thing, it felt permanent and polished.
Every member has a table featuring some of the cool, identity definers of theirs (Michael's robot dog, Scarra's IPL trophy and World's medal, Poki's spike from VALORANT, etc.) and every one of the tables are unique and immediately define the person they represent. I have to say I was immediately fanboying over some of the most recognizable, little pieces of each streamer's history. Í loved seeing how big John's massive keyboard actually is, and what I think is Lily's actual phone case (with Michael's face on it).
By far the most annoyingly effective sales tactic was all the merch being kept out in the main area to tempt everyone up close and personal with an assortment of high quality merch. Many of the streamers had some of their own merch available for purchase, and I will say that the DisguisedToast plushies (illegally cute) were selling like hotcakes, but it seemed people were really interested in main Offline merch more than anything. It’s also a great touch to have the staff modeling OTV merch- if the cost of amazing events like this being free is being marketed merch, I’ll take it.
As far as the sponsorship, I was thoroughly impressed with how smooth it was. McDonald's had their own area near the front, and had sponsored some of the merch being sold and the stickers and such being handed out. I spoke to one of their representatives at the event, who commented how excited they've been to work with OTV, complimenting them as great brand partners. She also didn't rule out the strong rumor that an OTV McDonalds meal is in the works. I also talked to Amanda, OTV's project manager (@Nepheloyd on twitter) about how the event came together over the last several months, and she mentioned this was only the start of many similar live events in the works. She was truly a joy to talk to, and the brunt of that interview will be a part of my next piece on what this may mean for streamer events like this in the future.
This is the first esports/gaming oriented event I've attended since COVID began, and it surpassed all of my expectations. I have to admit that after the scale of events like Twitchcon I didn't have intensely high expectations for the organization level and efficiency here. I was pleasantly surprised. The ratio of staff working inside to guests is 1:2 or 3, there’s always someone who’s able to help move things along. Merch and picture lines were massive, but not sluggish. The check-out process and retrieval of whatever you want to purchase is streamlined and easy (but bring a card, not cash). Since everyone was kept moving, our time slot actually had the last half hour with the main OTV roster completely free to sit in the back and play smash while eating sponsored McDonald’s meals.
For being a completely free event, it’s more fun than it has any right to be. For those who couldn’t attend, I heard a fellow attendee voice what we all felt like, and maybe that’ll tide you over until an equivalent event near you. “This is so surreal…I never thought any of these people were actually real people and now I can just go talk to them here?”.
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2021.12.05 07:06 ItsARealShameMan Chronic cheese choking.

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2021.12.05 07:06 SeaJay_31 The Sunset over Adelaide this evening is puurdy.

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2021.12.05 07:06 TornadoJ88 Annuar Musa: 4G internet coverage in Sarawak to hit 92pc by 2022

Annuar Musa: 4G internet coverage in Sarawak to hit 92pc by 2022 submitted by TornadoJ88 to malaysia [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 07:06 TackleOk7756 Losing interests.Why do people start losing interests in everything at a certain point of life? What do you live for?

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2021.12.05 07:06 behroopiya_ Female Gen Z influencers just trying hard to be the next emma chamberlain.

I can’t help but notice how hard they’re trying to apply the Emma Chamberlain template to the Indian audience.
I mean it’s nice to see more of unfiltered relaxed content unlike what the Mridul Sharma generation has been doing on YouTube but with these girls like Aryaki joon, riya gogoi it feels a bit forced and too similar.
The poop, fart jokes The self deprecating humour The style of talking, the long pauses. There’s just too many similarities I noticed as a long time viewer of emma.
Is that something you’ll have felt too? Are there other influencers you think do the same? Would love to know your thoughts?
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2021.12.05 07:06 denizrolls Anıl güler fındık oğullarına motivasyon veriyor

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2021.12.05 07:06 PROFANITY37 unreal keeps crashing

i keep having this problem and ive traced it to the unreal engine and i cant find a fix...
i think this is the error code: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION reading address 0x6ff28400
im hoping its not something on my end as ive just built this pc a month ago
can someone please help?
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2021.12.05 07:06 trad9r [Store] BTA Gloves & M9 Ruby, Karambit Fade .009 99%, Talon MF 5th max, Howl, AWP/Glock Fade, Blaze w/ Crown, M9/Bayo Slaughter, M9 TT/Lore, Bfk/Kara/M9/Talon Vanilla

Buyouts are in cash value!
Mostly looking for items offers, downgrades/upgrades! Buying / Selling CS:GO Skins for Crypto
Almost all of my prices is nego, feel free to send me offers / add me to nego prices!
TradeLink or Add me to discuss
Name Wear Wear value Additional info Screenshots B/O Tradable After
M4A4 Howl FT 0.3601 - ScreenShot $3,333 Tradable
Glock Fade FN 0.0082 98.8% fade ScreenShot $1,420 Tradable
Glock Fade FN 0.0272 98.9% fade ScreenShot $1,375 Tradable
AWP Fade FN 0.0314 87.3% fade ScreenShot $1,100 Tradable
AK Hydroponic MW 0.0845 - SreenShot $865 Tradable
Deagle Blaze FN 0.0131 Crown on best spot ScreenShot $690 Tradable
AK Vulcan FN 0.0376 BTA, clean as 0.01 ScreenShot $380 Tradable
AWP Asiimov BS 0.9861 Blackiimov ScreenShot $345 Tradable
AK-47 Panthera onca BS 0.7513 - ScreenShot $155 Tradable
Name Wear Wear value Additional info Screenshots B/O Tradable After
Sport Gloves Hedge Maze MW 0.0913 - ScreenShot $5,600 Tradable
Sport Gloves Hedge Maze FT 0.3567 - ScreenShot $875 Tradable
Sport Gloves Superconductor FT 0.3744 - ScreenShot $925 Tradable
Sport Gloves Amphibious FT 0.2846 - ScreenShot $525 Dec 03
Hand Wraps Cobalt Skulls MW 0.1279 Clean pair Screenshot $720 Nov 18
Specialist Gloves Crimson Web WW 0.4328 - Screenshot $165 Nov 18
Moto Gloves POW! MW 0.1196 Clean pair ScreenShot $875 Tradable
Driver Gloves Queen Jaguar MW 0.1337 - ScreenShot $190 Tradable
Driver Gloves Racing Green FT 0.2887 - ScreenShot $55 Tradable
Broken Fang Gloves Jade FT 0.2277 Clean pair Screenshot $130 Tradable
Hydra Gloves Case Hardened FT 0.1520 Clean pair Screenshot $90 Nov 16
Name Wear Wear value Additional info Screenshots B/O Tradable After
M9 Ruby FN 0.0343 - SreenShot $6,666 Tradable
Karambit Fade FN 0.0099 99% fade (98.8% buff) ScreenShot $1,690 Tradable
Butterfly Vanilla - 0.3848 - - $890 Tradable
Bowie Sapphire FN 0.0350 - Screenshot $845 Tradable
Talon Marble Fade FN 0.0068 Fire&Ice 5th max ScreenShot $800 Tradable
Talon Marble Fade FN 0.0329 - ScreenShot $545 Tradable
M9 Slaughter FN 0.0677 Diamond on BS SreenShot $530 Tradable
Karambit Doppler FN 0.0541 Phase 3 ScreenShot $520 Dec 03
M9 Lore FT 0.2641 - ScreenShot $515 Tradable
M9 Tiger Tooth FN 0.0189 - ScreenShot $460 Tradable
M9 Tiger Tooth FN 0.0174 - ScreenShot $460 Tradable
M9 Vanilla - 0.2413 - - $385 Tradable
M9 Case Hardened FT 0.2439 - ScreenShot - Tradable
Bowie Crimson Web FT 0.3746 Centered Web ScreenShot - Tradable
Flip Knife Case Hardened FT 0.3536 Some blue Screenshot - Nov 16
Some ingame screenshots
Always looking for any upgrades / downgrades offers!
Dont be shy to send one :)
TradeLink or Add me to discuss
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2021.12.05 07:06 Long_Junket3047 Buddy link

I joined Drip Network! If you need the Buddy address you can use mine: 0xAC90c389F13620a8C582746230a5C413334b830f
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2021.12.05 07:06 CKGoksoy The Batman fanart, wanted to take a shot at a scene :v

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2021.12.05 07:06 No_Adhesiveness7636 Bel battesimo

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2021.12.05 07:06 PlagueDokktor Is it possible to grab the Disc Chime from the GoS skip bridge?

Is it possible to grab the Disc Chime from the GoS skip bridge? The normal way you would get the Disc Chime would be to beat the Royal Rat Vanguard, go past the Room with the Rat King, drop down the hole, onto some coffins and onto this bridge:
Already picked up the Chime, but it's supposed to be on that tiny ledge I'm staring at.
But the thing is, could it be theoretically possible to grab the Chime from the lower bridge itself?

Is it possible to get to that ledge by jumping from here?
I personally have had no luck getting to that ledge from the lower bridge, but am I just unlucky or is it literally impossible? Do pls let me know. I'm asking this because the GoS skip only accesses this bridge, and not the higher one (which is the normal jumping point).
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2021.12.05 07:06 WrecktAngleSD Breaking Bad WOOOOOOSH

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2021.12.05 07:06 Duolingo_is_after_me Wfl

Me hal21 them mermaid21 anzu wings peppermint bodice
Doing this again cause i didnt get enough feedback
View Poll
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2021.12.05 07:06 Ratox Ha vasárnap boltba jársz, utállak.

Sajnálom, nem személyes, csak értékesítésben dolgozom.
Hiányzik a családom.
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