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2021.12.02 01:18 bobbyswife246 How do I get my jersey signed?

I have an '88 national championship jersey signed by Lou Holtz and now I want the rest of that team(as many as possible) to sign it as well. How?? Help!
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2021.12.02 01:18 Idilay313 Another face/eye in Episode 3 - Nat on the Phone in Jail

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2021.12.02 01:18 dee_snutz CIA Files Say Staffers Committed Sex Crimes Involving Children. They Weren’t Prosecuted.

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2021.12.02 01:18 eliseofnohr (Excerpt) Typhus gets clowned on by the Emperor's Children

The Masters, Bidding is absolutely one of the best short stories in 40k. Recently, I've seen people talking about it, and bringing up Emmesh-Aiye and his mutilated child-slaves and how he died furious because he couldn't make them suffer more. And sure, that's a thing and all.
But we forget what is important. What is absolutely key. The reason that Emmesh-Aiye is absolutely the most valid. That is, the fact that his story to tell was entirely about the time he humiliated, defeated, and completely clowned on Typhus.
Context: The idea of the story is that several Chaos Space Marines-Khrove of the Thousand Sons, Hodir of the Night Lords, and Drachmus of the Word Bearers-have gathered to try to get a bunch of soulstones from the dreadnaught Chengrel. To get the soulstones, they must give a tale of a great victory of theirs in addition to whatever their payment is.
*‘My court and I were dancing our celebration of the ruin of the maiden world Ethuaraine when word came to me that Typhus, that bitter little soul, was mustering his plague fleet for some great work. The news pricked my wits, woke me to possibilities. What a conquest! What a victory to lay at the feet of the Ecstatic Prince! What new doors might be opened to my consciousness in reward!*
*‘My sweet daemon-consorts slid their barbs into my senses and cast visions into my eyes and words into my ears. They showed me Typhus’s contention with some mighty Imperial preacher, who had led a great host of his faithful to claim a world whose own faith was already claimed elsewhere. They showed me Typhus raising his tattered banner in the fray, the confrontation that drove the Imperial invaders back, and the tiny clutch of eggs under the preacher’s skin, undetected among the sting-welts from Typhus’s unhallowed Destroyer swarm, incubating in him even as their parent swarm lived in Typhus’s own flesh. Soon the upstart swarm had made a hollow wreck of the upstart missionary’s body but yet had not taken his life, and now Typhus was preparing to follow the failed crusade back home, wither the man’s hive down around him and take him away with them, reborn into an endless life of servitude to despair.*
*‘How repugnant a fate! How bountiful my Thirsting Mistress’s generosity that allowed me to make him mine instead! Truly I am the instrument of magnificence!*
*‘My visions showed me the Terminus Est leading Typhus’s fleet out of its anchorage, and we flew like darts to remain ahead of them. We found his doomed preacher before he did, and we went to work.'*
There is then a quite lovely narrative of Slaaneshi and Nurglite corruption on the world of an unfortunate preacher Typhus gave the Destroyer virus and it's beautifully written, but this is about Typhus getting his ass kicked.
*'Finally, as the very shape of the stones and the colour of the sky began to change, and the breezes and flowers themselves began to dance and sing and murder, Typhus’s plague fleet arrived.’*
*Here, at the memory of the joke he had played, Emmesh-Aiye was consumed by fits of laughter that doubled him over and shook him to his knees. Both his slaves instantly knelt to mimic him, but Emmesh-Aiye paid them no heed. His mutated larynx gave out squeals so shrill that the blind boy-slave moaned in pain to hear them, and guffaws so deep that for a few moments Chengrel was sure he could feel the inhuman racket buzzing through his life-support syrup and into the remains of his organs. Finally the fits passed and the Traitor Marine collected himself.*
*‘When the Terminus Est appeared in the night sky,’ he said, ‘it dimmed the stars around it with its presence, its bleak aura glowing like a chilly canker sore over our heads, eating the life out of the space around it to draw the rest of the fleet through. Skeletal hulks, whose crews brooded in decks rotted open and sealed shut again with hull plates flayed from vessels they preyed upon, drives burning hot like killing fevers.*
*‘And oh, my brothers and companions, it was a killing fever that came upon Typhus when he saw what had become of his conquest! He led his reeking and downtrodden column down to the doctrinopolis where we ran and slit our skins and laughed aloud. He planted his boots on the great road that led to the doctrinopolis spire and spoke in a voice like a bone-rasp, that clouded and cracked the road he stood upon, which had been dusty flagstones and was now brightly-coloured glass.*
*‘There was no grandeur to the rage of Typhus. He did not brandish his blade up to the sky or call down vengeance in a thunderous voice. But in that sick-roughened tone he demanded who had brought this insult against him. I answered his call, dancing upon the chiming, scented glass of the road in front of him. He hissed his rebukes of me, struck with his blade at me, sent fat and dripping creatures of his swarm through the air to sting and lash at me. I capered away from him, eluding him, drawing him on.*
*‘As Typhus gave chase, drooling mucus from his armour-seams, his host began to make war with us. And faltered! Failed! For we had made this place so wholly ours that when the thralls of Nurgle tried to mar it, it changed them instead! Our new city brought tingling to their long-dead nerves and thawed the rime over their hearts. The foot soldiers, the ones with no Mark from their master but only the marks of their weary servitude to him, cried and spasmed as our delirium woke their senses in ways they had never known. Typhus had brought daemons whose bodies were made from the purest dream of rot given form in the Wellspring, but my own master’s most exquisite beasts and fiends came to meet them, and when they found that the enemy would not dance with them they took pity on such creatures as were made unable to feel delight, and unravelled them.*
‘As for Typhus himself, vengeance had put blinkers on his eyes and all he could see was myself, his enemy, dancing ever backwards.’ Emmesh-Aiye’s distended fingers whipped and whistled in the air, sometimes conducting the mad daemon-chorus that saturated his memories and sometimes re-enacting his duel against the champion of Nurgle. Above him Chengrel’s face twisted in distaste, but Hodir, of all the onlookers the most accomplished in bladework, noted what was concealed in the buffoonery of Emmesh-Aiye’s movements: the speed and poise, the deft nuances to his parries, the lightning shifts of balance and angle on his ripostes. Hodir grew thoughtful, his hand once again drifting to his knife-hilt.*
*‘I tempted him and baited him, oh, and I drew him on into our city. In the great crossroads, beneath the cathedral, its buttresses meeting a half-mile over our heads, we fenced together – he silent, I laughing my delight as my combat-glands flushed ever-stranger liquors through my veins. Finally Typhus’s rage pushed him into speech.*
*‘“You dare?” he demanded of me. “This city and this world and all its prizes were mine, in the name of Grandfather-Beyond-The-Eye. They were mine that they should be his. Who are you to dare denying us what is ours? Have you no concept of what you contend against?”*
*‘“Contend?” I asked, for this was long ago and my face and tongue had not yet been remade as you see them. “No contention here, only joy! No words of harsh contumely here, only the clear and endless song of nerves and dreams flayed bare!” And I spread my arms wide, inviting Typhus to turn his senses outwards and behold the blessing we had made. But he only saw me as inviting him to assault me anew.*
*‘“Why do you tolerate this treatment from this grandfather of yours?” I asked him as we duelled again. “Your grandfather (if such you must call him, for surely your primarch’s sire is your grandfather) has laid this reeking cloak upon your body and soul and called it good! Your grandfather’s curse is not the plague or rot, it is numbness, sloth, eroding your passions and senses into drab despair or plodding servitude! Who would inflict such a thing on you is not your friend, Master Typhus. Let me show you! Let me turn you outwards again! Exchange your grandfather’s sulking stagnation for my mistress’s blazing raptures!”*
*‘But Typhus, he would not be swayed, such was the draught of bitterness that he had swallowed to the dregs so long ago. “Grandfather?” he retorted, and swung his scythe with fresh strength and fury. “That broken toy in its palace on Terra is no grandfather of mine. His blood was water-weak, and his sons took on his weaknesses. Look at you!” and he matched the words to a twist of blade that came exquisitely close to opening me. “They tried to become conquerors and never understood what conquest truly means. True conquest is not defeat. True conquest is despair. True conquest is taking not only the life but the will to live. I will mortify the desires of my enemies to live, rot their souls into despair, and ride that despair into dominion. But you, you prancing puppet,” and with that he stepped back, presenting his blade en garde, and looked me up and down, “Fulgrim’s little whelps never did understand, for all that they bragged about how they would open the doors of their own minds and understand all. The soil of Chemos grew nothing but poppinjays.”*
*‘At that I laughed again. “Misguidance upon misguidance,” I told him, as I watched the little creatures hatching from his hive and swarming into the air only to scatter senseless about his feet as our perfumes reached them. “I am no child of Chemos. Isstvan and Tallarn and Terra and even lost Skalathrax were memories by the time the Emperor’s Children called me into their ranks. And conquest? Of what value is conquest? What cares the gleeful mind for conquest when the ecstatic awaits? You think that taking away that grey little missionary’s faith has made him another con- quest for you? Let me show you what we have proven on him! Let me show you what he is with the chains of mortal sense taken from him!”*
*‘And with that I sang a command in a voice that shattered all the glass flagstones underneath us, and Typhus looked up to see two Raptors from my court’s militia, carrying their passenger down from the Cathedral spire. His hair, which had hung to his waist and been matted with pus and sweat in his seclusion-cell, had been washed, perfumed and braided, and each braid was knotted about one of the Raptors’ wrists. Their claws gripped his shoulders.*
*‘And Typhus beheld that this man, this preacher and crusader, set so high in the Ecclesiarchy, was not his prize now but ours. He saw the marks, heard the delicate warp-keening that wreathed the man’s twitching body, smelt, even over his own supernatural plague-reek; the warp-musk that the preacher’s flesh had begun to sweat. And he saw what had become of that first infection, the eggs that his swarm had planted whose blossoming had brought his plans and mine into motion.*
*‘The destroyer hatchlings in the preacher-man’s flesh had nearly claimed him for Nurgle’s embrace, but we had worked too much of Slaanesh’s wiles on him for that to last. In the preacher’s body the Nurgle swarm was transfigured. Clouds of brilliantly-hued mites swarmed about his face, so small they could have been coloured smoke. Spiders pushed their way out through the flesh and then clung to it with their bright red and gold legs, holding the wound apart so the meat beneath could be stirred by the air. Elegant worms in magnificent clashing hues wriggled under his skin and hatched forth to spit sparks and perfumes at one another. The preacher’s eyes were gone, but his face was pulled in a grin of delight, not the scowl of despair.*
*‘This final humiliation Typhus could not bear. He hawked a battle-curse from his inflamed throat and lunged forwards, intent on wrecking the evidence of his defeat, but the Raptors opened the throats of their engines and bore the man away. He roared with his psyk-voice, calling the foul breath of his grandfather to wither us, and sent his Destroyer swarm to devour the preacher afresh, but our Prince’s touch was on that place too firmly. His swarm scattered to the ground, insensible and already mutating, and his warp-call was choked off as our mistress’s songs pressed in upon him.*
*‘I laughed at him, and laughed some more, and he chased me into the middle of my host. There he rasped and roared and laid about him, until he began to see the faces of his own soldiers around him. Some were overcome by what we had shown them, dancing in among us. Those who had fought that liberation were paraded in pieces, heads and limbs tossed and juggled and kicked underfoot. And in amongst this I presented myself again, ready to duel Typhus until the duel ended one of us. But Typhus stared at me a long moment, and then in the sickly inrushing light-burst of a teleporter he was gone. Within the hour, I was to hear the word of my seers that the Terminus Est had left orbit and was forging its way to a jump zone. Where the tiresome brute went after seeing our wonders, I do not know.’ *
This is the end of this particular story, and the actual short story is just fucking fantastic and I would highly, highly recommend it, please check it out. Chenggrel is angry because he's a loser, and you might expect that as a Death Guard fan I would be too, but as a Death Guard fan what is more important to me is the absolutely disgraceful clowning on Typhus receives, which he does not get enough of, which he should get more of, and which he *fucking deserves*.
It's also a fantastic depiction of Slaanesh, of the Emperor's Children, and of Typhus as a character, but also, GET FUCKED TYPHUS. THIS IS WHAT YOU FUCKING GET. (Yes, I have read Warhawk. No, I still do not forgive him for the bullshit he pulled.)
Also, a bonus discussion between Fabius Bile and Khorag Sinj of the Death Guard, in the spirit of the Emperor's Children giving Typhus the finger:
*[Khorag] '‘What is a plague, but the cleansing flame in another form? Only the strong survive its passing. Only those fit to claim a kingdom from the ashes. Typhus the Traveller wrote those words, more than two centuries ago.’*
*[Bile] ‘Yes, well, I suppose even a blind rodent finds a morsel on occasion.’*
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2021.12.02 01:18 LukeKarino Hello everyone, I have a problem with the game and I would like to know if anyone knows how to fix it, the game just stays on that screen, it does not load. I already restarted my device, uninstall And still this keeps happening to me, does anyone know how to fix it? Beforehand thank you very much

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2021.12.02 01:18 basicbagel Advice for a fresh grad?

Hi there! I’ve just finished uni and starting my first full-time job in January on an average grad salary. I’ve been thinking about my financial goals and basically what I’m hoping to achieve is:

Purchasing property isn’t a priority but if it became important I guess the 7-10 year fund could end up being a deposit fund (I really do not want to touch KiwiSaver til retirement).
Currently, I have a couple thousand in Simplicity Growth KiwiSaver and also Simplicity Growth investment fund, with the remainder taking advantage of still qualifying for high-interest kids savings accounts haha. Pretty happy with Simplicity and am a fan of their investment ethos.
I had been thinking of doing 6% KiwiSaver contributions (unpopular here I know!), because of my retirement goal – but given that long time horizon (2065-2070) I was beginning to wonder if I should maybe:
Alternatively, I move out of the Simplicity investment fund to something more aggressive (again, maybe Smartshares ETFs) for the 7-10 year fund? But not sure if that’s too risky..
As for the emergency fund, that’ll be the priority at first for my savings from take-home pay - split between a “high” interest savings account and a 32 day Notice Saver. Feel fairly confident about that bit at least!
I want to have a fairly hands-off set up in place so I’d appreciate your thoughts, thank you :)
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2021.12.02 01:18 Gugu6969696969 Upgrades people upgrades

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2021.12.02 01:18 Protip0426 Through an ant’s perspective, our homes are probably seen as like kingdoms to them. And babies are probably seen as big destructive creatures that can fit their entire body in their hand.

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2021.12.02 01:18 FallCompetitive7976 02-December I am still here

It is 02-December 04:18. I am gloomy.
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2021.12.02 01:18 cr1ss-b The other day I asked what food you guys wish you liked… what’s your current favorite food? Like you need to stop eating that food. Calm down.

Someone take these mini powdered donuts away from me. This is my second box in two days.
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2021.12.02 01:18 Altruistic_Stress939 Birthday is coming up and bf already telling me what to do and what no to do

I’ve been with my bf for 5 years in these 5 years we spent my birthday together only once because he is busy, doesn’t want to do what I want to do and other things
Now for this year, he already telling me if you family do something I’m not paying $300. Usually my family celebrate outside and stuff like that and spread the bill even between everyone there.
He also told me I can’t take this day and that day off because I don’t have no more days left at work and they checking on me, and then he ask me what I want to do. I told him if it’s your birthday I will just let you know we going to this place for your birthday. Why would I tell you what I want to do? So you don’t make no effort?
I kinda feel bad because he used all his day that he had left this past weekend because he needed to have time for himself and left to another state to visit his friend and used his days. Also he be spending money on unnecessary things like a Nintendo and all that.
I knew this was going to happen when he told me he was leaving this past weekend but didn’t want to ruin his time for himself.
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2021.12.02 01:18 Runogrubo Do you guys think birth control is necessary for me?

Of course not looking for medical advice at all. I'm just wondering if anyone can share their experience or knowledge with me!
My RE keeps pushing BC, but I don't see why? I am insulin resistant, overweight and suffer from hair loss but I get my period every month & I ovulate. He also told me metformin is only necessary for women trying to conceive, and wouldn't prescribe it to me. So I eventually got it from my primary care doctor hehe.
Obviously I know the symptoms I have suck, but is birth control really going to do anything except fuck my hormones up even more when I eventually go off it? The BC success stories make me want to go on it, but I just can't justify it considering all the horror stories.. I'm stuck!
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2021.12.02 01:18 MysticRuined oh no it'll be such a shame if covid got on a spider and i get bitten by that spider and have spider powers that would suck please don't do that covid oh nooo :( :( :(

it would be such a shame since im going to the science museum and hopefully i dont get bitten by that spider that would be a shame (please i want to be spider-man)
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2021.12.02 01:18 Asgaardian1 What fish is this. I know this is a pretty bad picture. And I didn't save the one or his body but what kind of fish is this. It almost reminds me of a snake head. But I've never seen them tiny. It's a saltwater fish. Caught under a bridge in the sound. He was about 6 inches.

What fish is this. I know this is a pretty bad picture. And I didn't save the one or his body but what kind of fish is this. It almost reminds me of a snake head. But I've never seen them tiny. It's a saltwater fish. Caught under a bridge in the sound. He was about 6 inches. submitted by Asgaardian1 to Fishing [link] [comments]

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2021.12.02 01:18 rudebii “Be a vulture and piggyback social media to spread our cult.” FDS is a shit outlook that can only recruit as a skeevy predator riding memes, like scammers, cults, and pyramid schemes.

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