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LF: SO MANY Events From Sheet In Comments! FT: A Couple Hundred Shiny Pokémon and Events In Other Sheet. Thanks!

2021.12.04 17:28 CatchEmAllYT LF: SO MANY Events From Sheet In Comments! FT: A Couple Hundred Shiny Pokémon and Events In Other Sheet. Thanks!

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2021.12.04 17:28 butterballmcgee27 Any greg cote as mickey?

There's only one clip I found on YouTube. But I have my son saying eisner all the time. I'm trying to find the one where he tells Minnie to make him a scotch.
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2021.12.04 17:28 impressao3dbrasil Finalizado! Batman escala 1/6 - 42cm Impresso em resina Quanton3D totalmente sólida. Modelo digital por Pascal Ackermann. Batsinal com luz de LED. Instagram

Finalizado! Batman escala 1/6 - 42cm Impresso em resina Quanton3D totalmente sólida. Modelo digital por Pascal Ackermann. Batsinal com luz de LED. Instagram submitted by impressao3dbrasil to impressao3dbrasil [link] [comments]

2021.12.04 17:28 mrs_bradley20 (F31) am I hot?

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2021.12.04 17:28 tha_0wl Am I crazy or is my cantilever slightly off?

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2021.12.04 17:28 Vanderpump_rules1 Which Trio surprised you the most with their vocal chemistry

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2021.12.04 17:28 throwawayhidden642 Join the EveryMM$ Premium Discord Server!

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2021.12.04 17:28 BruhNeedsSumAdvice I (19M) feel like I'm being lied to by a girl (18f) that says she loves me, and think and she is in a relationship with another man

Hey guys, I have a pretty weighty decision on my mind right now and would really appreciate some advice.
For some background: I’ve been fwb with this girl on and off for 4 years, and right before college we both said we loved each other and were exclusive. I think we would have dated if we weren’t going to different colleges and I regret not asking her to be my gf. Anyways, she said she wasn’t going to do anything with other guys in college. I said that I didn’t want to hold her back, so she should just tell me if she’s doing anything so I’m not waiting around with the wrong idea, but she insisted that she wouldn’t do anything. Everything seemed pretty normal for a while, though she was going to frat parties multiple times a week which made me a bit uneasy.
Here’s where stuff starts to get funky:

  1. About 2 months ago, she sent me a message on snapchat saying "I've been feeling really guilty... I've been talking to this guy and he wants to date... idk what to do." I was very shook by this and left her on read for 30 or so min, and she immediately began spamming me with calls, texts, and snapchats saying she was joking and would never do something like that -- she just "Thought it was a funny joke." I eventually let it slide after a day, even though I knew it seemed sus, because I still really like this girl.
  2. We finally got back for thanksgiving break, and I took her out on a cute date -- ice skating and lunch out. When we were at the restaurant, she was showing me a bunch of pictures and stuff from college and I saw 2 things on her phone: A recently edited kiss list and a bunch of tinder messages. I mentioned the kiss list in passing and all she said was "All my friends did it, don't worry about it. She could tell I was sad about something and after a while I told her the tinder thing seemed odd, she said "I don't even use it, it's just messages from people I matched with 6 months ago on a trip." I thought this was really weird but once again let it slide
  3. Normally when we are both at home, we are hooking up A LOT, like multiple times a week. I offered to swing by a couple times and she made flimsy excuses for why she couldn't, which is very odd considering she is usually very eager for me to see her.
  4. She's started to not snapchat me as much and pick up my facetimes much less in the past month
  5. This is the cherry on top that has put me in a sorry state of mind: With all of the previous things on my mind, I stalked her insta when I was drunk(Yeah, I know, stupid). I saw one dude had liked all of her archived pics (the ones only besties and creeps like), and when I looked at his profile, she had liked all of his pics going back to 2016 (when I knew she hadn't known him before college) and had commented on a picture from 2017, in which he was visiting the area where we both live, "heart and home." This took me for a loop, as I couldn't think of anything else that heart and home could mean other than calling the guy "her heart". To add insult to injury, I know her type, which I check all the boxes for, and this guy looks like me with curly hair and a little more attractive.
I've been really depressed and drinking a lot lately, because its one thing to have some hookups at college, but to have something seriously romantic and continue to lie to me is extremely painful. I haven't confronted her with all the facts yet, but I've left her on read for a few days -- as talking to her is really painful -- and she is a little worried. I've always been the overprotective/jealous type, so I don't want to confront her and be wrong. I'm really worried that I'm just projecting, and she's actually being true to her word. If she is doing things with other guys, I'm not mad about the actions, more that she is actively deceiving me. Whatever the case may be, I need to make a decision soon, as I can't be this stressed going into finals. I also feel that she may just be continuing to talk to me to keep me as a backup for when things don't work out with this guy, which is something she's done in the past before we ever got semi-serious. I am also still VERY into her, so this choice is hard for me. And she continues to say "I love you" all the damn time which makes this hurt so much more.
  1. Confront her and cut things off if it's true (I'm worried she will keep lying even if I'm right)
  2. DM the dude I found on insta and invoke the bro code to see what's going on
  3. Accept that she's not interested anymore at the same level I am and keep her as more of a sidepiece.
  4. Whatever you guys think is a good idea -- relationship drama is always something I've stayed far away from so I am in the dark here
I think my long-term FWB with mutual feelings, who promised to stay exclusive through college, is lying to me. When we are together I feel like I'm a chore for her, and I've seen some incriminating things on her phone and through her actions. I'm still in love with her, and she says she is too but it doesn't feel right anymore. I would really appreciate yall's help.
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2021.12.04 17:28 FedeDragon_ Video not exporting

I have a project with 3 video tracks and 3 audio tracks. If I try to export it it gives an error, but it lets me export the audio tracks and the video tracks separarely. Any idea why?
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2021.12.04 17:28 InterviewQuick12 The Crabada & Joe Cracker Challenge | 🎄 Crabada and Joe have pulled a cracker, what's popped out? That's for you to decide... 🎄Join us for a festive design challenge 🎄$1000 in rewards 💰 🎄Submissions on the @PlayCrabada Discord 🎄You have 7 days, Good luck! 🦀👨‍🌾

The Crabada & Joe Cracker Challenge | 🎄 Crabada and Joe have pulled a cracker, what's popped out? That's for you to decide... 🎄Join us for a festive design challenge 🎄$1000 in rewards 💰 🎄Submissions on the @PlayCrabada Discord 🎄You have 7 days, Good luck! 🦀👨‍🌾 submitted by InterviewQuick12 to MarsWallStreet [link] [comments]

2021.12.04 17:28 tasteslikebeaver Craigslist Ads?

I found a kitty. I want to adopt her, but one, I'm trying to figure out if she has a home and is lost... secondly, the household decision to adopt her is not solely mine. On to my point...
Wtf? Craigslist is still offering re-homing or "free kittens"? I thought they/Craigslist disallowed "free pets" long ago? In a perfect world, I'm for networking... but you know, I worry about the zero-vetting process that a potential Craigslist responder undergoes before adopting a pet via the CL service. I reported the instances to CL, but there are so many. Am I wrong, or does CL allow for free pets to be given away (or, similarly, pets for purchase, minimal cost)?
Second, sorry for lack of brevity... does anyone have a suggestion about how to find a kitty a home? If I call humane society (reportedly a 'no kill'), I worry she'll be a prisoner or even worse (few shelters can operate purely no-kill ofc). It's getting cold in my part of the world. I built her a little kitty cabin with a warm blanket, but it's only getting colder. She's adorable, street smart but not Feral -she lets me pet her, and even purrs! Thanks for your time in advance if you've made it this far (and any potential feedback) ))
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2021.12.04 17:28 ballistickPanda45 Minor illusion is one helluva drug

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2021.12.04 17:28 kanoideric BIOS 0142 GPU Frequency DROP

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2021.12.04 17:28 Effective_Log5655 Wholesome reunion

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2021.12.04 17:28 Dismal_Bobcat9839 Cushing's disease questions

My dog is an 8yr old spayed female Beagle. She had the typical signs of CD with elevated liver enzymes. We had her on denamarin for a month, and her enzymes went a little higher on recheck. I was told the denamarin probably helped slow down the increased or it may have been worse.
We did the low dose dexamethasone suppression test, which ruled a positive CD result. The vet said the number (forget the name) goes down when not CD and hers actually went up to around 8 at final blood draw and test.
So now I am giving her denamarin and will start trilostane on Monday, and will retest in two weeks to see if she's responding to the dosage.
A couple month before all of this my dog got into trident gum, and we had to take her to the emergency clinic, to induce vomiting and monitor her bloodwork. Everything stayed normal and a few days later her follow up test was normal, except the ast was just a tad high and out of range. Three months later it's 1100, and her other liver enzyme is around 300 at her latest test. Could this have influenced the start of cushing's disease or is this coincidental? Is it possible it appears to be cushing's disease but is maybe something else stemmed from the trident gum ingestion?
Can too much stress bring on cushing's disease? We have a two year old, and the house has been pretty stressful on the last year or so..
And my final question is, what are the odds of surgery resolving the issue and should I pursue it? I tried researching and some articles mention surgery curing the problem, some say if it's pituitary gland it's impossible to have surgery, some articles say a well experienced surgeon can perform it, some articles say the same for adrenal gland surgery. Sometimes it can be done, sometimes not.
My vet didn't seem too on board with surgery, and said these areas are tough to work on, and it would be by a specialist anyway. He also said that majority of his cases are from problems at the adrenal gland and not pituitary.. but when from the articles I came across, it showed pituitary gland tumor being 90% of the cases for CD..
With this medicine can I expect my dog to live a healthy normal life? Will her thirst, and appetite start going back to normal. Also her rear seems a little weak but not horrible, will this reverse as well?
I'm just trying to decide the best next steps. I also saw some adrenal gland suppressent natural treatment options on amazon with mixed reviews, but I don't think I want to risk that on my dog.
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2021.12.04 17:28 FullmetalSage Microdosing & tripping

I microdose 3 days a week & today I harvested some of my biggest shrooms to date & I’ve got the weekend off so I might trip but I was wondering what y’all’s experience has been. Does microdosing increase your tolerance for trips?
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2021.12.04 17:28 DANDYDORF [USA-MS] [W] 750w psu, RGB not required, modular [H] Paypal, local cash

I just broke the 550w psu on my prebuilt from upgrading to a titan XP. Not my smartest move, but now i need another. Shoot me your offers
RGB is purely optional but i prefer modular’s and definitely not pre-2017 models.
Thanks, and to hoping the rest of my PC is NOT toasted.
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2021.12.04 17:28 WaffleHouseNeedsWiFi For the first time in 15 years, I hit the gym. (So why am I still on the verge of crying?)

I ripped my ass outta the bed I'd gotten back into around 1:20 this afternoon. Depression is a complete bitch, innit? I said, "You aren't about to friggin' nap, Bighead, so step into those Amazon workout pants you ordered as an excuse to postpone going." I retrieved the unopened parcel from the foyer, realized they fit better than expected, then did some deep-breathing on the way out to the car.
"Don't overthink this, Bighead," I told me. "It's been a long-ass time, okay? The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. That's a good one, right? You need a better slogan; that was on a 500-year-old poster in the doctor's office."
I get to Planet Fitness, thankful for the lack of gymgoers, and bypass the counter-girl who wasn't paying attention (yes!), then do the locker-headphones-let's go business.
Treadmill: 12mins, 3secs, ouch-ankle, it's-hot, hoodie-why?, order long-sleeve tee on Amazon once home.
Leg presses: one set of (10) right-knee-crunching reps of 130lbs Leg extensions: one set of (10) agonizingly slow reps at 80lbs Leg curls: one set of (10) left-knee-crunching reps at 40lbs
Breathe. Breathe.
It's so HOT in here, holy cow. One more reminder about the long-sleeved tee, then ...
... then it happened: I saw myself in a full-body mirror looking so busted and disgusting that the image was burned into my eyes and kept flashing even though I'd looked away and closed my eyes to breathe deeper.
"That's you, Bighead," I said to me internally. "Remember when you went to the gym and liked the mirrors announcing all your progress with each look? Probably not gonna happen again, if we're honest. You've got too far to go, so ... keep suckin' wind, then let's get up and leave."
And I did. As small as that "workout" was, I was buckling and exhausted. More than sweat, I was covered in the twin-feels: Absolute Defeat and Vicious Self-loathing. Uncle Rage and Aunt Pity-Party were creepin' up ready to yell "BOO, BIGHEAD!" while Cousin Get-Drunk kept texting to come over.
I rode around the neighborhood in that giant, hot hoodie (brand: Security Blanket manufactured in the Province of Nobody's Fooled) and blasted the A/C while telling myself not to cry.
"The journey of a thousand miles begins with an OH FUKYOOSHUDDUP and find a better mantra!"
I rode around. And around. Then around once more, taking myself alongside the strip mall of liquor stores that usually have the antidote to thinking for me.
Luckily, better sense washed over me and I went home. Once I got outta the car, I realized my legs were still quite wobblesome and a "Huh" cozied up for a moment, making me think I'd done something.
I grabbed the mail, threw my keys on the counter, and it hit me: "You are so far from getting anything done, leaving the gym like that. The mirror's still gonna be there next time you go, y'know? You can't avoid it, Bighead."
I'm so ready to dissolve into tears, but before I give in, I wanted to type this out and ask if anyone knows/remembers this feeling and how soon it took (if ever) to go away. Maybe some of you have some encouraging quotes I can think about, or some insight that'll carry me outta bed tomorrow.
thumbs to chest
This fat, tired sack of sober sadness sure could use it right now. It's Saturday and apart from the Georgia/Alabama game (Go Dawgs!), I've got nothin' to think about that feels healthy.
I posted about a week ago how I was terrified of going back and asked for the same ... some quotes or thoughts that I can make a mantra as I got prepared to do this, but it was taken down because it wasn't a Tuesday. (Opinion reserved.) (Just kiddin'. That's really arbitrary and not helpful, c'mon.)
So what's say y'all? If you could reach back to your less-in-shape self who was going back for the first time in ages, what would you tell her? Drop some pearls, babies! I've got a locker in my heart that'll store all yall's wisdom.
Cheers from Atlanta. <3
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2021.12.04 17:28 F22Tomcat Went back to the wood grips on my K6S.

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2021.12.04 17:28 LooseHineyHole Can't find referral link

So on oculus's website is says to click on the diamond in the top right hand corner, but I do not have one. Any ideas?
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2021.12.04 17:28 cardibcl0set be german ✍🏻 be 5’9 ✍🏻

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2021.12.04 17:28 EijirouDaishin So, about the series(s). More specifically, about the endings.

You see, due to some personal issues (traumas and other things), I am not a particular fan of vague/sad/depressing endings.
I had picked up Steins; Gate (with SG0 and the movie, didn't like the latter though), and had thoroughly enjoyed it. It was just perfect.
Then I picked up the Chaos; Head and Chaos; Child series... And was scarred. Like, completely crushed.
Now I remembered that there was the Robotics; Note anime from 2012, and I kind of want to watch it but after the Chaos series, everything with the ";" in middle gives me nightmares.
Now... Would anyone be kind enough to spoil me the endings of both the anime and VN? (Robotics; Note)
In case of VN, the true and the best ending would be preferred.
Thanks in advance.
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2021.12.04 17:28 hankthelab 17 days post op

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2021.12.04 17:28 BirdsArePretty88 Saw My Clone in a Race

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2021.12.04 17:28 demroles6996 Before game

Before getting into a game they should make it so you can press a casual button.
This would make it so it’s just a fun game and if you lose it won’t affect your win streak. If you win it won’t count as a win either. Also the stats such as win rate shouldn’t count. Just a way to test new characters and stuff.
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