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Season 4: Chapter 32 - "Coven"

2021.12.03 21:46 NintyAyansa Season 4: Chapter 32 - "Coven"

Season 4: Chapter 32 - Date: Friday, December 3, 2021 5:45pm EDT Directing: WholeNewMess Building: _Nilin Coding: _Nilin, WholeNewMess Characters: EindrideEaves (WholeNewMess), BriarWillows (_Nilin), EmilianaElise (WholeNewMess), Ailana (WholeNewMess)
Thanks to our Supporters for sponsoring this and every story event! Your continued support of the server is valued and appreciated. We love you. If you'd like to help contribute, check the subreddit links for our Patreon page.
Coven https://preview.redd.it/8b7fg0b68f381.png?width=1440&format=png&auto=webp&s=035c56d4990ce5c2b003148535029b779dbcde9c

Event Recap
Eindride, Briar and the players set off to rescue Emiliana. They arrive at the Coven to find it empty.
After some searching, Emiliana and Ailana eventually reveal themselves. Emiliana encourages the players to leave, but Eindride attacks Ailana, causing him to be blown to smithereens by a Fireball spell. Ailana poofs Emiliana out of existence and begins chasing the players down, calling them her "snacks".
Willem and Laurelyna are killed by Ailana.
The others survive to see Eindride return, claiming that the 'blood' that Ailana spilled in the Academy is not actually blood at all. It's fake. He reveals his suspicion, which Ailana confirms, that Ailana is actually the Great Mother. Ailana died years ago, and the Great Mother has taken control of her dead body, after eating the insides -- which, as it turns out, is what the Coven actually eat instead of 'life force'.
The Great Mother tells Emiliana that they'll see each other again soon before vanishing. The players escape, and Emiliana thanks them for rescuing her. She asks Briar to catch her up on the lessons before going to bed.
Event Reactions
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2021.12.03 21:46 TerrariaCreeper how do i make the offer wall work

i'm on ios.
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2021.12.03 21:46 HildaSkilda I’m guessing 95 is the max?

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2021.12.03 21:46 AMD_FX-8370 How do projector screens know when to stop? Highly specific SI (Screen Innovations) question.

My projector install got delayed by a few days.
In the meantime I’ve put together a switch circuit consisting of industrial push buttons to serve as a manual control station for our Screen Innovations Series 5 screen.
The control station has an auto/manual selector switch. In auto mode, it simply connects the 12v projector trigger. In manual mode, it disconnects the projector 12v trigger and connects an RJ45 control input to the screen.
This has 3 connections on the RJ45 control input - common, up and down.
I’ve wired this so that when no buttons are pressed, both the up and down wires are connected to common (which should stop the screen, if it was moving). Pressing the up button breaks the down-to-common connection, leaving the up-to-common connected so the screen moves up. And vice versa. The screen will hence only move when either the up or down button is held.
But if it was stopped mid-travel, would this cause the screen to lose its position? Hence opening up the possibility of over-running the set limits?
Maybe I’m overthinking this but if anyone has any experience it’d be appreciated.
I contacted SI about this a few months ago but they did not get back to me.
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2021.12.03 21:46 ViriatusPC Star Citizen : Intergalactic Aerospace Expo 2951 [ Day 10 Finale : Best in Show ]

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2021.12.03 21:46 Aimbotit [Xbox] [H] Turbo Striker Bs Roulette [W] Pricecheck/Offers

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2021.12.03 21:46 Nofalriz Quick selfie 🤳

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2021.12.03 21:46 Mediocre-Customer What should I put on my Ares?

I am in Gold II, I have 2 magnetars o my ares, should i put pulsars or hornets? I thought since i already have lockdown on magnetars, I should have DOT or something
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2021.12.03 21:46 AnotherMeal [spoilers ep4] But how badass was this entrance?

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2021.12.03 21:46 PossumGang I want to learn how to read natal charts, but I don’t know where to start

I really want to start learning how to read natal charts, but every time I look at one I see so many lines and numbers that I don’t even know where to start, I’ve looked at some YouTube videos but they all seem to state information in no particular order and it’s not really helping me :( if anyone knows any books or YouTube videos, or anything at all really to start with please let me know, and is there any information I should know before getting into natal chart reading?
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2021.12.03 21:46 tmrtdc3 Anybody else disturbed by the way the show handles MeToo and cancel culture?

Consistently feels like the show is treating cancel culture as a joke and it's weird because it almost feels like they are playing into the conservative view that cancel culture is a ridiculous phenomenon that goes too far when they are supposed to be the more modern, woke GG. A lot of us think cancel culture is just cultural accountability -- not even real consequences, because who knows what it actually means to be "cancelled," people will say mean shit to you on the Internet for a while and you become the punchline for a joke, and then it all blows over and people forget about it? Julien is always talking about how she'll be cancelled for completely innocuous stuff and several of her storylines do revolve around that happening -- I really think the show missed the mark when it tried to make a joke out of something that really happens without really exploring why or what it means. Also the MeToo plotline with Davis also seemed badly handled, and it's weird seeing the same writers who wrote a rapist in OG GG (Chuck) and then redeemed him, made him a love interest, desirable, sympathetic, and a hero, and never held him accountable, suddenly write a whole plotline concerning a wealthy influential white man being accused of sexual assault. Seems like they should look into their own sins, TBH. And it really feels like they in part wrote the new GG because the writers themselves didn't want GG to be "cancelled."
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2021.12.03 21:46 spacepolicy NASA to award SpaceX three more commercial crew flights

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2021.12.03 21:46 coldandsour Anyone down to trade for any of the other pins of this collection?

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2021.12.03 21:46 Lostpoets *cries in Colombian*

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2021.12.03 21:46 SpectreBrony Human Loona by BlueStripedRenulian (Credits in Comments)

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2021.12.03 21:46 sipolkmia WATCH ME BARREL ROLL

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2021.12.03 21:46 DarIgnis New War mood in Warframe can be different.

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2021.12.03 21:46 tengofuego Spotify wrapped. Intro is M.I.K.E - Changes R Good (Tranco Edit)

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2021.12.03 21:46 Conscious_Dancer Tarot/Oracle

Does anyone want a reading?
I'm reading in exchange for reviews!
My favorite topics in particular are self exploration and inner growth.
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2021.12.03 21:46 X3FBrian Worth upgrading to Kicker Q class??

I currently have two L715S wired at two ohms. I am kind of wanting to upgrade to the Q class 15” version and get them wired at 1 ohm.
My amp makes 2400 @ 2ohm and 1ohm however I’m seeing the amp makes a lot more power at 1 ohm. It’s a kicker kxa2400.1
The Q class is made to handle 1200 rms each, so at 1 ohm I would be over powering them as I am over powering the L7S’s right now.
Is it worth doing this?
Also for what it’s worth, 200 amp alt, big 3, all 0 gauge sky high cables, two XS power d1200 batteries.
Pic of current sub setup: https://i.imgur.com/HeJZeJX.jpg
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2021.12.03 21:46 newsdk Advokat: Sigtelser kan komme på tale i Baldwin-skudsag

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2021.12.03 21:46 futurelullabies Finally found the combination for Sweater Weather

I layered Open Sky with Juniper Breeze. And it smells EXACTLY like the home fragrance of Sweater Weather. It took forever to figure out the notes but I think this it’s the closest I’ll get.
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2021.12.03 21:46 dmayfuller20791 It’s been a month and Google hasn’t update my area yet

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2021.12.03 21:46 sep08 BGE vs. Weber

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2021.12.03 21:46 icantfindanamesoboi On PS4, just need someone to help me

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