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Please enjoy these teef

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2021.11.30 18:55 Ragu2Saucey92 Please enjoy these teef

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2021.11.30 18:55 TheBittiez The Bittiez: 25 Dayz of X-mas

The Bittiez: 25 Dayz of X-mas We are launching our 25 Dayz of X-mas Bittie Collection tonight at Midnight. Every day until Christmas there will be 1 new Bittie revealed. Bidding starts at 0.00 Eth! All auctions end on Christmas Day!
The Bittiez Official Website
December 1st
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2021.11.30 18:55 Sab44 Does this have any use?

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2021.11.30 18:55 ParaLLworld Just posted my first NFT on opensea. Share your thoughts in the comments!

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2021.11.30 18:55 Milkywaes1 I just whipped myself with a belt.

It was the buckle end too... I don't know why. I was just holding it and smacked myself, and then gasped and said "why would I do that to myself?"
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2021.11.30 18:55 _Islam1 Surah Saba' Ayah 24

(۞ قُلۡ مَن یَرۡزُقُكُم مِّنَ ٱلسَّمَـٰوَ ٰ⁠تِ وَٱلۡأَرۡضِۖ قُلِ ٱللَّهُۖ وَإِنَّاۤ أَوۡ إِیَّاكُمۡ لَعَلَىٰ هُدًى أَوۡ فِی ضَلَـٰلࣲ مُّبِینࣲ)
[Surah Saba' 24]
Say, "Who provides for you from the heavens and the earth?" Say, " Allah . And indeed, we or you are either upon guidance or in clear error."
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2021.11.30 18:55 mattt_b This game is mocking me.

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2021.11.30 18:55 rented_ “Are you seeing this shit Yun-Jin?”

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2021.11.30 18:55 kahlani_blue PLEASE WFL PLEASE NOW <3

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2021.11.30 18:55 Annual_Application33 FOR ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS

HI everyone,
I was hoping we could open a post for absolute beginners, such as the advised starting point, podcasts/sites to listen to, where to get the N1 - N5 series (online & offline), etc.
I hope we can share this with everyone we know, who are interested in learning Japanese.
If you have an recommendations, please leave them below!! It would be greatly appreciated!
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2021.11.30 18:55 Equal-Appointment740 Stuck on Arrival at destination [UK]

It hasn’t updated since 23rd(E-EMS). Is this normal I have never experienced (8 parcels in the past) this before it would usually only take a day or two.
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2021.11.30 18:55 puddlehuddle Reputable sources

Where is everyone buying their Monero, preferably want to buy direct not exchange IF possible. UK.
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2021.11.30 18:55 itgoesdownandup Scabs that kinda resemble Orion’s Belt

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2021.11.30 18:55 PCM77 Ghislaine Maxwell’s Online Black Book

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2021.11.30 18:55 Bobtheglob71 Tired of nic? Try some ...

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2021.11.30 18:55 ac6khh I (M14) played a concert at my music school today

I played a piece on a piano in front of about 40 people and I wasn't even stressed out It was the first concert in my entire life I'm so happy lol
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2021.11.30 18:55 Cosmonaut1947 Discord 100

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2021.11.30 18:55 just-claire Happy Tuesday/Wednesday my lovelies 💕 What did the horse say when it fell over?

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2021.11.30 18:55 HexagonTactical Once upon a time on Reserve: VEPR (5,45), OTs-38 (7,62x41,5 SP4), AK-105, PB, VSS, Glock and AK-74M (after supressor meltdown test).

Once upon a time on Reserve: VEPR (5,45), OTs-38 (7,62x41,5 SP4), AK-105, PB, VSS, Glock and AK-74M (after supressor meltdown test). submitted by HexagonTactical to ak47 [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 18:55 hammergod_thor me irl

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2021.11.30 18:55 TruthToPower77 WaKe uP SheEpLe!

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2021.11.30 18:55 General-Method322 How does one change files around from media source to edit between a MacOS and Win10 desktop

I have used a MacBook Pro 2020 (i5, 16GB RAM, 1TB) to edit my collage project so far however i want to move that project to work on it from both my Editing/gaming pc simultaneously. Now when i open the project from my PC not Mac it wants to see the video media in premiere pro where they originate from. Now my project has saved all the media i have for the project how the Mac sees it obviously. Now my footage is on an SD on a type c adapter along with my other files for SFX and Music on a USB Flash and i put my adapter into my pc and the pc sees those dives and files different from my mac. How do i get the files across and save them over the cloud so i can switch between them without having to unplug and plug in my adapter?
Also will this allow me to add more footage like would this two desktop set up allow me to essentially edit like the project is on 1 pc? I know it will right?
Sorry for the confusion it confuses me. its the one part of the editing process I hate lol anyone else relate?

Thank You in advace for your help! :)
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2021.11.30 18:55 Relevant_Dog_6115 Is it weird that I found Arch super easy to set up even with no previous Linux experience?

I’m a long time Windows user. I’ve been using the OS since the days of Windows XP, and I honestly never really gave Linux a second thought. I was getting disappointed with newer Windows releases, they’ve been getting more bloated and there’s been a ton of UI inconsistency with Windows 11. So I thought, why not try Linux? I had considered trying it once before, but that was before Proton allowed me to play my Windows games with the same performance. My previous Linux experience was just using Ubuntu 14.04 on a computer at a public library, so I didn’t exactly know a lot. At first I was going to install Ubuntu, because I heard it was a good distro for beginners. But while I was doing my research, I came across this thing called “Arch” that could supposedly be configured exactly to the user’s liking, but was only recommended for more advanced users. I thought what the hell, I’m gonna give it a shot! So I booted up a live USB on a secondary laptop, opened the wiki on my desktop and started the process. The hardest part of the install was honestly partitioning the drive, but once I figured out stuff like where to mount the EFI partition it was pretty straightforward. Fast forward to today, I’ve been using Arch for three weeks without any problems! I installed GNOME and the newest NVIDIA drivers, got my entire steam library running with Proton and even installed the Zen kernel! I do a weekly pacman -Syu and everything is running super smoothly.
TL;DR I installed Arch as my first Linux distro and honestly found it super simple. Is that weird? xD
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2021.11.30 18:55 spacecamps Philodendron Xanadu or Selloum?

Hello! I got this guy from a plant nursery a while ago, wanting a Xanadu but the nursery had a few marked as Xanadu and a few marked as Selloum that looked extremely similar, I was wondering if anyone could help me identify which it is?
I also know that these names are outdated, but it's what I know them best by.
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2021.11.30 18:55 LetsPretendWeAreNumb What can you put in a back pack to make it weigh 25 lbs more?

Looking for something disposable or something that i wont look for in the future. I currently have a 10lb dumbbell and 3 bottles of water, i dont want to add anymore water because i dont want it to spill someday. Currents at 14lbs want to get to 40
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