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Buddy Matthews almost ready to upload on PS4! Just need Moveset and he’ll be up soon! Love how the body texture came out too!

ASK ABOUT OUT FREE ASSESSMENT!~ Office Hours: 9:00a - 8:00p EST Tutoring sessions start at 9a with the last session being at 8p EST. Sessions last for one hour. We have time slots for up to 6 ...

2021.12.02 19:15 HelloSir55 Buddy Matthews almost ready to upload on PS4! Just need Moveset and he’ll be up soon! Love how the body texture came out too!

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2021.12.02 19:15 gumshoe_gumshoe AB enjoying a nice raw potato in the crunch zone

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2021.12.02 19:15 Half-Leaf69 Advice with my relationship

Okay so, I am a senior in high-school and in dating this girl who is a junior. We have only been dating a month or so, but I feel like I love her. I don't know if it's puppy love or the real thing. I guess time will tell.
Anyways, we have been dating a month or two and she recently told me she may have to move about 4 hours away. This would mean we would have to switch to a ldr. But my last relationship, which was also my first, was a ldr and after that messy break up I swore them off.
Now, my girlfriend isn't the stablest person, she has hard a pretty hard child hood and has told me that in the past she has been close to ending her life.
So, I thought we were going to have some time before we talked about the going as a ldr or splitting because I ship off into the military july of next year. I don't know what to do, I can either stay with her and do the ldr until she graduates, but she says all she wants in life is to live out a van. Or break up with her, but if I do that it might have drastic consequences.
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2021.12.02 19:15 Fayyker When your friends are not around so you have to chill with locals

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2021.12.02 19:15 Wongoku For those of you who have been to anime conventions, what were they like?

I guess Comic Con kinda counts?
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2021.12.02 19:15 New_Ad_6816 Dragons attack

Dragons attack
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2021.12.02 19:15 SpaceBollzz Vinyl Blair - Horsework (Vinyl source radish mix) [1994]

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2021.12.02 19:15 ZombieNo2734 DD is ridiculous! How low can they go....oh wait 2.75 each.... disgusting

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2021.12.02 19:15 Unhappy-Apartment643 Mononoke Inu [P2E, DAO, NFT]. Research Report & Analysis Video.

Hey guys,
This crypto is early, but as you'll see from my research it's a game changer.
The project is coming out of a downtrend at this moment. The potential for the future however is very strong.
It's a soon to be (Mid December) a P2E game with a DAO ecosystem, usable and playable on movile devices at an extremely affordable price point. There will also be NFT's.
You have Mononoke which is at a 50m MC. Then Fortune (The utility token.) at 2m MC.
Mononoke will be the required to play currency, with Fortune being the earned currency.
Feel free to watch and enjoy, i hope it informs you opinion in some way :)
Please also check them out on Twitter.
Join the Telegram too.
Their Website has all the info you could need: https://www.mononoke-i.nu/
Here is an exerpt;
What is Mononoke?
Mononoke Inu was birthed from the idea of true community focus. The team were inspired by the adventure picture we have loved since childhood and the anime crypto trend served as a catalyst for its release.
We are awestruck by how well it has taken off and the strength of our community. Mononoke Inu embodies the essence of the crypto space that the development team has come to love.
We are not here to take part - we are here to take over.
Redistribution 1%Holders get rewarded! Simply hold Mononoke-Inu and you will earn more Mononoke-Inu passively!
Thanks for reading!
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2021.12.02 19:15 Father_Idol Trading (See Comments for Details)

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2021.12.02 19:15 Ok_Band6248 Your dick is now the handle of a sword and you can drag it out when it is erect what do you do?

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2021.12.02 19:15 juan_g3 Archive Set Tanking

Any catalyst that can potentially bring the value back up. Even Shaq and Lebron moments diving
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2021.12.02 19:15 slender_james Low test results

Hi all, I've recently has some blood work done by my GP as I'm suffering from virtually all symptoms of low testosterone.. my results came back and my gp told me they were indeed very low (didn't give me specific numbers) however she did tell me she was going to refer me to a specialist at the hospital, to undergo some kind of testosterone replacement therapy. Has anyone had any experience with this before? And maybe what I can expect? It would be a nice silver lining to this shit situation if I could get some gains from this treatment as well as not feeling shit all the time. Thanks in advance 👍
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2021.12.02 19:15 PlentyNothings Brew some lush beverage of choice and be up for a treat || upto 20% off coupons ~ Discount coupons "21CYMON" or "DRDRAY" + rewards coupon "JAZA4793" and there!

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2021.12.02 19:15 pesochrisss WFL ACCEPTED

me: NR gingercat them: NFR Sabertooth
View Poll
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2021.12.02 19:15 Faceless_or_Sselecaf A Fallen Angel part 3

Posting this to see if anyone is interested in reading my stories.
Paulo drove Xavier to Sir. Adrian's hideout, Xavier got down and saw Alberta was already there! She started crying when she saw Xavier covered in blood and holding a knife in his hand. She couldn't believe her son killed someone. She ran towards Xavier and hugged him tightly. "Why did you do that, Xavier?" Xavier hugged her back and replied in a serious voice "I did what Dad told me to do" Alberta couldn't stop crying, she looked back at Sir. Adrian who was looking at Xavier proudly. She walked towards Sir. Adrian and said "why?" Sir. Adrian looked into her tear filled eyes and coldly replied "don't try to stop me or come in my way Alberta, 15 years ago when I named him Xavier I told you he is going to become like my mentor" Alberta knew she couldn't fight back or argue. She grabbed Xavier by his arm and drove him back to their house. Xavier was happy that he made his father proud by ending one of his enemies.
Next day Sir. Adrian came inside Xavier's bedroom, Xavier was sharpening his knife. Sir. Adrian smiled at him and said "Xavier I need your help" Xavier stopped sharpening his knife, he smiled and looked at his father "Tell me what do I have to do?" Sir. Adrian patted Xavier's back and said "You're aware of our business by now. You know that I'm involved in smuggling! What I want from you is that there's a box hidden behind your school, you have to somehow bring it safely. I can't send my men because cops are everywhere." Sir. Adrian headed outside without waiting for Xavier's response, He stopped and looked back at Xavier "Also those two prostitutes said they didn't see who killed Captain" Xavier smiled widely. Xavier got ready for school, he didn't take a bus or didn't go in a car. He walked to school thinking about how is he going to bring that box and how how is he going to find it in the first place. Once he reached at his school a 16 year old girl named Leena waved at him. Xavier didn't pay attention to her but then got an idea! He walked towards her and offered his hand for a handshake. Leena was surprised by Xavier's sudden friendly reaction, she waved him everyday but he never noticed her. She was smiling and shaked Xavier's hand. Xavier looked at her and said "Will you bunk classes to play a game with me?" Leena was surprised and hesitantly replied "Xavier... I... can't bunk classes" Xavier sighed and said "make the choice, I'm in a good mood today. If you play with me today, you can hang out with me everyday" Leena immediately nodded yes! She had a crush on Xavier and she wanted to be with him. Xavier grabbed her arm and took her to school's backyard "So the game is... a friend of mine hid a box here last night. Whoever manages to find it wins the game" Leena was sad to hear about such a boring thing but she didn't want to disappoint Xavier.
Xavier handed her a small hand sized shovel and both of them started digging around. After a while Leena jumped up "Xavier there's a snake!! Run!!!" Xavier grabbed her arm to stop her and grabbed the snake by it's head in his other hand he gently tossed the snake away "Calm down otherwise we will get caught" Leena calmed down, she blushed and smiled when saw Xavier was holding her hand. Xavier saw that Leena smiling and looking at his hand. He immediately left her and continued searching for the box. After almost an hour both of them were exhausted! Xavier threw his shovel on the ground in anger and it made a sound! Xavier looked down and it was just sand.. he digged with his bare hands and saw a hand sized box there! He picked it up and looked at it closely. Leena walked towards him and before she could look at the box, Xavier kept it inside his school bag. He looked back at Leena and coldly said "thanks for helping, let me know if I can ever help you" Xavier left from there immediately as he had to deliver the box to Sir. Adrian! On his way back home a cop was standing in middle of the road. Xavier stopped walking and looked into Cop's eyes without any fear or hesitation! The cop smiled at Xavier and walked towards him. The cop placed his hand on Xavier's shoulder and said "I am Deputy Win, I know you're Adrian's son and you've that box with you. Hand it over" Xavier looked around and saw no cars were there.
Xavier looked into Win's eyes and simply said "No." Win was an aggressive man he punched Xavier! Xavier fell down on the ground, Win pulled out his gun and aimed it Xavier "hand it over now!" But to Win's surprise instead or crying or feeling threatened, Xavier was smiling at him. Xavier got up and said "Do you know a captain got murdered yesterday?" Win looked at Xavier with a raised eyebrow and replied "Of course, I'm the one who's handling that case" Xavier smiled widely and said "Captain's body looked good, right? I'm the one who did all of that" Win laughed at Xavier and said "Oh really?" Xavier unzipped his school bag and pulled out his knife. "Here's the knife I used to kill him" Win placed his gun back in his holster and looked at Xavier, Xavier realized that now was his chance to do something. He looked at Win and said "I went to his farmhouse with this knife and attacked him!" Win was surprised by Xavier's words and said "How?" Xavier sighed a little bit and said "Like this!" He immediately stabbed Win's right arm to make sure Win doesn't pulls his gun out again. Next Xavier stabbed Win's collar bone! Win kicked Xavier back, Xavier fell down as he was still just a teenager. Win pulled out Xavier's knife from his own collar bone and charged towards Xavier! Xavier kicked Win's left knee, Win lost his balance and fell down. Xavier got on top Win grabbed his knife from Win's hand and stabbed Win's right eye! Then Win's throat! Killing Deputy Win on the spot. Xavier tore Win's uniform with his knife and carved *Captain X" on Win's chest! Xavier picked up his school as he walked back to his house acting like nothing happened.
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2021.12.02 19:15 rokliefhebber Susi brandt with perfect outfit black blouse,her green skirt, black panty's and pumps,.; have a look a her skirt when she sits , how her skirt coversher legs, like to read your comment about all this

Susi brandt with perfect outfit black blouse,her green skirt, black panty's and pumps,.; have a look a her skirt when she sits , how her skirt coversher legs, like to read your comment about all this submitted by rokliefhebber to hot_reporters [link] [comments]

2021.12.02 19:15 MugShots LVMPD Traffic Alert

LVMPD Traffic Alert ACCIDENT (WITH INJURY) ROCKY HILL ST / W RUSSELL RD 12/2/2021 2:03:43 PM incident #LLV211200006703
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2021.12.02 19:15 deenweeen sounds likely added in post

After listening to the sub for Babaro, it’s clear that they ass the hmmm, mmmphs, ohhhs, hurmphs, hnnnng, hmmmm, hmmppphs, whoa, hmmphhh, ahhh, huh, and whoa’s for dramatic effect.
No, this is NOT what the news should sound like.
Christ, it’s like they added more than Barbaros usual incessant moaning.
A story that I was looking forward too ruined by fake concern.
Fake concern and opinion doesn’t belong in news.
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2021.12.02 19:15 DearSignature 31f, gave inaccurate history to new doctor

Within the last month, I had a routine annual physical with a new (to me) doctor at a new (to me) health center. The doctor had no knowledge of my prior medical history. At the start of my appointment, we reviewed my medical history and he entered the information into my electronic chart (at the computer).
Among other questions, he asked me if I'd had any previous surgeries. I hesitated for a second, then chickened out and said "no". The truth is that I've had exactly one surgery, nearly 8 years ago, for the purpose of surgical sterilization. But I didn't want to get into a potentially tense conversation about it. Now I think I should've been truthful.
This time next year, I'll probably be going back to the same health center (if not the same provider) for another annual physical. Should I correct the record at that time? How should I correct it--what exactly should I say?
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2021.12.02 19:15 thinkerballs Kayle mains, how do you play lvl 6 to 9 on mid?

I play very safe and don’t interact with my opponent until 9. This usually gets them bored after lvl 6 (especially assassins) and when they understand that they won’t be able to kill me, they roam, usually to bot.
When roam starts, I don’t follow my opponent to keep farming to get to 9. I danger ping on top of my adc multiple times, ping my opponents name, and type he is coming to chat.
Usually my opponent still gets a double kill or catches my jungler in river and 1 shots him, and my dead teammates types mid diff. I’m in silver 1 btw.
Should I counter roam my opponent before level 9 instead of farming?
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2021.12.02 19:15 Possible_Abrocoma_22 US sues to block Nvidia deal to British chipmaker Arm

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2021.12.02 19:15 Austamos [US-SC] [H] PayPal [W] MX Master Mouse, Artisan Mousepad Offers

Paying via G&S, open to any offers similar to what I’m looking for.
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2021.12.02 19:15 Hey_itza_me FT: Pic LF: offers (Can do Custom OT)

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2021.12.02 19:15 goofy1011 Hey Everyone, here's one of my nearly finished projects!

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