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Make an ellipse grow independently

2021.12.05 01:46 CCMac_Arts Make an ellipse grow independently

Hi, I'm very very new to Processing (just learned loops earlier today) and am trying to figure something out. I'm trying to make it so that when you click the screen, a circle of random size and colour shows up, and then grows indefinitely at a set speed (preferably a random speed for each one) after being placed. I've got it to a point where the circles appear on click and are of a random size/colour, but I don't know how to make them grow by themselves.
I'm sure this is a very simple question but I've been struggling with this and would appreciate any help 🙏

float circleX; void setup() { size(1000,1000); background(0); } void draw() { circleX = random(0,220); } void mousePressed() { fill(random(255),random(255),random(255)); ellipse(mouseX,mouseY,circleX,circleX); } 
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2021.12.05 01:46 Sithling_66 Lolikano

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2021.12.05 01:46 MiscMusic48 What's your favorite symphony?

I know it's a simple question, but I'm genuinely curious. What's the one (or more) symphony that you always go back to no matter how many times you've listened to it? The one that you practically know by heart backwards and forwards. The one you can say to yourself is "your" symphony?
For me, it has to be Rachmaninoff Symphony No. 2.
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2021.12.05 01:46 Additional-Night1087 please help thank you so much

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2021.12.05 01:46 akihi77 Grace Kelly with Hoodie?

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2021.12.05 01:46 mcfw31 Jungkook Twitter 051221

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2021.12.05 01:46 DankCumLame Is keratin bad for hair?

I done yesterday and now i am worried...if it is bad than give me tips
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2021.12.05 01:46 sleepysleep925 Possible cal meg deficiency ?

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2021.12.05 01:46 mdanielgs42 @04

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2021.12.05 01:46 issaia19 ONF 2021 Live Contact :: Code #1. 'Reverse' | D-5: Hyojin

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2021.12.05 01:46 yungtemple I’m only betting Russians from now on

Guida can get subbed by your grandma but Leo doesn’t attempt a sub or TD once Guida was wobbled.
Crute wants to prove he’s the alpha striker instead of shoot right out the gate. That’s like a point guard posting up on center willingly. After Crute got wobbled he could’ve easily attempted a TD, same thing with Allen but they don’t wanna lose the striking battle due to their egos, Russians don’t do that.
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2021.12.05 01:46 wah4smashbros5 Question about the coin box pipe releasing tomorrow.

Look, I've only got 5 coin boxers, and want to know if it'd do me any good to pull tomorrow. I've got Banta (lvl 3), PGP (lvl 3), PTP (lvl 1), Hakama Mario (lvl 2), and Gold Boo (lvl 1). This weeks ranked I'm covered with all top shelf for every track. Next week I don't have a top shelf kart on Vanilla Lake 2R, or a glider on Merry Mountain T and pulling on Holidaisy's pipe would possibly give me what I need. Would it be worth it for me to pull on the coin box pipe?
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2021.12.05 01:46 Chemical_Astronaut11 r/itsmydymedymeee Lounge

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2021.12.05 01:46 DandelionsAreFlowers Stuck quarter...first time in 30 years of Aldi shopping. So glad it happened now, and could bless someone who might be poor enough a quarter matters, because it sure has been a big deal most of my life, but now it just made me chuckle.

Stuck quarter...first time in 30 years of Aldi shopping. So glad it happened now, and could bless someone who might be poor enough a quarter matters, because it sure has been a big deal most of my life, but now it just made me chuckle. submitted by DandelionsAreFlowers to aldi [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 01:46 TipResponsible8130 Jasmine Jnad lewdly bunny !

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2021.12.05 01:46 BakedBySunrise As a bassist, I'm ashamed to ask this

But in S9E11: Cock of the Sleepwalk, Bullock tells Stan that hes part of a responsible group of drug users (cocaine and opium respectively) and Stan rejects the offer, and Bullock asks Stan to lock the door on his way out.
Then, as the door closes (10:06) Bullock drops from the ceiling, shirtless, and declares "I can play the bass solo to my generation" then proceeds to air-bass his way off screen while "singing" the bass line (bum-dede-bum, dede-bumbum-bum, etc)
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2021.12.05 01:46 Some_SEO_Guy I published my 50th blog post today!

For the first 1 year, my goal was to sell services through my website. I started in Aug '20 and up till Aug '21, I had just 17 blog posts. But then I started blogging more consistently and wrote 33 more posts in 4 months, and I am nearing 1000 unique sessions per month.
I know my publish velocity is still quite poor, but I am so happy I achieved whatever little I did. I have a hard time focusing on anything and sticking with one thing for a long time, but this time it was different. So.. Yay!
I know there's a long way to go, a lot of you are better than me, and I learn from this sub loads - but I wanted to share my happiness with you.
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2021.12.05 01:46 International-Ice230 Girls,what would a guy/bf do that would instantly turn you off?

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2021.12.05 01:46 Violettcurse 28/F/US What are Some of Your Favorite Holiday Movies?

Ayyoo, Happy Holidays? Haha. Hope everyone is having an incredible Saturday. I’m hanging out getting drunk & watching Holiday Inn, and started to try and think of some other decent holiday films to watch! I’ve already watched most popular Christmas movies. How the grinch stole Christmas, Santa Claus, Elf, The Night before, Four christmases, etc. but if you have any other good suggestions, shoot’em my way, Would love to hear some!
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2021.12.05 01:46 purplekaworu [Civian] Per Brind'Amour: Andersen "not feeling well," Svechnikov had a problem with his finger he had to get fixed. He says he's proud of the group with so many out/the sudden circumstances

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2021.12.05 01:46 dino-dancers Tree

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2021.12.05 01:46 brownmagician Question for rec players about poker branded clothing you wear during a session. When you wear poker related clothing and accessories, how much +EV and +all-poker-skills do you get?

I saw buddy with a Canadian tuxedo branded with wsop today in my first live game in a few years and he seemed to be crushing it.
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2021.12.05 01:46 Reshiram808 Ruckus commuting.

Alright so I live in Cullman Alabama, a pretty dense city with the highest speed road being a 50 but most roads being 25-35. My commute to work is only 2 miles and to the gym 6. I’m 17 and looking for a scooter instead of a car. I’ve already had experienced diving a car so I’m not a total new driver. I’ve been riding a mountain bike to work everyday for about a year. Would a ruckus/metropolitan be a good scooter for me? Thanks for reading and helping!
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2021.12.05 01:46 im-always-injured What's something your partner does that turns you on immediately?

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2021.12.05 01:46 renegade0264 Crypto Bear 🐻 Market or Bull Market Right now?

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