Algorand: How to make NFTs not suck

2021.11.28 19:54 crytoloover Algorand: How to make NFTs not suck

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2021.11.28 19:54 xSerpentine Remembrance Sunday.

"Remembrance Sunday, 11th November." I stared into the mirror, defeated, a painful swallow wretched in sorrow. "How many more do we have to lose." My voice breaks, my tough exterior cracks. "How many more, how many more.
What happened to Emojifier, oh that bot, they who disappeared so many nights ago?
What happened to the rating bot, oh that bot, how I regret calling its ratings 'utter shit'.
What happened to our lord and saviour, Cummy, who died for all of us?
And the rest, God, the rest." I punched the mirror, glass shattering across the room, pricking my hands. I watched in a maelstrom of emotions as blood trickled down my hands. "There are too many to count. Who are you remembering on remembrance sunday?"
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2021.11.28 19:54 doodzillaToastPop Trying out custom recipes to get a “Portra” look.

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2021.11.28 19:54 crytoloover WazirX INR Deposit Problem Solved 🚀 | UPI Deposit Wazirx | How To Deposit Money In WazirX?

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2021.11.28 19:54 Tommy_pop_studio Eye try

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2021.11.28 19:54 Flowfrat Im 14 and want to start karting

So i want to buy a race kart (juniorclass) and i would like some tips to start. My father is away alot so im not sure if i can go to all races, is it worth it and if your good, could you get recruited by a team which will help. In kart racing, do i have to join a league or what do i do, is there like tournaments that take a week where my dad can take time off of work. The type of kart, what should i get, Rotax or what. Some advice i would really appreciate.
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2021.11.28 19:54 Alanj10 Brawler64 controller setup with default N64 emulator

Hi Everyone, I had quite a hard time setting up the brawler64 PC controller so it would work with the default N64 emulator but I finally figured it out. Figure I would share how for anyone else trying to do this. Here is the xml element from share/system/configs/emulationstation/es_input.cfg:

Once the brawler64 controller is initially set up just replace every "input" line with what I pasted above and it should be good to go. Turbo is the hotkey with turbo+B as save, turbo+R2 as load, and turbo+start as exit. Now you don't have to revert to libretro (which lags big time in goldeneye) to play with a brawler!
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2021.11.28 19:54 BlackRock43 He's trying to hide his eyes as I eat pizza....he thinks his odds are higher if he doesn't beg...

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2021.11.28 19:54 crytoloover Bake coin price prediction / Bake scalping / Bake in buying zone

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2021.11.28 19:54 EestiMentioned [/r/CryptoMars] Centaurify - ⚡ Launching Now on BSC

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2021.11.28 19:54 4funluka Realtor Dean Quincy trys selling 500k property

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2021.11.28 19:54 Disastrous-Ad818 Entity Cramming

Hi. Im a fairly new MC player and i just finished building a zombie spawner xp farm. I know about entity cramming and that only 24 entities can exist on one block. I was wondering if there are any ways to bypass this so that i can afk for a few minutes without having to stare at the 2-3 zombies that drop every 20 sec. I couldn't find any videos on this on newer versions.?
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2021.11.28 19:54 deniss_1996 SANSI LED Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights, 3600lm @Amazon $40 $39.99

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2021.11.28 19:54 geshimatsuri Recommendations for a good tailor

Does anyone know a good, trustworthy tailor here in Amsterdam? I've read the sub's wiki, but haven't found any useful info there. My husband lost a lot of weight this year and now looks silly in his beloved winter coat, so we need to do a fitting. It's not a new coat, but it was expensive and has sentimental value, too, so we really need someone who knows what they're doing. I'd love some recommendations for a tailor fluent in English, as we have moved to the Netherlands recently and don't speak Dutch yet. Thanks!
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2021.11.28 19:54 crytoloover Safemoon V2 Update - Listing On BINANCE? (100X INCOMING SOON)

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2021.11.28 19:54 Coryinthemansion Well I managed to ruin the Stone Ocean Opening

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2021.11.28 19:54 preppykimmy Anyone spot the Belgian cookie collection yet?

I keep looking weekly at my store and I am Le Sad I haven't spotted it yet. They are perfect for digging into for our Christmas Eve viewing of A Muppet Christmas Carol.
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2021.11.28 19:54 foxglove34759 how to get in touch with local rabbit farmers for buying skins/furs?

hello, i'm in ontario and i'm into traditional hide tanning.
i don't own or raise rabbits, but i have an interest in supporting small-scale rabbit farms and homesteads. i'd like to buy untanned rabbit skins so that i can practice fuhide tanning (using smoke & bark methods) with them. ideally they'd just be dried skins that i pick up from someplace within reasonable driving distance to me, haha.
first, is this completely legal? i just want to be sure.
second, what's the best way to get in touch with local folks near me? i've searched online for ontario-focused groups and come up with nothing but a few names. what's the best place to post "seeking/wanted" type ads for this?
third, what's a good price to offer for most skins? i've read that untanned skins go for only a couple of dollars. this seems pretty low to me. i'm doing this because i'm passionate about it, so i don't mind compensating well for nice furred skins.
fourth, should i be looking for a particular kind of rabbit? i'm not necessarily looking for only the most luscious, beautifully furred rabbits (my focus is on practicing my skill and i don't want to be too picky), but if people have tips to give me, i'd like to hear them!
thank you!!
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2021.11.28 19:54 munchykins Tempo Fitness Studio For Sale - Hartford County - $1500

Hello, I'm in Enfield. I'm selling a 8 month old Tempo in mint condition. I will be moving and do not plan on taking it with me.
I have the white colored Tempo and it includes everything, HR monitor, workout mat, weight plates, dumbbell and barbell/collars.
Let me know if you are interested!
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2021.11.28 19:54 Demonics_Life Any ideas on if Tesla will ever be coming to Forza Horizon 5?

Does anyone have any leaks, or any ideas on wether or not Tesla is ever coming to any of the Forza Games.
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2021.11.28 19:54 crytoloover Polkastarter​ ระดม IDOเพื่อ moonยาว#BNB#ETH#Polygon#Polkadot#Solana#Metamask#POLS#coinmarketcap

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2021.11.28 19:54 Boizen-Berriz [Wanted] Doki Doki Literature Club

Hi everybody! New to this subreddit, so forgive me if this post is formatted incorrectly or something. I'm looking for the rare-ish only pressing of Doki Doki Literature Club OST pressing from 2019. Whatever condition is fine as long is it includes everything that came with the record besides the shrink wrap, the sticker on the shrink wrap, and the download code. I'd be willing to go up to $100, but please keep it reasonably priced. The highest sold on discogs is like $98, and I just can't pay over the top as a broke ass student. It would have to be through paypal goods and services, because I'm definately not fucking myself over here. I know this is a shot in the dark, but please shoot me with a DM if you're willing to sell!
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2021.11.28 19:54 aqua_not_capri I (26/f) was rejected for the third time this year! Woohoo!

Alright I just got dumped again after a month. At least I made it to one month of dating this time.
So in the last three to four years I’ve been dumped and rejected by every guy I’ve talked to/dated! That’s about 8 people? I haven’t had a boyfriend since 2018 and that only lasted 3 months! Before that I had never been anyones girlfriend!
New record for me! I wonder how many I can get up to.
How are y’all doing in the dating world? Any good luck?
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2021.11.28 19:54 Soniclikeschicken I hate people who play kid buu like this

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2021.11.28 19:54 zaneboy2 What kind of mod innovations can we expect with FS22?

New game, updated engine, more possibilities? Is there some insight already of what might be possible in modding maps/3d models/scriptwise that wasn't possible in FS19? Does the Giants Editor give more freedom/possibilities? Or time will tell? I don't follow any modding communities so I'm not up to date with current affairs.
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