5azri er45e khyf9 s4ht8 dkf87 fhbi2 4b2kt 8s93i eay4h tf944 87dd5 9kbaz 343nd hkzfa 8nbsd i9ki4 bfzek re2tf if8az bh92s 9y6bb 🐶WinDoge95, $DOGE Reflection token ♻️ | filled with Nostalgia from the past 🔙, Throwback games on the Website, 3D NFT! 🖼️ | Strong community, 2.2k diamond hands 💎| Massive Meme Potential 📈 Such Doge, Much WoW, So windows95🐶 |

🐶WinDoge95, $DOGE Reflection token ♻️ | filled with Nostalgia from the past 🔙, Throwback games on the Website, 3D NFT! 🖼️ | Strong community, 2.2k diamond hands 💎| Massive Meme Potential 📈 Such Doge, Much WoW, So windows95🐶

2021.12.02 05:05 OtherHoneydew2 🐶WinDoge95, $DOGE Reflection token ♻️ | filled with Nostalgia from the past 🔙, Throwback games on the Website, 3D NFT! 🖼️ | Strong community, 2.2k diamond hands 💎| Massive Meme Potential 📈 Such Doge, Much WoW, So windows95🐶

🐶 Windoge95
🐶Windoge95 enables you to have Fun while making Passive income through Nostalgia!
🤑Passive income comes, in Hourly paid $DOGE rewards!
🎮The Fun and Nostalgic part is your favorite Retro games that you can play on our Website!
-Besides that we offer:

  1. 🤑 Play to Earn: Play our arcade games and win great prizes by achieving the highest score! Can you be the Arcade Champion?
  2. 🖼️ NFTs: Come and Check our cool NFTs!!
  3. 🐳 Max Wallet: There will be NO whales in $WNDG95!
  4. 🤳 Sell tax: Discouraging swing trading is….Encouraging!!!
-Token was FairLaunched on the 4th of November 2021. 🚀
-We believe Honesty is the best policy, that's why the team is very Transparent and Available 24/7⏰
-We are NOT a team who gives up easily, we are here for the Long-Term and the Long-Term Only❕
-Absolutely Fantastic Website that is guaranteed to take you down Memory Lane!
-10% buy tax which is distributed like this:
  1. 🔥 2% to Liquidity Pool with Auto-Burn LP Token mechanism!
  2. ⚖ 4% to Marketing so we can keep up with our Big Plans!
  3. ♻️ 4% to Holders!
  4. 📄 Initial Supply is 1 Billion $WNDG!
✅ Features we have to offer:
  1. Nobody can hold more than 1% of total supply ❌🐳
  2. Implemented 3% sell tax to discourge swing trading 🤳 ——————————————————————————————
——— Such Doge, Much WoW, So windows95 ———
"Let the Arcade Games, Begin"
📝Social Links :
🌍 Windoge95
🐥 Windoge95 Twitter
💬 Windoge95 Telegram
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2021.12.02 05:05 CBDOILPRINCESS Snake CBDOilPrincess Silk Face Mask

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2021.12.02 05:05 ObModder Philips Wouwerman - Battle Scene (c.1645-46)

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2021.12.02 05:05 urfaselol [Highlight] Embiid blocks Freedom but Freedom recovers and scores

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2021.12.02 05:05 BoopBipSlip EE gateworm icon not there

So I’m on pc and I’m wanting to redo all of the ee’s but I don’t see the blacked out gateworm icon showing me I haven’t done it yet, there’s just no icon there is it like that for everyone else too? I don’t want to do the ee’s and not the the worms for it, any help would be appreciated!
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2021.12.02 05:05 FictionalGF Tilstanden i nordjylland lige nu...

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2021.12.02 05:05 PlasticRespond8135 Dm me me rn for a no limit truth or dare

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2021.12.02 05:05 phonorecord_ Tiktok mutuals cannot see my videos on both their Following and For You pages

As stated in the title, this has been occurring on my account since September. I thought it would go away naturally since I thought it was a shadowban, but it's too long for a shadowban if it's still happening at this moment. I know this because

  1. My mutuals (both online and IRL) told me they thought I stopped posting videos until I told them to search up my profile (which is the only way they can see my videos).
  2. I have a spam account following the main account (and vice versa) and I never see videos from my main account pop up on either the Following or For You pages of the spam account.
  3. Whenever I make a private/friends post, it gets 0 views (unless a mutual visits my account).
  4. My videos still get on the FYP for both followers (non-mutual) and non-followers.
I followed the FAQ on shadowbans, leaving feedbacks on TikTok, and even changing the settings of my account (from switching to a business account to signing up for the creator fund) but nothing seems to come out of this. Does anyone here have any suggestions?
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2021.12.02 05:05 noviina Gender is so annoyingly confusing and I hate it so much.

Hey I’m 19 and I’m going through my 8473927592922 identity crisis of my life. I currently use they/them pronouns, but I’m once again reminded that I actually like she/her pronouns and I like feminine terms being used to refer to me!! Like.. I want to be my boyfriend’s girlfriend. But also his partner! And his wife someday, but also his.. married partner? IDK. I want to wear a dress at my wedding. I want to be proposed to. I want to live all these feminine roles. Which I know that doesn’t technically mean I have to be female, but I cannot see it any other way. I talked to my bf and he said he supports me either way.. just its gonna take a minute to truly figure out. I’m just tired of trying to understand who I actually am. I wish the answer was right in front of me.
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2021.12.02 05:05 Unknown12_67 Protein

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2021.12.02 05:05 Oleksii__Everstake "Encointer enables a form of online democracy"

What is your opinion? Is there a place for "common good" in today's crypto world?
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2021.12.02 05:05 DisplayZestyclose415 "I hate electric wizard"

When I was a kid all I listened to was Black Sabbath, The Doors, King Crimson, Zeppelin, and Hendrix, with the occasional Metallica and Alice in Chains.... so I really missed out on a lot of great music in the 90's and early 2000's. When I hit college I was watching a channel called Fuse and Corrosion of Conformity was on, and that band introduced me to Down, then from there to High on Fire, Sleep, Candlemass, Trouble...then all the way down....to Electric Wizard. I honestly can't get enough. And now I'm in my 30's and I'm trying to catch up and I'm listening to everything I can get my hands on. I dont know what "I hate Electric Wizard" refers to and why. I can't find anything on Google. Can someone explain where this started or refers to, or just plain why, or if it's just a gimmick with no meaning?
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2021.12.02 05:05 69gaywizard No Ritsuko can't have drip!!

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2021.12.02 05:05 felix_717 im glad the Beatles weren't racist

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2021.12.02 05:05 Kommmbucha Say it with me

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2021.12.02 05:05 BubsyFanboy Zakończyło się spotkanie klubu PiS. Kaczyński zaapelował o mobilizację

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2021.12.02 05:05 idogiveafrak I had a title but I think this speaks for itself

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2021.12.02 05:05 RoastBeef37 Special ammo finders

How would one obtain special ammo finder mods?
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2021.12.02 05:05 SilizArts Absolutely no reaction from giant horse splinter

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2021.12.02 05:05 Orecus The patch messed up my currency tab. Anyone else?

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2021.12.02 05:05 coolboide Start knife collection with 25lbs set?

I want to become a knife collector but have only two knives. Should I buy this to get started with a larger collection? What you think? https://www.govdeals.com/index.cfm?fa=Main.Item&itemid=26288&acctid=7647
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2021.12.02 05:05 KingKonchu Just applied to UC in the last possible minute

I fumbled the payment window and the popup nearly got me, but I clutched up.
I did write most of my essays today.
This adderall better come thru hard tomorrow morning
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2021.12.02 05:05 MUNKIESS Would you be in support of a version of the Olympics where steroids are not only allowed, but encouraged? Why or why not?

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2021.12.02 05:05 FoxKrieg Issues moving or upgrading base parts

Hey folks! Hope you’re all having fun with the expedition. Great to see how active the community is, both in game and on Reddit.
Been having issues with my base, when moving, upgrading or trying to rotate my storage containers my base parts keep getting deleted. Ive also had problems placing items and them not sticking (doors) or even letting me place when it should. Is this a known bug, is there anything I can do about it?
Thanks in advance for all your help! You guys are one of the best gaming communities I’ve come across.
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2021.12.02 05:05 WcmG1z Казино Император почему в нем играют все!

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