What's the main difference between the behaviors/habits of male and female stalkers?

2021.11.29 06:55 lazydrakezer What's the main difference between the behaviors/habits of male and female stalkers?

I've noticed stalkers are typically thought of being men, typically creepy and weird men. This misconception is usually by people who aren't familiar with stalker behavior or never been a victim. It definitely seems like female stalkers are very common, it's even worse because it just doesn't get talked about nearly as much as men stalking. Some people refer to it as always being a crime against women, but it's not because I've heard of women stalking men and other women as well.
I'd think there would be slight differences in having a male stalker vs a female one, say at first you didn't know the identity of who was stalking you. What could possibly tip you off to revealing the gender of this person? Do you think there are slight differences in how a man and a woman would choose to stalk a person, subtle or less subtle? Overt or covert behavior? Of course this isn't written in stone, everyone is different but I'm curious for your input
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2021.11.29 06:55 Nika_42 He Is Trying

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2021.11.29 06:55 yyzworker Recent snow and cold weather helping Calabogie Peaks get ready for the season

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2021.11.29 06:55 El_Loco_puta [Tweet] Matt Cardona in reply to Raw tickets only being half sold : Maybe they should call Long Island Iced Z…

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2021.11.29 06:55 TheSimmernator How I destroyed my own heart and totally deserved it

I was in a relationship for ten years with a guy who treated me like a slave. I wasn't allowed to leave the house, get a job, have friends, own a mobile phone, use social media... I was completely isolated and alone. However, I did have a laptop and would use obscure social media sites behind my boyfriend's back.
I should add quickly that I tried to leave multiple times but was persistently manipulated into staying. I tried everything I could think of but he always knew just what to say to get me to stay. Including forgiving me for having secret online affairs on multiple occasions.
This year I met a guy who was twice my age and married. We made a pact to break up with our partners and meet to hopefully start a relationship of our own. I ran away from my boyfriend and moved in with my mother, taking all the possessions that I could carry. I was looking forward to a bright future where I could finally be free.
Then my boyfriend tempted me to meet up with him to talk in a public space. I couldn't resist hearing what he had to say for himself. He apologized and opened up about something that kind of made everything make sense. He liked crossdressing and had secret online flings with men online himself. It explained why we were hardly ever intimate and why he was so insecure and forgave me for everything I've ever done.
We have a son together, which was one thing that he used a lot to get me to stay. One day while still staying with my mother, there was an incident where he drank windscreen wash that was in a normal water bottle in the kitchen. Thankfully it was an extremely small amount and after being rushed to the hospital nothing happened. But my ex convinced me to move back for the safety of our son as nothing like that had ever happened.
Then, I don't even know how it happened, I got back togeather together with my boyfriend and we're intimate again. I ghosted my online married boyfriend and hoped everything would be ok now. But things started returning to how they were again.
In a lapse of judgement, I used this backup Reddit account and joined femboy subreddits and pretended to be a guy dressed as a girl to try and understand my boyfriend better. I met a guy, who was about seven years younger than me and tricked him into thinking I was a guy his age and fell deeply in love with him.
I kept up with pretending to be someone I'm not for a good while, and we became really close. He probably turned into the best friend I've ever had. So I tried to tell him the truth but kept out the part about being with my boyfriend still. He liked me more as myself it seemed.
We spoke for a few months and nothing brought me more joy than speaking to him, I felt like I would never meet anyone more special than him ever. For the last week or so that we spoke, he started to become more distant though, and I was not in a good place mentally which made his distancing worse on me. I deleted all of my most recent messages to him feeling like I was a burden to him and he just replied with a question mark when he found our chat barren.
Then he just stopped replying altogether. I get it, he ghosted me. Karma right? He could do so much better than me, find someone who doesn't have a kid or a boyfriend and someone who is his age that doesn't compulsively lie. I still feel so gutted though. Like my heart has been ripped from my chest. I wrote him a song and said goodbye, I'll share a link for anybody interested. It sucks but shows how heartbroken I am.
Last night to try and feel less along I went onto Chatroulette in hopes to find someone to just talk so I would feel less alone. I met a guy who I got on with really well and we spoke for about an hour. He kept complimenting me and made me feel really good. He suggested we swap details in case we got disconnected and just as I turned around to grab a pen he pressed skip. (So I will basically never speak to this guy again either)
I feel pretty low right now. I hate the feeling of wondering what happened, know what I mean? My heart is crushed. I don't have a friend in the world, just my son. That's all I have. If it wasn't for him I don't know what I would do.
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2021.11.29 06:55 Grimauld Question about team leader/operation supervisor position

Hello all,
recently I have recieved an invite to an interview for a team leadeoperation supervisor position in a delivery station (even though it wasn't the position I originally applied for, guess Amazon redirected me?)
I figured asking directly to the reddit community would be faster although I understand fullfillment centers and delivery stations are different. Personally I heard only bad things about the job. How would you describe it?
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2021.11.29 06:55 motorsw Thougt I´d share som photos from the Carrera S challenge. I even found some snow.

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2021.11.29 06:55 essie333 Places to train for football (not teams)

Hi all, I'm looking for places that I could train on my own for football, specifically with the following things:

If anyone knows of a place like this (or maybe additional subreddits to post in), please share!
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2021.11.29 06:55 Flimsy-Blackberry517 Guys quick Me:Mcn Them:300k

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2021.11.29 06:55 armohide Guyss this might be the next Axie Infinity (Thetan Arena) check comments below

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2021.11.29 06:55 BioTek39 This mission made my heart skip a beat but the result is so satisfying

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2021.11.29 06:55 True_Prize7934 Lemon balm interactions.

Basically last night I drank two teas that contained lemons balm, and today I have just taken my Dexedrine (20mg).
I’ve heard that lemon balm can inhibit monoamine oxidise (probs only slightly), I don’t need to worry do I? They is basically zero risk for an interaction, isn’t there?
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2021.11.29 06:55 lol2021-Alex Born in the fire🔥🔥🔥 BMLin's hot selling - Air Jordan 4 "Fire Red". Do you think it's popular?🤔

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2021.11.29 06:55 ageklopstra https://www.reddit.com/r/Fristimeems/comments/r4seuw/fristi_morning_after/

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2021.11.29 06:55 ShoutHouse [Amazon/US] Cyber Monday Deals (Notables in comments)

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2021.11.29 06:55 drAwkward23 Since nobody really plays T1 and T2 Guardian Raids, should I just skip doing them altogether til I get to T3?

I've tried soloing Beritas so many times but it isn't really working out as I'd hope it would be. I did try investing a bit into my gears just so I can do them solo but I'm afraid I might overinvest in something that I'm just gonna pass through eventually...
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2021.11.29 06:55 Postier_anonyme Menace terroriste d'extrême-droite ? Le vrai problème, c'est la gauche.

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2021.11.29 06:55 Repulsive_Ad6190 You're welcome 😉

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2021.11.29 06:55 groovy___g Kamala Harris, Michelle Obama are Democrats' top 2024 picks if Biden doesn't run: poll

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2021.11.29 06:55 EndersGame_Reviewer What you need to know about USPCC's crushed stock

What you need to know about USPCC's crushed stock Thin-crushed stock is all the rage these days. A lot of modern cardistry decks are produced using this card stock since it is beloved especially for card flourishing and much loved by card handlers.
The main difference you'll notice with crushed stock is that it gives playing cards a softer and more flexible feel. Right from the very first time you take them out of the box and use them, they feel worn in and comfortable. You can go right into performing, without a prior need to "break in" a brand new deck because the cards feel too stiff. Instead the cards handle smoothly immediately from the moment you take a deck with crushed stock out of the box, and they have a soft and supple performance that instantly makes a good first impression.
In this article we'll take a look at what crushed stock is all about, and consider some key decks that have helped popularize it.
Most cardists, collectors, and consumers are so used to crushed stock now, that it's hard to believe that the playing card manufacturer and industry giant United States Playing Card Company (USPCC) only first started making this thinner and softer card stock available about five years ago. Ever since their move to a new plant in Erlanger, Kentucky in 2009, USPCC had been offering only two stocks to their customers: Classic or Retail stock (sometimes called Bicycle Standard), and Premium stock (sometimes called Bee Casino). Consequently these have been the two main USPCC stocks most people are familiar with.
But then in 2016 USPCC made a new option available. After choosing one of these two stocks, you could opt to have your choice of stock "crushed" as an optional process. Effectively that meant that creators of playing cards now had a choice of four different stocks:
  1. Premium stock (= Bee casino stock)
  2. Retail stock (= Bicycle standard stock)
  3. Crushed Premium stock
  4. Crushed Retail stock
A complete deck of crushed Premium stock is typically around 3-4 cards thinner than a complete deck of non-crushed Premium stock. It is similar in thickness to a complete deck of Retail stock, but there is a slight difference in the amount of firmness/softness. A complete deck of crushed Retail stock is about 3-4 cards thinner again. So crushed stock effectively reduces the thickness of an entire deck by around 3-4 cards, and also makes the cards noticeably softer, and makes feel particularly present for card flourishes like springs, and even riffle shuffles.
It's important to realize that the different stock options that USPCC offers don't represent a set thickness, because USPCC allows a certain amount of variance within a specified range. So the `thinnest' decks of Premium stock actually correspond almost exactly to the `thickest' decks of Retail stock. USPCC considers this kind of variance acceptable, and it means that in theory you could order a deck with Premium stock and a deck with Classic stock and find that the cards almost have the same thickness - although that would be rare, and would only apply to the extremes of this variance. The allowable thickness for a particular print run is measured by a machine, which USPCC uses to make sure that the stock used fits within their prescribed range of thickness for that deck's chosen stock (Premium or Classic stock). This is also why different print runs can result in a different feel or performance.
But as a general rule, a deck using Premium stock will be a few cards thicker than a deck using Retail stock, and the cards will be noticeably stiffer. More importantly for the purposes of this article, decks with crushed stock will be noticeably thinner and softer than equivalent playing cards on the same stock that is not crushed.
According to my sources, the very first decks that used USPCC's crushed stock were the Hollingworth Playing Cards. These were produced as a collaboration between Guy Hollingworth and Dan and Dave Buck in 2014 (Emerald deck) and 2015 (Burgundy deck). Hollingworth apparently loved the thin stock of the old Stud Playing Cards, and this was one of the motivations for going with crushed stock in the first place.
The time was ripe to make this thin stock a choice for more people - with the help of the Blue Choice Playing Cards. Because once USPCC made crushed stock more widely available to customers in 2016, one of the very first decks to use this new thin-crushed stock was Blue Choice deck. It was created by Penguin Magic in 2016 as a tribute to the same iconic deck that had motivated Hollingworth's desire for thinner and softer cards: the Stud Playing Cards.
The original Stud decks were produced by Walgreens Drug Stores, and were extremely popular for as long as they were on the market, i.e. a period of about 25 years, starting in 1980. The Stud deck was first produced by the historic Arrco brand, and when USPCC took over Arrco in 1986 they retained the brand and continued producing the Studs using the same vintage Arrco faces. These decks were beloved for their sense of balance and colour, and for their ultra-thin stock. It's regarded as thinner and softer than any stock you'll typically find on the market today.
In 2006 Walgreens gave the tuckbox of the original Stud Playing Cards a new tuck box, a new look, and a new feel. These newer Stud Playing Cards don't have the same handling abilities or allure as the original. But they are very affordable, and you can buy a two-deck set of red and blue Stud decks for around $10. In contrast, the original Stud decks from 1980-2006 are now prized by collectors, and you can expect handsomely for them on the secondary market. Buying one of these original two-deck sets will set you back as much as $100.
This is not the first time that older and thinner cards have been prized. Another fine example of the modern infatuation with older card-stock is the love affair that many collectors and cardists have with the legendary Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards. These date back to around 1970, and were printed on a card stock that is no longer available, using a printing process that cannot be replicated with today's manufacturing methods. The Jerry's Nugget cards were also thinner than most contemporary playing cards, although they are snappier and not as soft as today's crushed stock. But in the 1990s they developed a reputation among cardists for amazing handling. Over time they became holy grails for collectors and cardists, now fetching prices of $500 a deck on the secondary market.
The rise of cardistry has certainly been a significant catalyst in the demand for thinner and softer playing cards. Card flourishers have different requirements than those who use playing cards only for card games or for card magic. Softer and thinner cards are often appreciated for their handling abilities in moves like card springs and dribbling. Given all these factors, it is not surprising that there is a growing demand in today's playing card community for decks that feel very soft, and handle smoothly right out of the box. In other words, the very qualities of USPCC's crushed stock.
When crushed stock was first made available more widely by USPCC in 2016, following its success with the Hollingworth decks, Kevin Reylek over at Penguin Magic was one of the first to see the potential of this crushed stock, recognizing that it could meet a demand in the market. Under his guidance, they developed the Blue Choice Playing Cards. This deck was deliberately created as a homage to the classic blue and red Studs, and exhibits many similar qualities, including thin card stock courtesy of USPCC's new crushed stock, along with classic Arrco faces.
The Choice brand actually goes back earlier, because the very first Choice deck was produced with the help of Kickstarter in 2014, and was a fully custom deck that was hand-drawn by Ben Kolozsi. But in 2016 the Choice decks made their way to the Penguin brand, and underwent a change in direction as a tribute to the original blue and red Studs. Both Ben Kolozsi and Kevin Reylek deserve credit for combining forces and coming up with the ideas that led to the limited edition Blue Choice deck. It featured an all-new back design and the crushed card stock which would become the hallmark of the Choice decks from that time onwards, and of many other decks that would follow.
The back design of the Choice Cloverback decks features a clover pattern which is the key motif of the Choice brand. It has thin white borders, and the design stands out nicely in white against a background of solid colour. Much like the original Stud decks, a solid block of colour dominates the card backs for a pleasing and balanced look.
The faces of the deck take over the vintage faces of the original Arrco decks, and are the same as those used by the Stud Playing Cards. They have a very traditional look, but with more rounded features that you'd usually see in a modern Bicycle deck. It's a classic style that remains functional and recognizable, and yet gives a slightly vintage feel. The fact that all these visual features were combined with USPCC's crushed stock, helped make this deck a real hit once it hit the market.
Two years later in 2018, the Choice decks were reprinted with some small tweaks in two new colours: Choice Cloverback Classic Red and Choice Cloverback Casino Brown.
The Casino Brown decks were printed in a limited edition of just 1000 copies with individually numbered seals. Otherwise they are the same as the Classic Red decks, which had a larger print run.
A slight change was made from the original Blue Choice deck, and although it's not immediately noticeable, the back design is now completely symmetrical. But for the rest all the features that made the Blue Choice deck a success were there: the traditional looking Arrco court cards, the solid block of colour on the card backs with a straight forward and memorable design, and perhaps most importantly, crushed stock that made these a dream to handle.
Just as with the Blue Choice deck, the Ace of Spades features the brand name, and a giant Spade made up with horizontal lines. Extra cards include a double backer, and an extra Joker. This means that you get three identical Jokers, all with the same giant clover. The deck is traditionally cut, making it ideal for table shuffles and practical use at the card table.
But special mention needs to be made about the stock. This is USPCC's thin-crushed Classic stock, just like the Bicycle Elite and Tally-Ho Elite decks that Penguin would later produce, and which would become a big hit with magicians. This was a deliberate choice, since the original Studs Playing Cards also had very thin feeling cards. It's still durable, and yet feels softer and more flexible than a standard Bicycle deck. And the result is something immediately soft in your hands, again honouring something of the tradition that the Stud Playing Cards were known for.
The Choice Cloverback deck is an ideal worker deck that you can use for performing card magic or for playing card games, because it won't draw too much attention to itself due to the extreme novelty that you'll find in other custom decks. It has enough unique elements to stand out, while still remaining very functional. A pair of the highly sought after original Stud decks will set you back around $100, but thanks to the Choice Cloverbacks, we can enjoy playing cards with a similar look and feel at a much more affordable price.
But let's just travel back one year. The Blue Choice deck from 2016 was one of the first decks to use USPCC's new option for crushed stock, since it was geared to be a deliberate nod to the original Stud Playing Cards. Emulating this old-school feel made sense with a tribute deck, given that it was meant to capture something of playing cards that were particularly beloved due to their thin and soft feel. But why not try applying the same thing to more classic decks, like Rider Backs and Tally-Ho decks?
And so in 2017, at the suggestion of their resident card expert Kevin Reylek, Penguin Magic produced the very first Elite Edition playing cards, Bicycle Elite Edition (Red & Blue). The Elite Edition is basically identical to a standard Rider Back deck, except that it uses USPCC's crushed Classic stock.
So how does this stock compare to non-crushed stock? While thin-crushed Premium (Bee Casino) stock has a similar thickness to the non-crushed Classic stock of a traditional Bicycle deck, thin-crushed Classic stock is perceptibly thinner still. Put these two decks beside each other, and a deck with thin-crushed Classic stock is about 3 or 4 cards thinner than a deck with non-crushed Classic stock. This also means that these decks with crushed stock immediately have a different feel in the hands, and also perform more pleasantly and smoothly from the get-go.
To market this new stock with a distinctive branding, the new thin-crushed Bicycle Rider Backs were labelled as the Bicycle Elite Edition. Over time they have proved very popular with consumers, and people speak very highly of the softer and thinner feeling stock, and how the positive impact it has on handling. The Bicycle Elite Edition may well be a big factor in explaining why thin-crushed stock has become increasingly popular in recent years, because for many people - especially magicians - this deck represented their first ever experience with a thin-crushed deck.
The Bicycle Elite Edition continues to be very popular, and you only need to see the rave reviews over on Penguin Magic to see how good this deck is. With over 200 reviews, it has an average rating of 5 stars, and the comments are brimming with praise from amateurs and professionals alike. Many pro magicians have switched to using the Elite Edition as their deck of choice, instead of standard Bicycle Rider Backs, because they prefer softer cards which handle smoothly right out of the box.
Crushed stock has genuinely been a game-changer for playing cards. While these decks retain the iconic look of classic Bicycle Rider Backs, and remain durable, they provide softer and more flexible handling. A fresh deck will immediately spring and faro perfectly. And they're also very affordable, at around $4 for a single deck, and even cheaper when you buy them by the brick. The only downside for some is that the Elite Edition decks don't have a seal on the box.
It should be noted that Expert Playing Card Company also produced some Bicycle Rider Back decks using USPCC's crushed stock. They are described variously as Bicycle Rider Back Expert Edition or simply Expert Thin Crushed Rider Backs, and were only released in 2020. They also have the standard Bicycle Rider Back look, use crushed stock, and were printed by USPCC.
The main way to tell them apart from the Elite Edition decks from Penguin Magic (aside from the obvious mention of "Elite Edition" on the tuck box of those decks) is that the Expert Edition decks have a seal on the tuck box, whereas the Elite Edition decks do not. The Expert Edition decks also cost a couple of dollars more than the Elite Edition decks, and they only come with 54 cards, i.e. without the two extra gaff cards that are in the Elite Edition decks.
I've seen mixed reports about which of the two is thinner and which has better registration. To me it seems that there isn't much between them, although some people will swear that they handle differently and that they prefer one above the other. Both were printed by USPCC on similar card stock, using USPCC's web press. Whatever the case, certainly the Bicycle Elite Edition decks produced by Penguin have been well received by working magicians, due to how smoothly they handle out of the box, and their crushed stock has proven to be a winner.
In 2020 USPCC finally gave permission for a Tally-Ho Elite Edition to be published with this popular stock, bringing it to the familiar design of the classic Tally-Ho Circle Back deck. It's available in two colours, the Tally-Ho Elite Edition (Red & Blue).
At around $7 a deck, it's priced slightly higher than the Bicycle Elite Edition decks. Both the Bicycle Elite Edition and the Tally-Ho Elite Edition come with a double backer and blank facer as the two gaff cards. These were printed on USPCC's sheet fed press instead of their web press, but these days it is nearly impossible to tell any difference in feel between the two.
Just as was mentioned in connection with the Bicycle Elite Edition, Expert Playing Card Company has also produced Expert Thin Crushed Tally-Ho decks using USPCC's crushed stock, but on their web press, and without the two additional gaff cards that come with the Tally-Ho Elite Edition produced by Penguin.
The Elite Edition decks are now the preferred choice for a lot of magicians and cardists today. So if you've only ever had experience using Bicycle decks with Classic stock, then you really should give this crushed stock a try.
Everything about the Bicycle Elite Edition and the Tally-Ho Elite Edition looks the same as it always does, from the tuck box, to the card backs, and the face cards. The only difference is that the cards feel thinner and softer - which is exactly what a large percentage of people love about them.
A large number of decks using crushed stock have now been produced since USPCC started offering this five years ago. Penguin Magic's popular Marked Maiden Back decks is another such example that uses the thin-crushed Classic stock (only their initial print run of this deck used non-crushed Classic stock). Now that Rider Back decks and Tally-Ho decks have also been released with this stock, we can expect its popularity to keep growing.
Are there equivalent options from other publishers? Several years ago Cartamundi entered the custom playing card market in a big way with their popular Superlux stock. This was noticeably thicker than a standard USPCC deck, but the card stock was also surprisingly softer, and it attracted many admirers. Unfortunately the supplier of this card-stock went bust towards the end of 2019. As a result, Cartamundi switched to the SlimLine stock that they now use for most of their custom decks. This uses the same True Linen B9 embossing pattern that they introduced on their Superlux stock, but the cards are super thin. While they are pleasantly soft, they are almost too thin, and won't always hold up to the exacting standards required by more demanding sleights or card flourishes. [Read more about this subject in this article: The Cartamundi decks: a comparison betwe......finishes.]
Legends Playing Cards (LPCC) and Expert Playing Cards (EPCC) have also added a crushed stock to their quiver of options recently. Last year they began using a new factory in China (PRC), and along with the use of these new printing facilities, they introduced a new card stock which they call "pre-crushed classic finish". It is similar in thickness to USPCC's Premium stock, and while it is slightly stiff at first, with some use it quickly develops a pleasant softness. This gives it a durability that matches USPCC's Premium stock, along with a softness that matches their crushed stock. LPCC/EPCC playing cards are known to be stiff and snappy, so this crushed stock makes a welcome change from the usual handling associated with them. Their new Viper Finish also gives great handling and is worth checking out. [Read more about this subject in this article: A new factory and a new benchmark from LPCC and EPCC.]
And of course, creators are always on the lookout for the alternative stocks that might offer that new something special. At 52 Plus Joker's deck debut event held on 21 October 2021, Penguin Magic announced the release of a new stock and finish combination from an unspecified printing partner that they plan to use going forwards. It's called the UltraLux Finish, and has received extensive testing from their team to ensure it meets their quality standards. Their ad copy describes it as "the combination of casino-grade European card stock that has been crushed to the perfect thickness, with just the right amount of linen texture for a perfect glide." Early reports indicate that while it's not as soft as USPCC's crushed stock, it handles well out of the box, and the cards still faro and fan without clumping despite weeks of usage.
Clearly this is a great time for creators and consumers of playing cards, and new options like USPCC's crushed stock have been readily embraced by the playing card community. Crushed stock is here to stay, and the future continues to look bright with a growing range of options. Be prepared to stretch yourself outside the safety of the old and familiar, try something new, and get ready to fall in love!
Author's note: I first published this article at PlayingCardDecks here.
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2021.11.29 06:55 drusslegend European Rugby Rankings after Gameweek 11

Rank Team Current standings Change Rank Week Change Points Change Rank Season
1 Toulouse 89.94 1 0.00 0
2 Bordeaux 88.90 4 1.49 4
3 Saracens 88.82 0 0.19 4
4 Leinster 88.77 -3 -1.82 -2
5 Leicester Tigers 88.42 -1 0.00 17
6 Munster 88.22 -1 0.00 -3
7 Ulster 87.20 3 1.82 3
8 La Rochelle 86.46 0 0.48 4
9 Montpellier 86.43 0 0.47 10
10 Exeter Chiefs 85.21 3 0.54 -6
11 Connacht 84.94 5 1.22 7
12 Harlequins 84.62 -5 -2.00 -4
13 Ospreys 83.65 -1 -1.22 10
14 ASM Clermont Auvergne 83.54 -3 -1.57 1
15 Sale Sharks 83.32 3 -0.19 -10
16 Castres 83.17 1 -0.47 -7
17 Lyon 82.86 -2 -0.95 4
18 Racing 92 82.84 -4 -1.49 -5
19 Cardiff 82.84 2 0.00 -2
20 Gloucester 82.72 5 1.21 4
21 Northampton Saints 82.40 11 2.32 8
22 Toulon 82.28 5 0.95 -6
23 Glasgow Warriors 82.27 -4 -1.01 -9
24 Newcastle Falcons 82.13 -4 -1.00 6
25 Edinburgh Rugby 82.07 3 1.41 12
26 Pau 81.69 -3 -0.48 2
27 Bulls 81.43 -1 0.00 -1
28 Benetton Treviso 81.20 3 1.01 -3
29 Stade Français 81.01 -5 -1.11 -9
30 London Irish 80.37 7 2.00 10
31 Scarlets 80.27 -1 0.00 0
32 Bristol Bears 80.20 -10 -2.32 -21
33 Stormers 80.07 0 0.00 2
34 Sharks 79.89 0 0.00 2
35 Brive 79.78 0 0.00 -3
36 Wasps 79.37 -7 -1.21 -2
37 Biarritz 79.16 1 1.11 1
38 Lions 78.59 -2 0.00 -5
39 Perpignan 77.99 2 1.57 3
40 Bath 76.55 -1 -0.54 -13
41 Dragons 75.65 -1 -1.41 -2
42 Worcester Warriors 75.64 0 1.00 1
43 Zebre 72.56 0 0.00 -2
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2021.11.29 06:55 HarmonicalMonical Amazing work by u/ggerundo

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2021.11.29 06:55 tatehart8F3 These two are the cutest couple, they warm my heart every day!

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