2021.11.30 08:35 Vidsaays Roommate

Hi guys! Looking for a female roommate for a fully furnished flat in Vile Parle east. Rent - 15k/month inclusive maid.
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2021.11.30 08:35 BeinZilexthe2nd Ps3 beeps 3 times flashes red when turning off, no ylod and not overheating

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2021.11.30 08:35 PurpleStarr9 Brian started it all!!

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2021.11.30 08:35 LeoTrotzki611 ich🍺iel

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2021.11.30 08:35 mt4christ247 Say What You Feel - Vows of Love - Purity 589

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2021.11.30 08:35 Still-Ad8306 UCSD Colleges Rankings

Today is your last day to submit, so here is a college ranking list. I will summarize to the most important points for all the last-minute submitters. While it was unwise for you to wait until the last minute, however I am sympathetic because I was once in your shoes before.
From best to worst ranking: 1) Warren - Most people would rather Muir instead of Warren, however I disagree because I am an engineering student and Warren is nearby many of my classes. In addition, the GE's are easy if you are Engineering major. Lastly, Muir's housing looks like a prison, Warren's housing looks much nicer.
2) Muir - If you are a non-engineering major, you should swap rankings of Warren and Muir, Muir should be #1, Warren should be #2. For engineers, Muir should be your #2 choice. The GE's are easy, but the housing looks like a prison. Muir is located towards the middle of campus, so it will be the closest location for most of your classes.
3) Sixth - The housing is brand new, built last year. Views are very nice, especially the top floors. Best housing among all of the campus. The GE's are still quite easy. If I had known, I personally would've put Sixth as my top choice. 4)Marshall - Located between Sixth and ERC, so it is still relatively close to the center of campus, which means it is still nearby most of your classes. The GE's are medium, neither difficult, nor easy.
5) Seventh - The GE's are about the same level of difficult as Sixth, so they're quite easy, but there are two problems that I have with Seventh. First, it is located far away from everything so you will spend so much time walking to and from your dorm. Second, the housing, especially the tower is a tall building but looks ugly.
6) Revelle - Some people think Revelle is worse than Roosevelt, so you can swap 6 and 7 is subjective. I think Revelle is still better than Roosevelt, but both have terrible GE requirements. If you are an engineering major and in either Revelle or Roosevelt, you will probably have to take summer classes and/or still might have to go into 5th year, even if you have a lot of AP credits.
7) Roosevelt - I am in ERC. Just like Revelle, ERC has terrible GE requirements. However, at least Revelle has interesting things to learn about, more literature in addition to history. ERC however has the MMW program, which is history but taught in a nonsense way. At least Revelle has GEs where you can learn something. For ERC, some of our MMW classes teach information that is factually wrong. So not only is there tons of busywork, but t is learning false information.
Also, ERC is located next to Seventh so it is still rather far away from everything else in campus. When comparing Revelle and ERC, location-wise Revelle is a much better choice, hence why I put Revelle above ERC.
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2021.11.30 08:35 BigBadEvilDM Discussion: The Fisting Character

I've had a lot of experience with fast shot builds as is rather evident from my string of posts but there is a lot of merit to making an unarmed power fist character.

Why go this route?
Quite frankly the Mega power fist) is kind of absurd. 20-40 damage for the cost of 3 AP which can be lowered to just 2 action points. It also has the Weapon penetrate perk (Obviously fisting requires penetration) which allows you to fist right through even the strongest armor.

Gifted is a must have for all min-maxing. No discussion needed here.
The second trait is a bit harder to determine, Small frame and one hander (Another great fisting pun) seems to be the most alluring. I think one hander might just be the superior option.

Bonus HtH attacks is an obvious pick as is Slayer.
Action Boy I+II seems like an obvious pick. More mobility and attacks, whats not to like?
Better criticals is really valuable when combined with slayer, so it seems like a must pick as well.
Quick pockets is always great since it allows you to reload and heal so cheaply.
Bonus move is another favorite of mine and since you need to get into melee range it is even better on a melee character.
Lifegiver seems almost necessary since you're going to take more damage if you need to get into melee.
Toughness I is also valuable as always.

S: 5 - I see no reason to go above 5 even with a melee character. P: ? - You need 6 to get Better criticals and 9 to get the citizen test. E: ? - Whatever can be spared should probably go here. C: ? - Depends, it is not strictly needed for anything, just fun to have. I: 9 - Bonus skill points! Even going to 10 isn't a bad idea. A: 10 - More action points, hell-yeah! L: ? - You need 9 to pass the citizenship test which means that going below 7 will make that venture impossible. It does however not really add any other benefits. Slayer, unlike Sniper, does not depend on luck.

My suggested build Traits:

Tagged skills:

Starting Stats:
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2021.11.30 08:35 Ocean_0815 SunHydrogen Shares Video Highlighting Differences, Advantages of its Nanoparticle-Based Green Hydrogen Technology Over Conventional Electrolyzers

SANTA BARBARA, CA – November 30, 2021 – SunHydrogen, Inc. (OTC:HYSR), the developer of a breakthrough technology to produce renewable hydrogen using sunlight and water, today shared a new video detailing how its nanoparticle-based technology competes with conventional electrolyzers that utilize Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) and Anion Exchange Membrane (AEM) structures.
The video features SunHydrogen Director of Technology Dr. Joun Lee and Lead Scientist Dr. Syed Mubeen in conversation about the advantages of SunHydrogen’s technology, including its system integration, reduction of costly membrane use, ability to utilize water of varying purities and more.
"It was clear at this month’s COP26 conference in Glasgow that the world is recognizing green hydrogen as one of the key solutions to reaching climate change targets," said SunHydrogen CEO Tim Young. "We hope today's video allows viewers to gain further insight into the merits of our unique approach. As we continue to meet milestones in the path to mass manufacturing, we believe our solution brings many advantages in terms of its economic value and scalability.”
The video can be viewed on SunHydrogen’s website at In addition to the latest video, followers can find SunHydrogen on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram @sunhydrogeninc.
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2021.11.30 08:35 PracticalAd7652 For u/DreamyDude2004:

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2021.11.30 08:35 LakeCountyFun Am I shadowbanned?

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2021.11.30 08:35 emilymck_sf My little flower agate collection !

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2021.11.30 08:35 125955771 [PS5] H:FE25 flamer W:legacy offers

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2021.11.30 08:35 RubyPollock My ouroboros

To you, Whose words flowed so easily they pricked my ears and whose wit made you a friend and companion to thousands out there. You were my ouroboros and I paid the price for knowing you. I regret that our jagged ending fouled the moments we shared together and I hate how the last moments of us spoiled so many dishes I care about, such that the bittersweetness persists beyond this gluttonous refrain. You really treated me like a spring trap and the tension always sprung to finality.
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2021.11.30 08:35 paintsforalt heres my tnt canon i call it the heart bomb bcuz its shaped like a heart (also i had to protect the observers bcuz 1 layer wasnt enough

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2021.11.30 08:35 QFortr 23 [F4F] Constant?

Looking for a constant. Preferably femme.
About me:
Self-taught artist. Working professional from Manila.
Loves the outdoors. Loves to travel and explore.
Plantita and fur-mom.
Artsy. Passionate in arts (design, music, film and photography)
Loves watching science related stuff and true-crime and investigation docus, listening to podcasts, reading self-help books during free time.
Currently self-studying about astronomy and astrology.
Send me your ASL + favorite color with Telegram handle. See you!
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2021.11.30 08:35 Weeb8545 Happy Chaos - At the Ready Loop

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2021.11.30 08:35 Calm_Pomelo_6515 Buying EUW accounts with spirit blossom icons.

Preferably unranked or low level accounts, but DM me if you are selling accs with spirit blossom icons.
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2021.11.30 08:35 alforo_ La monarquía y el CGPJ caducado cierran filas

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2021.11.30 08:35 iLMorus Need Help for Haunter and Machoke

Room code: 1224 3400
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2021.11.30 08:35 Niflheim-Dragon South Africa Promises Secure Bio-Bubble For Team India; Appreciates BCCI For Continuing ''A'' Tour

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2021.11.30 08:35 ConformChild People who say that videos are scripted when the content is actually funny are idiots

Every time there is even a remotely funny video that pops up, the top comment is always something along the lines of “scripted” or “fake.”
Most of every kind of media we consume is scripted. Movies, standup, books, and everything, but we still like those. What’s unique about funny videos on Reddit?
If the scripted aspect is blatantly obvious and it detracts from the content of the video, it makes sense they get hate because the creator didn’t do their job well. But if the acting was on point and the content made me laugh who tf cares if it was scripted or not?
TLDR; trying to detract from actually good content and funny shit by saying it’s “scripted” is dumb as fuck
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2021.11.30 08:35 _AlphaCentauri_ Blursed_Photoshop

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2021.11.30 08:35 LukaLockup This is how I get repaid after preventing a murder at my job.

Short murder prevention story first for the tea, worker grievances second.
I was employed at my former job (as of today) for over a year and a few months now. It wasn’t great. But the job wasn’t hard and the pay was decent. I do warehouse work. Hiring is difficult as you can imagine. My former employer would go through temp agencies to fill out missing roster spots. During one of our busy periods, a company sent two temps for us to help. They rode together. These guys didn’t get along. On our lunch, one of the temps was sleeping. The other temp he was with, just snapped. While he was laying down in his front car seat, he went behind him with a knife and… went to town. Multiple stab wounds including a slashed throat, and the knife lodged in. He ran inside the building. Everybody stood around and looked at this guy dying for minutes until I heard screaming from the front of our building. I saw the scene and wasn’t interested in seeing somebody die so i grabbed a shirt and compressed his neck wound, and applied a tourniquet to his arm. I sat there for minutes while this guy screamed in my face he didn’t want to die and he was in pain. Finally police arrived and after a few minutes they fully took over. I asked for some time off. I got one day. They called the and asked if I could come in the next. An hour earlier.
Shortly before this, they gave everybody a raise and included a bonus. The bonus stated “if you show up on time every day for the week, you get 2$ an hour extra”. I signed a paper stating this. Every employee was told this.
Fast forward to today. My last 5 paychecks, my bonus has not been included. I don’t miss days of work. For 6 weeks straight I told them it’s wrong. My direct manager (who’s an awesome guy) has been emailing his boss about it. His boss is useless. Finally I went into the front offices and asked his boss why my paychecks were wrong. I was told “you won’t receive the bonus if you aren’t working full time hours” I have never left before the work has finished period. After telling them I never agreed to any hours worked contingency, for another week i was told to wait because “finance is on holiday”, while I’ve been working away as statistically doing the job of two. Well it’s been that week. I asked again and was told well there was a miscommunication that you weren’t checking in before leaving. The fuck?
I’m just so tired and frustrated at being one of this companies best employees, backed up by numbers, and dealing with this shit. I have bills to pay and you guys are withholding hundreds of dollars from me for 5 paychecks and just shrugging me off.
I’m sorry for the mobile rant. I quit via text stating wage theft as the reasoning. Gonna file a labor board complaint and start getting new job interviews lined up for tomorrow. I’m a damn good employee with great references. I deserve so much better
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2021.11.30 08:35 AnikeshChari The Fastest 1440p Gaming Monitor – 270Hz Acer Predator

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2021.11.30 08:35 tubargabus Is there some way to counter this shame of a deck?

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