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AFC Wimbledon Kit

2021.11.30 18:59 Substantial-Ad5299 AFC Wimbledon Kit

Asked for this on the sub before. Not sure how to make my own. I got given a link last time but it didn't seem to work, just said 'download failed' when I tried it. Anyone have the afc wimbledon kit and/or logo for DLS21?
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2021.11.30 18:59 NilCaos Pen Drawing WIP

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2021.11.30 18:59 WhyEssEff Waiting for something to happen?

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2021.11.30 18:59 boredbuddyboy 19m let’s be best friends and chat all day! Pls be around my age!

Hello I’m looking for friends to chat to and just keep busy through the day. Some interest of mine are horror movies and documentaries, video games, music. Also please introduce yourself so we have something to chat about, oh and I’m gay!
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2021.11.30 18:59 blueyes3183 There is a lot of potential here

I think a vaccine that elicits a T-Cell response is far superior to the ones we have now for Covid. Does anyone have any more information on the progress of tnx 801 or Tnx 1800?
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2021.11.30 18:59 Leapyear08 Not risking

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2021.11.30 18:59 NothingWillImprove6 [Bob's Burgers/Regular Show] What if Bob made the Ultimeatum the Burger of the Day?

Random thing that occurred to me recently.
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2021.11.30 18:59 ninxx00 Where do you store your nendo parts?

A bit curious how people store away their nendoroids. Something I'd like to add to my wishlist.
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2021.11.30 18:59 WingBarbaque Pemdas be like

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2021.11.30 18:59 miscshade Could Yanfei make Shenhe viable?

Just presenting an idea. Not sure how viable it would be, but I figure a Yanfei build that runs 4pc Noblese and a TTDL could potentially buff Shenhe to make her quills more abusable. Hopefully it could potentially go toe to toe with the current Ganyu melt team (Ganyu/Zhongli/Xiangling/Bennett) and similar variants. I was thinking this team could use (Ganyu/Shenhe/Yanfei/Xiangling or Bennett). Xiangling could apply consistent pyro, and Bennett is Bennett. Even if it isn’t the best team, I like the idea of a Ping/Retainer team.
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2021.11.30 18:59 SuperTrampSeat Swan dive tutorial

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2021.11.30 18:59 smokysquirrel7 Off to LA

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2021.11.30 18:59 PaperHandsPortnoy Stop simping my guys

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2021.11.30 18:59 GrapplingJupiter (Giveaway) If you've got an extra I'd love a trade, otherwise I'm giving it to the first comment to name a movie on my list.

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2021.11.30 18:59 BushRoot420 Reviews Say That This Under The Radar Supplement Completely Revitalizes Them

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2021.11.30 18:59 McCringyassjoe Guys guys I did it

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2021.11.30 18:59 MyNameIs_David Anyone have any suggestions for Audio-based writing learning?

Hi all, I know that this one might be tricky since it necessarily avoids both the writing and reading portions that make up good writing advice, but I'm just looking for something to interact with while I'm working. I won't be able to really stop and do exercises, but I am interested in following along to advice and lectures or anything like that.
My skill level: I have no formal training, am mid-way through The Elements of Style + the workbook, and James Scott Bell's Plot & Structure. I've been listening to Death of 1000 Cuts while working and I've really really enjoyed those, just looking for some diversity of resources at this point. I am in the "getting comfortable writing short stories, mapping out a novella, playing around with writing key scenes" phase of learning to write.
Any advice would be more than welcome. While I would of course love the resource to have good style / personality I am mostly interested in substantive audio resources pertaining to story structure, sentence structure, etc.
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2021.11.30 18:59 Homasssss I've canceled my passport appointment @ Henderson post office on 12/07

Subj. Pick it up if you need it fast. The post office is located on 1575 W HORIZON RIDGE PKWY, HENDERSON, NV 89012
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2021.11.30 18:59 Spirited_Key7593 who tf hurt those youtube mfs💀

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2021.11.30 18:59 Pinky_92 Vic and Dean, special bond?

I've been a fan of GA like forever, but I didn't watch S19 until recently when Dean died, because I felt that I lost part of the story. I watched all of S19 in a few days and I'm watching it again now.
In that episode of GA, when Travis says that he has to tell Vic about Dean because those two had a more special bond... I just don't see it.
When I started watching S19, I was waiting for the moment when their relationship started to mean more but...meh. Yes. Dean was in love with Vic, but she didn't even know about it until she almost died, and didn't feel the same way. Vic used to live with Dean but so did Jack, and they're closer. I think that on screen, they don't bond more to eachother than anyone else in the team. Maybe there's more to be seen off screen.
If anything, I would say that the roles of Dean and Travis are switched in this regard.
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2021.11.30 18:59 FingersToKeyboard Lighting glitch on an interior map on enhanced battle test led to a pretty eerie atmosphere.

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2021.11.30 18:59 Blargness4810 Private College Admissions Counselors

I'm a junior in high school in Canada. Because of this, our guidance counselors are really only focused to Canadian schools. I have good grades, and I think I can get into one of the top American schools, and am looking for a private College Admissions Counselor. I was wondering if anyone here has worked with any of them and if they are any good, and if so, which ones are the best.
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2021.11.30 18:59 koundy IT114 with Amy Hoover

Anyone ever take the class with her before? Not that many reviews but seems better than Maura Deek 💀
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2021.11.30 18:58 liarliarpantsonfirex Lease transfer for a one bedroom apartment 1st January 2022 (or December 2021)

Hello! I’ve moved out of my apartment and I have it up for rent. Its located in 495 av Beaumont, Montreal, walking distance from the parc metro station.
The rent is $1550 a month with all utilities included (hydro, internet, everything). Washer, dryer, stove, fridge and dishwasher in unit.
I have a YouTube video showing the place (it’s a bit messy since I was moving out then) video tour of apartment
Please anyone let me know if they are interested! :)
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2021.11.30 18:58 memerinodeckerino 1 win with this deck, F U shuffler.

1 win with this deck, F U shuffler. submitted by memerinodeckerino to MagicArena [link] [comments]