Would you see a new character for DMC6 like Giorno Giovanna or Broly?

2021.12.04 14:12 revice2100 Would you see a new character for DMC6 like Giorno Giovanna or Broly?

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2021.12.04 14:12 zoodle313 Someone give me motivation to get up

I don’t have anything to do I just shouldn’t spend all day in bed, or we can just dm I’m bored to lol
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2021.12.04 14:12 Alpha_Snorkel_DLC HOLY SHIT

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2021.12.04 14:12 Andy_AUS Price prediction 8-10 months?

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2021.12.04 14:12 PuzzleheadedScore452 Selling photo tokens 80 each

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2021.12.04 14:12 XxXthegunmaster Genuine question, how can people open their eyes underwater?

Answer not mandatory but curious to find out
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2021.12.04 14:12 Jerry_Dirtbin Like knifes more than Darts

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2021.12.04 14:12 Sea_Belt2041 Cricket 22 Vs Cricket 19 Game Comparison | Which Game Is Better

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2021.12.04 14:12 exporterofgold People who tell others "TMI (Too Much Information)," are assholes.

If someone is over sharing with you, it means they're comfortable around you, and you should kind of be glad that someone trusts you that much. If you tell them "TMI," you're just an asshole.
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2021.12.04 14:12 dont_mess_with_tx I had a dream last night in which Facebook added reactions to reactions

I kid you not, they added reactions to reactions. Someone care reacted your comment? You could add a heart to their care reaction. Someone laughed at your comment? You could add laugh at their laugh reaction.
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2021.12.04 14:12 Eeate Some thoughts on FC 6's ending [spoiler]

The penthouse ending,with Anton killing Diego, rather disappointed me at first. However, I would like to offer this perspective on Anton's actions.
As his regime collapses, Anton is confronted with the same scenes as during the Revolution of '67. Only this time, he is in the role of his own father. And Diego play his old self.
Anton's speech is focused on his dream, the pointlessness of the guerilla's struggle, and Diego's safety. His realisation is that his son will now follow in his footsteps - imprisonment, enslavement, possibly followed by a rise to power. And he decides that such a life, the one he himself has lived, is something he wouldn't wish upon his worst enemy. Despite his own accomplishments, Anton hates the person he has had to become. And now he decides that he doesn't wish it upon his son, after all. He breaks the cycle. He kills his own son.
Or maybe he's just too egomaniacal to believe his son could live without him. Interested in your takes.
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2021.12.04 14:12 X-Pods This huge ceiling fan I came across (it is HUGE irl)

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2021.12.04 14:12 PuddingCommercial102 Need $25 off coupon 🤙🏼

Please send one my way 🤙🏼🙏🏼
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2021.12.04 14:12 ForsakenAmbassador15 Free Ticket to Camden Giveaway!!!!

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2021.12.04 14:12 At1pico It’s the 66th of Spooktober

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2021.12.04 14:12 dexter1273 Are there any good codes for version exclusives? (Link codes btw)

I only need version exclusives for dex
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2021.12.04 14:12 dicerolla_d20 Opaque dyes for epoxy resin

I cast old school dice and they are mainly opaque. Normally I use acrylic inks but when it comes to red, yellow, green if I put enough ink in it to make it opaque I’m only getting about 50% of the pours to cure. Anyone have a good lead on dyes?
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2021.12.04 14:12 KeepItCheezy WTS 6x3 Key Sets LF Vex or 3 Ist

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2021.12.04 14:12 CapriKeenWater What arena r you

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2021.12.04 14:12 Wish-Strategy Box The And Do It To It: Roddy Ricch & Zedd [ravedj]

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2021.12.04 14:12 SeekerGreat20 If you weren’t flawed what would you be like?

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2021.12.04 14:12 bullieEQ Searching for 69 cowl hood

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2021.12.04 14:12 AdLive7597 Monkeysimon ogni nuovo ep di commenti di qualità

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2021.12.04 14:12 Niflheim-Dragon Israeli stabbed in Jerusalem, Palestinian assailant shot dead

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2021.12.04 14:12 DarkInnovator The King's terrifying power.

It has been on my mind for the longest time, and that is of the golden King himself. King Jahad, or Zahard if you go with the original spelling, is an extremely polarising individual. Either you love him or you hate him, you either paint him with his actions at face value or dig into the reasoning behind his actions. Things I have loved, and hated, to debate with others.
But today I am actually gonna give a brief look at how terrifying he is from a raw power perspective, when comparing to the other Ten Family Heads and their own talents. This won't be a deep dive into his specialized abilities and techniques, but rather his basic abilities contrasted to another.
Starting with the most common attribute, his physical strength. Jahad has specialised physical capabilities and Body Enhancement on par, if not greater, than the Ha Family. Likewise, he has a rather durable physical body that perhaps is only surpassed by Bloodmadder himself. This durability does nothing to hide the fact that (Data) Jahad is unconcerned at losing limbs, then perhaps some meta-regeneration too? His combat skills are so great that he surpasses the fighting abilities of Arie Hon ten times without a single loss, fighting abilities (with a sword) that are known to defy the very laws of physics themselves. He also possesses an intellect and cunning that makes him immune to Khun Edahn's schemes, he's literally shown to be Un-Khunable. Likewise, in the case of the former, he was intelligent enough to see through Gustang, and sabotage his Princesses project. To carry Gustang on, Jahad is capable of Shinsu manipulation up there with him and Blossom. And then, there is Spells which the spell on the Thirteen Months persists even with Bam having wielded one.
I mean, good God. I know that a Fisherman is a well-rounded position, but Jahad takes the idea of being THE first Fisherman, and runs with it.
There is also the matter of what SIU once said, about Jahad being like Gold. And that in his own words, Gold in the Tower is comparable to Diamond in the real world. With that context, say that Edahn is the spear that penetrates everything, and Bloodmadder is the shield that blocks everything. Is it possible that as a diamond, depending on his intent, Jahad is both the Unstoppable Force and the Unmoveable Object?
Is Jahad the Superman of Tower of God? I mean, superhuman... it makes sense given how absurd the Princesses become with his blood.
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