He was just there for a good time

2021.11.30 12:27 LunarLeo3109 He was just there for a good time

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2021.11.30 12:27 niuz-bot Sub 10.000 de persoane s-au vaccinat cu prima doză în ultima zi - [Articole]

9.531 de persoane s-au vaccinat în ultimele 24 de ore cu prima doză, potrivit Comitetului Național de Coordonare a Activităților privind Vaccinarea împotriva COVID-19 (CNCAV)…. Mai departe »
Citeste in continuare: https://www.g4media.ro/sub-10-000-de-persoane-s-au-vaccinat-cu-prima-doza-in-ultima-zi.html
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2021.11.30 12:27 ludwigni Free party @ The Woods (Williamsburg) Thursday 12/2

THURSDAY 12/2 we'll be getting loud for another night in our party series 'Planetary Sessions' from 10pm-3am - it'll be a night of dancing at Williamsburg's The Woods on S 4th st.
Dark disco, electronic, spacey tech-house, etc... would love to meet some of y'all.
Entry is free but RSVP here to guarantee admission. Hope to see ya there.
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2021.11.30 12:27 Strange_Discussion_9 🌙Back In Tokyo $BIT - TokenSniffer TREND‼️ Buy Back Token with NFT marketplace and imminent moon incoming 🌙

🚀 Back In Tokyo is a decentralized crypto network that is earned, owned and governed by the community from the outset. No more presale.
⭐️ This project has really created hype in the market. This project has very high potential to reach 20M on launch.
As with all fair launches if you want to play it safe wait for the liquidity lock and ownership renounced.
POOCOIN Ads, 4CHAN ads, and Bitmedia ads all starting this week!
⭕️ No Presale, No Team Tokens 🚀 3% Auto-LP 🚀 3% Buy-Back 🚀 1% Marketing
CA: 0xd4a065087e773cc1dd2481f895b81f881658933a
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2021.11.30 12:27 Quackquack1337 v

Why I am bullish on Vectorspace AI (VXV). The first AI dataset aggregator company in the crypto market.
Note: I’m sorry if this post is a drag but it is still the tip of the iceberg of what The company is doing so, I would look beyond this post for clarity. If I’ve made any mistakes please correct me, I’m still learning.
Market cap of Vectorspace AI: $300-400 million.
Price per token: $8
The reason I mentioned the MC first is to remind you as you read in my post if the company achievement/progression is representative of this market cap. Also, the price per token will be of relevance as you read on.
What is Vectorspace AI?
Vectorspace AI is a dataset aggregator company that uses a correlation matrix to generate datasets based on any event, trend, etc, on any topic, subject, using Natural Language Processing/Understanding (NLP/NLU) and Machine Learning (ML). These datasets can be generated in the millions in real-time (billions of different possible datasets that can be generated) which allows for the customers to identify hidden relationships with the data allowing for information arbitrage and generation or protection of alpha. This would be referred to as “smart baskets” (basket of information to be used to find hidden connections/correlations) E.g. Hedge funds would use smart baskets containing stocks to monitor stock prices - if Vectorspace AI finds that when X stock price rises/falls, Y and Z also fall. The fund manager can then react before that happens to avoid losing money. The company puts more emphasis on its use in the space bioscience and financial market sectors.
Vectorspace AI leverages blockchain for on-chain data lineage, provenance, governance, validation, and security. The tech behind how Vectorspace AI uses NLP/NLU and AI to generate these datasets is patented. The VXV token is central to all the datasets.
Total Supply: 50 million VXV
Circulating Supply: 35.2 million
No ICO. Trying to be as SEC compliant as possible, since they ultimately wanted be listed on NYSE and NASDAQ.
The company has stated they want to buy back the VXV from the open market to control float or also known as market manipulation to ensure whales who do not serve the companies best interest do not influence the token price. The consensus is that they will buy back tokens up until there is only 10 million left on the open market to allow for the company to use it for data set access. The Potential Value of VXV is now multiplied by 3.5X if you consider the supply after Buybacks. They have already initiated buybacks but are going to be full-fledged once consequential revenue starts flowing.
If you’re wondering how the buybacks will be funded, the team has statedta part of their revenue model which is 50% of the subscription value will be used to buy back the VXV from the open market. E.g. if a company pays 100K per month for certain datasets that are updated at a certain frequency, 50K will be allocated for buybacks.
The CEO has stated the VXV token price one day will be in the quadruple digits naturally and organically. He has also stated that they plan to retain the value of the locked-up VXV and part of this is to sell some of it in the quadruple digits.
what is the Utility of the Token?
I am going to copy and paste the Utility of the token by the admin of the official Vectorspace Telegram since the explanation is the best, one that I cannot rephrase.
“The utility is vast, let me drop you the technical wall of text:
1. Design and generate datasets
2. Machine-to-machine transactions using VXV inside a specialised exchange for datasets where datasets are bought and sold similar to a crypto or stock exchange.
3. Access and distribution of datasets based on the VXV wallet-enabled API key used by customers to access Vectorspace AI datasets from revenue distribution partners such as S&P Global Market Intelligence, Bloomberg, Neudata, CloudQuant, or Microsoft Azure.
4. On-chain data provenance, lineage, validation, and governance: If you don't know where your data came from, you're flying blind. The VXV token tracks all changes to datasets by assigning immutable ownership to each change in the dataset.
5. Retail subscriptions: Access to thematic baskets, smart baskets for stocks and cryptos
6. VXV wallet-enable API:
A. Based on the amount of VXV in a wallet, access to hundreds of tiered service levels offered by the VXV dataset platform for greater accuracy, precision, or profit.
B. Based on the amount of VXV in a wallet, access to hundreds of API parameters enables greater accuracy, precision, or profit.
7. Optionally, the VXV wallet can be enabled as a wrapped asset that can be traded on a separate exchange
Basically, the value of datasets is directly tied to the token. It is built to be scarce.”
A single High-value dataset can be worth millions and this is all tied to the Token.
Vectorspace AI has one of the most established collaborators and partners in the crypto field. They are partnered and or in collaboration with Microsoft azure/SpaceX, CERN, S&P500, Morningstar, U.S. National Library of Medicine, U.S departments of Energy, University of City London (UCL), Imperial College London (ICL) (Classed to be in the Top 20 Universities in the world) and recently are looking to collaborate with NASA in language modeling relating to their gene lab platform and their biospecimen sharing program.
These are billion-dollar businesses in the pipeline for Vectorspace AI so they aren’t following ordinary revenue, rather consequential revenue from these partners/collaborators which is the quickest path for a profit-driven company. This can be further attested by the CEO’s statement “We are not focused on interactions with multi-million-dollar companies, rather billion - and trillion-dollar companies. This also includes trader bases interested in trading VXV.” You may be wondering why nobody has heard of These billion-dollar companies talking about Vectorspace AI. Well, there has been no PR from them as of yet. PR from ICL and then UCL after are the first to come as stated by the CEO which will start the chain reaction with the other partners/collaborators, such as Morningstar and S&P500, (who are both revenue distribution partners) waiting for a write up from ICL regarding the use case of datasets in accelerating the discoveries in the context of space bioscience to verify Vectorspace AI is achieving progress with their scientific collaborators.
Kasian Frank conducted a giveaway of 100k in VXV or ETH for a crypto with the same or higher level of scientific collaboration in the field of human longevity and bioscience compared to Vectorspace AI. Nobody won.
There are no competitors in the crypto market. But, in the traditional market, the closest and largest competitor is Palantir that also uses NLP/NLU for its datasets. But it doesn’t produce NLU correlation matrix datasets used to generate clusters from unsupervised data using the Vector space methods. They also do not use blockchain for data lineaage, security and province. The market cap of Palantir is around 40bn. The fact that there are no competitors in the crypto market should raise some eyebrows.
The team
You’re probably wondering who is behind this company. They are a team comprising of people with a deep background in science, technology, and the financial markets, and are veteran software engineers, scientific and technical founders who work in the area of specialized algorithms in ML/AI for Life Sciences and the financial markets.
The CEO is Kasian Franks. I'll paste his career history to show you his credentials and his capacity of being CEO.
“Franks worked as a software engineer and product developer specializing in pattern matching algorithms and tools for companies and organizations such as Sun Microsystems, Oracle, Motorola, Tivo, mPower (acquired by Morningstar), and X-Mine (Sold to NEC Japan, now called Biocompass) . From 2002-2005, Franks worked as a Genomic Research Scientist at the U.S. Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), Life Sciences Division, alongside Raf Podowski, and Connie Myers, where he developed the technology behind SeeqPod. Franks began to study biomimetics along with pattern matching in data and nature. This led to 5 patents in the area of search and discovery. Later he went on to start SeeqPod Inc. a music search, discovery, and pattern matching company in which the U.S. Department of Energy, along with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, holds a 5% stake. Under Steven Chu and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Franks and SeeqPod won a 2008 R&D 100 Award for biomimetic search engines.”
He conducts weekly conference calls where all updated information about company progress and achievement is deliberated. This type of deliberation is unseen from many other crypto projects and shows the connection the CEO has with its retail investors. Kasian and his team are active on Telegram, answering questions on chat and in the conference calls for further clarity.
Helpful links:
VXV deep dive due-diligence
VXV Deep dive simplified
VXV Community FAQ
Conference calls ( Conference call notes can be found on the telegram)
Revenue Model
A company that generates correlation matrix data sets for Hidden Relationship Detection in Data. Uses NLP/NLU and AI algorithms to generate them. Focus is in space bioscience and in the financial market
50 million supply, 35.2 million circulating and the company is in the process of conducting buybacks, drying the supply to 10 million VXV.
Token is central to the datasets and are designed to be scarce and correlates to the value of data sets.
They have a myriad of partners/collaborators, unmatched such as Microsoft azure/SpaceX, CERN, S&P500, Morningstar, U.S. National Library of Medicine, U.S departments of Energy, University of City London (UCL), Imperial College London (ICL) (Classed to be in the Top 20 Universities in the world) and recently are looking to collaborate with NASA in language modeling relating to their gene lab platform and their biospecimen sharing program.
They have no competitors in the crypto market, but some in the traditional, biggest being Palantir but Vectorspace method of dataset creation and culmination are different, as well as how the data is stored, on a blockchain.
The team is built of veterans from all aspects of science, technology and financial markets.
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2021.11.30 12:27 Short_Bunch_7233 me today at scool, shool, shcol, school!!!

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2021.11.30 12:27 Resident-Bed5343 can someone please respond this has been killing me

so i compare a lot , that’s my sort of compulsion comparing genders . and whenever i do that or any compulsion i’m focused on it’s like as if everything i was stressing about like false attraction goes away . anyways so i really like this girl at my job , whenever we’re at my job and we’re talking i’m nervous and shake and i get really happy . im waiting for her text all day and everything . so i’ve also been a guy that’s been comfortable talking to gay people than straight men , because i’m sensitive and i know gay people well most won’t judge you . im talking like problem wise . i have a gay therapist and with all this ocd shit he’s helped me a lot . in middle school i had a counselor that was gay and a really close friend that was gay . i have talked to all these people about girls and have never fantasized not once about them . but with my compulsion it seems like i would choose the gay guy over a girl . im guessing because they gave me that comfort rather than a feeling of love but i don’t know and i’m freaking out . i’ve always wanted a wife , kids , a future but all these compulsions fuck with me . gay people scare me , men scare me . i just don’t know what the fuck to do
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2021.11.30 12:27 trailer8k Lord of the rings the age of men is over

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2021.11.30 12:27 thebursar [Highlight] Utah wookie skanks the drive back at himself and catches the ball

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2021.11.30 12:27 Unknown_Death_Cause Boobs(yes I'm serious) 19M

I'm a pretty introverted and extroverted person depending on who you catch me with and this might seem weird but I lose all my confidence when meeting up with ample bosom women. I'm not sure if it's an anxiety or maybe I'm just overthinking it but they just make me scared for some reason. I know that I like breasts of all sizes but I just can't figure out why I seem to become afraid infront of them. I only seem to lose confidence infront of them and not girls of a smaller chest size.
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2021.11.30 12:27 Roid_Rage_Smurf DRSBOT COUNT UPDATE-- 2021-11-30 15:27:0 [Computershared.net] [!DRSBOT:HELP!] : [!DRSBOT:XXX!] #FEEDTHEBOT

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2021.11.30 12:27 kotor89 “Set me adrift…”

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2021.11.30 12:27 Lou7y That's gonna be a fast Womb XL

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2021.11.30 12:27 Lol33ta Dark Elf Lord by Maria Dimova

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2021.11.30 12:27 AstronautAgreeable82 Can someone recommend where to find nice houses download?

I prefer ones that do use CC and maybe a family home with 5-6 bedrooms, and a big backyard area? 😁 thanks if you can.
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2021.11.30 12:27 xsabrix There are definitely more living survivors than Shauna, Nat, Taissa and Misty

I've seen a lot of discussion about wether Shauna, Nat, Taissa and Misty are the only living survivors. I think there's no question there are more of them, because in ep 1 when Shauna meets Taissa at the diner, she asks "have you heard from Nat?", and then "what about the others?"...if she was reffering to only Misty, she would have just said her name, or "the other one". There's definitely at least one other survivor we haven't seen as an adult yet. I really hope it's Van!
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2021.11.30 12:27 azmulh01 [HIRE ME] A to Z VA Related Working Based on Your Requirements

[HIRE ME] A to Z VA Related Working Based on Your Requirements

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Long time working relationship with a client
Timely Order Delivery
Quick response and online most of the time

Name : Azmul Haque
Skype: ajmoul.huque

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2021.11.30 12:27 hexennacht COVID-19 update for November 30, 2021: Vaccination coverage 1st/2nd doses: Ottawa: 80/77%, Ontario: 78/76%, Canada: 79/76%. Cases: Ottawa: 16, Ontario: 687 new, 3 death(s), 560 resolved.

Last year: Ottawa: 29, Province of Ontario: 1746 new cases, 8 death(s), 1320 resolved.
Last week: Ottawa: 31, Ontario: 613 new, 9 death(s), 717 resolved.
All data gets pulled between ~9 - 10 AM every morning for consistency. Vaccination Tracker and OPH update later in the day and will not always match what's here, especially after 11 AM.
Vaccination info Vaccination rates by PHU. Source Last updated September 10th
Ottawa (Updated Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.)

COVID-19 Cases by Vaccination Status
Unvaxxed Partial Full
Cases Hospital ICU Cases Hospital ICU Cases Hospital ICU
Nov 24 293 170 66 14 8 3 237 73 14
Nov 25 356 161 63 19 7 2 329 55 10
Nov 26 467 151 62 27 12 3 378 57 10
Nov 27 451 143 60 23 11 3 349 59 11
Nov 28 498 136 61 21 13 3 396 63 14
Nov 29 412 149 61 27 14 4 315 63 13
Nov 30 310 135 57 19 15 5 308 67 19
Per 100k/week 87.6 - - 36.4 - - 20.7 - -
Per 100k/day last 7 days - 4.7 1.9 - 2.8 0.8 - 0.56 0.12
Relative rate 4.2x 8.4x 16.6x 0.4x 0.6x 0.4x 0.24x 0.12x 0.06x
Relative rate compares unvaccinated to fully vaccinated, and partially/fully vaccinated to unvaccinated.
Due to incomplete weekend reporting, vaccination status data for hospital & ICU admissions is not updated on Sundays & Mondays.
Cases by vaccination status may not match the daily COVID-19 case count due to different reporting times and missing or invalid health card information.
COVID-19 Cases
PHU Cases Per 100k/7d Cases
Toronto PHU 22.6 94
Windsor 118.9 71
Peel 22.4 60
Simcoe-Muskoka 85.6 57
Halton 32.5 47
Algoma 176.6 35
York 26.8 30
Sudbury 109.5 28
Haldimand-Norfolk 99.1 21
Niagara 29.2 21
Southwestern 82.3 19
Durham 29.5 18
Wellington-Guelph 22.4 18
Kingston 112.4 18
Chatham-Kent 66.8 18
Hamilton 24.5 17
Ottawa 25.7 16
Hastings 71.2 16
Brant 79.2 15
Waterloo Region 29.6 13
Huron Perth 44.4 11
London 24.2 9
Peterborough 27 7
Eastern Ontario 42.2 7
Leeds, Grenville, Lanark 15.6 6
All other PHUs reporting 5 or fewer cases.
Add RES to your browser for clickable table headers.
Ottawa specific info: COVID-19 Cases by Vaccination Status
October 16 - November 19
The risk of COVID-19 infection is 4 times higher for unvaccinated people in Ottawa.
Vax Status With COVID-19 Total Eligible Rate per 100k
Fully 541 800,305 13.5
Partial 53 33,210 31.9
Unvaxxed 220 89,236 49.3
Updated Daily
  • 7d rolling average: 39 (-2).
  • Active cases: 347 (+2).
  • Rt rate: 1.14 0.89 (+0.25).
  • Current hospitalizations: 11 (+1), ICU: 1 )+1).
No death(s) reported in Ottawa today
Ottawa Testing (Updated Tuesday - Saturday)
  • 2,521 tests performed.
  • 1.7% (+0.1%) positive rate (November 19 - November 25).
  • Backlog is 111.
  • Average turnaround time for a high priority test was 17H.
  • Average turnaround time for all tests was 29H
Poop Chart
  • Daily Viral Signal on November 24: 125µ.
  • 7d Average: 92µ trending: steady.
  • Vaccines do not increase these numbers.
Ontario specific info: Hospitalization data reported by the province is very inaccurate on Sunday and Monday mornings.
  • 7d rolling average: 794 (+11).
  • Active cases: 6,940 (+124).
  • Rt rate: 1.08 (+0.02).
  • 21,476 tests performed, 3.20% positive rate.
  • 7d average for positive rate: 2.69%.
  • Backlog is: 15,824 (+6,448).
  • Current hospitalizations: 266 (+121), ICUs: 153 (+5), Ventilated: 96 (+7).
All sources
Donation link for those who've asked.
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2021.11.30 12:27 pieterrrrr69 Wie samen fappen?

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2021.11.30 12:27 Silverstars56 Found a onecard ID at rec

Was heading to my class around 8:20 in rec and found an ID. Belonged to a guy, but didn't catch the name since I gave it to the front desk right away.
It was on the bench right outside the climbing wall.
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2021.11.30 12:27 ExaminationSea6203 DCS world steam, help!!!!

when I start the game oculus vr and steam vr start up and the game is just a black screen and I cant do anything can someone tell me how to fix this?
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2021.11.30 12:27 youtuber00 REACTION AL MEME MATTARELLA STAMPA!

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2021.11.30 12:27 nigerucyu 求浪友指导,知道微信号后该如何查出手机号

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2021.11.30 12:27 goooseJuice [Keim] In the last five games, Washington's defense ranks 8th in points allowed and fourth in yards. They're 21st on third downs, but in the last four games they're 12th on third down and 6th in passing yards.... It's what many expected of them entering the season

[Keim] In the last five games, Washington's defense ranks 8th in points allowed and fourth in yards. They're 21st on third downs, but in the last four games they're 12th on third down and 6th in passing yards.... It's what many expected of them entering the season submitted by goooseJuice to washingtonNFL [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 12:27 sweetsourtravel VEGAN (Lunch Bowl) Recipe

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