Rain And Thunder Sounds in a Foggy Forest [01:00]

2021.11.28 06:45 InternationalPut6458 Rain And Thunder Sounds in a Foggy Forest [01:00]

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2021.11.28 06:45 notakota My research on rank placement system

I took down a stupid amount of research, and spent a lot of time and need it to be for something so I hope you guys get something out of it. I played 10 matches of Open/Crossplay and then 10 matches of Solo/Duo/Controller, wrote down every stat provided, averaged everything, and compared the differences.
Before the giant chunk; here's the conclusion. It seems K/D is not that important and score is the real factor. Reached this conclusion because:

For anyone curious here's the number crunching and effects on rank:
***Enemy left; ally team 4v3
**allies left; 2v4
*ally left; 3v4


Game Score/Result Kills/Deaths/Assists Captures Time Held Effect on rank
Oddball*\* 820 / Loss 6 / 11 / 4 ---------- 0:07 Almost 0.
Slayer\* 500 / Loss 4 / 15 / 2 ----------- --------------- Almost 0.
CTF 1680 / Loss 11 / 10 / 1 1 cap, 1 return, 1 steal -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Significant decrease. Like half the bar
Oddball 2075 / Loss 10 / 17 / 4 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1:34 HUGE increase. Made up for last match and then some
Slayer 1150 / Loss 9 / 12 / 5 Significant decrease.
Strongholds 3200 / Win 21 / 15 / 9 Biggest change; HUGE increase.
Oddball 3305 / Win 16 / 20 / 10 Slight increase
Oddball 2480 / Loss 18 / 21 / 7 No change
Oddball\* 650 / Loss 6 / 7 / 1 No change
Slayer 1120 / Win 7 / 12 / 8 No change

SoloDuo/Controller (First 10 games so my first placement)

Game Score/Result Kills/Deaths/Assists Captures Time Held
Strongholds**\* 1325 / Win 9 / 5 / 1 7 1:21
Slayer 1810 / Win 14 / 15 / 6 ------------------------ -------------------------
Slayer 1060 / Loss 8 / 11 / 5 ------------------------- -------------------------
Oddball\* 1540 / Loss 10 / 13 / 5 ------------------------- 0:31
Strongholds 3035 / Win 22 / 23 / 6 9 1:57
CTF*\* 700 / Loss 6 / 8 / 1 0 ------------------------
Slayer 1210 / Loss 9 / 12 / 6
CTF 1330 / Loss 9 / 15 / 7 0 -------------------------
Slayer 1250 / Loss 11 / 12 / 3
Strongholds 1275 / Loss 7 / 15 / 2 9 1:42

I also tracked everything else (Slayer damage & accuracy, Oddball carrier kills, CTF caps/steals/returns, etc) but im sure those stats aren't important. A balance between K/D & Objectives are best, but objectives seem more important. Since score is a measurement of how you contribute to the team; thats a short way of explaining it.
Go for score and try to be top of the leaderboard, basically
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2021.11.28 06:45 n949 QoP gets an early Christmas Present

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2021.11.28 06:45 vampirejessica how come extroverts and introverts of the same type (ENFP and INFP for ex) are attracted but ENFP and ENFP arent.

since opposites attract.. and familiarity makes you see the faults in you in others. how come ENFPs and ENFPs usually hate each other but ENFPs and INFPs can be friends.. same with ENTPs and INTPs but ENTPS and ENTPS usually dont click.. is it because for example the INFP is good at Si more than us so we sort of pick it up as a self improvement thing or what.. im not sure about this but ive seen it everywhere
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2021.11.28 06:45 proarnis1 Edit I made about how broken silco jinx and viktor got mentally in these series (took me about 40hours to make, it starts really slowly and not the best, but around 2minute mark it becomes hella good in my own eyes)

Edit I made about how broken silco jinx and viktor got mentally in these series (took me about 40hours to make, it starts really slowly and not the best, but around 2minute mark it becomes hella good in my own eyes) submitted by proarnis1 to leagueoflegends [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 06:45 IntroductionDirect55 new lg tv not working

hi i recently bought an LG tv and it doesn’t turn on any advice? thanks in advance
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2021.11.28 06:45 TwoB00m What always free Service(Cloud) you use

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2021.11.28 06:45 Bonus1Fact 1.6 magnitude #earthquake. 59 km WSW of Tatitlek, Alaska

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2021.11.28 06:45 Telestasis Bed Logout fixed in 3.15

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2021.11.28 06:45 JUNI000R Got handed this Beta AR, can someone identify the Year ?

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2021.11.28 06:45 Feeling-Wishbone-250 *Evangelion flashbacks*

Could somebody make Evangelion reference with Palawa Joko (PRAISE HIM!) Something like this pic:
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2021.11.28 06:45 Kings_Baboon_mouth This is my BTS Fancam

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2021.11.28 06:45 GavinEaton_mpfy Members Cars

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2021.11.28 06:45 FloroThePlayah 🐸

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2021.11.28 06:45 i_have_cat_he_IsCute I have edited all of them and I don't know what to do know it's just

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2021.11.28 06:45 EestiMentioned [/r/MarsWallStreet] Centaurify - ⚑ Launching Now on BSC

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2021.11.28 06:45 BlazedToddler420 Can something be done about the chat moderation?

I have 0 doubt that this gets brought up frequently, but the chat moderators are ridiculous. It's at the point where if a certain few individuals (not naming names) are on, region chat just dies. People getting kicked and banned left, right and centre, for usually non-offensive things.
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2021.11.28 06:45 MR_rLm98 Scotch Fillet to be Cooked in Garlic and Pepper

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2021.11.28 06:45 tokkiemetuitkering This belongs here

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2021.11.28 06:45 Apollo_M Looking for a solution to get notified about new tweets (apart from the official app)

Since 6 days, I'm affected by the issue that I get no sound/haptics for new tweets. Many people are affected. So I'm looking for a different solution. I set IFTTT up but the notifications come with a few minutes (up to approx. 20 minutes) delay which makes this option not viable for me. I'm looking for a solution where I get notified instantly. I've also tried Discord bots but they are super unreliable in my experience and the delay issue is present there again. And lastly, 3rd party Twitter apps don't have API access anymore for notifications since a few years.
Is there any option left for me to try which gives me a robust solution with instant notifications? Thanks a lot in advance.
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2021.11.28 06:45 Anonymously2018 Anti Vaccine propaganda be like...

"A typical vaccine development timeline takes 5 to 10 years, and sometimes longer, to assess whether the vaccine is safe and efficacious in clinical trials, complete the regulatory approval processes, and manufacture sufficient quantity of vaccine doses for widespread distribution."
Some clinical trial phases are combined
Well that's nice. Don't get me started on the 3-6 month efficacy and the fact it was designed for alpha strain and not the mainstream delta. Are you going to keep taking it until the 8th booster? The third and (some places fourth) boosters are coming up soon ^_^
Did you know that unvaccinated people have been found to have a very similar viral load to fully vaccinated people? And that because vaccinated people will have less symptoms it is easier for them to transmit that viral load because they dont know they are sick? But dont bother googling the top notch educational resources reporting this. Just ignore me and downvote instead, and go back to your happy little echo chamber.
If the vaccine is effective at protecting yourself, why do you care if young healthy people take it? That has nothing to do with you, contrary to what Pfizer would like you to believe. Did you know that Pfizer paid the largest criminal fine in history at $2.3 billion for lying? They sound like some really honest trustworthy people and I can't wait to inject them into my body.
Upset because the liberal media echo chamber isn't telling you anything? Maybe you should question more and review more news sources and studies, because guess what, every news source is biased and has an agenda. They are private news media corporations and they do not give a shit about you, nor does the random journalist spreading their opinion piece as fact.
Step 1) Classification: Unvaccinated
Step 2) Symbolisation: Plague-rats, anti-vaxxers, covidiots, etc
Step 3) Discrimination: Vaccine passports, job exclusion, social exclusion, businesses closed, travel denied
Step 4) Dehumanisation: They dont care, they are evil, Everything is their fault, they are insane, They are holding us back
Step 5) Organisation: Australian quarantine camps, Austrian forced compulsory vaccination, Extreme forced lockdowns (China), Mass-media narrative to demonize the unvaccinated, Extremely excessive lockdowns in democracies
Step 6) Polarisation: Claim that they are anti-vaccine when they are obviously anti-mandate, understate the size of protests (say thousands instead of tens of thousands), Censor and block users from describing adverse reactions on places like Tik-Tok, Youtube... Publish pieces in the media that make everyone hate the unvaccinated ("Anti-Vaxxers Hate Chapmans Ice Cream!"), Conflate the unvaccinated with pre-pandemic anti-vaxxers even though they took all previous vaccines before the pandemic
Step 7) Preparation: Deny them travel, businesses, jobs, so they are homeless and destitute, exclude them from all services (even surgery) if they are not vaccinated, the list goes on...
Step 8 ) Persecution: Shut down their businesses, lock them in their homes if they still have one, prevent them from going anywhere except the grocery store, make society afraid of them with daily Two Minutes Hate articles in all major media designed to ostracize them from the community.
Step 9)
Step 10)
By the way, in case you are confused or wondering, Coronavirus is never going away, just like the flu didn't after the 1920 pandemic. This is not going to end unless we have some major medical breakthrough in virology or design a vaccine that actually works properly and not "sort-of".
Don't just agree with everyone else and be a little parrot. Grow a brain for yourself and research this. If you are vaccinated, great, but don't fucking force your garbage on me.
Don't forget, you are not allowed to question this vaccine or disagree ever, that is simply not socially acceptable. Having hesitations and not wanting an experimental medical treatment that many of us don't even need is no longer socially acceptable. How does that freedom taste?
None of this should make you mad at the unvaccinated, we just want you to fuck off with your mandates. Dont tell us we need to put garbage in our body just because you like to. if you are putting on your >:( NPC face right now, that's because you hate it when someone disagrees with you and is right, and you are a fascist who does not support people having medical choice. Owch, your big fat "always has to be right and force it on everyone else" ego right? Looking forward to your essay replying to this on my desk by Monday. Have a great day everyone!
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2021.11.28 06:45 ketaminedaddy 99 Mafia Crip

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2021.11.28 06:45 yourbraindead Beginner question on gas fees / how to swap smaller amounts without loosing nearly all of it

im not really a beginner to crypto but havent traded much on the eth chain until recently. I accidently sent to much DAI to my Metamask wallet and have now 130$ in DAI on it. I know this is not a lot of money but its still money. So I am wondering how I can use them (like swap into a coin that i actuall wanna hold or trade back into Dollar) without paying the enormous gas fees? Is this even possible? It wasnt the biggest of my concerncs when I made larger transactions, but now, loosing more then half of the money I want to transfer just feels bonkers. Any ideas or straight up impossible?
Next question is why didnt I have to pay gas fees when I swapped them accidently from coinbase to my wallet? I mean Coinbase took a few dollars but not gas (or nearly none)
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2021.11.28 06:45 LuckyFennel6080 🐢 Kenpachi Floki 🐢 Just Launched | 7% BUSD rewards | Huge Marketing | Your New 100X | InterFi Audite | Team Kyced| Trusted Team πŸ›‘

Kenpachi Floki it's time for KENPACHI to show it's dominance on the FLOKI world.
Contract: 0x2b2c9889de61fe65ed3fffbbba6b9d588ad1e97c
πŸ“’ Marketing Up to 100k$ in marketing budget so we will take care of marketing and make sure we will have enough buying pressure to coverup our launch
πŸ”’ Safety KENPACHI FLOKI official contract is audited by the InterFi team and more audits will come soon
🧁 Rewards Each of us has to feel like a Part of the KENPACHI FLOKI Family and makes money sitting in front of the TV just holding his tokens! Each of us will have the same opportunity! up reward will be distributed to all holders
πŸ’΅ Buyback A nice sum of money accumulates for buyback and will be used to avoid major dumps
7% BUSD Redistributed To Holders
1% To Liquidity Pool
1% To Marketing
1% To BuyBack
Contract address: 0x2b2c9889de61fe65ed3fffbbba6b9d588ad1e97c
BUY HERE: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x2b2c9889de61fe65ed3fffbbba6b9d588ad1e97c
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x2b2c9889de61fe65ed3fffbbba6b9d588ad1e97c#readContract
LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x1DdCb252D600EFbf843f3D1c47ec2a978ec5FC63
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2021.11.28 06:45 apogol I'm a 14 year old with moobs, how can i lose them?

I don't have a scale to see how much I weigh, but I'm relatively thin. But I have moobs and it's noticeable when I wear a shirt. How can I lose them? I've been trying to diet and exercise but nothing is working. Any advice? Thanks in advance.
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