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Absolute dump truck

2021.11.28 23:27 Uoeno1313 Absolute dump truck

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2021.11.28 23:27 Spiritual-Ad-3695 Twerksum

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2021.11.28 23:27 TallQuiet1458 Problems due to market regulation?

Im trying to log into the crypto.com exchange and i am getting an error message that due to market regulation i cannot access it..... i knew this was an issue a while back but what is going on with this now?
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2021.11.28 23:27 Content-Highlight-20 Made batman villians tierlist

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2021.11.28 23:27 Hopeful_Figure_7540 Tips on quitting 20mg CT?

Hey! I’m Mickey (f/19) and i was prescribed 20 mg of Prozac in September of this year. I was taking it everyday up until now(Nov.) I thought they were working great, not going to lie. My anxiety had gotten alot better and I wasn’t as depressed. But, around the end of October, i started noticing that I would get completely quiet and just not talk. It was becoming an everyday thing. I wasn’t upset or anything, well there wasn’t a sole reason for it. I used to do this alot in school, but its been a year and a half since i’ve been in school. I also have these pretty terrifying nightmares, which happened alot even before the pills, but they’re amplified and they’ve been happening every single night. I also have trouble going back to sleep if I wake up, I usually have to take sleep aid just to go back. My sex drive has went away almost completely. I went from extremely horny and always wanting to shag my bf to not even wanting to kiss too much. Some days, I feel very detached as well. Like, I’m just not there or I’m not myself. So, last week, I decided to stop taking them altogether. It was going well tbh. I was still having nightmares and trouble sleeping but I wasn’t going quiet. I do feel out of place most of the time and my mind is foggy sometimes. After 6 days of not taking them, I decided to try one to see how different it would be. It was terrible. I felt so shitty. I smoked a blunt(Im a regular smoker, almost everyday) and laid in the room. I didn’t move for the rest of the day. I was very quiet and to myself and i was just in a bad mood. I felt pretty down the entire time. I decided then I wasn’t going to take them anymore, at all. My psych said it was ok for me to just stop them, which is great. But I’m starting to get into those hermit modes again. Or just having a shitty attitude or mood for the day. I still have pretty shitty sleeping problems as well. I don’t wanna keep taking sleepaid to gts and smoking helps me sleep but I wake up after abt 4-5 hours. Is all of this normal? When will I go back to normal? I honestly just feel like straight shit whether I take them or not.
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2021.11.28 23:27 PixelatedCouchPotato 😳😳😳

Imagine if techblade can hit flying enemies with a crossbow/bow upgrade, in my opinion it sounds pretty cool
(Idk what flair to put this as)
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2021.11.28 23:27 wannabecooldude What cheap and fun hobbies are you into?

Mine would be playing cricket at home
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2021.11.28 23:27 MGreenMN Meet the Male State: Russia’s Nastiest Online Hate Group [mentions Telegram]

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2021.11.28 23:27 greenplant2222 Custom Trash Cans

Does anyone know where I can get a custom made trash can? I have a slide out like this with 2 cans. I'd like to replace the 2 cans with 1 larger one so I have to empty them less frequently, but am having a lot of trouble finding the right size.
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2021.11.28 23:27 Kawai-master-reddit I Am Going to Find Bigfoot and He Will Be My Friend

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2021.11.28 23:27 Syntaximus [Python] Is it possible to create a SQLAlchemy/SQLite table from a list of column names?

I need to make a table with about 100 columns and I really don't want to type out the entire declaration by hand because that would be silly.

columnslist=['col1','col2'...'col100'] class User_Table(UserMixin, db.Model): id = db.Column(db.Integer, primary_key=True) email = db.Column(db.String(100), unique=True) class User_Measurements(db.Model): id=db.Column(db.Integer,primary_key=True) user_id=db.Column(db.Integer,db.ForeignKey(User_Table.id), nullable=False) timestamp=db.Column(db.DateTime,server_default=db.func.current_timestamp()) for colname in columns list: ADD_COLUMN(colname, db.Integer) db.create_all() 
Obviously "ADD_COLUMN" isn't a real thing, but I need a method that would achieve the same thing. I'm currently trying to do it with a pandas dataframe, but dataframes don't really have any kind of inherent relationships that would translate like I need. Thanks for any input!
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2021.11.28 23:27 mswar11 Help I got a date! How do I approach my upcoming wizardry?

So I've been talking to someone on Bumble for about a week, and we both find each other pretty chill and have scheduled a meet-up. However, I recently turned 29 and my dating history has been pretty much non-existent. My history is either situations where my anxiety thinks something is there and when there isn't I get devastated, or situations where I'm taken advantage of. At the end of obtaining my BS, I had a friend commit suicide, which really fucked my anxiety up. I've been living at home and working a job I'm overqualified for a while. I've been living at home to take care of my parents and to aggressively pay my student loans. However recently, I feel like I've been on the upswing. I'm down to seeing my therapist once every 2 months, I dropped 30 lbs during Covid (still a stout dwarven lord, but my mom says I'm cute), and just started a Master's Degree program. However; I'm still a virgin, inexperienced in dating, and I live at home. The person I've been talking to is a couple years younger than me, lives in the same city and just started Med School, and I think is pretty cute. Honesty is real important to me, and I don't want a relationship to be built off lies. How should I approach my circumstances? Because I want her to be aware of who I am, and my relationship novicehood; and that I have no expectations that someone should deal with a rookie unless they want to. Thanks for any advice!
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2021.11.28 23:27 Newleaf45 [NY] to PA: my boss is crazy and I am afraid she will try to sabotage me when I leave

I have good references from all my past employers. My current boss doesn’t foster a good work environment… problem oriented, breaks down, throws headset, talks behind everyone’s back, blames her problems on others instead of trying to problem solve… it’s so bad I needed to write our staffs workflow tasks because when she went to do it she gets frustrated and throws the whole day into chaos. Before I go on I will say I think this stems from underlying mental problems she doesn’t have addressed and think she needs help, I don’t believe her to be a bad person.
She is however impulsive and irrational. My greatest fear is I get a job offer and they want to speak with my current employer instead of just my older references from my past 3 jobs…. I am scared to tell new employers because I am afraid it will make me look like I have conflicts with my superiors… but don’t want them to reach out during her bad days and her playing it out to look like I cause her issues…
Do employers even do this? What do I do?
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2021.11.28 23:27 WickedRaccoon Tips for a Run 'n Gun Video/Editor Freelancer

Hey ya'll, anyone got some tips for a run 'n gun video/editing guy type of gig?
Been runnin' and gunnin' for over 3-4 years. By this method, I mean (in my experience):
Almost no preproduction/preparation, arriving on scene with zero info, being the sole crew member (providing audio, directing, filming,...), coming up with ideas for a shoot very quick, having flexibility concerning moving around with all your gear ("being flexible" for companies usually mean they can't plan for shit), jack of all trades (master of none hehe),...
So, here's some of mine:
-Buy the smallest gear (have a sony fs5, rode wireless go for interviews, aputure LED handheld lights,...), so it can all fit in a backpack and pherhaps an extra bag. I still use a big lamp with a softbox (aputure C300d ii). A bounce is also great for utilizing available light (might need a human tripod).
-Be prepared for surprise scenarios: by this I basically mean... have gear such as a drone (mavic mini is OK quality wise for small scale things) lavs, a main light, "Hey we actually need an interview, sound isn't that important." well... it is important.
There's a time and place to deny requests that come last-minute, I just have a lot of these, which is mainly the issue with clients that aren't familiar with film stuff. And sometimes people are just dumb as a brick.
-This applies to a lot jobs/positions: be (or appear) confident. 90% of clients with no knowledge of film stuff always say "Hey you're the expert, you probably have more experience in this!". So even if you're kinda fumbling, do it with confidence lol. It helps set the client/talent at ease.
-Prime's are fine, but if you gotta film hectic or last minute situations, a good zoom is always a godsend (have the sigma 24-70).
-Don't be afraid to ask for a high price, what you're doing requires a shit ton of expertise/geawork. Of course depends on who you're shooting for (big company vs small local band).
-Never be afraid to shoot enough b-roll (general rule), in tight situations you always gotta have enough footage to save yourself in editing.
I hope these don't seem obvious, just wanna throw it out there, and maybe get some responses in the comments.
Little bit of info about me and my projects:
-Mostly shoot promo's/ads for socials.
-I range from small businesses to very big ones.
-Based in the EU.
-Also edit freelance for a production house.
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2021.11.28 23:27 ZachAttack8912 I don't have Skyrim Anniversary content.

On Xbox One here. My friend and I profile share and he bought the upgrade and it says I have it installed. However, I cannot download any of the Creations and cannot find anything about it online. Was wondering if any of you know a solution.
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2021.11.28 23:27 vikkalpmittal What would've hip-hop sounded like if Eminem hadn't blown up when he did?

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2021.11.28 23:27 Bird_Legend Want to get into 3D modeling, printing, and painting

Hello! I am looking to get into modeling 3D miniatures and eventually terrains, printing and painting them. I have been researching and am very overwhelmed. A few questions:

  1. If anyone here models mins, what programs do you recommend and where can I find tutorials for those programs?
  2. I am looking to get a resin 3D printer (eventually, likely sometime next year, I'd like to get into modeling first.) What printers are best for the absolute beginner?
  3. What supplies do you need to paint? Paint brands, washes, other tools, etc...?
Thank you!
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2021.11.28 23:27 mikemikemikeandike Proper relative PPP calculation?

CFAI gave an example where they calculated relative PPP by using the following formula:
Spot bid + (difference in inflation rates between the two countries X spot bid)
If the text specified the ask instead of the bid, would you simply replace the spot bid with the spot ask?
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2021.11.28 23:27 evo626 First time I’ve ever had this happen! DOGE!!

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2021.11.28 23:27 alicization Have you ever thought of quitting a game, but stopped because of how much time and money you've spent on it?

I've been tired of Genshin for a while now, but I can't stop cause I've spent too much time on it already (farming for artifacts, skill mats, and more) and I've also spent some money on it.
I know it's the sunk cost fallacy, but I feel like everything I've done will be wasted if I stop playing it completely.
Has this happened to anyone else?
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2021.11.28 23:27 DanTay19 Finally beat Maria, months after buying the dlc

I think I got it in september the dlc, and every boss so far has been a brick wall but she was the ultimate one.
I gotta say tho even tho it took my 136 attempts, I ended up really enjoying the fight in the last few matches, I didn’t really enjoy the Masamune fight I find him too annoying.
Onto DLC 2! Played half the first level and I do love it, the atmosphere and battle is great I only wish that the damage was fair, I’m okay with them being able to kill me in 3 or 2 hits thats realistic and immersive to a real war scenario, what isn’t immersive is me taking about 10 hits to kill them. I’m very underlevelled for it, and I think I accidentally missed a chunk of the map so I left the battle. But I’m somewhat looking forward to it again
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2021.11.28 23:27 cheesecakeonastick Visiting cancer patients?

My aunt was diagnosed with colon cancer about a year ago. She started chemo shortly after Christmas. Of course last year there was a lot of uncertainty due to covid and we were under lockdown during this time.
However her doctors told her that she’s absolutely not allowed to have any visitors at home (even if tested for Covid) simply due to the fact that people outside of her household could bring in germs and her immune system is compromised.
Covid aside, is this really true? I have worked with someone who just finished chemo (during Covid) she had no choice but to work and everything was fine, or back in the day, my ex’s mom had breast cancer and we’d come over to visit….there was no concern? Even my grandpa who had lung cancer a few years ago, we’d visit him and he wasn’t given a rule that he couldn’t have visitors at home…
I get that my aunt had low immunity during chemo and still probably does. But…

  1. First it was no visitors allowed period. While she’s going through chemo, Dec-Feb
  2. Her chemo ended and in the summer time she said, You can come visit as long as you get tested for Covid. I had a hectic summer and live out of town so I said, I will visit in a couple months.
  3. When I was finally ready she said, No I don’t want you coming over to the house, we can only meet outside (but of course get tested)
  4. And finally now, she’s saying, Im vaccinated but with the new variant Im scared and you likely won’t be able to come for Christmas.
I live alone and the rest of my family is abroad. Her and her husband are my only family nearby. I spent last Christmas alone and was really hoping I’d finally get to see her this year! Is there anything I can do to change her mind? I work from home and I’m not exposed to germs.
Like I said, I’ve met many cancer patients in the past and those were pre Covid Days when no one wore masks or worried about germs?
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2021.11.28 23:27 Kindest_Guy One Piece( Stampede) - Survivor [AMV]

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2021.11.28 23:27 Gatewatchermtg Talking about Oathbreaker Power Levels & Expectations

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2021.11.28 23:27 hedonistic_whore 23 trans for Mommy/daddy

Hii I'm Emily, 23 trans. Recently moved to Vegas. I'm looking for a Mommy or Daddy who would like to have a pet to train :)
Stats: 125 lbs, 5'8", Caucasian, smooth, and caged 24/7
Kinks: bondage, pain, stretching/fisting, deepthroat/gagging, cum, bizzare, semi public, food, and rimming 😛
I hope to hear from you :)
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