Name of this Cigar?

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2021.12.03 22:51 JerseyJunto Name of this Cigar?

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2021.12.03 22:51 Miami_actual How do I tell if I have a reprobate mind?

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2021.12.03 22:51 the_spookiest_ Scanned enlargements. Ilford HP5, RB67.

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2021.12.03 22:51 Tristonia7 Ft: all below, starred Pokémon on second slide are POGO stamp LF: offers

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2021.12.03 22:51 Montauk_123 [For Sale] Modern Baseball, dogleg, Bleachers, Title Fight, Silversun Pickups

Following records are for sale, within the CONUS.
Modern Baseball - You’re Gonna Miss It All (Yellow) - $40 PPD
dogleg - Collected (Splatter) - $65 PPD
Bleachers - Strange Desires (First Press, Clear) - $80
Title Fight - Missed 7” Flexi - $50 PPD
Silversun Pickups - Swoon (Red w/ Black Swirl 2x LP) - $35 PPD
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2021.12.03 22:51 Timely_Swimmer_2278 Posting Rules

My posts keep getting kicked out because they are to short. Does anyone else have the same issue?
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2021.12.03 22:51 iitrack What is a Career Path for Someone Who's Creative?

So my general skills are creative based, at least in like concept creation, Song-Writing, and creating a vision in my head. If you tell me to put a marker to paper I couldn't draw anything for you, but if you tell me to visually describe it I could and I could give you really good scenarios based off of it and create concepts, so on and so forth.
These are my strong suits, And I would really like to do something with them as a career, And I would like to know do y'all know any careers that are possible with that?
For Context, I live in Ohio, USA. (Location Flair isn't able to be edited for me)
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2021.12.03 22:51 ThegamingEl1te Halo Infinite's matchmaking is garbage, change my mind.

I've been getting negative KDA teammates every single game, the past game my teammates being 2 - 13, 4 - 15, and 1 - 12. I genuinely cant remember the last time I had positive teammates. is this happening to anyone else? and btw i'm averaging +15 KDA
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2021.12.03 22:51 Sfeor Corpse Grinder Gang & Dark Rituals

Hello, and thanks in advance for any help and feedback on this!
Is a corpse grinder cult allowed to worship a specific god and perform dark rituals to gain the boon?
And if they are not Rules as intended/written, is it too good to allow it in a campaign?
" HOUSE GANGS EMBRACING THE DARK GODS The taint of Chaos can be found throughout the depths of Necromunda’s hive cities, its remote ash waste settlements and even among the decadent nobles of its spires. None can count themselves safe from the influence of the Chaos gods, though some openly embrace the darkness in their thirst for power and violence. The following section provides guidelines for creating a gang dedicated to the Dark Gods or running one that turns to the worship of Chaos during a campaign. Any of the six House gangs – Orlock, Delaque, Escher, Cawdor, Goliath and Van Saar – can turn to Chaos if their player chooses. MAKING A DARK PACT Turning a gang to Chaos can be done in one of two ways: either the gang can begin dedicated to the Dark Gods or they can turn during a campaign. During gang creation a player can decide if their gang is dedicated to the Dark Gods. If they do, they gain the benefits detailed that follow, but are also automatically an Outlaw gang ( see page 6). During a campaign a player can attempt to turn to Chaos by having their Leader make the Dark Ritual Post-battle action ( see page 27). If this action successfully draws the favour of a Chaos god, or if one of the gang’s members is turned into a Chaos Spawn, the gang becomes both a Chaos Corrupted gang as well as an Outlaw gang. "
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2021.12.03 22:51 Candid-Lynx-7776 Tomb Raider King Chapter 276 - Luminous Scans

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2021.12.03 22:51 t0mt0mt0m Have you explained being a knight of pineapples to others ?

View Poll
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2021.12.03 22:51 EasternBlocBoy Jersey Question

So I’m looking at buying my partner another Raiders jerseys, but when I’m looking through the NFL shop only the youth jerseys are black with white numbers, the adult ones has this weird off-white grey color for the numbers and it doesn’t match the other jerseys he owns.
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2021.12.03 22:51 akujidragon Little bell and stickers

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2021.12.03 22:51 CinderellaManX These ABC commentators are Oregon fan boys.

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2021.12.03 22:51 Shreeder4092 It's Coming

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2021.12.03 22:51 cypoyb How long?

How long have you been meditating the longest? And how it felt?
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2021.12.03 22:51 omegacluster French TV - Stories without Fingerprints (progressive rock) [2020]

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2021.12.03 22:51 Nastification420 🎵🎶We’ll always HODL together 🎶🎵

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2021.12.03 22:51 DrRab121 Help

Can not start game getting KBFL failed to load would appreciate some help thank you
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2021.12.03 22:51 Forgesword Whitebeard medals trait - things.

Hey everyone! I need some help with my Whitebeard medals. PrimeBeard, fyi.
Currently I am using triple CP9 medals, Lucci human form, Lucci beast form, and Kaku.
I have used some of my "If character is Whitebeard Pirates... boost 'X' by 18%" etc. on these medals, my question is - should I just bolster all these medals with those Whitebeard specific traits if I am gonna main Whitebeard? Or should I keep saving my other Whitebeard trait things? I have 2 more I can use and fill the triple set completely with Whitebeard traits.
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2021.12.03 22:51 Usbcheater Annae 12: Kyara hates caves

Kyara is 8 years old. She lives in Isha's forest. She's part Fire giant, part Anakaman. She as an Thurnan is a Shi-ifa which means she has 4 arms, with her orange fur and orange/brown eyes she is a natural at fire magic and earth magic. She loves adventure and boys. Energetic she can always be seen climbing trees or playing with fire. she's basically without fear except for one.
Kyara is at her home village where she was taking sewing lessons from her mother. She didn't enjoy it even though she was good at it. Then her father Anju an rotund but strong cat with gigantic eyes comes in from a hunting trip. He has caught a deer and is very happy with the catch. Her mother Helga a giant with fire red hair and ashen skin happily stops the lesson to butcher her husband's prey.
She ordered Kyara to go get fire wood for dinner, since they are fresh out. Kyara agrees glad that she's finally off the hook. With a bag in hand and an axe in the other Kyara goes out in the woods and selects a tree. She knocks on the tree to check if there's gnomes living in it. Getting no reply she punched the tree with her bare hand. One punch is enough to knock the tree out of its place.
With her Jotun strength she easily chops it up in smaller pieces and puts a part of the tree in her bag. As she passed a river a small being that looks like an amoeba silently follows her home. Not seeing this she goes inside town. Kyara comes home to her mother already done with the butchering and preserving of the various meats. Kyara is then asked to light the fire and with one fell swoop of heat she dries the logs and lit one aflame. As her mother prepares dinner Kyara asks if she can play outside and search for mushrooms.
Dinner will take a while so Kyara was allowed to go on a short hike. Kyara went outside the village and started to walk the tree lines. Looking for the white caps of mushrooms. It was then that she noticed that she was being followed. She looked back and saw the amoeba-like creature slithering behind her. She looked at it with a sense of wonder. It was light green with all kinds of eyes floating in the middle of its cellular body.
Hey? What do you want? Kyara asks fully expecting a response.
The creature slithered to her and spoke.
Your help. The creature spoke inside her head. Which is normal for Thurnans.
My help? With what? She said.
A bunch of dark creatures are holding me and my friend hostage not far from here. The Creature said with a scared voice.
But you're here? Kyara asked.
Only a small part of me. The rest is still waiting. The small part said with concern.
I'll help but I got to ask permission from mom and dad first. Kyara said as she hurried back to the village.
Wait! Take me with you! The Small piece said before jumping on Kyara's shoulders turning in to a green cape that looks just like cloth.
Kyara wanted to go on adventure the moment she got permission but instead she had to eat dinner. Venison ribs, some of her favourite first. During dinner her parents asked where the cape came from and she explained the whole thing. They didn't believe her at first till the cape started moving on its own. She as powerful as she was, her parents weren't worried about her going on an adventure. In fact they think it just makes her even more powerful. So they let her. But she needs to go tomorrow instead of today.
It was early in the morning and Kyara sneaked out early with her new companion around her neck.
So where now? Kyara asks.
I will point the way. The piece said.
The forest was cold and wet from rain. Kyara loves to slush her feet through the leaves to make a path through the forest. It was not a long walk till they found a cave in to the local mountain range.
Y-you want me to go through here? Kyara asked scared.
Its where the rest of me is. The piece replied.
Trembling she stepped one step in front of the cave system and then recoiled with her fur on end and her tail thick.
I-I can't. I'm too afraid! Kyara said.
O, Is that what I felt? It tastes great! the piece replied.
I'll eat your feelings the more you express them and you can help me! the piece said.
The cape started glowing and Kyara's fear subsided and her trembling stopped.
W-wow, that really helped! Kyara said relieved.
Kyara went inside and since it wasn't a mine it didn't have any lights so she decided to lit a flame from her hands. Immediately the piece started to recoil and tremble.
A-are you afraid of fire? Kyara asked with a trembly voice.
Y-yes. the piece replied.
O-okay, I'll keep it down then. Kyara said while turning off her fire.
They walked the pitch-black cave till they come across fire. Oil-lamps firing light in to the cave. Weird for something not dwarfen-made. Kyara's fur stood on end as she sneaked against the tall walls of the cave till she came across a door.
The door was large and grey. Seemingly made to look like its part of the wall. Hearing a sound they both hid behind a stalagmite and looked at two shapes coming from the door. Two 8 feet tall muscular black figures dressed in ancient Egyptian clothes. They both hold many weapons and stand on watch.
Set's beasts~ Kyara whispered.
The two creatures seemingly felt a presence and started looking around the clearing like they where expecting her. Kyara didn't know what to do but the piece enveloped her and started to reflect light. Becoming invisible. The doors opened and they snuck beyond the two guards who didn't even notice them.
they find themselves in the midst of trouble. The gate leads to a larger cave that was fully lid by lights. several rooms. One of them contained a huge statue of Set and another contained an alien creature seemingly in a foetus position not moving at all. not even to breath.
That's Tunrat~ And there's me. The Piece whispered.
You're Ezae? Kyara whispered a little too loudly. She held her hand in front of her snout.
Several of set's beasts walk past her with bladed weapons in hand. Then she saw a priest coming in. The priest was speaking in an for her weird language and the statue started to glow a lightning purple aura. The statue then spoke.
There is an intruder here~ The Statue said with an Egyptian accent.
Kyara ran for the door knowing the jig was up she tried to magma her way out only to realize that Ezae fears fire and would stop eating her fear. So instead she used her earth magic to dig herself under the cave. Knowing the way out she dug like a mole towards the end of the cave where she quickly ran outside.
She was quickly followed by 10 of set's warrior brandishing weapons which gleam in the sunlight.
Get off now! She asked Ezae while she flamed up.
O-Okay! Ezae slithered off of her, in to the woods. Kyara turned her orange coat in to one of fire, ash and magma. Her eyes glowed like embers and she started to run for the beasts.
Agilely she jumped up as one of the beasts swung its sword at her from a low point. She grabbed the blade and melted it with her bare hands. Then she punched it in the gut and a hole burned in to it. It fell down dead. 9 left. She put all four of her hands on the ground and released molten magma on the ground. All of them slip and burn their feet off. Their screams could be heard across the forest. She then cooled the ground and with the beasts now mangled and stuck to the ground she started to punch them down.
She heard more coming from the cave. She turned around and yelled for Ezae. who came out of the clearing and together they ran back to town ready to warn the giants of the infestation of Set. She ran in to the Village wall and explained everything to everyone who immediately armed themselves. Armed to the teeth the giants swarmed the cave and fought off the set's beasts.
Kyara ran in and went to Tunrat who seemed to be quiet.
What's wrong? Kyara asked.
Tunrat has been sleeping here for months. And I can't wake him. Ezae said.
Kyara went up to Tunrat's leg and started to flare up Tunrat's toe. Ezae instantly recoiled and ran to her whole where she merged in to it. Bad Idea. Kyara, now fully back to her old emotions and starts shivering, her tail thickens and her fur stands up. She runs to the opening of the cave as the Set statue curses her for foiling his plans. Battles still went on all over and Kyara decided to help outside the cave.
The battle lasted for hours but the giants won. Kyara, scared, went back to the cave with her fellow giants and they destroyed the statue. Before checking on Tunrat. Who was gone. fully disappeared. The giants cheered and went home to celebrate with their heroine Kyara. Kyara heard a voice in her head.
Thank you. the voice uttered.
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2021.12.03 22:51 Martin_Bachler Did you know the Wisconsin school shooting was karma for Rittenhouse? I did not know that.

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