Teachers or loved ones of Teachers in this subreddit, tell us your stories. Tell us how many hours a week you work. Tell us your pay. Tell us about the shitty working conditions, politics, parents and management that you have to deal with.

The Los Angeles County coroner has identified the victims in the brutal slaying of a grandmother and her four grandchildren, including a boy not yet 2 years old, in the Southern California high ... Having been on this merry-go-round in Europe, I can tell you that focusing on downside protection frequently results in poor decision making that activity prevents upside growth. In other words, worrying about the downside so much, makes it a self-fulfilling prophesy. I’ve always thought it was stupid for VCs to worry about downside protection. Those are the facts. If the county doesn't like it, well that's just too bad. Many many people know this. Thank Barney and his men for many strange occurrences. Barney has a direct issue with this post. To bad you have the rest of your ignorant, criminal life to get over it. Barney you and your boys want to line up for a lie detector. if you have it in you to go above and beyond, just do it. I was watching my daughter play field hockey yesterday. Her team got a point after a play that should have rendered the ball dead. We cheered, but the people right next to us weren't happy. I even joked" Killjoy" when the mom behind me said it was dead.

2021.12.02 18:51 intothefuture3030 Teachers or loved ones of Teachers in this subreddit, tell us your stories. Tell us how many hours a week you work. Tell us your pay. Tell us about the shitty working conditions, politics, parents and management that you have to deal with.

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2021.12.02 18:51 biohazardMAdneSS plans

I wanna do a sniper I haven't made one in awhile but first I have a new lego gun project that'll help me with my laziness during the holidays. Ill draw some designs and post them latter editing of the new SG revolver is going by quicker then expected so I should have some time to draw the designs also aspect a new video of a new revolver coming this Sunday
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2021.12.02 18:51 Capable_District_355 Some of her feet pics

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2021.12.02 18:51 Pawgobssesed Debate about food

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2021.12.02 18:51 flux_capacitor3 A lot of people don’t seem to understand the first amendment. It’s from OF religion and freedom FROM religion.

The founding fathers wanted to make sure everyone was able to practice any religion they wanted or no religion at all.
I feel like that’s what a lot of very religious individuals don’t want to realize. It’s set up to prevent religion from being involved in the government. A lot of people out there want to turn the U.S. into a theocracy, and our laws literally prevent that.
I found this super helpful: Your Right to Religious Freedom
In current news: stop using religion as a reason to ban abortions. This is just one of many examples, but you see my point. I hope.
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2021.12.02 18:51 We_Will_AlI_Die We were this close to greatness

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2021.12.02 18:51 niles_deerqueer The Mortal Guard

Good day, everyone! After 4 years of planning, creating, and writing, my novel, The Mortal Guard, is finally finished! The story centers on two characters, Nick and Boris. Nick joins the supernatural police force known as the Mortal Guard to figure out how to get rid of Boris’s problem. His problem? He’s possessed by a mirror demon named Absalom that forces him to kill innocent mortals to gain power. The two characters go on two separate journeys for the same goal and it is one insane ride. Not only is it way more complicated than that, but this is only the beginning of a much larger story. Comments and feedback appreciated!
Warning: This story contains extreme graphic violence, themes of sexual assault and suicide
Genre: Paranormal Chapters: 63 Rating: Mature Word count: 150K+
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/1116157736?utm_source=ios&utm_medium=link&utm_content=share_reading&wp_page=reading_part_end&wp_uname=nileshollowthorn&wp_originator=m%2FhoL3%2FbXQ%2BSCxX2e0JajsKO%2B9tyI6glNF8s5L6T7EapRe8uIeaDk%2FIoZxGfPHkS1EJQabqKjGhAwoMa3H2QZgHfO6ELDu9JVLabKZBWhyjB%2BWQ2Xdqk72Q2ak44o7Bi
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2021.12.02 18:51 dersackaffe Rammus now works at Riot

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2021.12.02 18:51 Sorry_Teaching_ hmmm

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2021.12.02 18:51 bluesky38 Succeeding as an Intern

Hello! My name is Cameron and I'm a junior Mechanical Engineering student studying in Richmond, VA. I'm posting here to ask if an engineer wouldn't mind taking about half an hour sometime between today and Sunday (December 5th) to speak with me over zoom about succeeding in an entry-level or intern position in the Engineering Industry. I have a few questions prepared and it would be a great help if someone could answer them for me.
Thank you in advance to anyone who reaches out!
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2021.12.02 18:51 robmadden1 Day Trip to the Virginia Air & Space Science Center in Hampton, VA

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2021.12.02 18:51 Senior-Amphibian-484 [BD:SP] FT: 2 Shiny larvitar LF: Any other low level shinies

Title says it all really, both are lvl 6 and in premier balls
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2021.12.02 18:51 d1cknb4ll Ngl I fucking hate Ponyo as a character she pisses me off. Why she so entitled. She’s not all that .

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2021.12.02 18:51 _SnoopE Should I put sand?

I recently got sand for my bearded that was safe for her to be in but after it being in there for a month she only pooped on her basking branch and I’m not sure if she didn’t like it or I should have kept it in, I don’t want to keep using paper towels 😂
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2021.12.02 18:51 Khalcheesy My first root porn!

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2021.12.02 18:51 MrAux Aside from Portland, why doesn't Oregon have equal demand in economic opportunity like California & Washington. What makes it so poor?

There's statistically more jobs and projected growth and has been compared to Oregon. What cons does Oregon have that drives a lot of Americans away?

A lot of tech giants just ignore Oregon and go off to Washington state or Arizona / Texas. They don't take advantage of a lot of the empty property that could be used. Why is this the case?
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2021.12.02 18:51 RoulShorra Quick Weight Loss Tips - How to Lose Weight Safely and Sustainably

Quick Weight Loss Tips - How to Lose Weight Safely and Sustainably There is no magical formula for losing weight. Fad diets and quick-fix solutions will not work. Despite the quackery pervasive on the internet, there has never been in the history of weight loss "medicine," a 100% proven product for losing weight and keeping it off. Shammers only capitalize on peoples' concern over their image as a means to make money, with no proven results or FDA backing. The dangers of crash dieting are ingrained in us, yet in our desperate attempt to lose weight fast, we ignore all risks, putting ourselves in harm. My advice to you is; save your money and pass the quacks by, because much of what you need to know about safe weight management is common sense, though admittedly, common sense seems to be at a premium these days.
Safe and slow: There is nothing wrong with losing weight quickly, as long as you do it safely. You may not drop 15-20 pounds a week, like some of "the Biggest Loser" contestants, unless you have trainers like Jillian or Bob, are severely obese, and are attending boot camp; but you can safely lose over 3 pounds a week, with the right amount of exercise and a well thought out eating plan. Studies have shown, that losing weight slowly - no more than 2 pounds a week, is the safest and most effective for maintaining that weight loss long term.
Readiness: Being successful in your goals depends on your motivation and readiness to make permanent changes to your lifestyle and health habits. Before you even think about a weight management program, you need to make sure that you are in the right mindset to take on this challenge. Knowing you need to lose weight for health reasons, and feeling ready to take this plunge, are two very different things.
Set realistic weight loss goals: Having a realistic weight goal is vital to your success, so if you are substantially overweight or obese, talk to your doctor first about how much weight you can safely lose. Know your ideal body weight based on your height and build, and what you need to lose to get to that goal. At a 2 pound loss a week, you can figure out how much you can lose in six months. If you are 100+ pounds overweight, then aim for a year from now. Being unrealistic in your goals serves no purpose and will only cause you to sabotage your efforts.
Motivation: Once you set these goals, you need to understand your motivation behind them. Do you have an event, a reunion, or a date? Those can be great motivators, as long as the weight loss plan you follow is one you can keep up with after that event is over and done with. Maybe you're just tired of double-digit sizes, and craving the new and improved single-digit you? Then use that as motivation, by hanging up a photo of the ideal body you crave, alongside a current photo of you. That should be motivation enough!
Weight is just a number: Your weight reflects many things; calorie consumption, the composition of the foods you eat, metabolic rate, and how much physical activity you get, but it doesn't tell the whole story - how much of that weight is muscle, fat, water, bones and organs. If you are going to see any real results, it is important that you understand your body composition and its' makeup, rather than obsessing about dropping pounds, which will only leave you frustrated and discouraged. After numerous trips to the gym and endless hours of cardio and strength training, you may consequently find yourself losing body fat and inches, but not necessarily dropping pounds.
It's okay - this is normal and logical. Initially, when you start exercising, your fat mass is converted to muscle mass, which is denser and weighs more, so your weight may not have dropped or you may have even gained a few. I know what you're thinking, but don't lose sight of what's important here; which is that you are changing your body composition, and converting fat into lean muscle, which gives you that toned and defined look. That is what you should be aiming for - doesn't everyone want a svelte figure?
Exercise and eat right: There are no shortcuts. Losing weight safely and sustainably requires a simple approach; burning more calories than you consume, setting realistic goals, committing to a lifetime of nutritional eating, a good grasp of moderation, and plenty of exercises. By combining a healthy diet of fewer calories and increasing your physical activity, you can expect to lose 2+ pounds weekly, which most importantly can be effectively maintained for the rest of your life.
The only way to be successful is to be smart and safe; so steer clear of any weight loss programs promoting diet pills, laxatives, supplements, colon cleansing, or fasting, as these are all potentially life-threatening methods of losing weight.
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2021.12.02 18:51 SugarSuspicious1389 Zekrom adding 10: 3757 6679 5511 or 0839 1288 6167

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2021.12.02 18:51 E2EEncrypted Zhu Li birdwatching 👀

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2021.12.02 18:51 PersonalSwitch [TASK] Content Writer

We are looking for a Content Writer to join our editorial team and enrich our websites with new blog posts, guides, and marketing copy.
Do you have a way with words? Can you explain complex concepts in plain English? Do you notice spelling and grammatical errors on the internet and on signs around town (and point them out to your friends)? Our company is searching for a talented writer who can make content understandable and accessible to the general population through blog posts. As the newest member of our SEO Agency, you will be joining a team of professionals who understand what the writing life is like.
If you’re familiar with producing online content and have an eye for detail, we’d like to meet you. Feel free to share samples of your work or portfolio of your published articles, along with your application.
Rate is 0.01USD per word.
Payment: Only paypal.
Apply here:
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2021.12.02 18:51 QuantP1 17M, Intern software engi heading into collage

Hello, I'm a seinor in highschool and will be (hopefully) graduating next year, my parents are making me go to collage but luckily I've already been accepted I just have to pass one more semester ;-;

### Other things about me:

- I've been interning as a software engineer(I work in c++, java, and python mainly) for about a year at a small government contractor(I'd tell you more but then I'd have to kill you) and I like working on tech and computer stuff in my spare time.
- I play games on steam and switch(hollow knight is my fav)
- I play guitar sometimes and I used to play piano
- I used to read a ton but haven't been able to find the time recently
- I have a dog named meekens(I'll send you plenty of pictures of him)

### About you:

- Someone I can talk to about tech stuff and maybe even work on projects with
- Have to love dogs
- Preferably willing to call pretty often(and be ok with silence while we warm up to eachother)
- Have to be able to talk over either discord or matrix
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2021.12.02 18:51 Teillu Milton Abbas, England.

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2021.12.02 18:51 ceruleus0 Roland Barthes - “Toys” (Excerpt from Mythologies)

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2021.12.02 18:51 Moonoid1916 Templates To Covid & The Vaccine truth

Basically asking if anybody knows of any sites with templates for stickers showing the true adverse effects numbers, & deaths if possible. i used to have many but this was from summer 2020 & i cannot find them
Any help would be greatly appreciated, i can share many books & docs aswell for anybody interested, many topics.
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2021.12.02 18:51 flamewolf393 (bl2) Shields: capacity or recharge delay/rate?

Is it better to have a lot of capacity so the shield lasts longer but will probably never recharge during a fight, or to have really fast recharge delay/rate so it only takes a second or two break in the action to get back your much lower capacity?
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