Winter red wine | Intense Bordeaux red AJ1, love

You can decide what level to bring the paint standard up to. This has saved the car as it has no structural rust or issues as can be seen in the photos.Underneath the car is also rust free, original and having had no welding.The engine has jus been fully serviced and runs and sounds fantastic.The car has just had a new Lucas battery, new fuel pump and filter all oils and four new tyres. One of the world’s most classic and popular styles of red wine, Bordeaux-inspired red blends, have spread from their homeland in France to nearly every corner of the New World, especially in California, Washington and Australia.Typically based on either Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot and supported by Cabernet Franc, Malbec and Petit Verdot, these are sometimes referred to in the US as ... 2019 Valentina Bordeaux Red. Our Bordeaux blend showcases powerful, dark red fruit notes followed by red fruit flavors mixed with spice and espresso. This full-bodied blend has a rich texture and long finish. Winemaker Notes. Add to Cart. Price $32.00 / 750ml. Qty Berry Bros. & Rudd in Hong Kong - We are Fine Wine and Spirits Merchants, a broking exchange, wine tasting events & schools and specialists in en primeur wine. Read our authoritative information for wine appellations, grapes. Bordeaux Red Blends from Graves, Bordeaux, France. D 95; 3.7 113 Ratings. Price per bottle. Currently Unavailable $19.99. Try the 19 99. 19 99. Save $0.00 (0 %) Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Rover SD1 Auto 3500 V8 Vanden Plas in Bordeaux Red at the best online prices at eBay! Free delivery for many products! أفادت مجلة "Brigitte"، بأن الأحمر البوردو يتربع على عرش ألوان الموضة النسائية في خريف/شتاء 2021/2022 ليمنح المرأة إطلالة أنيقة. Sturgess Cycle is a powersports dealership that has been serving the greater Toronto area since 1910. We are proud to offer our customers a wide variety of new and used motorcylces, as well as parts, apparel, accessories, and service. We are located in Hamilton, ON, near Toronto, Mississagua, London, and Oshawa.

2021.12.07 05:45 Mia-Aiden2 Winter red wine | Intense Bordeaux red AJ1, love

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2021.12.07 05:45 Stubborn_Shove That's a funny-looking coastline. And one of them has fish! Maybe the ugliest terrain glitch I've seen.

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2021.12.07 05:45 Flimsy-Court8695 Day 4 Urges are unbearable

Dude I am doing 60-80 pushups a day , taking cold showers , meditating , trying my best to focus on work but I cannot get over these urges. I cannot concentrate on anything I just have thoughts on pon , mastrbation , nofap that's all what I think whole day. Is there any advice what should I do in this situation ?
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2021.12.07 05:45 Alarmed_Ride7090 Worst is reading all the "I love good food and traveling the world" We all do...

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2021.12.07 05:45 ZeroPenguinParty Sponsorship Proposal to be sick

I have read several of these on here lately, so I thought I better add my story.
As part of my Bachelor degree at university, I had four electives to choose. They could be from any field across the university, just so long as I qualified for it. What I mean by that, is that it needed to be a subject that required no pre-requisite subject (typically a first year subject for nearly any degree), or a subject that I had done the pre-requisite for (for example, nearly everyone did computing studies 1, but only IT students did computing studies 2, so since I had done number 1, I could have done number 2 if I had wished). Since I was doing a Marketing degree, I chose a subject from the sport/health department...Sport & Exercise Marketing.
There were little assessments during the course of the semester, but the main assessment for the subject was a mock sponsorship proposal you had to put together. You selected a major sporting event, and then prepared a sponsorship proposal related to that event. The information contained within could be fictitious, the assessment was all to do with your ability to formulate the sponsorship proposal and include all necessary information for a potential sponsor. What I did my sponsorship proposal for is not relevant to this story.
Earlier in the semester, I had a mini assessment that I needed to present in class. Unfortunately that was also the day I was getting a small lump removed from my leg. It was done at my GP's office, which was in the CBD of the city where the university is located. I gave my lecturer advanced notice of the lump removal, and was able to get the presentation pushed back a week.
After I had the lump removed (and gotten the necessary doctors certificate), I went out to lunch at a favourite pizza place that used to be housed in huts. While I was sitting in there eating their All You Can Eat buffet, in walks the lecturer. He doesn't say anything to me, but stares daggers at me.
The following week in class, I do the presentation, hand him the doctors certificate, after which he turns around and says to me "I know you were faking it, I saw you in the restaurant. You do this again, you get zero...and I don't care if you have a doctors certificate or not." Fine.
Last week of classes. We could present our proposals during our normal lesson time, or a special Friday timeslot that the lecturer organised in case presentations went over time. It was mandatory for everyone to come to the normal lesson, but only those that needed to had to come to the Friday lesson. Well, the day before the normal lesson, I came down with a severe stomach bug, one that saw me evacuating waste from both ends on a constant basis. I literally could not move out of my bed. I called up my GP (who I was personal friends with), who came around, took one look at me, and said I wasn't moving for a couple of days. I mentioned the presentation, and he said he would write up a doctors certificate for me.
The morning of the presentation, I rang the lecturer, told him what the GP said, and the lecturer didn't believe me...stating that if I wasn't in the lecture theatre to do my presentation, I would be given 0. So with all my might, I gathered up my presentation materials, and somehow stumbled to the lecture theatre. I walked in (I was about 15 minutes early), found a seat, sat down, and went off to sleep. I was woken up when other students started piling in, who were all wondering why I was there (they could see I was not well).
The lecturer walks in, sees me, has a smirk on his face, and calls me up to do my presentation. Halfway up to the stage in the lecture theatre...I throw up. Just before I step onto the stage...I throw up. Right next to the lectern...I threw up. The lecturer drags me out of the lecture theatre, and wants to know what I am doing? I go to tell him...and throw up over him. The lecturer tells me to go home, and not return until Friday. From what other students later told me, he then went back inside the lecture theatre, called all the presentations off, and asked everyone to come back Friday.
I don't know what transpired between then and Friday, but come Friday, it was the head of the department that was accepting the presentations, and not the lecturer. A rumour doing the rounds was that the lecturer was sick at home, after getting a stomach bug.
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2021.12.07 05:45 AdFeeling6068 Me and choppy

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2021.12.07 05:45 Angry-_-Kid Minecraft with any shader pack running at <60fps on 2070 Super?

Not that long ago I could easily push 90fps with SUES Renewed shaders (the one I usually use) on my 2070 Super, but as of recent, I have noticed that I barely ever get over 60+ fps on any shader pack BSL, SEUS Renewed, SEUS E11/12 & SEUS Renewed - depending on what I'm doing of course - but on average hovers around 20-30fps :/ Which seems ridiculous for a 2070S and Ryzen 3700X. Does anyone know if there are any tweaks or fixes to get the peformance back? I always have render distance at 16 chunks as well as Vsync off, so those are definitely not the culprit. GPU usage usually sits around 30% and CPU usage around 25% on MC with shaders. There is also 4GB RAM allocated to MC as of right now.
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2021.12.07 05:45 Superb_Introduction Do y'all think ATLA is more individualistic or collectivist in its philosophy?

ATLA has both Western and Eastern influences, as we know. I'm South Asian (we don't show up much in ATLA lmao rip), but the "Asian collectivist influences" are still in my culture imo.
I think ATLA has a lot of Western individualism; Zuko, the deuteragonist, has an epic Hero's Journey wrt his own morality, but he largely does this on his own - with the help of those around him, but he is largely self-motivated to be a better person. He confronts his terrible family and finds his own individual path instead of following them, and the show supports this decision. His arc is a classic Western "coming-of-age" story. Aang, the protagonist, is the classic "Chosen One" who never wanted this responsibility and often makes jokes to avoid facing his problems, a common trope in Western kids' entertainment. Katara attacks the Northern Tribe's waterbending master because of his misogynistic rules/mindset, but she's shown as in the right for it even though she loses. Her individual fight against collective sexism is regularly lauded by the show. Toph wants to carve her own destiny instead of doing what her rich parents tell her to do, and again, she's lauded by the show for it, and her parents are actually criticized for acting like they can control everything Toph does "because we're her parents and she's helpless".
And yet, ATLA is full of Eastern influence. Iroh is an incredible influence on Zuko, and the latter's arc actually concludes with him taking his rightful place on the throne but using this privilege to better his community and save the world.
It's heavily implied (and later stated) that Iroh is Zuko's true father figure, but he's never made out to be some horrible killjoy whom the cool rebellious Main Character totally ignores/roasts like typical Western kids' cartoons do to parents. When Zuko disobeys/disrespects Iroh, he's actually shown to be in the wrong for it, especially in the Season 2 finale. Even when Iroh pranks him by pretending to have lost a lotus tile that the former had the whole time, Zuko's reaction (grabbing the tile and throwing it away) is shown as overly aggressive (which it is lol). When Zuko snaps that he doesn't need basic firebending training, Iroh admonishes him for not drawing power from the breath, and Iroh turns out to be right. Yes, Iroh tells Zuko to find what he truly wants instead of what others want for him, but the show depicts Iroh as giving the hotheaded angry Zuko correct advice, and it's heavily implied that Iroh was trying to help Zuko get back to his morals instead of capturing Aang. He even says a "pure of heart" and "idealistic" person must be Fire Lord, and outright says it has to be Zuko. I think Iroh did want Zuko to be the Fire Lord, but because Zuko was the royal child who was always determined and compassionate enough for the job, not because "Zuko's the oldest so he has to be Fire Lord because that's our tradition, so screw what he wants"
Moreover, the average "abused rich kid" storyline in American shows/cartoons illustrates that the rich kid wants to leave their whole family forever and live in the mountains with their new protagonist friends or whatever; Zuko isn't like that. Before his redemption arc, he says he lost everything - his family, his honor, etc - and that he wants it back. After the arc, he duels Azula for the title of Fire Lord and wins. This shows that he intended to get his family/honoetc back the whole time, even when he joined the Gaang to help defeat Ozai. Moreover, when Zuko gets the throne, he doesn't make every Tuesday "hang out with Mai" day or make tea illegal or whatever (even though he still loves Mai and dislikes tea); he uses his position to benefit his community and the world by ending the war and helping the Fire Nation become not-evil again. Kinda collectivist, right (using your position to benefit the larger community instead of yourself)?
IDK, I could be way off base, but what does everyone else think?
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2021.12.07 05:45 dreambigteam SJT- patient privacy and taking blood

Hi all, I would not have considered taking blood in front of family as a privacy concern until I read the rationale on why D, C are preferred over A. I remember seeing taking blood in front of me from my family members on several occasions. Any insight on this, please?
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2021.12.07 05:45 TrinderMan New Star Wars film to reveal Rey’s parents are R2D2 and C3P0

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2021.12.07 05:45 BaxyBoo I’m so tired…

… of waiting for regulatory bodies to do their f**king job. … of working within a system where the opinion of retail is irrelevant. … of the fact that the only reliable resource we’ve come to know is ourselves.
We’ve experienced numerous market makers, brokers, cleaning houses and various other institutions conspiring to prevent the purchase of a security in order to protect their best interests.
We’ve watched as an individual investor stand trial, forced to bear immense burden and even explain themselves and their personal investment decisions. Demonized for participation in free and engaging dialogue with others about investments.
We’ve read the rules rewritten to further benefit the “old guard”, while ensuring such an event, where the establishment is the one facing true risk, will never happen again. All the while disregarding our comments.
We’ve listened to nothing but [bullshit] thrown around by so called analysts, journalists, and institutions, all of which hyper focus on the “implausibility” of opportunity while refusing to acknowledge our collective findings.
Recommendations of rejection, without reason!
Implications of ignorance, ironically!
Disregard for due diligence!
We’ve exposed wrongdoings to no avail.
Albeit, not all is lost.
We’ve recognized our own potential and mobilized on a scale never seen before to enshrine our holdings individually. Empowering us to challenge the status quo in a system that’s plundered those on the sidelines one too many times..
For all we’ve endured we are the better, the stronger, the wiser. Our community now filled with passion, vigour, and potential.
We are no longer wondering aimlessly, for we have forged our own path!
All we have endured, and have yet to, will not be in vain. We’ve learned from our mistakes unlike our adversaries, and the world will be better for it.
I’M TIRED of not fighting harder for change!
For the apes of yesterday!
For the apes of today!
For the apes of tomorrow!
** BUY, HOLD, DRS!!! **
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2021.12.07 05:45 TheInsaneApp Be like Java

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2021.12.07 05:45 Emotional-Zebra5359 Teacher graded me 0 because i studied for the tests from youtube rather than attending his classes

Im an Applied math under grad in an university and here in my country classes are still online, and I'm going to be brutally honest most of them are pretty useless, I hate the way the he teaches and i didn't like his attitude towards me (it was because of some mistakes i made like not submitting things on time or missing his classes when the semester again) His constant bullshit way of teaching and his attitude towards me (which i do accept is the result of my mistakes as well but there is nothing i can do to change the past I'm only telling you the story) made me resent him even more so i eventually stopped attending his classes.
On the day of a viva quiz he mocked me Very angrily infront of every one just for not attending classes, he didn't gave shit about the fact that i answered all the questions he asked me (except 1) even more than his prestigious regular attending students, he was just demanding me that how did i studied without attending any of his classes, i just replied to him with a straight face that i studied from the books and then left the meeting after the quiz ended.(This viva is different than the test i was talking about in the title in which i was graded 0)
Welp, and here are the results, he graded me properly in the Final Semester Exams but the in the viva he only gave me 10/25 instead of answering all his questions except 1, and i received 0/20 in one of the class tests(worth 20 Marks of my total 125 in the subject) i took after the viva, even though i confirmed my answers twice from the books.
I'm too scared email him about this now.
TLDR : My teacher gave me shit marks because i studied for the subject from the internet and books instead of attending his classes regularly, simply because I don't understand his teaching (& hate him eternally)
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2021.12.07 05:45 mariusmoga_2005 Any place to buy a Clear or Light Tint Tempered Glass panel for my Meshify 2 to deliver to Austria?

Is there any place to get a Clear or Light Tint Tempered Glass panel for my Meshify 2 that would deliver to Austria?
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2021.12.07 05:45 erer1243 Currently, it's December 7, 2021 at 03:45AM

Currently, it's December 7, 2021 at 03:45AM
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2021.12.07 05:45 entalert Sold out at the OCS (Tuesday, 3:44 a.m. EST)

😢 Gone (for now)

Product Price
Zour Apples 3.5g by Natural History $7.13/g
Stock-in tweets @entAlert
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2021.12.07 05:44 dancinginwonderland Vorhang auf für‘s Kasperltheater!

Nur ein Blödsinnsgedanke, der mir grad gekommen ist: wenn die österreichische Politik zugeben würd, dass sie ein Kasperltheater sind, wer wär der Kasperl, wer der Seppl und wer das Krokodil? Fallen euch noch andere Rollen ein?
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2021.12.07 05:44 different_built Join the Nude Empire | 1 invite = ACCESS Discord Server!

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StrongNode is an edge networking technology leveraging on blockchain that moves the processing of data closer to the edge, towards the users, to solve proximity and latency issues found in most centralized and in some decentralized networks.
NoStrongNode Brings Open Source Software to Edge Computing
StrongNode is a unique startup in the increasingly competitive edge computing space. Co-founded by Daniel Saito, a former executive of MySQL who was part of their $1b exit to Sun Microsystems,
As they are part of the Original Gamer Life Platform this will make the system more secure and reliable to the 3 billion gamers around the world.
CRAIG SELLARS (Founder of omni foundation)
Craig Sellars leads the development of global blockchain innovations as the inventor of the stablecoin, the digital US dollar on top of the Bitcoin blockchain as a founder of Tether, the world’s most broadly traded cryptocurrency (now acting as an informal advisor since his departure in 2016).
RIKA NAKAZAWA (Communications)📷 Rika spent two decades in senior executive roles on strategy and marketing with Fortune 500 companies – NVIDIA, Sony, Accenture, American Express, and is the CEO and Founder of BoardSeatMeet, Inc. a Silicon Valley, social impact venture, focusing on diversifying the board room. MANMEET SINGH (Vice chairman of cardano)📷 As Vice-Chairman of Cardano Foundation and Blockchain Europe, Manmeet is a beacon in the blockchain industry. ELIZA HAYASHI (Payment service)📷 Eliza worked as a program manager at MasterCard in charge of loyalty (Japan/ China/Australia) and as a marketing manager in charge of sponsorship and digital marketing. At JCB, a top 1 market share credit card company in Japan, she did business Development for the Japan market (B2B, B2C) and overseas (North America and the Middle East - B2B). With these people we know that OGL is in good hands.
While StrongNode doesn’t hold any published or issued patent assets, its dedication to open source software and ambition roadmap for the next year that includes targeting everything from NFTs, eSports, and smart contracts could make it an interesting startup to watch.
Check out StrongNode and OGL through their official website and Telegram if you want to know more about their project!
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2021.12.07 05:44 PussPuss089 MTG X Warhammer Fantasy Day 3 - 3 Colour Hero rotations ( join the discord!)

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2021.12.07 05:44 monotvtv Debugging JavaScript - Chrome DevTools 101

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2021.12.07 05:44 at_kafa Son iki resme dikkat, bisiklet araban pahalı amk :))

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2021.12.07 05:44 DeathByUnicornnn [so I fell in love with this watch when I saw it. The retailer, u fortunately, could not provide me with a model name or number. I’m hoping you guys can identify this piece for me. I’ve fallen in love again. Thank you in advance.]

[so I fell in love with this watch when I saw it. The retailer, u fortunately, could not provide me with a model name or number. I’m hoping you guys can identify this piece for me. I’ve fallen in love again. Thank you in advance.] submitted by DeathByUnicornnn to Watches [link] [comments]

2021.12.07 05:44 micro_spaghetti what is a common bluegrass fiddle tuning?

my grandpa has a fiddle I'm trying to play but it's not tuned and I dunno what that tuning should be before i start practicing
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2021.12.07 05:44 vidyadawg A C, a C-, and prerequisite fulfillment

Hey everyone,
I don't go to Pitt. I graduated from SRU. My girlfriend, however does go here. As you all are pretty aware, its the final stretch of the semester. She's pretty damn stressed out over this whole thing.
Where I went, and to be honest in most universities I transferred through or heard about. a C was 70-80. I learned through her that a C is not 70-80 at Pitt, but instead you need a 73 or higher to at least get a C. 70-72 is a C-.
This got me thinking - classes that require a C or higher in a prerequisite, do they mean exactly what they say? I'm unfamiliar with the policy here but she is very stressed out and wont email her advisor about this rn. She is instead studying.
You need a 73% or higher in the prereq to have that class unlocked. Am I getting this right? Or will a C- suffice?
She had a pretty rough semester, and will have to absolutely crush this final and final assignment to get above a 75. However, there is some leeway to get a 70-73. Anybody got any intel on this or understand how the whole system works at Pitt better?
Additionally, what exactly happens if you use up your two retry limit on a core class for your degree? Are you eternally fucked? The system here is so much different than SRU.
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