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So i have one unknow guy add me without comment reason at me

2021.11.29 21:14 Couily So i have one unknow guy add me without comment reason at me

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2021.11.29 21:14 anarchyisinevitble Spread the mensage

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2021.11.29 21:14 DwelveDeeper Huge head, massive paws. She’s Turning 1 on Thursday!

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2021.11.29 21:14 blake0726 [29/32] [Xbox S/X] 48 Hour Advance League (Brand New, Updated Rosters) Awesome User Friendly Community looking for new players.

Cold Cuts is making a return and we need 5 more users to join our community. A lot of you may have taken part in the past 3 years of our franchise and we'd like to invite you back for a whole new experience. League is starting tonight so join fast!
Discord Link:
Still some good teams still open: Raiders, Rams, Lions
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2021.11.29 21:14 TmanGBx Freddie skin

Does the explosive Freddie skin show up in the skin shop or just fireproof Freddie? If it doesn't, how do you get explosive Freddie?
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2021.11.29 21:14 autouzi EverRise V2 is now live on Ethereum, Binance, and Polygon smart chains. Move RISE between chains for no fee.

EverRise Dapps are available on Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance smart chains. EverRise has multiple utility dApps including: - EverOwn: Lock a smart contract to prevent rug pulls. The community can vote to unlock the contract, if needed. - EverBridge: Exchange ETH, BNB, and MATIC inside your wallet. - EverStake: Lock your tokens to receive a percentage of the tokens purchased by the automated buyback protocol. This is not typical staking, where you are loaning your $, this is more of a promise not to sell. Every blockchain that RISE is on will have its own staking rewards and pool. - There are more dApps incoming, including EverWallet, EverSwap, EverSale, and EverLock. Check their website for more information. - Everbridge will also eventually allow exchanging native tokens without buying RISE.
EverRise uses an automated buyback protocol, funded by a 4% Buyback and Staking Fee on each chain, which helps to combat volatility. The money from these fees are used to purchase chains’ native coin. This buyback reserve will buy RISE tokens at strategic times and then distribute them to the stakers.
EverRise collects 6% in fees from all transactions (buys, sells, and transfers) across all blockchains. - 4% for Strategic Buyback Funds (Buyback and Stake) - 2% for Project Sustainability: Enhancements, Operations, and Marketing
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2021.11.29 21:14 Old_Eagle2914 Is the ogre good for anarchy gaige?

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2021.11.29 21:14 Xpertshinobi334 How often do you curse?

View Poll
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2021.11.29 21:14 prismatika_on_tumblr Succubus by Gaston Zubeldia (2014)

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2021.11.29 21:14 Hydramanium Posting

Because fuck u/Some_Randomy_Guy and Fuck Freedickia
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2021.11.29 21:14 rosegoldpanther New Business Box - Mail Fraud?

Hi there,
I opened a new business box tonight for my barely a business business. I just want the packages to obviously go there and to start to make it all official. Everyone was super nice! So at the end of it though, the guy says "Oh ok so just make sure to submit a change of address form to the USPS so that you aren't committing mail fraud" (meaning personal as well) Am I missing something?
I'm totally weirded out. I was too tired to discuss it and there were people waiting so I just left, but now I'm like what? I need to keep my personal address for personal reasons. I want to keep it separate. If someone could answer I would appreciate it and I hope you're all doing ok.
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2021.11.29 21:14 Goneisthedead Logic - Beggin

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2021.11.29 21:14 Njolma01 Character question with spoilers possibly.

So after the book alpha I'm betting money earl is no longer weak vs silver. Even looked up his stats in the roll playing game and he has a phobia of silver but not a weakness. So what do you all think?
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2021.11.29 21:14 hamarama14 A shibworld-changing idea...

Please send a fellow shibarian some million shib. Its the best burn wallet you can get. I promise never to withdraw a single puppy, trust me brothers.
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2021.11.29 21:14 cornmonn What is the best way to respond to someone who mentions death of a loved one?

( Specifically, someone who mentions a loved one who passed away at least a couple years ago, or when they were younger. )
About a week ago, during a conversation, one of my friends mentioned that her mother was dead. With the context of what we were talking about, it seemed like the death was a long time ago and she had come to terms with it a while ago. I didn’t really know what to say, but I didn’t want to say something that made it sound like I pitied her, so I just quickly changed the topic.
Similarly, Today, one of my friends mentioned the passing of her brother when she was younger, also in a casual conversation, and I brushed past it again. I didn’t think about it much at the time, but should I have said something about it? Did I come off as rude?
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2021.11.29 21:14 StinkoofTheCringe Can a revelator player play with a Rev2 player?

Are the 2 games crossplay with each other?.
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2021.11.29 21:14 Yeeteronreddit Does YouTube still have their policy on trolls?

I remember hearing that YouTube had a policy where they ban troll channels. Is that policy still around?
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2021.11.29 21:14 KVxACE Best burst beys for competitive

Recently got into burst. I just bought the pro champion set it was 35.i wanted to get some more . What are the best beys for competitive I don’t mind buying tt or nah pro series’s. thank you for the help
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2021.11.29 21:14 Velo-Obscura Absolute Newcomer to Australian Internet

My partner and I have been travelling around Australia for a few years and any time and have never had wired internet - we've always just paid for beefy mobile contracts with a lot of data and used that.
Finally we're settling in one location for the forseeable future and it's time to get some proper internet hooked up!
It'll just be general use for the most part. Netflix, etc... I do upload YouTube videos, but I'm happy to set those going overnight so that it doesn't impact our speeds during the day.
We're just looking for a good all-round package that doesn't cost a small fortune. Does anyone have any recommendations?
We're up on the Atherton Tablelands if that makes any difference.
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2021.11.29 21:14 AyyPapzz Three years ago today, Juice recorded Purple Moncler, Bandit, Come & Go, Tic Tac Toe, Codeine Guzzler, Xo, Singalong, Do The Most, Lotti Lotti, & Big Dog

Three years ago today, Juice recorded Purple Moncler, Bandit, Come & Go, Tic Tac Toe, Codeine Guzzler, Xo, Singalong, Do The Most, Lotti Lotti, & Big Dog submitted by AyyPapzz to LottiWrld [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 21:14 Affectionate-Cry9942 Interservice transfer

Has anyone ever done an inter service transfer from a B-Billet. In a weird position, about to come up on re-enlistment but want to do a transfer, I’m currently on a B-Billet though. Trying to end up in the 82nd or 101st!
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2021.11.29 21:14 rocketsfanforlife Per Rockets HC Stephen Silas, guard D.J. Augustin will not be available tonight due to being placed in health and safety protocols.

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2021.11.29 21:14 luckycharmspop For those in ASTR come through, expecting big run in December.

20,000+ ASTR FAM holding here ! LETS GO!!
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2021.11.29 21:14 MeridiusGaiusScipio Didn’t like how the Screaming Bell shared a base model with the Plague Furnace, so wanted to give it a more Clan Pestilense-appropriate scheme for my army. Hopefully people enjoy this conversion :)

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2021.11.29 21:14 CygnusOverule pendulum players & anti-spell fragrance (circa 2021, colourized)

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