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Cat's Cradle by Vonnegut is absolute garbage.

2021.12.08 03:17 Incorrect_UserID Cat's Cradle by Vonnegut is absolute garbage.

Earlier this week, I finished reading Lord of the Rings. It truly was an amazing journey, and such an awesome time. I then watched the films again.
I'm 39 years of age. I saw all three films on release at the theatres, from the age of 19 onwards. But had never read any of the books at that stage. I remember being in school, end of summer holidays, like 12 years old and onwards, and friends getting back to school, talking about what books they read over the summer, be it The Hobbit, LOTR etc, and them spending hours discussing them, and well, feeling jealous, having not read them.
A few relationships ago, one person really criticised me about my lack of reading. I previously had explained to her that when I was 10, my mother suffered a miscarriage, so from the age of 11 onwards, Monday - Saturday (during holidays from 8.30am - 6pm), I would be out working at my father's business on building sites etc, as no one was wanted in the house. So in the evening after work for 3 hours, all I wanted to do was spend time with friends, as I wasn't really welcome in the abusive home situation. Unlike most normal kids who had full summer days to do whatever they wanted, like spending sunny mornings reading in the garden, I was never afforded that option. The last book I had read for my own personal satisfaction had been Jurassic Park in the early 90s, through street lighting from my window in the early AM when unable to sleep. After that, the only reading I was able to do was school work stuff, for English class, Joyce, Donne, Yeats, Shakespeare etc, things that I needed to read to pass exams. Other than that, it was working time.
One night a few years ago, an ex-fiancée really made me feel like shit for not having read all the normal books people read when young, even though I had explained that I never had the chance to read all the favourites amongst people, other than school work / college stuff, because, well, I didn't have the time. Realllllly cruel condescending shit. She was on some Kurt Vonnegut binge trip and ranting about Cat's Cradle and how I needed to read it to be on the same level as her. That night after her berating, I read the book in 6 hours, without sleeping before work, just to be able to chat to her about the novel the following day, like what she had been wanting. Didn't get any appreciation the following day, and well, she never wanted to discuss the book after I had read it. Writing this, I'm now realising it was just her way of trying to appear more well-read, superior, if one wants to put it that way.
In these past 2 years of Covid and lockdowns, I've read so many books, because I've had the time. The books my friends were reading and spending hours chatting about 25 years ago, being some of them. I'm sorry I never had the chance at a young age to be able to read them, but I'm so grateful now having the time to do it. Having just read LOTR, and re-watched the films, has made me kind of feel some peace.
To the ex that mentally abused me, go fuck yourself. One of your favourite books, "Cat's Cradle", is absolute fucking garbage.
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2021.12.08 03:17 unnamed887 Don’t put your dick it that

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2021.12.08 03:17 magdy-abdelsalam-67 حريق هائل في سجن مكتظ في بوروندي يؤدي إلى مقتل 38 نزيلاً

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2021.12.08 03:17 android-17-living Casper , a ghost you can trust. Lol. $Cspr will be one of the most lovable token in the future.

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2021.12.08 03:17 vnxti_ Doing art commissions for an asia genhin acc

Doing art commissions for an asia genhin acc So um i'm not sure if this is allowed but I'll draw for a genshin with 2-3+ 5 stars

Here are some examples of my art
I can also adapt to any other styles so lmk if you have a specific style in mind

(this isnt fully completed)
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2021.12.08 03:17 RelevantSwim1789 ◆ Hardest game ever? ◆

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2021.12.08 03:17 OkDragonfruit7576 I Defeated Radical Red with A Water Mono Team , Couldnt find The Outrage Tutor so Dracovish had no Dragon Stab , Swampert MVP

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2021.12.08 03:17 Wuntila The Needles, IoW, UK.

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2021.12.08 03:17 tepky Una roccia pazza

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2021.12.08 03:17 fervidgecko My Theme Team California Born

Here's my main Theme Team California Born who played/drafted for a California Team... RF Tim Salmon(Angels), CF Jim Edmonds(Angels), LF Joc Pederson(Dodgers), 3rd Troy Glaus(Angels), SS Fernando Tatis Jr(Padres), 2nd Marcus Semien(Athletics), 1st Jason Giambi(Athletics), C Buster Posey(Giants) Bench Cron(Angels), Turner(Dodgers), Snyder(Dodgers), Chapman(Athletics), Gary Carter(Dodgers/Padres)
For Starting Pitching Logan Webb(Giants), Patrick Sandoval(Angels), Mark Prior(Signed by Padres though never pitched also Current Dodger Coach), Max Fried(Drafted by Padres), Joe Musgrove(Padres) Relief Pitching Richards(Angels), Boxberger(Padres), Hoffman(Padres), Bell(Padres), Romo(Giants), Eckersley(Athletics), Nen(Giants), and the Closer Percival(Angels) If I am missing anything please let me know i am saving stubs up for sig Eck and Milsotone Eck
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2021.12.08 03:17 taschiCVT So excited for our 2022 Sphynx but also nervous

My husband and I put a deposit on a Sphynx for 2022 back in August - a waitlist basically. My friend has Sphynxes, I’m a CVT prepared for the medical care, and I’ve treated various other Sphynx cats.
That being said, as the year ends, I’ve suddenly gotten nervous about all the possible GI issues because my friend’s new kittens have had horrible GI problems for months. Diarrhea everywhere, poop stains on the walls, etc etc I’ve also read that Sphynx can be dirtier when it comes to the litter box afterwards and I didn’t know that. :(
Basically I’m coming here for reassurance that it isn’t like what I’m imaging. Do I need to wipe my cat every time she goes?? I LOVE THEM, and I’ve never thought any Sphynxes I have met to be especially “dirty”. I’m ready for baths, I’m ready for toe cleaning, I’m ready for heart scans (already have an insurance plan ready to be activated once she is born). I think it’s just I don’t want long term poo around my house, bed, etc.
Give it to me straight guys - PS. I love all the pictures shared on this subreddit. ❤️
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2021.12.08 03:17 josephgoldburg My (28m) girlfriend (24f) won’t let me leave her (physically)

I went on my first date with the girl of my dreams (or so I thought) at the end of December last year, we started dating seriously in march, and lived/been together ever since…
We went to the same high school, I was 4 years older. Even though we both were in a relationship, I was always crazy about her… After high school, I moved to another state and she went to college, but we always followed each other and stayed in brief contact over social media
I always had a thing for her, she always flirted back (but I always just chalked it up to her being flirty) as she was a charming very charismatic girl, head cheerleader, prettiest girl in school (you know the type)
Fast forward 8 years later, as we were both visiting our home town for Christmas, she reached out over social media and had our first date… (at this point I’m 27 and she’s 23) Immediate fire works, chemistry was unreal… Best date I’ve ever been on, talked all night, fell head over heals for her.. only problem was she lived in Florida and I lived in Seattle..
After our date, we both went back to our respective states… I was completely struck and was trying to find anyway I could see her again, ( one of her side hustles was that she sold some stuff on Etsy) and I had told her on our first date that I wanted to buy her most expensive item (stupid I know) and as a way to keep in contact/impress heshow her I was for real, I end up buying an “antique” she had made, that was more expensive than I care to admit…
After that we talk a little here and there on face time, start to text more, and eventually we plan a trip to Miami together (as it was close to where she lived and more open than most places due to covid) at the end of January. I paid for everything because I was completely struck by her, and the way I show I value someone is through gift giving.. Also this girl is a paid model, and if I’m being honest I was trying to stand out above the competition, as I knew there were many suitors…
The trip went much like the first date, fireworks.. at that point we decided we needed to see each other again and quickly planned to see each other for Valentine’s Day back in our hometown (so a couple weeks after) after which she would come stay with me in Seattle for 2 weeks…which goes amazing again. At this point I’m thinking this could be my wife, so as you can tell I’m making all kinds of rash, impulsive decisions based on little to no rational…
So naturally after all these good times we’ve been having I decided I would move to Florida until this whole covid - 19 situation blew over, and obviously to be with her (I have a high paying job that allows me to work remote) we moved in together in March and have been inseparable ever since. I found out 2 months later that she had basically been lying to me about everything, caught her flirting with all kinds of professional athletes on social media, found out she had been lesbian for some years, found out she had slept with one of her guy “friends” multiple times (before me) who she said she had never been intimate with when I asked her about him initially… she also tried to get us to be friends, and didn’t like that I myself had friends that were girls… among many other things… let’s just say I found out we were very very different
After finding all kinds of things out, I decided our differences were too great… And tried to break things off…. she doesn’t accept this, tells me she’s crazy about me, can’t stand to be without me, and that she’ll change to better accommodate me…I should note - I had basically all but financially supported her the entire time, we went on several very nice very expensive vacations… I don’t even want to admit to anyone the amount I’ve spent on her since December (gifts, meals, vacations, rent)
I express to her this isn’t how things work, that that’s an incredibly unrealistic, unhealthy thing to do, not to mention toxic, but she cries hysterically and begs me to give the relationship another chance…. As I said in the beginning, this was who I always envisioned as my dream girl, at this point I’ve spent a crazy amount on her… and I’m feeling like I’ve invested too much, emotionally, financially, etc to let it go so easily… so I decide to stay and give it another go (stupid I know)
More and more things come to light, and I end up finding out that she had been emotionally cheating by flirting with a lot of people on social media (acting single when she wasn’t) and trying to get in contact with her pro football player ex boyfriend up until mid march, saying things like “please talk to me” “why are you ignoring me” (I guess he ghosted her)
after this I went through her phone as she was asleep, so I could get concrete evidence and a better reason than “we’re polar opposites” to break up with her… I find out that since 2019 this girl has basically just been DM’ing any verified account on IG she thought would reply to her (pro athletes, rappers, famous tik tokers, you name it she probably shot her shot with them) and is the definition of a clout chaser, to which she mater admitted she did this so she could have a better lifestyle (I’m guessing like a Brittany Renner or @basketball wives” type lifestyle…
There’s many other things I could say… something I feel I need to add is this is a 5’2 white girl who’s last 4 sexual encounters (that I know of for sure) before me, were pro athlete, African Americans from the ranges of 6’3-6’9 in height… and almost all the DM’s I saw were to the same type (I have nothing against African Americans in the slightest, but felt this needed to be said because I’m a 5’10 Asian and as you can imagine, I’m obviously gathering I’ve never been and never was her “type”)
ANYWAY, after confronting her with this information, telling her I 100% didn’t want to be in a relationship with her anymore, packed a bag and walked out the door, she follows me out and physically grabs me to prevent me from leaving, and begins to pull me back to our house. I couldn’t do anything as she was pulling me with all her might, and had I done anything it probably would have resulted in her being able to claim some kind of abuse, so I pulled out my phone and recorded the whole thing… she proceeds to telling me she’s not letting me give up on “us” and that she isn’t letting me walk out on our relationship. After she pulled me back into our place, she then commenced to standing in front of the door and didn’t physically let me leave. She even slept in front of the door that night.
The whole time she sat/stood in front of the door (which was all day) she told me she would do anything if I didn’t leave… gave me (texted it to me) all her passwords to every social media account, email accounts, iCloud, you name it. And made all kinds of promises on how she would do absolutely anything to be with me, how much she’s learned from me, grown as a person since being with me etc… basically that she has “no reason to live if we aren’t together” she was also saying things like “you love me, I know you don’t want this to be over” “you know I’m the best you’ve ever had” etc etc
The next morning (after she slept in front of the door) she woke me up to breakfast in bed, gave me her phone for me to “have and look through” told me she had blocked anyone that was a problem in the past (her exs, anyone she had flirted with in the past) and then told me/“admitted to me” that she was a clout chaser before me and just messaged all those verified people because she wanted to get whatever opportunities she could, by any means necessary (similar to a Kim kardashian) where she didn’t care what she had to do, who she had to flirt with, who she had to sleep with, she wanted to be successful, famous and rich, wanted attention, and wanted to live that kind of life style that the Kardashians/tik tokers live. She said after having me in her life for the amount she did, her mind, goals, and heart had changed and she didn’t want to be like that anymore, and that she wanted to start a family with me….
Overall my time in this relationship felt like I was having the best dream ever… only to have it turn into the worst nightmare of my life.
So this might be another stupid question but…. Now that she’s done all this.. told me everything (supposedly) given me access to everything, (and physically prevented me from leaving so really giving me no other option) should I give it one “real” shot? I don’t know what my other option would be seeing as I can’t leave
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2021.12.08 03:17 Sudden-Degree9839 Merch idea: A homemade pillow with words of advice sewn into it... The advice is of Zac Brown telling the haters to F#%£ off. Expecting to see this someday at HomeGoods

Live Life
Hope is Love
Faith, Hope, Happiness
Tell the Haters to F%#☆ off
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2021.12.08 03:17 1Shadowspark1 Congratulations! You earned a free scholarship!

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2021.12.08 03:17 Schrodingersdumbass I have body tremors but only while exercising.

Hey so I started taking lithium a month and a half ago. I am now on 1200 grams. I also go rock climbing but recently my body shakes uncontrollably when I'm climbing and when I'm just sitting waiting to climb. Could this be because of lithium. I've looked it up but I can't find anything similar to what I've been experiencing. Has anyone experienced this?
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2021.12.08 03:17 onemorepop Funko Pop! Disney Elvis Stitch Exclusive #127

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2021.12.08 03:17 365Draw Portrait Drawing For a Year Day 17

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2021.12.08 03:17 LazyBunny835656 The Sadistic lv85 legendary I want help on him he’s just spawned into my world

On this account and on my friends account who’s I play on in online Conquest we’ve both come across sadistic’s Who have more traits, One was Deranged and a maniac the other wasn’t. what and how can I do to make him better?
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2021.12.08 03:17 Grouchy_Gain_8844 Summer Girl 💚🌱🍃

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2021.12.08 03:17 Hazards-of-Love Demon Ben. (OC)

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2021.12.08 03:17 CopySignificant8546 wasn’t thinking and drank and took my daily meds (advice plz)

prozac, trazodone(for sleep) and melatonin
will i wake up tomorrow?
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2021.12.08 03:17 needhelphenry1 Who else hates hitting a near empty cart?

I cant be the only one.
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2021.12.08 03:17 New-Pomegranate2304 Mysterious light over Pacific Ocean

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2021.12.08 03:17 No-Transition1447 Don't mess with the IRS

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2021.12.08 03:17 iwasasin Thoughts on exertion while in the water

I use a pool which gets very cold (though not icy obviously, I manage up to 10-15 minutes to give you an idea) at this time of year, in my part of the world. I usually go deep enough that I'm up to my neck while still touching the bottom of the pool.
Today, on a whim, I went deeper and starting treading water for as long as i could. In hindsight I'm wondering if activity like this (which raises my body temp) is any way cheating?
What do you all reckon?
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