Satta Bazari

2021.12.09 03:53 batrakaushal Satta Bazari

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2021.12.09 03:53 aecpgh People who are 5'8" and shorter: does the min desk height of 25 5/8" work for you for keyboard typing?

I think most or all the of the Ikea desks (excluding the expensive sit/stand ones) don't go lower in height than this.
Have you found this height works for you for typing?
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2021.12.09 03:53 JustBadTimingBro College Student Wondering about Alcoholism

Hello all, I’m a college student with moderate drinking habits. On average each week, I drink 1.5 nights. This is due to the fact that I have work until 11pm on Saturdays so some nights I don’t go out.
However, I have a roommate that snores and have used alcohol to get to sleep some nights. The most I’ve done this was 2 days in the week. Usually it was just take enough booze to get me buzzed enough to sleep. Each morning after I felt fine and was ready to start my day.
I’m wondering if this is a bad habit in the making.
It’s worth noting that when I went home for thanksgiving break, I was able to fall asleep fine. The problem has only arisen because of my snoring roommate.
Thanks for your input
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2021.12.09 03:53 LoveHotelCondom Experience with police stops - how many times in how many years?

Today is something of an anniversary for me. As of today, 12/9/2021, I have officially lived in Japan for 15 years. I am a white man, relatively young, clean cut, and 9 times out of 10 that I'm outside, I'm wearing a suit.
In these 15 years, I have not once been asked to show my zairyuu card to a police officer. I have been stopped by the police on three separate instances:
[1] Speeding. On a road that size in an area that unpopulated, a 40km/h speed limit was fucking bullshit, for the record.
[2] To check my bicycle registration. I was riding my bike and an officer suddenly greeted me in Japanese. When I returned the greeting he turned around, flagged me down, and checked whether the bicycle was mine or not. This felt like straight-up racial profiling. Dick.
[3] To check my bicycle registration. It was a checkpoint where they were checking the registrations of Japanese people on bicycles too.
This is something of an academic curiosity for me. I know Japanese people are stopped often (my wife's father, a Japanese company kaichou in his 60s was randomly stopped for crying out loud), but I wonder what kind of experiences the other residents of japanlife have had.
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2021.12.09 03:53 OliveChatty What are your thoughts on Stripe

I received an incredibly competitive offer from Stripe (none of the other FAANG offers were close). I have been trying to get into fintech and this feels like the best entry possible. It is a company I am very excited about as well.However I am a little concerned about couple of things and wanted to see what everyone thinks:

What are your thoughts?
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2021.12.09 03:53 Desocrate Stop Word from auto-underlining when I click out of Word and back in

Hi all, as per the title,
I can set my formatting to not underline, then I click out of MS Word, into another window and back and Word has reset it to underline, this is happening every. single. time. It's extremely frustrating and very counter-productive. I've set the formatting to be non-underlined by default and tried to set the style too, it just keeps doing it.
HTF do I stop this serious annoyance ?
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2021.12.09 03:53 Willo420 Sam Kerr bodies pitch invader.

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2021.12.09 03:53 EnvironmentalCandy3 Found one of these bad bois!

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2021.12.09 03:53 SiaZhang418 See how Alibaba responds?

See how Alibaba responds? According to technical analysis, although affected by the market environment, Alibaba still has great potential.
Looking at Alibaba’s stock charts for the year so far shows slight improvement over late November. The company spent most of November either plateauing in the $160 range or in the middle of a plunge. A small recovery kicked in just ahead of Thanksgiving, but the decline was back on immediately afterward. Between November 15 and December 1, the company’s share price lost around 20% of its value.
Alibaba’s latest move, however, may be a breath of fresh air that the company desperately needs right now. Faced with plunging stock prices, Alibaba has taken tack that many “Dilbert” strips over the years endorse: reorganization.
The company revamped its operations, creating two new business units to handle e-commerce operations. One will focus on domestic e-commerce, while the other will tackle international operations. The move will allow the company to improve its agility. That’s a common problem as businesses grow and are less able to make rapid changes to meet conditions on the ground.
Additionally, Maggie Wu will no longer be the company’s chief financial officer starting this April. Her deputy, Toby Xu, will take over instead. The company cited the earlier-established leadership succession plan as the reason for the move. Xu was formerly part of PWC and has been the company’s deputy CFO since July of 2019.
There are two ways to think about the recent moves at Alibaba.
Alibaba’s recent move could be the greatest thing that could happen to it. By shifting its e-commerce operations into domestic and international, the company can improve its speed of response to conditions on the ground. The recent events at Evergrande have left many Chinese to wonder what will happen next. Alibaba improving its preparations in the face of such a downturn could save it a lot of trouble and potential losses.
As for the CFO switch, remember that this is part of the company’s succession plan. They didn’t bring Xu specifically to do the job; Xu was already there. Sure, he’s been seasoned as the company’s deputy CFO, but the impact on regulators may not be what it could be.
Wall Street’s Take Turning to Wall Street, Alibaba has a Strong Buy consensus rating. That’s based on 22 Buys and two Holds assigned in the past three months. The average Alibaba price target of $210.18 implies 67.1% upside potential.
Analyst price targets range from a low of $162 per share to a high of $252 per share.
The full analysis can be read here
Contributor: Shyam from Westmoney
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2021.12.09 03:53 Opoyiss Gold, silver and other metal prices on December 9, 2021

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2021.12.09 03:53 peacekatll ⚔️ AlienX ⚔️ a Fantasy Anime Style PVP Play-To-Earn NFT game ⚡ Launching Now on BSC ❤ Low Marketcap!! ☀︎ Join our telegram!

Welcome To ⚔️ AlienX ⚔️
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Contract Address: 0x4989650C198B901a73BE5536E00BC48466eDBBAA
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❄️Liquidity Lock 1 year
♟️ Token Details ♟️
Contract Address: 0x4989650C198B901a73BE5536E00BC48466eDBBAA
Name: AlienX
Symbol: ALX
Decimals: 9
☢️ Useful Links
↪️ Pancakeswap:
↪️ Website:
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↪️ Twitter:
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2021.12.09 03:53 Fair_Carpet_7255 Lilith Cavaliere Shaking Big Butt New Video 0nlyfans

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2021.12.09 03:53 Madunong Is there really proof of Marcos' corruption?

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2021.12.09 03:53 OlssonPete Boende i Nazityskland skulle du understödja Hitler regimen?

View Poll
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2021.12.09 03:53 Fair_Carpet_7255 Lilith Cavaliere Shaking Big Butt New Video 0nlyfans

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2021.12.09 03:53 No_Hospital7431 hat if james potter 2 was chosen for the Triwizard tournament

what if James Sirius potter was selected as a champion for the Triwizard tournament.
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2021.12.09 03:53 Morganbanefort Extended interview: 50 years after the Manson murders, Tom O'Neill's disturbing new book CHAOS seeks to dismantle the myths of Helter Skelter

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2021.12.09 03:53 Cool_Kid95 A December to Dismember — Penny’s Pursuit (Boingsetta) — Plants vs Zombies 2

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2021.12.09 03:53 yerder Cant run the steelseries gg software to tune my mouse.

I’ve tried every possible option, the software just refuses to launch. No matter how many times i reinstall it wont launch.
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2021.12.09 03:53 Kayoe710 Pretty satisfied with my 3 main setups with my recent purchase of the Beta Glass Omega 2.0 and upgraded my enail to 30mm with a fadespace v2 sic insert.

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2021.12.09 03:53 weldingwammer69 me 14 her 16

i have asked a girl out a while back before i really knew her and she rejected me but lately i have been spending time talking to her online i am really nervous about talking to her at school but i can easily talk to her by ourselves away from school and thinking about asking her out again what do i do because i want to make school easier on myself shes also the quieter type
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2021.12.09 03:53 AdDry8639 Degrade my gf with no limits 💦

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2021.12.09 03:53 shunty01 "new zealand culture"Chyren with the power of true worship would overpower all the nations. - Nostradamus prediction about "Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj"

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2021.12.09 03:53 latamo4 f15 from latin america :D can't sleep, lets [chat]

what title says :)
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2021.12.09 03:53 kennethlingad I'm glad that I am not counting the days.

I had to go to this sub just to see how many days im in to. last time I checked, it's when I had a relapse
I just make the days count every single day. And so are u, you need to stop the day count, and make the days count
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