Must listen to Christmas song!!!

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2021.11.28 01:40 Weary_Brick2508 Must listen to Christmas song!!!

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2021.11.28 01:40 Icannotdieavirgin Is it real?

I [f21] went on a date today with someone [f21] and honestly it was good. We actually matched on tinder but I don’t think either of us were actually looking to hookup or anything. Then we followed each other on Instagram in August. Fast forward we started talking 2 weeks ago and set up a date. After the date we still text. I know this probably sounds normal but I guess I’m a pessimist and never expect things to go this far. I expected for the person to ghost after the first date so it’s kinda scary that we’re still talking? Also I’ve only ever been on one other date. I’m usually in hookup culture. We didn’t kiss after the date or anything. I kinda just got to know her as a person and we had a fun time. Again, she hasn’t ghosted me yet and that creeps me out but not in a bad way. I’m kinda scared tho cuz I feel like Im gonna need to stop whatever it is that we’re doing before I screw up big time. I have an urge to end it now before I get hurt. This makes me feel like I need therapy first before I can pursue an actual relationship. What do I do?
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2021.11.28 01:40 4k_will Dm me for her mega while I still got it for grabs 💰💰

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2021.11.28 01:40 Werd2jaH Sign up and get $10.50 no deposit required convert to crypto in app

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2021.11.28 01:40 Rideordieapeman Bit boy talking about Metahero and everdome

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2021.11.28 01:40 Distinct-Cold-6088 Hatched some Cornish X mix chicks!

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2021.11.28 01:40 aerdna1202 Hello Kitty Nails!!! I’m so in love with them.💗

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2021.11.28 01:40 Conlimonporfavor I want to have friends.

Hello everyone (F 28) this is my first time posting here. I moved to a big city 5 years ago and have been living( and loving) it here since. I have no intention of moving back to my hometown.
When I first moved here my coworker told me to download tinder and bumble to meet people and get a free meal. I was desperate to meet new people so I downloaded both apps. I met my future husband on there and a few friends but all have lost touch and I keep in contact with none of them.
I know everyone has their own lives and their own problems but I just want a friend that lives in this city and would like to have brunch/hang out/ chat with. My sister is my best friend and lives in a near big city a few hours away so it’s not like I can see here all the time and she’s the closest family I have (besides my husband).
I personally struggle with Bipolar 1 disorder and it’s very hard for me to openly share that with people (except on here), so it’s very hard for me to keep friendships. I’m not using it as an excuse—but I do not have social media and hardly share much about my life, in general. I also push people away at times when I get depressed and I begin to wonder is it me?
Of course I can talk to my coworkers but that’s not the same—they aren’t my friends. They also have openly spoken bad about people with BPD which hurts my feelings deeply but that’s besides the point. -Sigh- thank you for sticking it out this long.
TL DR: I want genuine female friendships.
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2021.11.28 01:40 pumpkinpav Looking to leave a job after I've only been working there since June, not sure how to proceed.

So as the title says I've only been working there since June, it's my first job due to having severe anxiety. I finally got on medication and I managed to snag a job at a dollar general, thing is though it seems like I've had pretty bad luck with managers thus far.
My first manager was a drunk who drank at work. I nearly got in trouble a few times because he didn't remember he told me to come in at a different time than I was scheduled. It eventually built up into him drinking in front of a customer who called the police on him. He was escorted off the property and fired.
The manager who took his place, I had heard great things about. So, I was excited. However, everything about her set my nerves on edge. Not sure what it was but I tried to ignore it. Turns out I shouldn't have because she gave me a write-up with literally no prior notice. She handed it to me in the break room since I wasn't clocked in and then went into the connected office to start packing without saying anything to me.
I tried to ask her what this was about, the write-up mentioned being told to clean and I haven't been. I asked her to please specify what it was that I wasn't doing and she just kinda said not cleaning again. Not sweeping, she mentioned which is ridiculous since that's the thing I focus on most since I enjoy doing it. That someone said I hadn't been cleaning and she notices it when she comes in and I again tried to get to explain but she went on about how she doesn't expect anyone to do any more than she does and because my anxiety medication can only do so much I stayed silent and let her leave.
I usually don't work with her, but have a few times and I don't know why she hasn't said anything to me about it. The only one who has is my other coworker who has said that I've corrected everything I was told I was doing wrong (like not getting the edges when mopping.) And that the store looks great when I'm done cleaning. I'm not sure if it's just unrealistic expectations or what, but now that I'm on meds and have a little more self-worth, I don't want to deal with this. I am talking to her tomorrow with the coworker who has mentioned me correcting my mistakes since I didn't really get that chance today, but even if it goes well I think I might leave.
I guess my main question is if there's anything else I should do before I go and if quitting this early into the job will hurt my chances at other job opportunities?
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2021.11.28 01:40 fucking_testosterone keep the window open for me.

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2021.11.28 01:40 PsErfan [PS4] H: W:

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2021.11.28 01:40 timvrakas Hobart LXiH Detergent?

My school has provided for our Co-Op a Hobart LXiH industrial dishwasher. It does not have the optional integrated chemical pumps as described in the manual. There’s also several bottles of EcoLab “Super Trump” industrial washing machine liquid. I’m trying to determine if this liquid it meant to be used in this machine, how to add it, and how much to add. I’ve heard the detergent is not meant to be used with aluminum dishes, but we have mostly steel. Can anyone lend some expertise?
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2021.11.28 01:40 ShadowFox_BiH So she was in the shop for two weeks due to a fender bender, I’d don’t care what anyone says the BMW driving experience is unmatched and the rental proved it to me

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2021.11.28 01:40 Believeinthedream Young boy steal soccer ball during game 😭

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2021.11.28 01:40 Tbone4201991 Please End It!

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2021.11.28 01:40 Djblock215 135° casing turn

I have a stair stringer that on a 45° angle with a door under the stairs door storage.
When cutting the casing for the left side of the miter (22.5 of a 135 degree angle) the cut is perfect.
But when cutting the right side for me reason the 22.5 degree cut does absolutely nothing.
How can it make the right side of this casing with the correct miter?
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2021.11.28 01:40 _s_i_n_ Finally after 2 months break,range time baby.

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2021.11.28 01:40 bking20141 Me, downvoting every new post in the Michigan sub

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2021.11.28 01:40 Heel74 Fauci Says He ‘Wouldn’t Be Surprised’ If Omicron Covid Variant Already In U.S.

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2021.11.28 01:40 govevig862 Does anyone else get carsick in Japan?

This was never a problem in the states but here in Japan every time I get into a car I become extremely nauseous and get a headache.
My theory is that the cars are too narrow and the roads are inverted.
Does anyone else have this problem? What are you do to solve it?
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2021.11.28 01:40 LakuMatto What is the most overrated virtue?

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2021.11.28 01:40 signantwolf Who wouldn't want this their house

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2021.11.28 01:40 CaroleBell [Hiring] Apply Now: UPS - Delivery Driver (Car Required) in Nellis Air Force Base

Apply here
We are hiring, Apply Now: UPS - Delivery Driver (Car Required) inNevada, Nellis Air Force Base for UPS
Apply here
Click on the above link to know more details about the job, such as schedule, benefits, and salary range.
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2021.11.28 01:40 Ktxco After a day of good randoms to a 4 stack was able to run acts 1-4 and Bag another Zwat 💖

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2021.11.28 01:40 bestfuneralever04 Always wondered what my eye shape/color is… what do y’all think?

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