Monitoring for a short entry on $OKTA with UltraAlgo.

2021.11.30 11:53 ShortAlgoBear Monitoring for a short entry on $OKTA with UltraAlgo.

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2021.11.30 11:53 MichaelHeaven Fear and Greed

Fear is a stronger motivator than greed, but one day it will NOT be fear buying, it will be complete DESPERATION buying. There will be nowhere else to go than gold and silver (and the precious metal stocks). All rational thinking will be lost and people will buy anything they can get their hands on at any price. With such a tiny market, prices will go where we can't imagine. That is why I positioned myself before the tidal wave.
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2021.11.30 11:53 DeskLunch WWE Supershow

Has anyone been to a non-televised WWE event in CC? I was wondering how late they go? This Sunday's show starts at 5.
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2021.11.30 11:53 Thw0rted Can Razer laptops be configured to limit battery charging for better longevity?

I just ordered a Blade 14 (2021), and of course I've seen a bunch of posts about the dreaded battery bloat, so I'm pretty worried about battery health.
As background: the stock system management software for my Asus Zephyrus S (GX502) has a simple toggle to cap battery charging at 60 or 80 percent. If you turn the option on, while plugged in, it just charges up to that amount and stops. I've had mine set to 80 since I bought the thing almost 2 years ago, and BatteryInfoView shows my battery health at over 90% still.
Is this an option with Razer's stock software? If not, is there a 3rd-party option to do this? I found this older post asking about the same thing, but there didn't seem to be a satisfactory answer.
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2021.11.30 11:53 type2show Not My Hand!!!!!!! Resident Evil 8 Part 1

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2021.11.30 11:53 InternalTrain7963 '76.6 billion donation' Lee Soo-young, Kim Hyun-jung's portrait "so pretty" impressed (Wakanam)
In TV Chosun's 'The Man Who Writes a Wife Card' (hereinafter 'Wakanam'), which was broadcast on the 30th, Chairman Lee Soo-young, who is famous for '76.6 billion donation', met Kim Hyun-jung, a Korean painting star.

Kim Hyeon-jeong said, "The women in the picture are not shy, and they are expressing the episodes that happen as they unfold their dreams.

When Park Seul-gi, who went with him, looked at Kim Hyeon-jung and Lee's grandson Heon-jun, and said, "They look good together," Lee said, "Our Heon-jun is about to die because of the beauties."

When Kim Hyeon-jung said about Heon-jun, "I was moved by the way he looked after the president," Lee said to Heon-jun, "filial piety is the only way to live," causing laughter.

When the painting was completed, Chairman Lee was surprised to see the work. Chairman Lee said, "It's so pretty. If you see our inspiration, you'll be surprised. You'd think my wife was this pretty."

On the other hand, on this day's broadcast, a story about arrhythmia called the 'silent killer' unfolded. Esther Yeo said, "Arrhythmia is very dangerous for sudden death and sudden death. Arrhythmia is one of the biggest causes of sudden death from children to young adults without any precursor symptoms. Sudden death occurs within 1 to 2 minutes. That is why arrhythmia is dangerous. reason,” he explained.

Also on this day's broadcast, Choi Yong-soo's return as Gangwon FC manager was depicted. Coach Choi said, "Choosing Gangwon FC also has a trusting relationship with CEO Lee Young-pyo, but I think the things that can come out are huge. I hope the fans will fill it up."

'Wakanam' is a new normal family reality that encompasses all generations that actively reflects the lifestyle trend of growing wives with high economic power according to the changing times.
먹튀,먹튀검증,먹튀검증사이트,먹튀신고,먹튀제보,먹튀 사이트
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2021.11.30 11:53 yoshidude2009 YouTube Chrome

Is there a way to open links in the YouTube app and NOT in chrome? This has been frustrating for me
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2021.11.30 11:53 KiraYoshikage-- My coal energy factory!!

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2021.11.30 11:53 Tight_Chest_9358 Darkaraka

My darkaraka saturn in taurus sign? Pls tell anyone the result of it.
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2021.11.30 11:53 Sharty_pant Soc: is it worth not turning in rewards?

So of im given a mission to get a suit of armor or to get a artifact can i just keep them and is it recommended to do so?
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2021.11.30 11:53 Kusti__ Need help with dialing in my grinder

I just got my first espresso machine and grinder, and I am unsure on how to dial in a shot.
I got a Sage Duo Temp Pro and a Macap M2M R
Does anyone have experience on what setting to start of with the grinder?
I am a bit lost since this is my first time trying to make espresso at home, and I feel like my shot tastes quite bitter.
Thank you for help in advance.
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2021.11.30 11:53 Realistic_Analyst_26 Live event theory

I have a theory about what is going to happen during the event. We will start at the bunker where Doctor Slone is, and then we will be able to choose weapons that we unvaulted throughout the season. (Combat AR, Shockwaves launcher, Combat Shotgun, Flintknock). We will then enter a car right outside of the bunker and drive on the road through retail and heading to the Pyramid. As soon as we start driving, everything becomes purple and orange because the Queen has made the entire map into the sideways. We do a little minigame where one person drives while the others in the car shoot and we have to stay on the road and avoid cube monsters. On the way from the bunker to the pyramid, everyone will have to defeat a supercharged caretaker which is stronger than the normal ones to proceed. We do that, then we later on have to defeat a supercharged Cube Assassin. The vehicles will be destroyed once we get to the bridge between the gas station and corny crops and then we will have to run to the pyramid. We start attacking Cube Monsters, then J.B Chimpanski releases around 10 mechs around the pyramid that we can use to defeat the Cube Queen and her army. As we are fighting, the Cube Queen starts charging up the Pyramid and making the gold cube spin very quickly until it starts drilling at the center of the island. All of the sudden, the Foundation opens a rift and drops on the Cube Queen and manages to burst her bubble. She starts firing a beam at him, but then Jones shows up with a weapon and attempts to distract her. He is successful, but the beam that she was firing managed to break the Foundations helmet revealing the left half of his face which happens to be The Rock. He tells us that the Queen can open up rifts to other universes if she gets the Zero Point's control. We have to break a couple different Cube rods that are what allows the queen to gain more power. While we are breaking them, we see Jones fighting a caretaker in the background while the foundation tries to help us destroy the rods as the Queen is drilling the island. She manages to pull out the Zero Point when we are about to get the final few rods and that energy manages to blow up the cubes causing a massive impact on the island. This causes the dam at Misty to break down, Steamy Stacks to blow up, Avalanches near Catty to destroy Lazy and Retail, Coral Castle to semi-flood back, and many cities to get destroyed. Doctor Slone suddenly shows up in with many I.O helicopters to escape to the Guava base near Pleasant with Jones in a helicopter as well telling the I.O to go back and help the Foundation. We then look back at the island to see all the destruction that has happened, then we enter the bunker at pleasant. A black screen happens, then we enter a cutscene where the Foundation is looking up to the Cube Queen with her mocking him for failing to save this reality when behind her we see 6 more rifts open up. TO BE CONTINUED........IN CHAPTER 3.
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2021.11.30 11:53 EveryAct The Matrix In Review - Every Matrix Movie Ranked & Recapped

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2021.11.30 11:53 D0nutTrump [H] M4A1-S | Blue Phosphor FN 0.01 and AK-47 | Redline FT 0.17 [W] Huntsman Knife | Marble Fade FN <0.03 w/ decent red tip

B/O : Huntsman Knife | Marble Fade FN <0.03 w/ decent red tip
Trade link:
Feel free to add me for discussions (would be nice if you comment that you added for trading so I will accept for sure)
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2021.11.30 11:53 passionfate Today’s my birthday. Micah and I are chilling.

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2021.11.30 11:53 vllavi9 Hot4Lexi ❤️ CHECK COMMENTS FOR HER NEW UPDATED CONTENT 👇

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2021.11.30 11:53 augurkensap Is the avast video downloader available in the current version of the avast secure browser?

I got a new laptop and used to use the AVG antivirus secure browser on my old one. At some point I reinstalled that browser because of some bug, but the newer version didn't have the video downloader extension anymore. I know that the avast secure browser also used to have a video downloader tool, so I'm wondering if it's still a thing. If so, I will probably switch to the avast browser on my new laptop.
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2021.11.30 11:53 RedChain1987 Ah yes because that’s how science works

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2021.11.30 11:53 baprov Drake accosts woman..Pays her 350k to withhold r*pe complaint against him

Drake ‘paid $350,000’ to woman who accused him of sexual assault | The Independent | The Independent
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2021.11.30 11:53 vegasbm 2023: Kogi Gov Yahaya Bello, Declares For President

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2021.11.30 11:53 NL_24 Differences between Zoro and Sanji ( not a power scaling post) . Spoiler alert for those who have not read the manga in its entirety.

So with the latest chapter of 1033 I have seen a lot of debate whether or not Sanji will also get conquerors Haki and I would like to express my opinion on the matter .
Imo Sanji will not get CoC . I do not think it fits with his character . Zoro , whether you like the character or not , is a guy who has an ambition, since his childhood , to become the worlds strongest swordsman , making him essentially a 'King'.
chapter 1033
That ambition is what drives Zoro's character since the beginning of the series .
chapter 5
In the panel above , we can clearly see that from a young age Zoro had this burning desire to surpass every other swordsman in the whole world, the desire to be known even in the heavens . How can be possible for a character written like this not to posses the color of the supreme king ?
Now I would like to clarify that while I do not believe that Sanji will not have CoC , I won't be surprised if Oda gives it to him in the future ,short or distant . Sanji comes from a line of kings after all , he is the 3 strongest member of the crew and also one of the most important ,according to both Luffy and Robin . But we have seen that Sanji despises his royal blood and he has essentially 'disavowed' it . Not only that Sanji in chapter 1031 broke his raid suit , because he thought it endangered his humanity and thus his convictions . And that is exactly who Sanji is , a guy who will sacrifice even the means to get stronger if it comes at the cost of what he believes in .
And that is what makes Sanji a great character , at least personally . In the ennies lobby he lost from a much inferior opponent since she was a woman . Even in life and death situations ,he will not betray the values he grew up with even if it means sacrificing power in order to protect those convictions . I honestly think Sanji is the only character in the entire series written that way.
But those same qualities that make Sanji such a great character , are the reason why I do not believe that Sanji will get CoC . You look at Luffy and you see how passionate he is about becoming the king of the pirates and he will stop at nothing to achieve that goal . You look at Zoro you can see the same thing about his goal . But Sanji is different . He does not have a goal surpassing others ot leading others or conquering others . He fights to protect those he cares about with a way that ensures he does not chage in the meantime and this is what Sanji himself says in 1031
chapter 1031
This panel speaks for itself. But alas , this is something that a supreme king would never do .
Before I wrap this up , I would like to point out than even if Sanji does not get CoC that does not mean that he isn't or will not be a very powerful character . Look at the admirals . I do not think that all of the admirals have CoC , but these guys are monstrous (personally I see the admirals as top-tiers) . And let me ask you something , if Garp does not have CoC ( as of now there has not been official confirmation if he has it or not ) then that would mean he was not a top-tier and a rival to Roger ? And if ,hypothetically , Whitebeard did not possess CoC ,that would make him less powerful ?
Thank for taking the time to read this and I would like to hear what you think .
P.S. : This is just a personal opinion , nothing is to be taken for granted ,please do not be toxic.
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2021.11.30 11:53 L00kM4n Account hacked! Someone has sold all my tradables and purchased a severely over priced card for £190,000!!! 😭 has anyone else had this and did you get them back?

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2021.11.30 11:53 lookin4YOU1996 Seeking SD! Will sell content! I can verify!

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2021.11.30 11:53 ElissaOfVere Venting about an old friend

Ok, about four years ago I lost my then longest standing friendship of seven years. We met in kindergarten and stopped being friends at the end of sixth grade. She choose a classmate she had nearly talked to for a couple of months on and off over or strong seven-year friendship. To say it hurt and that I cried is an understatement. It was the hardest thing for me, and to add insult to injury it was all over a fucking chair.
Backstory: It was a Friday at around 2:30 in the afternoon. It was the last full week of school before finals the next week. I had no idea I was leaving early that day so I moved to the afterschool classroom with her and a couple of others (let's call her F and the other one P). So, F sits at the back of the classroom with the teacher and so do I because I'm a person that needs help from the teacher with homework. So, she sits down and I sit in front of her but then P comes and says that she's gonna sit there so that I need to move and find another chair.
The following is not a word per word, but is as close as I could remember:
P: OP, I'm gonna need you to move so I can sit there.
OP: No, I was here first. Plus, I'm already sitting down, I'm not going to stand up.
P: My bookbag was here first, but I left it and went somewhere else.
OP: No, you didn't there were no bookbags here when I sat down. You just NOW placed your bag here.
F: Come on, OP. Just let her sit there. You can choose another seat from the ones that are free.
P: Exactly. So, move.
OP: Well, if there are other chairs here, P can choose another one.
P: No I was here first.
OP: No you weren't I sat down first.
Teacher: OP, your aunt is here to pick you up.
I stood up and the first P did was sit down. F just started talking too as if nothing happened. No goodbye, no sorry, no acknowledgement. No nothing. I just felt abandoned. Safe to say I left that day and when finals came the next week, I avoided conversation with her like that plague. After that, I switched schools.
In May of 2019, after the initial quarantine began, I got a series of text messages from an unknown number. It was F. The text messages read as the following:
F -
I know it's you and can you explain what's happening to you that you don't want to talk?
OP, I know that this is you?
I know it is don't lie
So tell me now
Why don't you speak to me?
Why did you lie?
I blocked her. Those text messages opened up the wounds that I thought I had closed a year prior. The wounds hadn't closed I just bandaged it up and pretended that everything was ok. So, here am I, in tenth grade with P going to the same school as I. Luckily for me I'm an online student so I don't see her.
Thank you for coming to my TEDtalk.
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2021.11.30 11:53 _BobStone Holup

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