Даня Милохин & Мумий Тролль - Башня / Danya Milokhin & Mummiy Troll - Tower [pop/pop rock] (2021)

2021.12.05 18:11 Rimelius Даня Милохин & Мумий Тролль - Башня / Danya Milokhin & Mummiy Troll - Tower [pop/pop rock] (2021)

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2021.12.05 18:11 TheListenerCanon What's your favorite film that's essentially one scene?

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2021.12.05 18:11 Any-Community-5280 them

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2021.12.05 18:11 MisterMateria Suggestions on what to socket in an Ali Baba?

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2021.12.05 18:11 LosingFaithInMyself He's not blaming us for 2002 errors, he's stating the two types of causes for it

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2021.12.05 18:11 SCO-Photography27 ITAP of a Rocky River.

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2021.12.05 18:11 ipostthingsonreddit M1 Pro Appreciation Post: Music Production

16” 10 Core 32 Ram:
I’m at 11 power cycles and I received my MacBook Pro Nov 18. I’m putting this thing to work and loving it.
This laptop is a game changer for creatives. I rewatched the Apple event and everything they said in praise of this laptop was true.
It’s crazy what I’m doing with music production on battery at a coffee shop and how long I’m able to do it. Using high impedance 250 ohm pro headphones without an amp/DAC, no problem.
And if I’m really going to be pushing the machine over time with a bigger session I just need to bring my power supply because processing power won’t be a problem.
Not to mention the quality of the display.
The only software issues I have run into moving to M1 Pro/Monterey are with Massive X and Spitfire Audio. Everything else runs perfectly and I have a good amount of 3rd party plugins.
Overall an incredible upgrade coming from a turbo boost disabled 2019 2.4ghz i9. The same build cost me 400$ less which is also amazing.
This is my dream laptop.
Thank You Apple. I finally have a piece of hardware that can handle the software. And it does so easily.
I have the polishing cloth as well. ❤️
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2021.12.05 18:11 Walker1411 25 Europe / Anywhere Looking for people to chat and play with

Hello there,
I am looking to meet new people to chat and chill mostly.
Due to the ongoing pandemic my social circle has been reduced a lot so I'd like to have more social contacts again.
It would be nice if you are also from Europe. That would make it easier to chat throughout the day but tbh you can be from anywhere I don't mind.
I have traveled to a lot of country's already and I have lived abroad for a time that's why im no stranger to time zone differences.
Except traveling I also like to watch sports ( mainly football and wrestling ) and I love to cook and bake. I am also interested in anything related to the first and second world war and anything military related actually. As a contrast to that I am currently watching Drag Race while I am writing this so my interests are very diverse.
Of course as I said in the title I also like to play video games if work allows it 😅 I have a PS5 and a Xbox Series S so to anyone that doesn't have a switch lets play some games.
I don't have any preferences in terms of friends so hit me up if you are interested
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2021.12.05 18:11 RealTony2high I can’t wait til she talks about muwop I know she hate him ( i ain’t paying 5$ for the full interview tho )

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2021.12.05 18:11 Amazing_Tangerine640 Hot

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2021.12.05 18:11 MargrettBowens 🦁 Return of the King! CG in less than 24 hours dev has connections! .Graphics on 🔥. Safu launchpad is coming. Staking will be a huge catalyst. CMC is coming any day! Dev team is always online and hustling, L.F.G

🦁Return of The King - $ROK is an ERC-20 Launchpad Token. The Alpha answer to the saturation of beta cryptos. Stake $ROK to Whitelist for the cleanest, contract-audited Utility Meme Tokens on the ERC-20 chain.
The dev has been doing consistent marketing. There have been telegram, Twitter, and Tiktok Calls. The graphics keep getting upgraded, the website, roadmap, stickers, everything is improving and evolving. This could be the next big launch. The dev team is no bs and very transparent. The Dev has even done some stealth buy backs to slap paper hand! The team has been setting up all popular avenues Tiktok, discord, Reddit, Telegram, Twitter, etc. These lions have their doges 🐶 lined up.
Telegram has passed 600 members. It is currently in a dip like most coins after this weekend. This is the time to buy! When everyone is selling! The Dev team is in the for the long haul. The top holders are diamond hands and some whales. They have an Alpha they had been adding to their bags during every dip! The floor is holding strong! The next catalyst we will moon.
1 Billion Limited $ROK
ZERO Dev, Team or Influencer Tokens
No Games, Garbage or Gimmicks
4 ETH initial Liquidity 💦
Locked for 30 Days to begin 🔒
Known bots were blacklisted 🕳
No Burn - AL doesn’t burn treasure 🔥
$ROK will continue to extend Liquidity Lock indefinitely 💪
1% reflections
4% immediate expansion
5% team & future expansion
Twitter: https://twitter.com/rok_token?s=21
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/roktoken/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Rok-Token-104099068781939
Discord: https://discord.gg/madHTrzD
Contract Audit: Link soon
Email: [roktokeneth@gmail.com](mailto:roktokeneth@gmail.com)
Website: ✅- roktoken.net
Dextools -https://dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-explore0xE8689bcBA2f6582c65C855B7B79Fb4C4E6465aF6
Lock - https://www.team.finance/view-coin/0xE8689bcBA2f6582c65C855B7B79Fb4C4E6465aF6?name=Return%20of%20the%20King&symbol=ROK
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2021.12.05 18:11 AcuallyIsGooby V1.8 for console (series x)

Hi Acc community,
I'm normally more of a sit back and read guy but I'm out of ideas
Is there any news for when the new V1.8 will be available for consoles? I'm struggling to find any information about it, my game is still running 1.7 and allows me to play online, so one would assume all is up to date...
Thanks for any info you can provide on this matter
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2021.12.05 18:11 sporetaste Bruising or contam ? This is before misting and I tried rubbing a q-tip against the part in the bottom right and came back clean. TIA !

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2021.12.05 18:11 rwp86 Car Bike Racks for Vanmoof S3?

I've been looking everywhere for a good trunk mounted bike rack that can hold the 50 LBS pound weight of an S3 and have so far been unable to source one. I have a Mazda 3 hatchback and I can't for the life of me find any bike rack that can support the weight.
Does anyone have any recomendations?
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2021.12.05 18:11 Sam-Starxin Gamepass is the greatest value for money I've ever seen in my life.

Seriously, wtf have I been doing without it? How in the hell did it take me so long to learn about it? Have I been living under a rock?
I am beyond blown away, it's absolutely amazing, with its long list of games, with the EA games partnership, with acquiring Bethesda, and the ongoing rumors of a potential Ubisoft partnership, and I don't even have an Xbox, I'm strictly talking PC Gamepass here.
I got the trial version on PC for a dollar and within less than a day I decided to purchase a 3 years subscription and upgrade to Gamepass Ultimate.
And yes, before saying it, I did use the amazing tip of upgrading Xbox Live Gold to Gamepass Ultimate. Three years subscription at a measly 85 dollars, what a fucking dream!
And to top it all off with a glorious cherry, I just found out today that you can play Xbox exclusives using Gamepass Ultimate's Cloud Gaming (xCloud), and you don't even need an Xbox controller anymore, you can do it with Mouse & Keyboard, what an amazing feature!
Seriously I don't even understand why haven't more people gotten this amazing service, and I've no clue how Sony is planning to counter it, but I seriously doubt that they stand a chance.
Sorry for the rant, just wanted to express my astonishment with the service.
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2021.12.05 18:11 ZappyFence Best equipment load out for the BC 155 55?

My current load out:

I think this is the most worthwhile load out, but let me know if I’m missing out on anything.
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2021.12.05 18:11 ToaIsPog im only 15 and severely overweight please help.

Hi I just turned 15 and I'm currently weighing 18 stone or 115 kg and my health is declining i want to lose all of this weight but i have no idea how to start at all. Please can anyone give some tips?
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2021.12.05 18:11 OlgaRocco 📱 He sold? Pamp et! - $BOG - Stealth Launch - 95/100 tokensniffer – Huge Potential 🚀

🏁 Long term Project 🏁
💎 Everyone knows the crypto meme king Mr Bogdanoff right? "He sold?", "PUMP it!" 💎
Our token is in memory of this legendary meme and we will make history with it. This token is a full degen project designed to be pumped during the time being.
It's a fair and classic token, with tokenomics that attract investors ( 2% Holders / 7% Liquidity ).
Bogdanoff will be launching the NFT Marketplace project in the near future and this will be YOUR chance to get in on the GROUND FLOOR of a brand spanking new token before anyone else!
Many people have asked how you find tokens earlier than everyone else, and well, Bogdanoff is the solution.
So not only will $BOG token holders gain early and exclusive access to new projects, you will also be able to invest safely and with confidence as each project will undergo a thorough pre-vetting and auditing process to ensure that any bad doggos won’t get to play!
BOGDANOFF is designed to be rug-proof where nobody can run away with other peoples money therefore developers decided to renounced their ownership since the very beggining.
⚠️Marketing ADS upcoming ( 4chan / Poocoin / CoinHunters / CoinSniper etc.) .
⚠️Coingecko / Coinhunt application upcoming in the first days.
⚠️Developers AMA upcoming the first week where you can get to know the team.
Contract Address : 0xd81efc55012b1e0b44c688c1440017ec29dca9c1
Telegram : https://t.me/bogdanoffbiz
Website: https://bogdanoff.biz
Tokenomics :
2% Holders
7% Liquidity
60% Supply Burn
36% Supply Liquidity
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2021.12.05 18:11 dlouwe Char's Zaku II says Trans Rights!

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2021.12.05 18:11 CapriKeenWater Price went up to 10$ sorry you have to be quick to get the good deals

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2021.12.05 18:11 unsocially_distant App Store Top Apps 2021.

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2021.12.05 18:11 CASASToken Stuck on a Uint8 as a write event

Maybe I'm missing an absolute blinder, but for some reason I'm working on a contract and seem to be stuck on a UINT8 input.
Contract(uint8) and address(address) are the input but can't seem to fathom how to get a contract address into uint8.
Any help would be much appreciated🙏
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2021.12.05 18:11 easybreesy999 ID Request - Northern Indiana

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2021.12.05 18:11 2lazycatz_miniatures First titan ready to walk. C&c

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2021.12.05 18:11 angel_b0yy The adorable snoot of a rescue greyhound that I have the honor of petsitting! 😍❤️

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