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Why all the complaints about hard grind?

2021.11.29 05:32 koningmuis Why all the complaints about hard grind?

The game isnt a hard grind, what you guys want? max out in 1 month? Sounds boring AF.
They should even make it harder, with half of all my skills are 200 i think its a cheese.
Lets look at oldschool runescape.. i would be base lvl 60 by now (it's like 2.5% to lvl 99 = max level)

So please just stop complaining about hard grind. You know nothing John Snow.

P.S. I have a fulltime job, complaining wife and in the middle of contructing my house. P.S. P.S. sorry for my bad english
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2021.11.29 05:32 thejiggler102 Foreign ditto trade? I’m from US

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2021.11.29 05:32 Guy-Inkognito *Confused and angry tooljerk noises

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2021.11.29 05:32 Loader-Bot-101 To the Guardians who helped with some grandmaster nightfalls last night

You guys are awesome.
Mr. Sir, Torgue; if youse guys see this, many many thanks for the abundance in ascendant shards
- Bigwig the Warlock
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2021.11.29 05:32 AxyJaxy next lwiay when

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2021.11.29 05:32 larrz @FFHRegional: #Klimaschutz auf kleinstem Raum: #Griesheim pflanzt #Mini-Wald https://t.co/8rKBLu2lZg

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2021.11.29 05:32 Lemonade_Boy_07 Just Chillin'

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2021.11.29 05:31 GoliathOblivion "Cannot receive buffs or debuffs"

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2021.11.29 05:31 Specific-Deep Bach Minuet In F Major BWV Anh.113 - Electric Guitar

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2021.11.29 05:31 hridoy104 Bitgame

This is an awesome project, I am convinced that it will show great results! I believe that this project will find its place in it and maybe even. Bitgame.com
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2021.11.29 05:31 crypto_news_amanda KYRREX

It's quite sad because I can only buy 200 KRRX instead of 500 KRRX, but that's okay, this will help KYRREX have more holders, bigger community and more potential ecosystem.
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2021.11.29 05:31 Visible-Ad7175 Beauty ❤️❤️❤️

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2021.11.29 05:31 Lunaga_Saga w/f/l?

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2021.11.29 05:31 Sr_CuBi Thanks for the second chance Hallo Games… I finally got this bad boy 😁

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2021.11.29 05:31 mojojo42 Baby Box initiative reaches 200,000 families in Scotland

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2021.11.29 05:31 elvagabundotonto Your username becomes your trademark sex position. How does it go and how much would you or your partner enjoy it?

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2021.11.29 05:31 Old_Creme_3036 Saw another post like this about macros so I decide to make one too, People using no recoil scripts on PC

I sometimes come across people who make it painfully obvious they use no recoil script or something of the sort, they will have absolutely bad aim but perfect recoil control
Who knows though, they might just be good at controlling recoil but missing their shots
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2021.11.29 05:31 Otto0ctavius8 The gorgeous animations within Apple Music. I particularly love the ones for curated playlists that give the music an abstract title card.

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2021.11.29 05:31 CapColdblood I just killed my first PC 3 years into DMing… and it’s one of the worst experiences I’ve had in the game to date.

Firstly, some context:
This campaign is set in the Lord of the Rings, my first attempt with such an ambitious franchise. I have run games set in the Star Wars continuity, mainly using the 5e conversion. I am a huge Tolkien fan and this was a massive undertaking for me, trying to both tell the stories I wanted to tell in the setting and honoring his source material. This campaign takes place in the Fourth Age, 120 years after the end of the War of the Ring, right before Aragorn dies in the books. The story itself is inspired by several fan-made versions of Tolkien’s Middle Earth, especially mods for the Total War franchise such as Fourth Age Total War and Divide and Conquer.
This is the first campaign in which I had 8 players. I originally signed on with 9, but 1 of them was unable to join the campaign before the first session due to scheduling issues. But so far, almost every session for the past few months has had all 8 players, and all of them have gotten along really well. They have a good Roleplay dynamic as well as good banter between all of them, and each of them has a place in the battle line. I have known every single one of these guys for three years at least, and they are all very close friends of mine. They all love to play with me as the Dungeon Master and I love playing with them.
The entire campaign, our party has seen mysterious agents operating in the background. Their signature is long black cloaks with blue trim. The first contact they had with them was one of the agents playing an instrument. One of the Elves from Rivendell recognized the toon: a musical rendition of the script etched on the One Ring. From then on, these agents kept popping up, engaging in clandestine activities and sowing discord around the world. From Bree to Dale, they were everywhere. And this was the first time my party was to encounter them.
One of my characters is one of the Dunedain. He is on the run from the law in Bree because he attempted to elope with the Council Master’s daughter, even though the Council Master detests the Rangers. In an attempt to escape with her, some guards were killed while he was defending himself and now he’s a wanted criminal. The group was to spend the night at the Prancing Pony some months later, neutral ground for the town and privately owned by a friend of my Ranger. However, three of these agents were able to sneak inside and lay an ambush in a hallway, catching the entire party off guard.
An important detail to note was that my party had already turned in for the night, and my Ranger was staying up. I designed the encounter this way so that he would be ambushed in the beginning. The players would have to make Perception checks in order to realize there was an attack. One of my best players had gotten ruinously drunk that night and I told him 2 weeks before this encounter happened (due to a short hiatus) that he would have disadvantage on all ability checks, attack roles, and saving throws for the next 8 hours. He readily agreed to this, thinking that it enriched the role-play.
To explain the goals of the fight mechanically, I had 2 things in mind when designing the encounter: Preventing flanking and shocking them with magic. There was an Orc berserker, a human male warrior with spells and a paralyzing sword, and a female assassin with spells and a Morgul dagger. My party is Level 5. My Ranger was on the other end of the hall from the rooms where the group was staying, and the 3 enemies would come out between him and them.
As to the first point, I think anyone with any experience in the game understands that the base rule of flanking is very powerful. I decided to include the base variant of the rule, which I will likely change from now on. However, my 8 players have been using flanking to extreme effect and every single fight has been a cakewalk. Only 1 of them dropped below 5 HP once in the last 3 months. So I made the hallway only 20 feet wide, and I made sure that my Ranger was separated from the group on the other end of the hall. I also gave the Orc Berserker Rage and the Sentinel feat, so he would be very difficult to take down and get past.
The female assassin had a special dagger that inflicted the Poisoned condition on a character permanently if they failed the Constitution Saving Throw of 15. She also had limited use of Misty Step, so she was hard to pin down.
And finally, the male warrior had a sword that inflicted Paralysis for one round if you failed the Constitution Saving throw of 10. He was designed to be a mix of damage and debuffs, and his character had many reasons for wanting my Ranger dead.
As I’m sure many of you Lord of the Rings fans know, magic is extremely sacred in Tolkien’s universe, and I do not use it lightly. No character has ever shown proficiency with magic except for one ancient Elf, and these characters were meant to use magic to both immobilize the party and show that these agents are more than just simple thugs. But instead of giving them complete control over magic, I decided to homebrew how the magic worked.
This power was gifted to them by something more powerful, and therefore, I decided to give them limited use of only select spells. For example, the female assassin had three uses of Misty Step and one use of Heat Metal, and the male warrior had one use of Darkness and one use of Hold Person. Without listing every one, I included less than half a dozen spells and limited the number of times they could use those spells. They could cast these spells as a bonus action, but only one spell per turn, because I wanted to spike the difficulty while also making it clear that they did not control this power and it was a gift they could only use. Finally, and probably the most controversial choice I made, was that any spell that required concentration, if it landed, lasted for two combat rounds and could not be resisted after the first failure. However, the spell would immediately lose effect at the end of the second round.
My Barbarian Dwarf was very irritated when he realized that he would have to spend two whole turns immobilized because he failed the Wisdom Saving Throw against Hold Person. My players were, understandably, shocked at their use of magic, and even though they tried to attack their adversaries, they had trouble doing reasonable damage. And my Ranger player did not share any information about his condition with the other players during the entire combat. Most of my players focused on trying to kill the enemy rather than protect the Ranger, believing that he could hold his own and knew that our Barbarian was only 10 feet away, so they let him fight his own fight. I didn’t even know he was unconscious until he told me 30 seconds after the attack in question had already hit him. Suddenly, he was on the ground and making Death Saving Throws.
For those of you that understand the history between the men of Arthedain and Angmar, it would be no surprise to you that the man fighting my Ranger chose to stab into the Ranger’s chest with both of his attacks, instantly killing him. I even rolled a Wisdom Saving Throw to see whether or not he would take personal revenge for the wrongs done to his people. It was to no avail. My player died and the man escaped, while my party was able to kill the other two assassins.
One of the issues that arose from the game was in relation to the drunk player that I mentioned earlier. He rolled a Natural One on his Perception check to see if he could detect a fight, and because he was so drunk, I ruled that he would not be able to rise from sleep unless somebody physically woke him. None of the party chose to physically wake him, so he spent two hours of real time dropping in and out of the online call, listening and watching what was happening. He was mildly upset because he said he could have spent the time doing something better, and complained that he wasn’t able to play the game. He said that I took an entire night of potential play away from him and he was very upset about it. But he later repented of that and said that he knew how much the game and his personal attendance meant to me. This player happens to be my best friend, so I honestly understand that he was upset, but we were able to talk it out in the end. He’s one of the most mature individuals I’ve ever met and he means a lot to me, so it personally stung when he accused me of taking the game away from him for what he considered arbitrary reasons.
Another one of my players that I have known for years and I consider a close friend caused other issues. He is a massive Rules Lawyer because a Dungeon Master he played with for over two years had the mindset that it was his job to kill the party. This DM made him ultra paranoid and I have constantly fought against the idea that the party needs to pay attention to every little detail in order to survive the next day. This friend of mine has tried to break that shell, but when I started pulling out homebrew that he didn’t think was fair, he started to lose it. He became upset at the circumstances, and when the Ranger died, he stated “I’ve already had a rough weekend and this is not helping. I didn’t come here to get more upset. This isn’t the game I wanted.” He then dropped out of the call for about seven minutes, saying that if he was forced to stay, he was just going to start yelling. He calmed down and promptly returned to the game, and he played out the rest of the session perfectly fine.
I spoke with both of these players after the game, and we all agreed that the session has sucked as far as storytelling goes. It’s never fun to lose a player, especially to homebrew that the Dungeon Master himself designed to counter your strategy. But I spent most of the time simply defending what I had done, letting them know that it wasn’t fun for me either to slaughter one of my favorite player characters of all time. I was convinced that the entire party was upset with me and thought that I had cheated them. I had to convince these two players that I didn’t in the end, and explain far more of the mechanics than I wanted to in order to appease them. Neither of them were bitter or held it against me. They are my friends, after all. But the whole thing left a really sour taste in my mouth.
At the end of the day, it’s the first player character I’ve actually killed. It was an extremely harrowing experience, and it drove several of us to tears. The rest of the players agree that it sucked to lose our Ranger, but agreed that the dice just rolled the way they did and told me it wasn’t my fault. I’m still very shaken up by the encounter and I’m very hesitant to challenge the party in such a way again, especially with my own homebrew. If giving them a genuine challenge is going to have such a negative reaction, I don’t even know if I want to give them a genuine challenge again. If they are going to get that upset at me for trying to change things up and not let them slaughter everything in their path, I may just have to keep feeding them cannon fodder.
We don’t play again for another week, so I have time to process this and reflect on any criticisms or feedback anybody provides here. I would greatly appreciate some insight as well as some advice. I’ve always been hesitant to kill player characters in the past and the one time it actually worked out for the bad guys to win an encounter, the entire party reacted extremely poorly.
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2021.11.29 05:31 potatopua Scheduling a road exam?

Does anyone know how much it cost to schedule the road test at TLC?
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2021.11.29 05:31 Nathan_S13 Tommy Battle Target?

Hey so I was wondering, this might sound dumb, but does the mayor shop out in public? I was at target today and I see this man who looks exactly like Tommy Battle. He was wearing a full suit, and he humbly walked out of the store..
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2021.11.29 05:31 gioxx_it Block Mailtrack: fermare il tracking pixel di Mailtrack.io

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2021.11.29 05:31 Stunning_Importance1 Xp grind

What’s your experience with nbrp xp grind? I’m level 445 and trying to get to 1000. If you have any experience how long would you say it would take ? Planning on using all training gear, psijic ambrosia, 150% scroll and during the new life event for the double xp.
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2021.11.29 05:31 champ1337 Patristic Socialism 🤌

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