2021.12.01 22:08 Familiar_Big3322 .....

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2021.12.01 22:08 ddimes69 Vanessa Grimaldi got that 🍰 🍰

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2021.12.01 22:08 iwantnutella When you’ve ran out of witty comebacks. 😛

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2021.12.01 22:08 Aggressive-Cadet Cost to clear trees?

Is there a standard rate for clearing trees from a property? Walked a great parcel today but needs significant clearing to build. Just wondering what we should be prepared to shell out for that. Let me know if I should be posting this question elsewhere. Land isn’t so active..
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2021.12.01 22:08 JacobFromStateFarm_ SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket takeoff and landing

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2021.12.01 22:08 FallCompetitive7976 02-December I am still here

It is 02-December 01:08. I am disappointed.
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2021.12.01 22:08 Far_Emotion213 Your conclusion....

When you message me saying " I could never see us being more than we've been, and that's not what either of us want" - how do you know what I want? You were what I wanted- I told you so often - how I felt, how I wanted a relationship with you. When you say you are sure I will find what I really want too - it's you mother fucker! .
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2021.12.01 22:08 ishalitiwari [FS][USA][RING] Modern 14k matte brushed finish wedding band with vertical baguette moissanite by Tianyu, size 8.5

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2021.12.01 22:08 Excellent-Public-489 Pullback

I understand the worst thing to be is a 🌈🐻. However, to continue the bull run why don’t we just allow the pullback to go full force and then buy the ultimate dip? A drop of 90% ultimately brings forth a 900% gain. I see that we are going through a continuous cycle of up down up down because we keep buying a dip and then we lose our money in an hour with news. I understand I probably have no idea what I’m saying (I chew on wood).
Also, mods stop deleting my posts ffs
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2021.12.01 22:08 DuckingAwesomeGaming Watch yourselves out there tonight kids

App just about shit itself while I was trying to drop off my second order for the night. Thought I was going to have to call it super early, but then it magically started "working" again.
Definitely stay on your toes this night
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2021.12.01 22:08 Pollinix19 Adequate response to MLM recruiter

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2021.12.01 22:08 minimalista #00AG9603 #OpPSION #TheGame23 #fnordmaze #weirdcore23 - tudismocroned

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2021.12.01 22:08 Ilikefame2020 [WP] All your life, you have hidden a great secret. One which no one should know. You would go to hell and back to keep it hidden. And yet one day, someone reveals that they know the truth.

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2021.12.01 22:08 starson You ever watch a manager shoot themselves in the foot?

Just watched my manager inform 200 employees that their schedules would be changed to include weekends, no matter what, period. Everybody. No schedule switching.
I'm in a position that isn't included, but seriously, it only took a glance to see the fury and anger as the manager tried to explain his latest scheme. I know I heard a lot of whispers about people quitting, including supervisors.
I fully expect to see a mini great resignation at my work by weekend.
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2021.12.01 22:08 barry12290 I filed for my petition in June. Did my biometrics by the end of September. If I get an employment letter, how do I expedite my EAD process?

I am in NYC btw. Any help?
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2021.12.01 22:08 KebabTheShrimp Went for my first hike ever across Catalina Island this summer, got 17 blisters but it was worth it and I am proud of myself :) ~36 miles

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2021.12.01 22:08 Realkylesmithplayz There is still no mayor's pass! Your thoughts?

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2021.12.01 22:08 1995kern Zekrom 7856 0802 7352

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2021.12.01 22:08 bookworm6879 ⭐️Rate Mark Sloan on a scale from 1-10. 9/10.⭐️

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2021.12.01 22:08 dawdsfml Manager asks me to shovel, I say no

I was working as a server and my manager asked me to shovel snow. I got singled out as the only male server. I told them no, I am not going to shovel for $2 an hour, and they responded by insulting my masculinity, saying I need to be a man. I responded by saying if I get compensated for my work I would do it and they responded by saying “I see where your loyalties lie”. Yeah getting paid… at my job? I prefer not having my labour abused, especially when I get singled out and insulted. Thanks but no thanks go fuck yourself. I hate the shitty culture that restaurants have cultivated, too. They abuse servers work by having them clean, shovel etc. because they are legally allowed to pay them pennies. Actually hiring someone to shovel a path would cost much more than the wage they pay me, so I expect to be paid as they would pay another person. Or at least more than pennies.
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2021.12.01 22:08 LegendaryX-Spades Alpha factions come an join our realm we have claims, bosses , shop and much more the code is TZ_KUQpf-qQ so what are you waiting for come join the realm

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2021.12.01 22:08 PinkFire5303 That one art of Levi buck shitty and Neptune

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2021.12.01 22:08 greatwall2103 a story so touching about the most loyal sauce packet

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2021.12.01 22:08 Will_732 2040: US-China Cold War. Who should be the Republican presidential nominee?

Even though the US-China trade war finished in 2036, it was only the beginning of something larger. It’s now 2040 and the US is engaged in our second Cold War, this time with China. The Cold War this time around has focused on three specific areas: artificial intelligence, proxy wars, and, once again, space exploration. China is currently winning on the AI front, developing mechanical bees which can be exported to countries being devastes by massive losses in the bee population. While these mechanical bees may help prevent ecological disaster, there’s reason to believe that they can be used for mass surveillance and have been deemed a national security risk. The US is essentially in a tie with China in terms of how the proxy wars are developing. US backed forces in Sri Lanka have driven back Chinese backed forces which have attempted a coup in order to gain power over the nation. Chinese backed forces in the Venezuelan Civil War, however, have had success in driving away US backed, pro democracy forces. The US is currently ahead of China in terms of space exploration. The US plans to have the first astronauts to live for over a year in Mars being next year, while issues with safe entry and exit from Mars has pushed China back 2 years from schedule. Since the 2036 election, Warnock-Wu have been able to pass legislation such as the Green New Deal (which was first introduced by AOC 20 years ago), nationwide marijuana legalization, and have passed legislation to invest in free, public transportation nationwide as well. Warnock-Wu was also able to pass the Equal Citizens Act, granting Washington DC and all US territories, including Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, and American Samoa, statehood. The US-China Cold War, however, has put a damper on the achievements of the administration. Overall, the US views Warnock-Wu’s handling of the Cold War neutrally, however there is concern that enough is not being done to counteract China’s growing influence. The focus on the Sri Lankan civil war rather than the Venezuelan civil war has also seen pushback from Hispanic voters. This caused for a significant portion of the Hispanic electorate in Democratic leaning and heavily Hispanic states, such as New Mexico, Texas, and Nevada, to vote for Republican candidates in the midterms. A majority of the Hispanic electorate, however, still voted Democratic. Warnock-Wu have kept their legislative promises, but seem to still be struggling to keep their most major promise, stability. It is 2040 and the Republican primaries are coming up. Who should the the Republicans 2040 presidential nominee?
Potential nominees: - Former President Young Kim (California): center-right, increased Asian American and suburban support, pro LGB rights, supports DACA, has experience and an already established group of voters, supports Green New Deal cutbacks, was the first Korean American presidential nominee and first female GOP presidential nominee. - Sen. Mehmet Oz (Pennsylvania): moderate, increased suburban and Muslim support, charismatic, member of the President's Council on Sports, Fitness and Nutrition under the Trump administration, supports Green New Deal cut backs, would be first Muslim and Turkish presidential nominee. - US Rep. Elise Stefanik (NY-21): center-right, increased rural and suburban support, pro LGBT rights, anti troop withdrawal, supports repeal of Green New Deal, current majority house leader. - Former HUD Sec. Kyrsten Sinema (Arizona): moderate, increased suburban and moderate-conservative Democratic support, pro LGBT rights, supports lower and middle class tax cuts, supports repeal of Green New Deal, switched to the GOP following ideological reforms in 2032. - Sen. María Elvira Salazar (Florida): center-right, increased Hispanic support, journalism experience, supports a carbon tax, supports repeal of Green New Deal, pro gun control, experience with US-Cuban relations, would be first Hispanic presidential nominee. - Sen. Nancy Mace (South Carolina): center-right, increased suburban support, pro LGBT rights, anti troop withdrawal, pro New Green Deal cutbacks, opposes offshore drilling.
View Poll
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2021.12.01 22:08 minimalista #00AG9603 #OpPSION #TheGame23 #fnordmaze #weirdcore23 - tudismocroned

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