[Xbox] Looking to trade for a Lem, I’m desperate!

2021.11.26 23:12 tabspls [Xbox] Looking to trade for a Lem, I’m desperate!

Hey guys. Need a Lem to finish off my merc’s treachery. Have Magefist, tal mask, Nightwing, Goldwrap, Spirit Crystal sword, 30fcr 32res Vipermagi, Pgems and plenty of low mid runes. Message me!
GT: Kid You Smell
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2021.11.26 23:12 bassandtroutferdays Hambolina living her best life

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2021.11.26 23:12 Martin_Bachler Illegitimately in the White House

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2021.11.26 23:12 catitudeswattitudes Briefly made eye contact with these mating red squirrels. Scared the bejesus out of me AND them

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2021.11.26 23:12 Pale_Growth_4810 Best Michigan Bar in NYC?

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2021.11.26 23:12 n00bo Based

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2021.11.26 23:12 DrowningInurThoughts How can I accept what’s coming?

Okay so I’ve done a lot of f-up things like making vows, blasphemy, sexual sin (not sex) and asked God to kill me in numerous ways if I didn’t keep my vows or if I kept sinning. This doesn’t take over my entire life but I find myself thinking about it all the time to point where I can’t get work done or school work (Im really backed up). I have repented. I know after you sin you still can get punished (or discipline how you want to put it) but I feel anxious thinking about it. Like even after David repented of his sin of adultery God still killed the baby or Moses being denied the promise land after he repented. So I do know God hands out punishment even if you repent and it’s worrying me. How can I just accept what’s coming and still not be so terrified?
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2021.11.26 23:12 ProjectDynes The New Gotham Knights figures by McFarland Toys.

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2021.11.26 23:12 josh_inya Need to buy a home

Not sure whether this is allowed, so feel free to flag. This is a stretch.
Short version is: if you, or anyone you know is planning on listing a home for sale in MoCo soon, and you want to connect with VERY motivated buyers, reach out to me ASAP with property info to pass along to our realtor!
Here’s the story — My pregnant wife and I are getting desperate in our search for a home in the North Potomac, Rockville, Potomac, Gaithersburg area. We moved to MoCo to be closer to family after being displaced by the wildfires in CA. We have a 2 year-old and another (this time a surprise) on the way soon.
We had moved expecting to find a home when the MoCo housing market had much higher stock available to buy, and so was a bit less competitive. However, a FT job I was supposed to start fell through at the last minute, sabotaging our loan preapproval, and delaying our search until now.
The market is pretty cutthroat at the moment, and we just missed out on a great place because someone offered cash 🙄
Right now we are renting from my in-laws, and there’s no space to bring a newborn home. We want to get into a home soon enough that our toddler can at least start getting settled before the baby arrives in a few months, and so we can start “nesting” as well!
Here’s the bare bones of what we need:

In the spirit of the holiday season, if you know of anything like that coming soon in North Potomac, Potomac, Gaithersburg, Rockville, please PLEASE DM me.
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2021.11.26 23:12 Juicewrld48 has anyone tried blocking their sockets off to eat?

has anyone tried to block their sockets off so they can eat without getting food debris in?
like maybe use surgical tape to literally cover it or a tiny piece of wet gauze in place
i think they’re gentle enough to be ok to do day 11 right? i just hate flushing them it makes me gag
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2021.11.26 23:12 Surge-SoCal Nice the only green today!

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2021.11.26 23:12 gbill12 She took his breath away…

as he was slowly squeezed by the anaconda.
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2021.11.26 23:12 bigboypadilla- "There's nothing wrong with my house!"

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2021.11.26 23:12 YourUncleJimJim Moltres be online or no inv

8410 7861 4622
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2021.11.26 23:12 Objective-Ad7330 The False-Dragons, a tripodal organism that convergently evolved with pterosaurs

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2021.11.26 23:12 abcoathup ⟠ Latest Week in Ethereum News!

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2021.11.26 23:12 PillsOverKills Ahtar marriable?

I read in multiple places that after completing Ahtar the Solitude Executioner's quest he can be both a follower and marriable. I did the quest and he's currently following me, we're both wearing amulets of mara, but he wont't make a move :(? I tested on Sorex and he notices the amulet so...is it a level req? Idk what else is wrong
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2021.11.26 23:12 TofGr Steam controller?

been trying to get my steam controller working with this game for a few hours unsuccessfully so I was wondering if anyone had any advice. I've tried connecting the game to steam and changing it through there but the overlay doesn't appear so it doesn't work. My best bet is to try and change the input that the controller has from launch so I will try that next.
Any help would be greatly appreciated
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2021.11.26 23:12 BuenAss_tardes ¿Cómo que las madres no son eternas? 😥

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2021.11.26 23:12 Zealousideal_Sky1018 Moltres raid adding ten

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2021.11.26 23:12 MarshmeII0 Pole Question

I think I have posted a good 3 - 4 times about poles in the last week or so on this subreddit so I do apologize for the constant posts lol
Anyways, I think this should be the last one.
Does anyone know if there is a difference between the Swix Triac 4.0 and Swix Triac 4.0 Aero?
I saw the Swix Triac 4.0 for cheaper and wasn't sure if they were the same pole just different prices on different sites or they were actually different poles.
Thank you in advance!
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2021.11.26 23:12 Dry_Championship_473 HMU if you wanna buy or trade for her full mega😮‍💨🔥

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2021.11.26 23:12 Shot-Bowler2399 Robbed by my bank!

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2021.11.26 23:12 Bruhurb69420 I know it’s still like a month until Christmas but I made these low effort images just in case.

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2021.11.26 23:12 jrdnca Albedo: Harbinger vs New wep?

Hello, Ar43 here. Got albedo recently. With harbinger my ratio is 71:110, without its 42:70. Both are weapons are level 70, going to r5 the free weapon ofc. He’s lv 80 and his talents are 1/6/6.
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