They’re nice :)

2021.12.06 15:32 RedxOsa They’re nice :)

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2021.12.06 15:32 leroy_catz Middle-aged shitposter's story in three acts over less than a week. "Purple" (like all the others) loves the Lord and hates modern medicine...until now. She's finding out.

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2021.12.06 15:32 mrdadoa30facce a Meme on Poppy Playtime

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2021.12.06 15:32 wisnasky420 Few shots today just done a #short video on tge juvenile rhino on my channel

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2021.12.06 15:32 g-money-cheats “I Don’t Live Here Anymore” is Stereogum’s #1 album of the year

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2021.12.06 15:32 CompetitiveSleep8 Making the switch from sprint!!

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2021.12.06 15:32 trevor_odaniel Elena feeding on Damon in early S4 dissusion

Can we just take a second to talk about Delena, love them and have shipped them from the begging but re watching I noticed how in my opinion that episode in early S4 when Elena can't keep blood down and she feeds from Damon, WOW idk why that scene looked like it have the most sexual tension more then any others -
Idk it just caught me off guard lol, like I know that technically vampires feeding on each other is very intimate but just them in that scene I don't know what it was it just had more tension than all of the other delena ep's 🤷
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2021.12.06 15:32 Reino_911 Solid White Light On Mobo Fix

I have a solid white light on my MOBO. I'm currently running a 3070 To FE with a Ryzen 7 5800. I've been gaming on the CPU for about a month, and the 3070 since August.
I've been injured so I've been laid up on the couch and was just moving back to my original Battle station. My dad picked up my PC after it had throughly shut down and then I went to boot up and I got the white VGA light on the Mobo.
Any suggestions on how to get Video back? I can't stress enough I've had 0 issues until this moment.
I've tried reseating it, with no luck.
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2021.12.06 15:32 xXtinct25x How to find motivation to work?

first semester of school is coming to a close... and my grades are just floating above the dumpster with Ds and a couple of Fs. I'm now realizing (great timing, Xtinct bc finals is a week away) that I really lack the motivation for school. I'm a workaholic when it comes to personal projects, but I'm horrible when it comes to school work.
I'm an artist, and that's the career and college (after community) I want to pursue, so I'm trying to build my portfolio and get money bc that art college is hella expensive. But in building my portfolio, I've ignored my actual "job" right now, regular school.
I need help to find some motivation to do schoolwork on my own for the next semester and years to come. If anyone has any tips that would be wonderful.
Some maybe helpful things to know:

Thank you in advance, I tried to write this in the most non-biased way possible, but if you need to know a little more (that isn't sensitive), just put stuff in the comments. Im on Reddit a lot because I distract myself.
Thank you in advance <3
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2021.12.06 15:32 Intelligent-Group299 Who wants to give these a load

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2021.12.06 15:32 biglulz1988 How often do women who aren't pretty get asked out / for there numbers.

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2021.12.06 15:32 SGDelacour [H][US] One Night Mythic Raid Team - Sun 9p-12m EST - Spots available!

[H] Severity Gaming on US-Illidan We are the official WoW branch of Severity Gaming, an 11 year old Multi-Title Gaming Community.
Our ideal member is someone that:

  1. Exhibits a strong community focused mentality.
  2. Is a genuine individual that we can mutually invest our time in and with.
  3. Plays the game well and/or has high potential and a willingness to learn and work at it.
Progression Raiding We run a single One Night Progression Focused Raid Team*. It is primarily composed of long term members that have raided with us throughout the years/expansions on a much more aggressive 4h/3night schedule.*
Progression: Schedule: Needs: Players of the following classes with recent raid experience (non-LFR) and a 235+ ilvl min for their desired spec.
Contact Info Thanks for the read, and happy gaming!
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2021.12.06 15:32 caramelcassie hello~

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2021.12.06 15:32 Regenerative_Med_Bot Study identifies factor in 'young blood' that helps rejuvenate aged mouse muscle

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2021.12.06 15:32 lasagneking007 Cases are Stupid.

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2021.12.06 15:32 SStinger_ What do you all use for hygiene? I just want to be able to wash my hair and body that’s all I want and I’m going insane. I live in Ontario Canada for reference

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2021.12.06 15:32 honbeni Some faces practice after a long time

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2021.12.06 15:32 EviLaz13 I'm kink shaming

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2021.12.06 15:32 irenymphet Natural and Lebanese.

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2021.12.06 15:32 MysteryLands Epic Games Announces ‘The Matrix Awakens’: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience for PS5 & Xbox Series!

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2021.12.06 15:32 Ok-Cupcake-5125 How to remove x/y limitations

So basically draw two dots on top left and bottom right select both a group them together then drag it bigger and bigger until it’s roughly 5000 by 5000 pixels then centre it and drag the sprite into the backpack and put your sprites in the centre
Hopefully that made sense :)
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2021.12.06 15:32 Delicious_Ad6425 Anywhere to get only the undercarriage of a car washed?

Hello, I like washing my car by myself however I have limited access to all the tools such as undercarriage washer attachment.
So, during this winter time, does any of you know a place to get the undercarriage only washed to get rid of salts and stuff?
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2021.12.06 15:32 Anonymous-Man123 IM A DISABLED VIRGIN, HELP!!

I’m a 23 year old virgin who has been disabled from a very young age and needs to use a wheelchair all day long. And obviously this is a massive turn off for women… Which means I’ve never done anything sexual irl, I’ve never even had an actual relationship of any kind either ffs😣 But then all the people around me (friends, family, etc) are ALL in relationship and it fucking sucks being the only person that’s on his own tbh… I can move all of my limbs and everything just fine, my dick works flawlessly (and is surprisingly big apparently?😅🤷🏻‍♂️). It’s just that I don’t have the strength to actually walk anywhere… But I can move them about just fine!!
But I still get absolutely nowhere with women ffs… Wtf can I do to change that? Especially seen as I can’t easily leave the house due to how severe my disability is, and can’t go far from my house without somebody with me (typically a family member unfortunately). So going out to meet a girl is basically out of the question🙃 But even if I could do, my wheelchair is obviously a massive turn off for women (which I can understand tbh!!), it just sucks that I’d treat her like an absolute queen and do everything I could do to make her happy, Yet she would rather go and be with an asshole that cheats on her ever weekend with her bestfriend ffs🤦🏻‍♂️ It just seems unfair if I’m being honest with you all… Especially seen as I can still move my body as much as I like to as well! If I was completely immobile then sure, I’d understand that… But everyone in my life right now knows what I can and can’t do, yet they’re still not interested at all unfortunately!!
So any help at all would be massively appreciated, as I just want to feel appreciated for once in my life if that makes any sense?
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2021.12.06 15:32 Marinadelrey_x I love this little camp site.

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2021.12.06 15:32 bussy-enjoyer When someone is on life support, why don't they turn it off and on again and see if they wake up?

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