Add for daily gifts and grinding friendship xp: 0163 6784 7735

2021.12.04 11:12 olivera___ Add for daily gifts and grinding friendship xp: 0163 6784 7735

Daily active player, add for opening or sending gifts: 0163 6784 7735
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2021.12.04 11:12 Reptillianoo [PSN/XBOX/PC] BΣYӨПD a Global clan, [PVE/PVP Endgame] Recruiting all ages [Discord] Clan events prizes & Alliances. [GUIDE-PRACTICE] [Unique experience] ΣΦ

Small introduction
A global clan available for everyone main language (English)
We strive to make this an enviorment friendly and fun. We pride ourselves on teamwork, dedication and respect.
welcoming community of fellow gamers who not only want to play Destiny and exist, but also reap the benefits of having somewhere to call home.

  1. We absolutely will not tolerate any form of hate speech harrassment or a toxic gaming enviorment.
  2. We Acknowledge real life issues or other important stuff happening we’ll give member their time.
  3. Joining the clan requires you to join a Communication platform. there for you won't miss out on clan activity's changes and other. To be aware of notifications
  4. Private Grouping Cliques consistent is not allowed we’re expecting you to join the clan to cooperate for reasonable reasons.
  5. Having issues with other members, conern about your own availability whatsoever contact Administrators.
Our Approach – what BΣYӨПD offer
We’re looking to enhance our members to achieve their goals whenever they wanted to from guides pve – practice pvp
Clan events, prizes and other.
Organising endgame activity’s, clan tournaments and other clan events to sustain the clan prizes that will handout on winning a clan tournament.
We cooperate with other clans as an Alliance therefor members won’t have to worry about their time. to have an great experience
We prioritize discord over other communication platforms although it will be integrated into psn at 2022 spring.
This clan is fulled with psn players therefor we have also an psn clan chat. We work with an Rank-Tier-Role system to keep members engaged to their goals to achieve surent rank - tier - role for more information inside our discord.
Continueation with improvements.
We’re open to improve the clan whenever its needed smaller scale improvements days, for bigger improvements months/year. Ideas can be passed on
Clan Calendar
The clan calendar features all clan activity’s improvements and other combined with bungie’s seasonal calendar that sustain 3 months to enjoy the content.
no new content means a decrease of player activity in this clan.
without a doubt, we try our best to increase the clan player base each season.
Joining BΣYӨПD
  1. Message Reptilliano, Shady_J-9000 - Medusa-stonedd – Reeper0990
  2. Options are playstation messages, private messages or reddit.
  3. Once we have recieved the message you’ll be invited to the clan
  4. The Try-out test will be initiated rightaway once you’re in the clan.
  5. The Try-out test will last a week long.
We do this to avoid negativity, drama or whatsoever that surpasses the clan.
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2021.12.04 11:12 Majestic_Ad5277 Top 10 Best Manhwa Where MC is Overpowered Part 3 🔥

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2021.12.04 11:12 mrapp88 Finally got my Gen 1 Prime 13 to work. No app support

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2021.12.04 11:12 Frontbuttfun Any way to purchase groceries at Superstore using AMEX?

Are there any ways to? Even purchasing superstore gift cards? This is the only thing holding me back from grabbing the Cobalt card.
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2021.12.04 11:12 Benji3284 Looking for advice on an indoor wood boiler that is in the $2-$3k range.

I have a 3200 sqft. House and am looking for heat and hot water.
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2021.12.04 11:12 jb91119 A classic SP and my very first Snuff I ever tried. What did you guys have as your first?

A classic SP and my very first Snuff I ever tried. What did you guys have as your first? submitted by jb91119 to nasalsnuff [link] [comments]

2021.12.04 11:12 Chirkova_fan_art FEYSAND

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2021.12.04 11:12 prvlad Размести резюме

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2021.12.04 11:12 PettinDaKitty Results from a local I went to yesterday night. Can’t be mad at all with 3rd, even if I am a little bit. For only playing Little Mac though, I think I do a great job

Results from a local I went to yesterday night. Can’t be mad at all with 3rd, even if I am a little bit. For only playing Little Mac though, I think I do a great job submitted by PettinDaKitty to LittleMacMains [link] [comments]

2021.12.04 11:12 ExtraBerserk16 Getting Braces Next Week and What y’all’s opinion. These are the colors i’ve whittled it down too. In case it’s important for colors, i’m a straight brunette male.

Royal Blue (Bc i’m from Lexington and it’s rly common) Pink (idk my friends keep saying it) Blue + White (Again UK’s color’s) A Darker Blue (Friends with braces say it makes teeth whiter)
I’ll also consider the ones y’all recommend if you have one. Lmk your opinions.
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2021.12.04 11:12 analogcomplex You can turn telemarketers into door-to-door salesmen.

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2021.12.04 11:12 BudSpanka Re-Introducing the artificial IAS Cap was a BIG step backwards in terms of Fun & Diversification - bring it BACK!

Honestly it totally baffles me that it is not that IAS is now "fixed" again but in a way it is still bugged cause IAS gear now does nothing if you are at those fake cap frames.
It was harmless, it was fun, it opened up gearing options MANYFOLDS, casters are still OP AF but no, take out all the fun again.
Honetsly, playing a CtC Hybrid K/T sin, going back to 33337 kicks now is SOOO Slow and unresponsive. before it really felt deadly and fast and i was fragile but super quick and responsive, now it is a slog and it sucks.
all my IAS gear options are now completely useless since it does nothing anymore.
IT really baffles me.
i am ok with not-functioning 1frame bear attacks being "fixed" but honetsly other than that..... it was fun and harmless and SOO needed to make it fun again.
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2021.12.04 11:12 GlynHuck WB Reshiram NOW ADD ME 3794 3663 8510

3794 3663 8510
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2021.12.04 11:12 pienso_solo The Dog Theory (just a theory, don’t murder me)

I posted this on aliens but wanted to get thoughts from this community as well.
I’ve been thinking about our relationship with dogs and how a long time ago they used to be wild animals (wolves) with features that allowed them to survive in harsh environments and how over many years, in collaboration with evolution, humans, using the technology available to us at different times (selective breeding etc.), have turned wolves into something different, a dog.
Because of this, our relationship with this animal has changed to one where we have become their care takers and feel responsible for their well being because most of them no longer have the features to survive in very harsh environments and because that relationship is mutually beneficial since we also obtain benefits such as companionship etc. But for that relationship to work so that humans can ensure dogs’ safety and well being dogs have, in a way, become our captives and our species controls their species’ present and future with the best of intentions.
Now this is just a theoretical thought with NO materialistic evidence and I’m NOT trying to convince anyone of anything, so please don’t murder me. But what if there are non-human entities and our relationship with them is not that much different to humans’ relationship with dogs. What if we started out as an experiment with a primitive animal, a primate, that over many years with a combination of evolution and the use of their technology has resulted in the human race. And what if we have been developed to a point where, even though we don’t realize it, we have a relationship with non-human entities where they feel responsible for our wellbeing and future but at the same time obtain benefits from us that we don’t know about such as scientific knowledge or others and because of that, they control aspects of our present and future.
For example, there are many theories around why the human brain developed to a larger size when it did not happen for other primates. Some think it was because of the invention of fire and cooked food due to the higher protein intake and time available for other stuff. Others think it could even have been influenced by psychoactive substances such as mushrooms since they increase simultaneous neural connections between different areas of the brain that can result in creative thinking. Of course, there are many other compelling theories but if brain enlargement was very slowly and gradually influenced by non-human entities. This could have been done in different ways such as selective breeding just like we did with dogs or very minor genetic changes that, with the help of evolution, would influence change over many years. Or, perhaps even with the introduction of basic technology such as cooking and allowing evolution to take its course after that. Or maybe a combination of all of these.
Now I know not everyone in the world feels the same way about dogs so not every non-human entity would necessarily feel the same way about humans but in general, that is humanity’s accepted relationship with dogs so what if, ET’s general involvement and relationship with humanity was not very different to ours with dogs.
Any thoughts?
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2021.12.04 11:12 hunteroflife Boudica: Legendary Warrior Queen who Defied an Empire

Boudica: Legendary Warrior Queen who Defied an Empire submitted by hunteroflife to AlternativeHistory [link] [comments]

2021.12.04 11:12 Foreign-Economist868 That alarming zipper...

Is it just me, or is the backpack zipper in-game sound alarmingly similar to a wolf bark? Heart skips a beat, and i always look over my shoulder everytime i check anything in my bag.
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2021.12.04 11:12 compacency_media Particulate in the mouthpiece is pretty rough. Any one have a glass mouthpiece can chime in?

So a pretty large amount of material gets caught up in the metal screen. It builds up frequently and gets in my mouth. How does the glass mouthpiece compare without the ceramic cooling unit acting as a catcher for that herb dust?
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2021.12.04 11:12 mochiiimon Made a painting of my friend’s cat

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2021.12.04 11:12 Ashamed-Lie-9833 looking for manager axie scholarship!!

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2021.12.04 11:12 kleinnachne love hater, hater of love

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2021.12.04 11:12 nosajavlis4 Was this a glitch?

I was getting taking off my boxers and I didn’t feel them actually come off my body but after I threw them into the laundry basket, I immediately felt the sensation of the boxers coming off me as if I just took them off. I’m so confused what happened.
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2021.12.04 11:12 heinaga1989 Well my wife had to get a job today. It kind of sucks but at least they let me watch. Last nights dip was rough but not as rough as that shoot let me tell you. ‘High five’

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2021.12.04 11:12 Spirited_Work_4997 Mermaid 🧜‍♀️ Listed on cmc, cg incoming 🚀 $600K MC 💥 1991 Holders 💰 bitcoin rewards daily

Mermaid Token is a bitcoin reward contract that pays holders in bitcoin. No need to claim just hold the Mermaid token in your wallet and you will earn Bitcoins.
✅ Listed on CMC
✅ CG Incoming
✅Experienced team
✅Get Paid in BTC just to hold
Experienced team that knows how to market and grow token holders.
Mermaid already did a 1500x ... we are looking to do another 100x now!!
Fate has brought you and Mermaid Token 🧜‍♀️ together. Mermaid Token will now be your guide through this journey together on the search for financial freedom, he knows the adventure ahead will not be easy as there terrible creature in the crypto world.
Mermaid Token will do everything in his power to keep you by her side and stay away from the ghastly creatures. Mermaid Token has a few tricks up his sleeves to achieve this, he cross your palm with $BTC for staying by her side and HODLING, but that’s not all…. within Mermaid Token’s lamp he has a secret, when the buys, volume and belief is high, his magic lamp will fill up with $BTC and randomly drop them in a believer’s wallet….MAGIC
🏷️ Contract Address: 0xb797bC2b6a9C52554676A0Af5bA4b1f956Ad54c9
🔹 Renounced Ownership:
🔐Liquidity Lock 1 YEAR🔒
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2021.12.04 11:12 frogpickles101 I'm excited to see all these freshly preorders getting fulfilled in such a short time

Kind of gives me hope considering I've been waiting since March for my.preorder while every post mentions something about someone who just came along and pre-ordered and now it's being delivered.
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