2021.12.04 13:54 SnooJokes1202 CHANGING LOCATION OF RAK HNT MINER

Hello, I am just setting up my RAK HNT miner and going through the app process on my phone. I am at the location information where it asks for meters (off the ground.) Currently, it is only about 4 meters off the ground because I am doing the setup in the first floor of my home but as soon as it is set and I am set, I would like to change the location of the RAK miner to the upper level of my home which will add several meters to the height.
My question is if such a change is actually considered a 'change of location?' Is taking it up one floor and diagonally across the house considered a change of location - even though it is in the same address. I am guessing not. But, I want to be sure. It mentions that there is a fee involved and with my RAK miner that fee is prepaid.
So, whether or not there is a fee involved for such a small change of location, does anyone know how important the height of the miner placement noted in the app is? Can that be changed in the app once I take it from one spot in the house to another spot in the house? And, is that even important or necessary to do.
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2021.12.04 13:54 Moist_Rush3300 So I just picked these up at a garage sale for $5 please tell me how I did and any info would be amazing. The maple leaves say 10k gold. Also any info on the medals thank you.

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2021.12.04 13:54 innosflew Belarus says it will retaliate against sanctions, faces "unprecedented pressure"

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2021.12.04 13:54 Fantastic-Data-1593 XBOX Start of 1st season Madden current gen franchise league! DaddyLeague is active!. All madden, 8 min quarters, with realistic rules in place.

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2021.12.04 13:54 corradococco Expressive Sounds in Bitwig 4.1 - Textures Part 2

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2021.12.04 13:54 LordIlthari Monsters Chapter 14: The Universe Did Not Listen

Galmor rose to his feet, surrounded by the heat and fire. He heard Oda, faithful Oda, rising besides him. Gothmog was there too. He’d brought the barbarian in to speak with him after the trial. It had been a good moment, drinks between old friends. A moment of peace, marking the progression of the Ordani and considering positions for next summer’s camp. He rose, and looked around at the fire surrounding him. He knew he would never see next summer’s camp.
Perhaps he would have raged in his youth, full of fervor and fury. Perhaps he might have doubted himself, for not perceiving this in the skein of fate. But not tonight. Tonight he understood. He saw more now than he ever had in this moment. He knew his death was upon him. The strength of Gruumsh was fading already, fading from him and falling upon another with greater might than he had ever seen before. It was the beginning of a great game. The avatars would begin their awakening tonight.
He drew his axe and his spear. And he turned, as the paladins descended. They came three, fearless amidst the flames. The surviving members of his guard rose to strike them, but one, the strange one who’s nature he could not place, moved in a blur. Two guards fell dead in an instant, the swordsman moving faster than the eye could follow. It was swift as teleportation. The armored tiefling crushed another two in the same moment, and the third, no, that was impossible...
Galmor watched how the third moved. “Kinsman!” He called, and the paladin turned, an orc’s body holding ordani blades, slick with the blood of his brothers. “So this is the mockery Ascalon brings before me in these last days? What have they done to you? These are your brothers!” He shouted, voice choked with rage. The orc paladin raised his own blades as the others moved. Oda faced the lightning fast warrior, and Galmor the armored valkyrie. The other orc said something in a language that Galmor did not understand.
”What have they done to you?” Galmor asked, heat rising, as he stepped forwards. The peace of the visions was gone, and in this moment rage at this sacrilege. “Can you not even understand me? Have you forgotten the words of your fathers?”
Samuel stared at the orc in front of him. He was old, rugged, body covered in scars. He stood massive above the young orc, bellowing at him in his savage tongue. Yet the orc did not attack immediately, even as the others struck at his companions. He knew that he was an orc, and this seemed to confuse them. The orc gestured towards his companions furiously. “ko-dre-vix zul! Dashai! Zul az gruumshi! Ka ik deres!”
Then the young orc saw the map, and saw that the orcs had marked out a number of Ordani settlements upon it. Then his rage was kindled, and he set his teeth. “I am Ordani!” He shouted back in response. “And I will never betray my people!” Then the young orc charged the old orc, and fell upon him with blades sparking in the burning night.
Oda had watched as the swift swordsman had slain his warriors. The ordani’s movements were impossible, truly impossible. If the enemy was really that fast, then he was dead, simple as that. Nothing could defend against that kind of blistering speed. But for him to move and deliver cuts like that in such a brief period of time, he’d have to be breaking fundamental laws. He seemed to move through his opponents, as if he weren’t even really there.
There were two possibilities. The first was that in addition to being supernaturally fast, the paladin was also capable of turning himself intangible. If that was the case, then there was nothing Oda could do. But such a powerful warrior wouldn’t need to bother with fire and an ambush to win. More likely, the version of the warrior he was seeing wasn’t real.
So he watched for how the smoke moved, and saw that it did not move around the warrior as he approached. The warrior had returned his blade to its sheath, and seemed to be preparing a quick-draw move. It was a style that prioritized this swift strike, but the footwork required for that made it risky. If the attack were deflected, he might be vulnerable. He was only going to get one shot. He watched the ashes move, and then moved in a feint, first acting as if to block the illusion, then shifting to block the invisible blade.
Time slowed to a crawl, and he feared for a moment he had been wrong. Then he felt the clash of steel on steel, and turned his block into a riposte, slashing down at the invisible paladin. He was rewarded with the impact of a glancing blow, as Basil appeared into view once more, pivoting to the side with a faint trickle of blood flowing from his calf. He might not have been faster than light, but he was still damnably quick to have dodged away so swiftly. The ordani yet held an invisible sword, and pressed on.
Basil considered his options in the split-second instant when he felt the orc’s blade cut him. His style was fundamentally not one well suited to a fair fight. It was an assassin’s style, extremely deadly, but reliant on tricks, illusions, feints, and the like. He withdrew the illusion about himself and concentrated it about his blade. He inhaled, focusing his breathing and adjusting his magic to focus more on enhancing his physical characteristics. Even enhanced by magic and wielding an invisible sword, he wasn’t able to break through the orc’s defenses and land a decisive blow. The orc fighter pressed in close, practically knife-fighting range. If he couldn’t detect his opponent’s reach, he’d just make sure he was too close in for it to be practical. It limited his options. There were others, but for those he’d need to drop his sword.
He snarled as the orc continued to hammer at his defenses. He was landing minor blows on the orc, but not enough to kill the fighter quickly. This mission demanded speed. He didn’t have time to waste fighting an opponent who he was poorly suited to. “Zeal!” He called. “Switch partners!” Then he feigned a fall on his wounded leg, rolling to the side as Oda cut down. He switched from a two-handed grip to a one-handed, using the earth to brace and hold off the first attack. He grabbed a fistful of embers with his free hand and threw them into Oda’s face, forcing the orc back. He half-rolled, half leapt to his feet, blade whirling in an arc around him. The ashes and fire threw up a great cloud, then he vanished to the side, re-constituting his illusory clone and his invisibility.
The arts of the assassin lord, Jort, had been passed down through generations, refined and focused into a pure and concentrated style. There were many forms, and many arts, but the greatest of them were the five gentle blows. Five forms to instantly kill a humanoid, five guaranteed-kill techniques. But each one was an assassin’s strike, meant to open a fight and end it in a single moment. In open battle, they were risky enough that many considered their use in such a theatre to be worthless. Basil thought otherwise, and his style, forsaking many of the simple, elegant forms of the liberator’s blade, refined it further with illusion and acrobatics to ensure the gentle blade would find its mark.
He moved towards the great orc from the flank, as his illusion charged it head on. This was the second technique. Ideally, one would strike from the shadows, when the opponent was unaware. If they were already aware, create a distraction, a duplicate born of twisted light. Then use it as a point to move and deliver a killing form. The barbarian was too tough, too large, and too aggressive to bring down with anything but the fifth gentle blow. The First and Second could not be guaranteed to succeed. The Third and Fourth would require too much time. It had to be the fifth. He needed to reach the orc’s head.
A burning beam fell, and he leapt towards it, as his shadow moved forwards. He saw through its eyes, the inheritance of his grandparents. The great orc swung down. He was fast, faster than his bulk would have indicated. He knew how to hide his speed well too, concealing it until the last moment. But he was a living thing bound to the laws of reality. He could never touch an illusion that moved only slowly enough to maintain the lie.
And he couldn’t defend against something he had no idea was coming. He wasn’t smart enough to predict it, and so he was dead. Basil leapt from the beam, turning his body in the air. Turn every muscle towards a single purpose, turn all your momentum into the cut. End it before it begins. The illusion became a flash of light, and Basil cut down, delivering all his focus into a singular moment. A razor-sharp blade cut open the back of the orc’s skull, severing spinal neurons and the brain stem in a fraction of a second. Basil landed, and the orc’s corpse fell still to the ground. There was little blood, there had been no pain. The orc likely didn’t even realize that he had been cut before he fell.
There was no satisfaction.
As there shouldn’t be. Basil thought. Only monsters take satisfaction in ending lives. Only monsters would desire to inflict pain.
Oda didn’t have time to intervene and save Gothmog. He had problems of his own. Problem, singular. Zeal. The tiefling crashed into him out of the smoke, shield first and utterly without fear. He leapt back on his heels, keeping his feet as her flail lashed out. The weapon was difficult to predict, and dangerous to parry. One blow had been all it took to teach him that he could not match her strength.
He fell back, giving ground before the whirling flail. She was good with it, and worse, knew how to counter its weaknesses. Any time she needed to check the flail’s momentum, she pushed into his guard, keeping him from countering by threatening a shield bash. He was being herded, pushed back step by step until there would be nowhere else to go. He had to take a chance. He had to take a hit.
He waited for the switch, and the shield came. He moved forwards, and took the blow. Then light flared. His ears rang, and his body ached. There was a roar of sound, light, and fire, throwing him back on his heels, he nearly fell. A step back, but a step that turned. He lunged forwards. Her guard was down, he’d calculated the timing. A slash with his sword would be useless against the paladin’s enchanted plate. It was a thrust for her throat, where only chain remained, enough to force her to heal, and give him an opening to escape and aid Gothmog or Galmor. The timing was perfect, he had been braced, he had been ready.
But for a shield bash, not a smite.
The flail was ready, and caught his blow, pulling it and him to the side. He fell, managing to pull his sword free. He swung wildly, desperately, and it clanged uselessly against the plate of her thigh. She raised her flail high to crush him, and he grinned. He wouldn’t be dying alone. He didn’t swing from desperation, much as it appeared. It was an alignment. As the blow fell, he didn’t try to dodge. He moved towards it, welcoming it. And he drove the sword through the gap between her breastplate and her armored skirt, into the soft skin, through her lung, up to the hilt.
Zeal didn’t flinch, as she brought her flail down and crushed the orc’s head into paste. She turned, hearing a battle cry she hadn’t heard before. Loud enough that whoever screamed it at her had to be tearing his throat.
Oda. Huh. That was an odd one, it didn’t sound like any of the names of their barbarian gods.
Urz hit the tiefling like a freight train, hurling her away from the body of the older orc. “Why did you have to kill him?” He screamed, nearly on the brink of tears. Sorrow flooded his mind, and rage his body. He moved faster, struck harder. A beam fell on his back and he moved through, running over hot coals in pursuit of the tiefling and hardly feeling it. He felt nothing, he only wanted answers. No, not even answers. He just wanted to hurt her for taking him away. He just wanted to make her pay. Answers be damned. Answers for those smart enough to care about them.
That blow had hurt. Her armor had protected her from the worst of the damage, meaning it only cracked her ribs, but it didn’t shatter them. The sword driven through her lungs was a problem though. The impact and the fall jostled it, it cut into her collar bone, and then through it. It was tearing up her insides, filling her lung with blood. Stomach acid was leaking into her bowels, and one of her kidneys was scratched, leaking toxins into her tissues. She had one lung to breathe with. It didn’t matter. She wasn’t going to stop until her duty was done.
Oh, and she was on fire. That was actually cauterizing the wound, so at least she wouldn’t bleed out.
She pulled herself to her feet. The orc was still roaring. “Yai kal is-val!” It screamed, charging at her. She was only up on one knee, and the brute’s maul was falling. Fine. This was a better bracing position.
Urz smashed his hammer onto the paladin’s shield, not caring in the slightest for the fire that raged about his legs, or for the limited effect of his attack. “What did we do to deserve this? What did we ever do to you?” He screamed, striking down again.
Zeal didn’t say anything. She hadn’t said anything since the battle had begun. She hadn’t howled a battle cry, she hadn’t screamed in pain, or even grunted. There were no lectures, no arguments over ideology. No howling what she believed to the universe in hopes that a god would answer. She said nothing, and that was as it should be. Yet as she turned aside the blow and rose, she thought what she wished to say.
Shut up. The universe has no need to hear the words of the impure and the unclean.
It has no need to hear the words of monsters.
She turned, and struck, chain wrapping around her target. But she did not aim for Urz’s weapon. She aimed for his arm. She wrapped it around his elbow, and felt it crack. Then she tore it free, ripping the skin off of his arm from the elbow down. He didn’t slow down in the slightest, and instead grabbed her by the arm with his bloodsoaked hand. He threw her over his head, ripping her arm out of its socket and slamming her into the ground.
He raised his hammer, and brought it down. She couldn’t block, and she couldn’t completely dodge. So she turned it to her use. She turned, and let the blow hammer her arm back into socket. She didn’t scream. She wanted to piss herself it hurt so badly, but she didn’t scream, and she didn’t stop.
She moved, before he could strike again, and drove her shield into the side of his knee. It cracked and bent inward. He fell, she rose. And her flail swung. She wrapped it around the great orc’s throat and pulled tightly, hauling back on the chain and placing a boot on his head to brace. She hauled until he fell limp, then released it. She dropped the chain, and slowly, torturously, pulled the sword from her stomach. She knit herself back together with healing magic, and breathed her first proper breath in almost thirty seconds.
She saw the emblem on the hilt as it fell to the earth. It was an ordani blade. She smiled somewhat through the pain, imagining how embarrassed the craftsman would have been to know that it would be used against a paladin. Such a thought was almost unthinkable. She felt some empathy for the blade, taken and defiled, turned to something wicked against its will. She left it there, by the orc, to burn. Fire purified. It undid the evil of men.
She didn’t bother putting herself out as she returned to the fray.
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2021.12.04 13:54 yaboy_john29 Can anyone help me out? (Read text)

Earnin not giving me any boosts and I could really use a boost
Can anyone in the Earnin Community help me boost my Max? 🙂
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2021.12.04 13:54 nskaraga Can you guys recommend a documentary of what really happened after Bosnia separated from Yugoslavia?

I was told that Serbia and Croatia attacked Bosnia so we had to defend our self from two enemies.
Some others said it was only Serbia that attacked.
I would also like to understand did the US/UN help Bosnia? I read somewhere that they didn’t allow Bosnians to arm themselves but since Serbia had the Yugoslav army behind them, we were in a terrible situation.
I also watched that Aida movie and they stated that Srebrenica was supposed to be a UN safe zone. Bosnians went there for safety and ended up getting attacked by Serbs without the UN doing anything.
What causes the US/UN to finally make a move?
I’m just trying to learn the facts and not sure what to watch because I don’t want someone spinning the truth of what really happened.
I really appreciate any answers/discussion in advance. It would be nice if some others could answer the questions above before I watch some documentary that is recommended.
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2021.12.04 13:54 nobodygetsnothing Bottles per tank?

Ok so we got the Fountain kit but obviously getting a CO2 tank with a feed line is a better choice. The question is what you get from the tanks.
A 2.5lb paintball tank is the easiest. My youngest brother says the shop he goes to, fill that size for $8 and the new tank would cost around $50. He can go there on his bike.
I can get a 5lb at a home brew shop for $100 with a first fill. Roughly the same as getting an $80 tank from Amazon then getting it filled. But it’s across town and we aren’t sure if the paintball place would fill it.
No used 10lb or 20lb tanks in our budget close enough to make it worth buying.
So what can we expect out of a 2.5 or 5 if the original tanks are supposed to do 60 bottles? Are they considered 1lb bottles?
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2021.12.04 13:54 ufomagnet What Axe is doing instead of touring with Opeth... selling cheese!

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2021.12.04 13:54 user73926379 14m dm me on here or on snap (chase_madson)

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2021.12.04 13:54 OSunshine Crucial Ballistix Gaming 32GB Kit (Dual Rank) 3200 16-18-18-36 (BL2K16G32C16U4B) - squeezed to 3733Mhz CL14

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2021.12.04 13:54 ToastyRDMC if you want to simulate buying and selling crypto and nfts join my server

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2021.12.04 13:54 jlbtennis89 Man who glued lock of Gorleston vaccine centre is jailed

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2021.12.04 13:54 Hardaway-Fadeaway The Reason Caruso Walked. If Vogel is Axed Expect Fizdale to be HC, Mike Pennberthy promoted to Lead Assistant and a Random Volunteer off the Streets To Take The Last Spot

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2021.12.04 13:54 Silent-Valor Need advice on how to appreciate my fiance's body.

Hello I am a 30 year old man who is engaged to the most amazing woman on the entire planet who is 29. I am so so in love with her and am so excited to spend the rest of my life with her, getting to know her, sharing experiences, and falling more and more in love.
However there is one big issue that keeps coming up that is straining our relationship and holding me back from being able to fully appreciate her. And its her body. She used to be overweight and since we have been dating she lost a lot of weight which I am so proud of her for doing but now that she lost the weight her stomach and breasts are saggy and I find it very unattractive. I feel terrible about myself for admitting it but I just desperately need some help. I love this woman so much and I want to spend my life with her but I want learn how to appreciate her body.
We have a great deal of chemistry and attraction. I find the rest of her body and her face absolutely stunning but whenever I see her naked I feel my heart sink with disappointment. We have not had sex yet since we want to wait for marriage but we have done sexual things together and I always enjoy it as long as I dont focus on her body.
I think its hard for me because I am very fit and all the girls I dated in the past were also very fit very attractive girls but I never liked their personalities. With my fiance it has been different. She isnt as pretty but we have such an amazing deep connection that I have never had with another person in my entire life. I absolutely cannot imagine my life without her but I want to be able to have the happiest and healthiest sex life with her that I can possibly have. So I know I need to learn how to appreciate her body as it is without comparing it to other prettier girls.
I use to have a porn addiction which I think is part of what contributed to why I would only date super fit instagram model girls. I no longer watch porn but Im still struggling with the damage porn does to your mind and expectations.
Just on here hoping that someone can offer some advice to help me have a happy healthy sex life with the love of my life. Thank you.
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