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So I got my first tattoo today. The stars are a good touch I reckon and haven’t seen many of them out there with stars.

2021.12.02 09:12 Inbxtween So I got my first tattoo today. The stars are a good touch I reckon and haven’t seen many of them out there with stars.

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2021.12.02 09:12 ADAMBUNKER Millennials and above: how would you have accidentally ruined your life if social media existed when you were a teenager?

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2021.12.02 09:12 LIBOG696969 MGA BOSS BAKA NAMAN! DM ME

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2021.12.02 09:12 MountainFun7450 It is worth it if i buy the special rewards 1&2 for both? What u guys suggest

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2021.12.02 09:12 HotelHistorical3312 ...here After the Diskussion which Tank is better..soryy only got it in german language but the comparing of sherman vs.tiger is visible

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2021.12.02 09:12 TheCheechWizardUnit I needed a 65.

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2021.12.02 09:12 UmbralFreeWing My first time drawing enmu, please rate

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2021.12.02 09:12 _V_L_ Fact checking the fact checkers

"One of the downsides of telling the truth in this environment is that it seems everyone and their brother wants to tear all your arguments to shreds.
I could spend full time just refuting all the hit pieces written about the content I’ve produced.
Rather than address every point of every fact check, here is a checklist for things that a thorough fact checker should be able to answer, but can’t or won’t.
Note that this is a quick list I put together in about 30 minutes. There are more, but you get the idea:

  1. What is my motivation for suddenly, at age 65, becoming a spreader of misinformation and conspiracy theories? And why did it only happen right after hearing about my friends who had died or been disabled by the COVID vaccines? Do you even know me or have we ever met?
  2. Dr. Toby Rogers computed 117 deaths per kid saved in ages 5 to 11? Do you agree with his analysis? 20,000 people read that article and couldn’t find a hole. So where did he go wrong and how can be sure you got it right and he got it wrong?
  3. If this is all done out of Kirsch's ego, then how is it that 30 other scientists, statisticians, and doctors all agree with him? Why did all of these people suddenly become conspiracy theorists? What’s their motivation for all the fraud and deception? And what ties all these people together? (It’s pretty simple actually; we all saw the corruption of science and want to save lives. This is hard for many people to believe.)
  4. If the vaccines are safe, how come Alex Berenson also thinks the vaccines are unsafe? Is he also a crackpot? Isn’t it unfair just to attack Kirsch? Berenson and Kirsch hardly ever talk, yet came to the same conclusions about vaccines, that the NIH ignored early treatment, masking, mandates, etc. Why not pick on Del Bigtree? He found the same things. In fact, Bigtree’s attorney calculated a VAERS URF of 50 well before Kirsch did. So why pick on Kirsch? Kirsch just followed on Aaron Siri’s work and refined the number. Why not attack Siri? And how come the CDC couldn’t respond to Siri’s letter on this?
  5. If the fact checker uses a pseudonym, why can’t you tell us what your name is? Are you going to tell us who funded you to do the hit piece?
  6. Will you debate us in a recorded zoom call where you can answer all our questions? We are eager to find out how we were fooled by all this data.
  7. If the vax is so safe, why are there so many death entries in VAERS this year?
  8. If you think there is simply “over-reporting” in VAERS this year what is your actual evidence of that? All the people we talked to are reporting more events because there are more events happening. In fact, most people report that there are at least 100X more events this year than previous years. So it seems like VAERS is actually under-reported this year, and not over-reported, don’t you think?
  9. There are 5,288 symptoms that haven’t been reported for ANY vaccine in the last 5 years that are being reported for the first time in these vaccines. Why?
  10. Why are there more adverse event reports this year than for every vaccine in the last 30 years combined?
  11. If the URF isn't 41, what is the true URF and did you calculate it using the CDC-approved methodology like we did? (see The reporting sensitivity of the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) for anaphylaxis and for Guillain-Barré syndrome).
  12. If we got it wrong, then tell us: How many people do you estimate have been killed by the COVID vaccines and how do you know?
  13. One of the ways we computed the number of deaths from the vaccine was using independent polling company. How was that gamed?
  14. Why are athletes dropping by a 60X rate after the vax rollout?
  15. How did Ernest Ramirez's son die?
  16. How do you explain the causes of death of the 14 cases the CDC examined? 5 of them died from cardiac arrest!
  17. How does he explain the results of Peter Schirmacher?
  18. Why did Taiwan report more deaths from the vaccine than from COVID?
  19. Why is the line slope going the wrong way in the Harvard study?
  20. How do you explain that the biodistribution showing accumulation in the ovaries correlate with the high numbers of VAERS symptoms for menstrual problems many with huge elevations compared to baseline (previous vaccines).
  21. Why are cardiologists reporting highly elevated # of cases of heart disease in kids after the vax rolled out?
  22. Why is the cardio testing lab at UCSF now filled with kids 7 to 10 only AFTER the vaccines rolled out for that age range?
  23. Why is a top California neurologist needing to report 2,000 VAERS events this year when in the last 11 years she's never need to report a single adverse event?
  24. How do we explain the families where 3 relatives, all previously healthy, die within days after the COVID shot?
  25. How do we explain Gavin Newsom being diagnosed with GBS within days after his booster? Isn’t it perfectly safe?
  26. How did 2 cricket players recently vaccinated drop on the field within 10 minutes of each other? Bad luck?
  27. Why does the CDC *REFUSE* to calculate and use the proper URF for VAERS when interpreting the safety data? Pfizer PROVED that VAERS is 5X underreported for myocarditis, and the CDC will not even acknowledge that? John Su is using a URF of 1. That is clearly false and misleading. Why are you not going after him? That is truly evil and corrupt. I’m not the bad guy here. This was in plain sight of the public (Pfizer slide with the Optum data (see my article about this).
  28. How come undertakers report a huge increase in business right after the vaccines rolled out?
  29. Why aren't the nursing homes disputing Abrien Aguirre's account that there were 10 times as many deaths from the vaccines than from COVID?
  30. How come the CDC hasn't ascribed even a single death from the vaccines in light of Schirmacher's study? That’s inexplicable isn’t it?
  31. Why are there so many vaccine injured people that Facebook had to remove groups of 250,000 and more (multiple times).
  32. Why aren't the vaccine injured getting any press?
  33. Why did YouTube censor Dr. Peter Doshi's testimony? UCSF Professor Aditi Bhargava spoke as well and was censored. Why? Are you speaking out about that?
  34. How come Jessica Rose’s myocarditis paper was pulled by the publisher? Are you making a stink about the corruption of science here? Or are you just trying to discredit me?
  35. What about Maddie de Garay? Why didn't the FDA, CDC, or Pfizer ever investigate? Why did Janet Woodcock assure me they would and then did nothing? Why didn't they report the truth and stop the trial on the permanent paralysis. Her result aligns PERFECTLY with the mechanism of action of the drug? How can they have eliminated the vax as the cause without ever talking to her? They are supposed to assume it is the vax until they can show otherwise.
  36. What about the 5X exclusions (vs placebo group) in the Pfizer trial? That can't be by chance can it?
  37. How come there were so few all-cause deaths in the Pfizer study? It was supposed to be a representative group! There should be been around 110 deaths in each group, right?
  38. How come Pfizer 6 months study shows more all cause deaths in the treatment group in than in the placebo group? Where is the PROOF that the vaccines are saving lives? Whoops!!!! No proof at all of a single life saved. As a fact checker, why aren’t you calling that out? Instead you are targetting me. Hmmmm.
  39. Why were there 4X as many cardiac arrests in the vax group vs. placebo in the Pfizer Phase 3 study (6 month)? Seems pretty high. It wasn’t just bad luck since we see all these athletes in plain sight dropping. So isn’t it more likely than not this is real?
  40. Aren’t you concerned that the trials going forward are too underpowered to resolve any of these questions?
  41. Wasn’t there gaming in the Pfizer Phase 3 trials on adverse event reporting where people found it difficult/impossible to report AEs.
  42. Despite the gaming of the AE reports, aren’t you alarmed at the statistically significant large increase in overall morbidity in all of the COVID vaccine trials (the paper US COVID-19 Vaccines Proven to Cause More Harm than Good… by J. Bart Classen, MD).
  43. How come the NIH and WHO did absolutely nothing when the fluvoxamine Phase 3 trial was published in Lancet? They didn't even note it in the guidelines. Did you protest that? Why not? It’s December 2, 2021 and the fluvoxamine recommendation was Last Updated: April 23, 2021. The Lancet article was widely covered by all major media, but the NIH did nothing. How do you explain that? Why aren’t you spending your valuable time focusing on that?
  44. How come nobody can cite a SINGLE RCT that shows that masks work against COVID?
  45. How come Professor Jeffrey Morris changed the topic whenever we tried to show him that the symptoms in VAERS were dose dependent? (Note: dose dependency is one of the most impressive indicators of causality, but we use all Bradford-Hill criteria to assess causality).
  46. Dr. Steven A. Anderson of the FDA is supposed to be monitoring the VAERS data like a hawk. We have people highly qualified to who have spent months analyzing the VAERS data. Why does Dr. Anderson refuse to meet with us?
  47. How come the FDA and CDC outside committee members all turned down a $1M research grant just to talk to us for a few hours and answer questions? What are they afraid of?
  48. If the CDC and FDA members are independent, why did one of them admit in a private conversation that if they didn’t vote the way the FDA /CDC wanted they would be kicked off the committee like Martin Kulldorff.
  49. If the vaccines are so safe, then why did CDC insiders tip off a friend of mine in January not to get the vaccines?
  50. If the excess deaths in VAERS was not caused by the vaccine, then what is causing it and why isn’t the CDC investigating? These causes of death were not normal.
  51. While it is amusing for people to refer to the Mclachlan VAERS study and argue that all the deaths were normal, that’s simply not what the study said. Shall we go through all 250 cases one by one? The paper said “Despite this, there were only 14% of the cases for which a vaccine reaction could be ruled out as a contributing factor in their death.” So it is interesting that some people can definitively state that the vaccine didn’t cause their death. Are these fact checkers willing to go through the cases one by one with Scott and our team and show us all how we got it wrong?
When you find a “fact check” that addresses those 51 questions, that would be great because I have another 130 questions just like those which I’d love to hear them explain as well.
Debunking Steve Kirsch’s latest claims about covid vaccine deaths Here is the Medium article. Whoever wrote this “fact check” clearly spent a lot of time putting together his case. Basically, this nameless, faceless person claims that Crawford cherry picked data and that the excess death data doesn’t line up with a deadly vaccine. I just learned about this on Dec 1 at 11pm.
The author says my motivation is ego and fame. Wow. This shows you the quality of his work. Is the author willing to challenge my team in a recorded debate? I seriously doubt it. But I’ve got an open invitation to do just that! Let’s find the truth. We are not afraid of a challenge. Is he? If you are “The Gift of Fire,” then please respond in the comments.
He asks in his title: “What motivates a tech millionaire to fight against covid vaccines?” I’d have a lot more respect for him if was able to get that simple question right. But he can’t even get that one right. Everyone who knows me and works with me will tell you the answer: “Mr. Kirsch just wants to save lives.” I would argue if he can’t get something simple like that out, that we should have a lot less confidence in anything else he says.
Our fact checker writes in a second take down piece: “For teenage boys, the myocarditis vs. covid risk gets closer, but getting covid is still worse by a factor of 6.” Wow. Reality check here. Once the vaccines rolled out, docs were seeing more cases of myocarditis, not fewer case. Perhaps our friend can name one cardiologist who shows that myocarditis cases when down significantly after the vaccines rolled out. That’s called a “reality check.”
So rather than spend our time debunking his debunk, I want to issue a challenge to our anonymous “do gooder.” We’ll address all of your points in your article, if you address all the points above all in a LIVE RECORDED zoom call where we can set the record straight.
How about it?
Healthfeedback fact check Today, for example, someone sent me this link from the “experts” at healthfeedback.org that fact checked two statements that they claim that I made:
  1. "the ovaries get the highest concentration of [lipid nanoparticles from RNA vaccines]. This turns the ovaries into a very large manufacturing plant to turn out toxic spike protein"
  2. "FDA experts reveal the Covid-19 Vaccines are killing at least 2 people for every 1 life they save"
The short story is the first statement was taken completely out of context and was referring to a chart that was limited to showing the body parts where we did not expect to see any lipid nanoparticle (LNP) delivered. The second was a quote from The Expose that I never claimed. It was their mistake, not mine.
If we address the “context problem” of the first one and they mistake by The Expose in the second one, we are left with:
  1. When we look at areas of the body where we didn’t expect to see the LNPs, the ovaries has the highest accumulation.
  2. The VAERS data shows that the vaccines are killing at least 2 people for every life that they might save. It’s not just me that says that. The Walach and Kostoff papers, published in peer reviewed medical journals, say the same thing.
The facts supporting both of these statements are pretty straightforward.
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2021.12.02 09:12 DiggerOfBricks The Mystery Crew by Mario Antonio Genduso

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2021.12.02 09:12 mave_wreck Which projects will at top 5 Market Cap in 5 years?

The Christmas and the new year are just right around the corner. For those of us with low job security, this year and the year before that, was not really good. The economy was badly hit the pandemic and those with low job security lost their jobs. This group mostly entails the younger generation who have just joined the workforce.
Some of these young people who are the ones that are more familiar with the technology and more or less believe in the crypto universe, were lucky or astute enough to invest in some of the projects.
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2021.12.02 09:12 VivaceConBrio Alright, which one of you works at Brygid? Walked in to work this morning to find this hanging out of our online order printer lol

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2021.12.02 09:12 Soviet-Panda479 Have you ever used Magic to say something important?

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2021.12.02 09:12 StainedGlassArtAlt This is my first piece. Would love to get some critiques on soldering, and tips to make it better. I feel like I did poorly on the soldering, but I'm overall happy. Ran into some fitment issues so solder is very thick on the left arm. Any advice is welcomed!

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2021.12.02 09:12 TheChamberPlaylist YG Says He Doesn't Own His Music and Makes $0 From It

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2021.12.02 09:12 Gamesgar0 My first GTA 100%… man I hate rampages

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2021.12.02 09:12 Import706 Update: Chinese Regulator Denies Reports of VIE Listing Ban

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2021.12.02 09:12 Skiffy10 1 or 2

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2021.12.02 09:12 Phil_of_Sophie “Old man Stauf built a house and filled it with his toys. Six Guests were invited one night, their screams the only noise…” The 7th Guest on PC

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2021.12.02 09:12 Critical-Initial6428 NBA Youngboy Hops Back On Clubhouse For The Second Time And Plays Some Music With Friends (NEW)

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2021.12.02 09:12 BanazirGalpasi I'm a perpetual liar. I've alienated my family and I have no close friends. I don't have the energy to do this anymore.

I'm a 20 year old severely obese (172 cm 115 kg) male who's otherwise healthy. I don't have a job, I have no savings, no car, and I'm not in school. I have no close friends- I genuinely don't remember the last time I had a meaningful, face-to-face conversation with another human being- definitely not in the last year. Up until the pandemic started I was enrolled at a reputable university- when classes went remote due to COVID I went home to my parents and ghosted the university within two months. I don't know if they've formally expelled me and I'm too scared to find out- I was already on academic probation due to poor performance in my first term- even when I was actively attending university, I skipped a great deal of my classes because I stayed up all night watching movies or playing video games, too tired to wake up for classes in the morning. My family knows none of this. They've always had an incredibly amount of faith in me- undeserved, of course. They think that I'm still attending university- I kept up a charade for a year that I was taking remote courses, and at the moment I live in a flat close to my former university- my parents pay for it, despite being strapped for cash. I've always had good recall/picked things up quickly- my parents put me in a top tier secondary school and I was able to coast by with minimal effort by being a good test taker. My parents trusted me to perform well in school and handle my own affairs- I've been violating this trust with increasing flagrancy for 6-8 years, largely without being caught. They're more hands on with my four younger siblings, who all talk to them more.
I have no friends, probably because I'm afraid to approach people. I'm extremely nervous around others, always assuming that they think the worst of me- maybe people can sense this? I've never been combative or rude with my peers, and they've generally always been polite to me in return, friendly even. I had two close friends in secondary school, but have fallen out of touch with them slowly over the past three years. I talk to my family about once ever two weeks- I don't have the stomach to lie to them or make things up about my uneventful life- if they ask, I give vague, general answers.
Nowadays, I wake up, spend all day (or night- I have no set sleep schedule) reading, watching TV shows/movies, or playing video games. I had a warehouse job for about two months in my hometown this summer, but I quit because I was exhausted every day. I've led a largely sedentary lifestyle for the past few years, and being on my feet for 10 hours a day had me limping to my bed before collapsing more often than not.
If I died in my bed today, it would likely be several weeks before anyone came looking for me. My flatmates and I are like ships in the night- we're friendly enough, but they're basically friendly strangers. I've alienated my family to the point that they don't worry when I don't return their calls. They'd maybe come looking for me if I didn't show up for Christmas. I haven't talked to anyone else face to face in a year. I'm a total piece of shit, and I really do want to be a better person. I just don't know how to start, and even if I did, I don't have the willpower to.
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2021.12.02 09:12 ericbryanotf_03 I love me some Rewind😂

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2021.12.02 09:12 Ryu1399 wow

i didn't even know this exist
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2021.12.02 09:12 beforesemicolon Style Input fields with CSS - (4 examples)

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2021.12.02 09:12 GrimRazor98 What's the gripe with aios?

I know they have water in them and they can fail and spill. Though IF they failed that often, wouldn't we see more about it? I see a significant amount of content creators using them so if they were failing I would think the unreliability would be known. Thoughts?
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2021.12.02 09:12 killHACKS Holup

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