Tempur Pedic Pro Adapt Soft VS Luxe Adapt soft?

2021.12.01 17:58 CascadeN1576 Tempur Pedic Pro Adapt Soft VS Luxe Adapt soft?

Anyone have experience with these two? The Pro Adapt is $3,000 and the Luxe is $3,700. Trying to figure out if the extra $700 for the Luxe is worth it.
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2021.12.01 17:58 Ok_Improvement6835 Where were you

I looked for you today an didnt see u..but I knw u were somewhere because your laptop was open..I missed you😘
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2021.12.01 17:58 SimplyASMR Not happy with future husband’s life insurance plan.

Hello everyone,
My fiancé and I are about to get married and live together (we have been together for 7 years).
The topic of life insurance came up (by him). I asked him what he planned to do and he said he was going to split up between his parents and me (I don’t know the amounts and didn’t ask).
I followed up with, “what if we had kids?? What would you do??” And he said “im not sure, I would probably go speak with an advisor and maybe do a trust fund”.
I just thought this was extremely weird. I asked why he would split it with his parents as they both make 200k a yeaover and we are no where near that margin, and not prioritize us/future kids.
If I had to make a life insurance policy tomorrow, I would 100% make my future husband the beneficiary along with my future kids
I grew up with the household/culture where your husband/wife and kids are the top priority. It’s not really about the money, more about the principle of prioritizing our future families needs.
I couldn’t help myself but get irritated. I have been keeping my distance until I gather more of my thoughts. Any advice?
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2021.12.01 17:58 Smashter_faster-AT5 Who else thought it sucked that in kills the way Michael was captured was he just turned himself in standing there like a goof , then gets knee capped and goes down like a you know what.

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2021.12.01 17:58 Potatizator Coinbase NFT Partners with Gutter Cat Gang for Golf Tournament

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2021.12.01 17:58 Filowskyy Thanks u/BittexGaming for the template ;)

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2021.12.01 17:58 M0xieLady What happened to me last night?

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2021.12.01 17:58 AlwaysShiny A Noob Unweaves the WOT on Prime: Factions

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2021.12.01 17:58 GoodAge Schengen 90/180 Question

Good day, all.
Have a few questions regarding how the Schengen 90/180 rule works for an American digital nomad like me. I will be in Spain for a music festival in June 2022, and then planning on staying in Ámsterdam for a month or so to visit friends before heading to Eastern Europe for the rest of summefall. Then, I’d like to come back to the Spain/Portugal to wait out the winter. Obviously, I do not need a visa for travel to the Schengen zone as long as I only stay for 90 out of the subsequent 180 days, but my questions are; When does the 180 day counter start and end? Am I able to stay in the Schengen for a month or so, and then come back 4 months later to use the rest of my original 90 days, and then stay another 90 on top of that after the 180 day period renews?
Any insight or experience appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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2021.12.01 17:58 One_Step6380 Can I convert bike for under 400$?

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2021.12.01 17:58 Rude-Thanks One redundant dishy… for now

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2021.12.01 17:58 Doshizle IRS will pay up to $625,000 bounty for Monero trace

The United States Internal Revenue Service announced a bounty of up to $625,000 to anyone who can crack Monero’s privacy just over a year ago.
Guess what? Turns out Cryptocurrency is a pretty secure and anonymous way to store wealth. A little over a year later and they have made no progress. Sure, if you use public exchange services or other dumb ****ery, you might be found.
Monero has an incredibly secure blockchain, much like bitcoin, and a “hack” of the network is essentially impossible. Not only are the developers top-notch paranoid lads with white-hat hackers helping them ensure the security of the network by Monero also runs off a PoW model that would require hundreds of millions — no billions to even attempt at taking over — and ultimately even if this occurred it wouldn’t functionally put anyone at risk.
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2021.12.01 17:58 AmpleWarlock Housemate from hell. Looking for support.

This person I’m living with is a walking nightmare. We don’t live in the same room, rather the same house. I am currently staying elsewhere. Avoiding them (back at the house) is nearly impossible despite my best efforts. I am in communication with HR about this persons actions/things they have said and I’ve made a report. I’m mortified by this entire situation. I won’t be going into much detail because the company I work for is currently investigating.
I’m hoping to find support, advice, and/or words of comfort from people who have found themselves in similar situations.
Even though I know I’m doing the right thing I feel awful. Also, HR has told/advised me not to go back to the house even to get my things. I have basic stuff such as work clothes, a set of PJ’s, my phone and charger. I feel so alone and scared.
My worst fear is that this person won’t be removed from employee housing and I’ll have to go back to living in the same house with them. That and/or they will figure out I was the one who is reporting them. They’ve been notified by HR as of today. No word from this person yet, though, they do have my number and I’ve contemplated blocking them. I did (block them) yesterday but I unblocked them today because if they do send anything it may help my case. It’s basically my word against theirs. Other people have expressed their discomfort with them though I’ve definitely received the brunt of it. Although I’m fairly certain they are not allowed to talk with anybody else at the company/house about this matter nor do I think/hope they would want to. Not only that but the report I’ve made is of a serious matter (sex with minors, sexual harassment, suicide threat, etc.). It’s not a long shot to think they will likely face termination and/or eviction depending the results of the investigation. Even though it is deserved. I feel sick just typing this. I think they’re a good person underneath all this and they need help.
It is important to mention that I have severe adhd and this makes me sensitive to being disliked by others, even this person. I’m worried they and/or others will be angry with me if they find out that I’ve made a report. I don’t hate this person. Though it would be justified. That is not the kind of person I want to be.
I have to compose a written report for HR this evening, detailing the events. Any advice or words of wisdom on how to do this would be greatly appreciated. also, it is my first time living away from home too. I just want to go back home and leave this all behind.
Sorry for rambling and thank you for taking the time to read this.
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2021.12.01 17:58 BenAppletree Wanna go with me to the comedy club tonight?

Hey, anybody wanna go to the Burlington VT comedy club with me tonight? I was thinking of going but don't wanna go alone haha :) it's FREE! It should be funny because the comedy students are performing tonight AND also open mic night :)
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2021.12.01 17:58 burgicon 5 years in a row?!?!

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2021.12.01 17:58 Kastriot_ I think they are in the wrong place

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2021.12.01 17:58 VelveteenRabbitEars Terrain for solo play? (Pic Related)

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2021.12.01 17:58 Not_this_time-_ You got kicked from 109 countries , whats the reason?

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2021.12.01 17:58 Leonrosee I need help starting a good workout routine for football.

Since football season is around the corner I need a new routine so I can practice outside of football as well. I understand I need to train as an athlete but I don’t know a good routine for doing so. I was looking at Andre Johnson’s routine and while it looked good it included no agility, footwork, or coordination workouts. I want to train for muscle primarily but I also want to include workouts for flexibility, agility, footwork, coordination, and explosiveness. Does anyone know a good routine I could follow? I prefer 2 days on 1 rest day 2 days on and then 2 days off.
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2021.12.01 17:58 WadiyahnSoldier What happened to the other fire red sub?

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2021.12.01 17:58 PANDAS199 🐶🐶https://t.me/+uusbloqi8RlkNjQ6

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2021.12.01 17:58 xNeRT Looking for some Minecraft/Terraria friends 21M

Hi , since 1.18 just launched i wanted to play it with someone since its way more fun . I also play terraria and don't starve together so if ur into that , add me . My psn is Bada_21PS , im a chill dude and likes to enjoy the gaming experience , i should also mention im from EU .

I'm looking forward to playing with you :)
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2021.12.01 17:58 GorillaRimjob Trying to figure out two signs

One is the sign for Montana, but the context is doing an activity. I remember learning another sign but cant find it in my notes!
The second sign is using one hand to make a C shape, and nodding it down twice in front of you, like as if you were doing the sign for "22" but with C's
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2021.12.01 17:58 RedbeardedWizard y my hat do this?

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2021.12.01 17:58 nehams Cathedral Peak (YNP) Beautiful Cathedral Peak in Yosemite National Park , CA https://kalamint.io/token/62396 Art by - @autumnbanksphoto (Insta)

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